Manmarziyan – Recreating Tragedies (Episode 2)


Hi friends I’m so happy for your support. I didn’t expect this much support from you. I know many of u couldn’t digest the fact arjun married sam but guys have some patience. I am going to give a surprise for u. you guys can decide whether you want samarj or ardhika or raneil or nesam. Please share your opinions in the comment box. Now enjoy the ride.
———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-Manmarziyan – Recreating Tragedies

Episode 2

Ankush reached Mumbai and went to arjun’s house.

Ankush: hi arjun

Arjun: hi ankush sry couldn’t pick u from airport. Had some work in office.

Ankush: it’s okay arjun

Arjun: shall i ask u something?

Ankush: haan arjun u can ask anything

Arjun: r u not angry with me

Ankush: I was arjun but choti always said u r a gud man and u always helped our family. I made a very big mistake by not trusting her once but I don’t want to repeat it again. This time I trust her and thanks arjun for helping us.

Arjun: this help is nthng compared to radhika’s help. She saved me from darkness and enlightened me. She changed me from a monster to a human being. Did she ever try to contact u?

Ankush: no arjun she never contacted us. It’s been three years but we don’t know anything about her. So how’s your life arjun with Sam?

Arjun: yeah fine ankush. U go and get ready and tomorrow u can join birdsong. I have to leave for Chennai today. I made all the arrangements for you and teji will pick u tomorrow.

Ankush: thanks arjun


Sam: arjun I’m not sure about this idea. I mean why they would accept us once they rejected our deal.

Arjun: sam they must have rejected us but we need to know why they rejected us without our concern and it’s our right to ask them.

Sam’s pov: but I feel something odd here. The place is totally different but I still feel I have a connection here. Someone is waiting for me. I don’t know what storm I am going to face here.


Receptionist: sir I can understand your situation but without appointment I cannot let u inside.

Arjun: but we are waiting here for more than 2 hours but u guys do not understand our situation. we need to see CEO of your company.

But before arjun could say anything. Receptionist got a call. After picking the call she said to arjun.

Receptionist: sir u can meet CEO.

Arjun thanked her and along with sam entered to CEO’S cabin. Once they entered the room they found the lights switched off and in a chair turned backwards towards them and someone was sitting in that.

Arjun: we r representatives from bird song. We decided to merge our companies and work for the Maybelline project. U accepted our offer but without informing us properly and stating any reason why u rejected our project. We have very gud contacts in the agency and we can give our best to u. why don’t u give us a chance to prove our ability?

Person sitting before him didn’t reply.

Arjun (angrily): thank u so much for giving false promises to us. Your company promised two years contact with us but why u rejected it?

Sam: arjun cool down

Arjun: sam we deserve to know the reason behind this.

All the lights were turned on and a voice came

Person: mr.arjun mehra everyone in the world knows u r an expert in making false promises.

Sam and arjun found it as a similar voice they heard before but couldn’t able to figure it out.

Sam (angrily): hey mister not a one more word against my husband. U don’t have any right to hurt or insult my husband.

Person: u r right mrs. Samaira arjun mehra but u got a PH.D on how to insult others.

Arjun: show your face mister and mind your words she is my wife.

Person turned and both of them were shocked to see his face.

Sam: neil

Arjun: neil

Neil: I’m sorry guys if I have hurted u personally. But what to do sometimes we cannot control our emotions. Saying so he winked at sam.

Both arjun and sam couldn’t believe themselves they stood in shock. Both of them tried their level best to find radhika and neil but could never succeed in their mission. But here neil is standing before them as ericz CEO which they never expected. Sam’s heart was broken into million pieces when neil left her. She really tried hard to forget her past but again he is standing before her and this time in a very different look. He was looking much formal wearing a black coat and white shirt. It seems his smile vanished away from him for eternity. Only anger was left in his eyes.

Sam: idiot… neil stopped her in middle.

Neil: I hope u don’t mind mrs. Samaira arjun mehra. I got a name and it’s neil malhotra.

Arjun: but neil…

Neil: I’m sorry guys but we are here to talk abt our project and don’t worry mr.arjun mehra I’m not gonna cancel this project. I’m not like u who make false promises and breaks people trusts. I have signed the project papers and my staff will tell u further details.

