Manmarziyan – Recreating Tragedies (Episode 3)


Hi friends I’m really happy to get this much support from you. Well I read all your comments and found that most of u wanted ardhika and nesam. There are some people who liked raneil too. So after thinking too much i decided the pairs. As the story unfolds u will soon get to know abt it. Please keep on supporting me and share your reviews.

Manmarziyan – Recreating Tragedies

Episode – 3


Arjun: sam we r leaving Chennai right now.

Sam: but arjun

Arjun: I don’t want to hear anything sam pack your luggage right now

Sam: just calm down arjun

Arjun: how can I sam? After knowing everything abt me u r saying this.

Sam: I know very well abt u and that’s why I am telling u arjun. I know u have been waiting for this day since 3 yrs, don’t u want to meet chashni?

Arjun (angrily): yes I want to meet her sam. But how can I meet her when she is going to get engaged with neil? Tell me sam r u not hurt seeing neil with radhika.

Sam: arjun we cannot change our past. They are angry with us. I saw those anger in neil’s eyes arjun. He never saw me like that before.

Arjun: I know sam but how can i face her sam after our marr… he stopped in btw

Sam: our marriage but arjun they don’t know the reason behind our marriage.

Arjun: sam they are never going to understand us. U always know abt radhika she always sacrifice her happiness for others. She wanted us to get married and have a happy life.

Sam: do u want to see her happy?

Arjun: I always wanted to see her happy sam. I gave so much pain to her sam. If I would have said my feelings to her before maybe she would have never left me. But I was too late. I don’t have guts to face her.

Sam: arjun if u want to see her happy then we should go to their engagement. Neil will always keep her happy. I want to see her and ask for her forgiveness. I hurted her so much but she always saved me. I am living my life with guilt. I want to see her once and beg for her forgiveness. Pls arjun

Arjun: okay sam get ready we r going

Arjun’s pov: radhika all I wish is your happiness. I just want to see u once. I can never meet u again in my life that too as somebody’s wife. Please forgive me.


Neil and radhika planned to get engaged in their home in a simple manner. But due to arrival of those important guests he changed his plans. He wanted to show arjun abt his capacity. He remembered those days in birdsong where arjun used to irritate him being his boss. He wanted to show both of them his successful carrier he wanted to show sam he never missed her but although it’s not true. He just pretended to be strong before her. But only his heart know how much pain he had when he got to know sam married arjun. He decided not to think abt those old memories. He wanted to make this a memorable day for radhika. He knew her very well she always pretended to be happy before him. After facing so much pain in her life how can she be happy? But she always managed to make him smile. He want radhika to forget her past and move on in her life.

Sam and arjun reached the venue. They were very much surprised to see such a big house before them. They went to many parties but this was really the best of all. It was like they were in heaven. Although both of them were broken souls but they was happy to see neil’s and radhika successful achievements in their carriers. Party was filled with guests filled with lights music and dance. Most of them were known faces as they are from business industries. Many were surprised to see arjun and sam in the party. Arjun has also become a known personality. They wished him and sam and mostly talked abt business. But both of their eyes searched for Neil and radhika. But both of them couldn’t meet them.

Suddenly an anonymous voice called Sam from her behind. Sam turned backward and found prerna behind her. She was surprised and happy to see her. Both of them had a hug while arjun was still searching for radhika.

Prerna: arjun beta how r u?

Arjun warmly smiled at her and replied I’m fine aunty and how r u?

Prerna: I’m fine beta why r u standing here come on let me introduce u to some of my friends. They always ask me who was neil’s best friend? They always ask me who the lucky girl is and now u r here I want u to meet them.

Sam’s pov: lucky girl I was aunty but not now when Neil left me I lost everything. Chashni is going to be the lucky one now.

Prerna: Arjun if u don’t mind can I take sam with me.

Arjun who was lost in radhika’s thought was now disturbed by prerna’s voice.

Arjun: yeah sure I’ll wait near drinks counter.

Prerna: okay beta Sam shall we go?

Sam: haan aunty

Arjun went near drinks counter whereas Sam joined with prerna and her friends. Prerna introduced Sam to everyone. They spended some quality time. Sam was surprised to see prerna’s reaction towards her. She expected an angry glare from her. But everything was in reversed condition. She seemed so happy to see her. But still sam thoughts were abt
Chashni and neil.

Arjun asked the waiter for a coke. But he by mistake poured coke on him. He was not in a mood to scold anyone. He asked the waiter for washroom and he showed him the direction. Waiter asked sry to him and Arjun accepted it. He went to the washroom. After cleaning the drinks he started to move back but suddenly stopped hearing a familiar voice. He slowly went near the room and heard the voice. When he was abt to knock the door, his mobile ringed. He left the place and cursed himself for always thinking abt radhika. But he was right this time it was radhika’s voice.

Radhika: today’s the most important day of my life. I never thought I will move on in my life but I don’t know how it happened? If Neil was not there I don’t know what would have happened to me? He always supported me. But i can never forget u sir. I always wanted to see u living a happy life with Sam and I’m going to see it now. I know sir u will always keep Sam happy.


Sam: Arjun where were u?

Arjun: I went to washroom. Where’s prerna aunty?

Sam: she went to attend some guests.

Suddenly all the lights in the hall went off. But a spotlight was hitting someone in the stage. It was none other than Neil. He was looking so handsome in his dress and every girl in the party was just looking at them.He had mike in his hand.

Neil: hello, ladies and gentleman and my dear friends and mom especially u. as u know very well today’s my engagement. I know most of u must know her. But I want to tell u what she really means to me. Before three years I had nthg in my life simply i can say I was a zero that time. I had no hope left in my life when everyone left me behind only two persons stayed in my life forever. One was my mom and another was my Chashni. They always gave me unconditional support and never left me behind in my life. Especially Chashni she changed my life forever. She healed me and it’s because of her I became the CEO of ericz. I want to make this day very special for her.

Sam had tears in her eyes as she knew very well he spoke abt her. Arjun saw her tears and wiped her tears and gently squeezed her hands.

Just then radhika entered the stage. She was looking so gorgeous in her lehenga. Every man in the hall must have skipped their heart beat. She was looking so stunning. Arjun and Sam couldn’t believe themselves. They never knew this radhika who looked so beautiful as she had a new makeover. Neil holded her hand and continued

Neil: Chashni, u r the sweetest person I ever known. U always sacrificed your happiness for others. I have never seen anyone so selfless. U have become my life Chashni and no one can replace u n my heart. Thanks for coming into my life.

Arjun couldn’t able to control himself. He wanted to leave the place but Sam held his hands and signed him not to go. Sam knew very well Arjun always loved radhika but she wanted him to be strong.

Radhika had tears in her eyes she hugged Neil. Then they exchanged rings and guests started to wish them.

Arjun: Sam I cannot stay here I am going.

Sam: Arjun what happened to u? Don’t u want to see Chashni?

Arjun: but she is no more radhika she is officially going to be radhika Neil malhothra.

When they were arguing radhika called them

Radhika: Arjun sir.
friends hope u like this one. U have to wait for some time to see your favourite couples together. Please keep on giving your support and share your opinions with me.

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