Manmarziyan…A Saga( chapter 18)


Manmarziyan…a saga
Chapter 18
At Khanna hospitials, Mumbai
Radhika is playing with Rubix cubes, she is an expert when it comes to solving puzzles, she loved to solve puzzles, and she always used to play with her Rubix cube whenever she was in tension, it helped her to stay calm even in the most craziest situations…when a nurse came in to call her in…,
“Ma’am, Arjun sir is calling you to his cabin immediately.”
“Yes, I will come tell him I am on my way.”
Radhika started to walk but those ten steps seemed as if Arjun’s cabin was ten miles away, today…

But she was shocked when she entered Arjun’s cabin because it was decorated with flowers with a big thank you poster on the wall, she was surprised as she was expecting bad news but it seemed as if it was time for celebration.
A melody song started playing in the background and one by one placards rose up and said thank you, she was surprised, and the nurse, Diana came up with a big card saying “ thank you” then radhika realised that the whole thing must be planned by Arjun, but where was he…? And how had he got to know about the whole thing…?

Arjun entered with a big bouquet which had a small card, radhika’s keen eyes noticed it on it in a very beautiful handwriting it was written…to the most kindest person on this earth…tears started rolling down Radhika’s eyes it was the first time someone was acknowledging her for all the sacrifices she had done, but she had never expected all this.
She went to Arjun and asked him what was all this and why was she getting a thank you when she had already killed a patient due to her negligence, he replied…

“Radhika I knew that you were a great doctor but I never knew that you would act so well too.”
“Sir…what are you taking about?”
“Radhika, I heard everything yesterday itself the way you were consoling the nurse and giving her assurance to coming as telling me it was a mistake that you had committed.”
“ But sir,…how did you take me and the nurse out of the mess?”
“I took the blame Radhika it is the least I can do to save someone like you…”
“What? Sir but…”
“No buts Radhika, all is well that ends well.”

Radhika couldn’t just understand Arjun he was as if he had a twin and she was handling both of them, one time he was very harsh arrogant and haughty and the other time he was kind, grateful and full of energy…
Meanwhile Neil was waiting for Radhika in her cabin, he was waiting for her and he had got breakfast for her too…Radhika returned with the bouquet that Arjun had given her and Neil was shocked, he couldn’t control his excitement, he blurted out…

“chashni, this is the first time I am seeing some one getting a bouquet for killing someone…”
“What? Aree bhai, Arjun sir pulled me out of this mess he had come to know that I had done all this to save a nurse and he put the whole blame on himself…and saved me from this mess”
“Arjun…who that senior of yours from when did that khadoos turn into such a gentleman, chashni ?”
‘Don’t know bhai he is so difficult to understand, I don’t know,”
“Aree look there’s a note in this bouquet,”
Neil read it …to the most kindest person on this earth…
“Chashni, are wow looks like people are beginning to understand and appreciate you…I am soo happy for you chashni.”
“Bhai, leave all that come lets go and eat, I am very hungry”
“Who told you to come here without eating your breakfast? Here I got your breakfast.” Neil handed the bag over to her.
“Bhai, but this has two boxes…I cant eat soo much.”
“Arre buddhu, one is for me, thumhare chakkkar me, I also didn’t have breakfast.”
“Why do you always do like that ?” “Come on bhai, lets it I am very hungry “

As they were going to start eating Arjun entered he had come to discuss a operation with Radhika, he got shocked to see both of them eating breakfast together…he was in awe of the bond both the brother and sister shared he too joined them…
Neil who previously hated Arjun now after seeing Arjun’s cool personality and total new side started liking him, and both became best friends over breakfast…as they say food brings people closer.
Radhika liked the bond between Neil and Arjun…and then after chatting for sometime, neil had to leave, he was took leave by saying.
“People used to call me a cool guy when I was in college but I am sure they will hate me when they see me chatting with a group of Nerds, but I must say I never knew doctors also would be fun to chat with, and I have to leave now, your job is here but I have to go, otherwise they will kick me out of my company.” And the three of them broke out laughing.

Arjun and Radhika discussed in detail about the operation and Radhika before leaving asked Arjun…
“Sir, You are very nice deep down, but why do you behave as if you are arrogant in front of others, and thank you soo much for taking me out of that situation sir,”
“I took responsibility for my crime only, Radhika don’t thank me, I am not as good as you think.”
And with that he walked away leaving a very puzzled Radhika wondering out of what stuff was Arjun made of and why had he told that he was taking responsibility for his crime only…

Credit to: Divya

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