MANMARZIYAN: Roots of Friendship and Love (epi 1)

Hello everyone..thanks for lets start.
A classroom is shown. The teacher comes in. “good morning students”. The whole class replied in unison “ good morning mam”. “sit down we have amidst us a new student…..come in dear!!” says the teacher looking at the door. A girl comes inside..she is a pretty and charming girl.
“okay students welcome ur new classmate Radhika Mishra” said the teacher.
Radhika kept quiet. She was a bit of shy girl. “u go and take ur seat dear…..samaira plzz let her sit beside u”
“yes mam” said a girl from a corner. Her voice was firm and she sounded absolutely confidant.
Radhika sat beside her.
Samaira: hey m samaira..samaira khanna..frnds call me sam!!
Radhika: hi…
Sam: so radhu…oopps..radhika i mean…which school are u from??
Radhu: actually m from rishikesh…
Sam: oh!! R from!! so y to Mumbai??
Radhika kept quiet…
“samaira enough of talking..nw concentrate in the class!!” said the teacher.
Sam nodded.
In the lunch time…
Sam was packing her things when a cute..chocolaty boy came..nd said “hey sam aaj khana nehi khayegi kya??”
Sam: ha aa rhi hu..bas 2 min..tu bhi na neil…chal..
Neil: ha..
Sam: 1 min..
Neil: now what??
Sam: (looking at radhika) tum nehi chalo gi kya??
Radhu: where??
Sam: for lunch…
Radhu:……u ppl carry on..
Sam: are c’mon ..come wid us…neil.u capture the place…i m coming..
Neil: jo hokum samundar singh!!
Neil leaves.
Sam: chalo chalo….we don’t have much time….
Sam nd radhu leaves.

In the courtyard:
Everyone is having their lunch…
Neil: radhika..right??
Radhika nods..
“hey m neil…sam’s bbf”….to this sam makes a face…
Sam: moreover he is a Bandar!!
Radhika smiles…
Neil: ha ha very funny….btw radhika tell me something about urself..
Sam: yeah right…plzz tell..
Radhika keeps quiet.
Sam: chalo koi nei…apne family k bare mein kuch bata do….
Radhika’s eyes becomes moist. She is about to shed tears..neil and sam are shocked!!

PRECAP: Revelation of Radhika’s behaviour…a step towards friendship.

Sorry guys for the small update but for few days it will be small…after my exams i will write longer ones…thanks once again for ur support..m really happy with the response..and my no. of epis will depend on the no. of if u like this plzzzz comment…
Best wishes

Credit to: tara


  1. snehal

    mind blowing epi………ur an amazing writer
    waiting for ur next epi n post it as early as possible

  2. Rakshita

    Tara u rocked yaar……identified …..u rock everywhere….my fav ardhika……luv u Tara……btw how u manage all this I live u dear!!!! Nd ur ff is awesome…..???

    • tara

      oh rakshita u here?? aww thanks dear…i never knew u love ardhika as well..haha lol..even i dont knw how i managed…

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  4. Roma

    Awesome episode, loved it very very much. …rads, Sam n Neil all so cuteeeee. ..allll the best for your exams. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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