Sam: but neil

Neil: oh sorry I forgot to tell u guys something. Since u was part of my past I also want u guys to be the part of my future. Today is my engagement with the person whom i love most in the world.

Hearing the word engagement sam’s heart tore into million. It was like someone pushed her from the cliff that too by the person she trusted the most. She forgot everything her past, her family but remembered only one thing neil her bestie who was always with her now going to marry a girl. She couldn’t tolerate this truth. It was so bitter for her.

On the other side arjun completely lost his mind. Before he could think anything neil gave invitation card to arjun.

Neil: u both r welcome and don’t forget to come. He left his cabin

Arjun opened the card and read bride’s name. After reading the name he dropped the invitation card and looked at sam with teary eyes. Sam took the invitation and read the bride’s name aloud.



It was huge bungalow surrounded by trees and situated back to beach. It was perfectly designed and decorated with various antiques. More than 30 cars are standing queue guarded by 15 mens. Neil always wanted privacy he don’t want others to disturb him as he became a known face. Neil got down from his audi car and directly went to his room. He sat on his couch and looked towards a photo which seems to be burned.

Neil’s pov: mrs. Arjun mehra just like this photo I burned all your memories from my life.

Just then he saw someone knocking his door. He wiped his tears and started to smile. He said come in. just then a girl entered his room holding two earrings in her hand.

Neil: how many times I told u chashni don’t knock the door u can directly come inside.

Radhika: okay baba I’m sorry but tell me which earing I should wear for our engagement.

Neil: u will look stunning in both of these. But I would prefer pink because… he paused for a while.

Radhika: I know neil it’s sam’s favourite colour.

Neil: sry chashni I did’t mean to hurt you.

Radhika: neil don’t need to say sorry to me. It’s very difficult to forget our memories sometimes. Okay now tell me how your meeting in office was? By the way with which company r we going to work with?

Neil: birdsong

Radhika (shocked): neil what r u saying? Did u say birdsong?

Neil: chashni yes I said birdsong.

Radhika: but neil how can we…

Neil: I got one more news for u. I met them today.

Radhika: who?

Neil: those two persons who destroyed our life and left us in darkness.

Radhika: neil, pls tell me clearly

Neil: mr and mrs mehra

Radhika: arjun sir and sam

Neil was really shocked to hear the name arjun from her mouth. After leaving arjun she never said his name. She never used to talk abt him. She never cried before neil. She already became stone hearted. She never tried to contact arjun or tried to know abt him. She very well knew arjun belonged to sam. She always wanted them to lead happy life. But unexpectedly she married arjun and started to feel for arjun. She married arjun only to save sam’s life. When she got to know arjun married sam she didn’t show any reaction. But only her heart knows how much pained she suffered. She went out of station for three days and distracted herself. Neil knew how much she loved arjun but he didn’t talk abt arjun to her as he thought she need some space. But again she have to meet them. She definitely knew sam and arjun would try to talk with her. But she cannot face such a situation.

Radhika (angrily): but why did u this neil?

Neil: I know chashn u r not happy with my decision but till when we will run away from them.

Radhika: neil but I cannot face them

Neil: chashni u have to be strong. When they can lead a happy life forgetting their past then why can’t u?

Radhika: so u purposefully rejected their project so that they will come and meet u.

Neil: yes I did it purposefully

Radhika: shall I tell u why u did this?

Neil: there is no reason behind this radhika I just wanted to face the truth.

Radhika: no neil, it’s because u still love sam.

Neil: I forgot her the day she married arjun. She is no more a part of my life. Now stop arguing with me and get ready to welcome the most important guests of our evening. Saying this neil left the place.

Radhika’s pov: I don’t know what u r upto neil? But I can clearly see the pain in your eyes.
So friends hope u liked it. Eagerly waiting for your comments. I know u r not happy with sam and arjun getting married. But as I said earlier we need some changes always. So it’s your turn to decide which pair u want? But I always prefer to be rebel. I always think to write stories in different way. So think well and decide.

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  17. Shravanrishi

    Thanks Joan for your wise advice. I will definitely keep it in my mind.

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