Manmarziyan…A Saga (Chapter 16)


Manmarziyan…a saga
Chapter 16
Sam thanked Radhika, and expressed her gratitude when Radhika came to check on her health, the next day morning. Sam was around the same age as of Radhika and the two became best of friends, Radhika got her first friend in Mumbai while sam got a friend who wanted to be friends not with for her money or contacts but because she liked sam as a person.
Radhika cared for sam as a sister would, visiting her in between her free time and staying up in the hospital with her.
Arjun began to look towards Radhika in a whole new light, he liked her for her childish behaviour and highly caring attitude…
Neil liked his sister and his best friend bonding together…they both looked as if they had been friends since childhood, their bond was very pure and strong.

Sam also shared her thoughts with Radhika, she told her everything about her and Arjun, she also told her that she had wanted Arjun to become a dedicated and caring doctor like her but he had somehow become the arrogant Arjun.
Radhika told sam about her family and how much she loved her brother Neil, she spent all her free time with Sam, chatting with her and the four of them played board games together, trying to bring out sam from her pain.

Meanwhile police were looking out for the culprit who had wantedly caused sam’s accident, the only thing they understood was that the culprit had left no clues behind, but however smart the culprit maybe the police always manages to catch the culprit…
Aarthi was enjoying a holiday at Mauritius, escaping away from the hush, busy life of Mumbai…and the crime she had committed, but little did she know that Sam had seen her at the site of accident and had already told the police, Neil, Arjun and Radhika about it as she had tried calling Aarthi many times but her phone was always switched off…

The police were just waiting for Aarthi to return and caught her the moment she landed in Mumbai…after interrogation Aarthi confesses to her crime and is put in jail and punished for her deeds.
Sam gets very sad when she gets to know the betrayal Aarthi had done to her…both the partners split and now sam finds it very difficult to manage her share of the company as she is still ill and in hospital.

Arjun and Radhika soon became the best team of doctors as both had the capacity and skill, and now that they didn’t fight so much with each other they were able to concentrate more on their work.
Sam was discharged from the hospital, and she became alright, Radhika now missed her company at the hospital…Neil supported sam to restart her company as it had been shut down for months after sam’s accident.

A strong bond of love and friendship had blossomed between sam and Neil, both were madly in love with each other but were not ready to acknowledge and express their feelings.

Credit to: Divya

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