MANMARZIYAN: Roots of Friendship and Love (epi 4)


A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL WHO COMMENTED…we shall directly move to the epi..
Neil and Sam are waiting outside radhika’s house. They had planned for a movie and small party at CCD. Sam is wearing a deep blue jeans and a black crop top wid white hearts printed in it. (t

Neil is wearing a blue jeans and a deep blue T-shirt wid white stripes.

S: Bandar radhu kaha rhe gayi??
N: how m I to know?? U girls and ur makeup…!!
S: shut up…we don’t do make up all the time…
N: oh REALLY?? Then what is this?? (Pointing her face)
S: oh thissssssss?? Arey I applied a bit of blush..Mascara ….nd lip gloss!! Makeup kaha kiya??
N: nehi nehi..tu kaha makeup karti hain….(funny sound plays at the back)
Neil to himself “ oh god she is telling she has not done makeup..yet I can see her wid so much makeup..I wonder what if she actually had done that…” (Lol!!!)
Meanwhile radhika comes out..she is wearing a red jeans and white shirt. (The link of the dress is as follows)

S: omg radhu!! You look stunning….
R: (blushing) thanks sam…u also look beautiful…

S: I knw…haha
N: agar aap dono ka ho gaya toh hum chale??
S: -_- -_- ha chal…
Three of them leave for the movie…
In front of the hall..neil goes to buy the tickets and sam goes to buy popcorn …radhu was standing alone. Suddenly she gets hit by someone….she falls down… “ouuchhh”
R: cant u walk propery?? Can’t see a girl is standing…..
The guy is shown wearing a black T-shirt wid green border and a sunglass.
nd y are u wearing these glasses…are u blind?? M sure u are…coz u cant see
The guy opens his glasses nd “ you……”

R: what happened?? Bolti kyun band h??
The guy “ don’t u mess wid me….”
R: m messing wid u?? How dare u hit a girl?? U shud be u…showing attitude…
Neil and sam hears rads voice…they rush towards her.
N: yeh kisse baat kar rehi hain…??
S: dumbo..woh baat nehi kar rehi..ladai kar rhi hain…
N: who is it??
S: idk…
N: lets go nd check…
They move towards her but in vague…coz by that time the guys had gone.
S: chala gaya….
R: arey tum dono..
N: kisse lad rhi thi tu??
R: choro yaar..batameez kahika…..

(ok i hope by now u know u was the guy..its none other than our ARJUN)
Three of them leave for the movie.
After the movie they go to CCD. They order cold coffee wid ice-cream. They all r chatting and having fun…suddenly sam hits neil wid her elbow…neil signs “what??”
Sam points out a guy standing outside….radhu was sitting opposite to them..she smells something fishy… “what happened guys??”
S: kitna handsome h ….
R: are kaun…??
N: (irked) humare school captain…ARJUN…
R: kaha??
N: tumhare peeche…
Rads turns back and is shocked!!


PRECAP: Aradhika meeting….formal intro…and lots of fun…
Guys plzz tell me if u r liking the story….like rosie said that friendship is well portrayed…hopefully I can portray love in the same way….bt plzzzzz tell me if any improvement is required…any part u don’t like or something which u like,,all suggestions are accepted….

Credit to: tara

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  1. Nice epi. Please do write longggggg.

    1. thanks bhabya…u r always the one to comment first….nd yeah i ll write longer ones…

  2. Dont mess wid me how rude

    1. UMM yeah he is…bt u will soon knw y he is like that..

  3. super episode……….precap interesting…..update soon

    1. tysm subha

  4. Good episode. 🙂

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  5. Superb yaar ….

    1. tysm susi..

  6. It’s a very cool update….sweet story dear…keep it up…update soon…??

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  7. I not much familiar Hindi dear 🙂 🙂 pls try all dialogues in eng 🙂 🙂 🙂 nice ff 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. okay suga..i will write in eng nd if i use hindi dialogues i ll translate them…

  8. amazing episode♥♥♥♥♥…….waiting for next episode eagerly

    1. oh gopu…thanks dear

  9. O wowwww. ..ardhika encounter was very fantastic. ..loved it…precap is interesting. …love you loads

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