Manmarziyan – Recreating Tragedies (Episode 1)


Hi friends this is my first ever ff. I’m a great fan of manmarziyan. This story inspired me a lot. My favourite authors are gauri, renu and Sammy. Sorry if I didn’t mention others name actually they are my personal favourites. But u guys are really doing a great job. I almost read all ff’s in this site.
I may continue this story only if u wish.



My story starts from the day radhika left arjun. He was feeling restless after seeing those divorce papers and that letter. He was dumbstruck as he doesn’t know what to do? He just wanted to see radhika and tell her his feelings. But she is not here. He decided to search for her before it’s too late. When he was about to move out neil opened the door. Arjun was shocked to see neil near the door. He don’t know what to say? He was standing like a statue he lost everything his wife, nandini di and many more. He just gave neil the letter and left the place to find radhika. Neil read the letter instead of getting shocked he smiled.

Neil’s pov: I know chashni u can never hurt anyone I was always right. He don’t deserve you chashni nor sam deserve your friendship. She never understood you. She never believed me. I hope u will have a good life


At birdsong

Sam: hi everyone today is going to be the biggest day of our career. Ericz – india’s best ad firm is going to work with us. This is going to be the biggest project of the year. I want each and every one of you to work hard for this project.

Arjun: and yeah don’t forget before that we got a party to celebrate.

Zubin: party? But why boss?

Arjun: well friends today is my second wedding anniversary with sam.

Everyone in the conference room congratulated them. They wished them happy anniversary.

Sam: arjun but what’s the need of all this? I mean why to celebrate our anniversary. Last time we celebrated it grandly but why again?

Arjun: sam u r my wife and I’m your husband. It’s a husband duty to take care of his wife needs. U always take care of me and it’s my turn.

Sam: but arjun…

Arjun: shhh I don’t want to listen anything now get ready for the party. I got a gift for you.

She opened the box and found a beautiful party dress. She was so happy and hugged him. He too reciprocated. Samrat and piyali was watching this from outside.

Piyali: I’m so happy arjun and sam moved on in their life.

Samrat: at first I was afraid but now I am happy with this decision. Arjun is perfect for her.

Zubin: everything changed so quickly

Teji: u r right zubin but sometimes we need to forget our past and move on in our life.

Kritika: teji u r right. Oh come on guys we got a party to celebrate and zubin I need a new dress.

Zubin: but last week I presented u new dress.

Kritika: but zubin cnt u do this for me. U r my boyfriend. Atleast learn something from arjun sir. How romantic he is.

Zubin: ok ok u can have new dress.

Kritika hugged zubin tightly and both of them left for shopping.

Teji: chashni I don’t know where u r? but wherever u r i want u to be happy.


Piyali: hi everyone can I have your attention please. Well I am so happy today coz of two reasons. First reason it’s my daughter’s anniversary and second we bagged deal with ericz thanx everyone for your hardwork and support.

Samrat: well friends not only this I got something more important to say. From today sam and arjun will be the new owner of birdsong.

Everyone clapped for them, congratulated them.

Arjun: but sir what’s the need for this? U already gave me CEO post and I’m very happy with that.

Samrat: I know arjun but u took care of bird song and sam after all those incidents. U made this company to reach no.1 position. It’s all because of u and u deserve this.

Arjun: but..

Samrat: arjun I’m not going to change my decision and this is final. Enjoy the party.

Sam: but pa arjun is right. We don’t have much experience.

Piyali: sam and arjun we made our decision and we r not gonna change it. So enjoy the party.

Teji: so ladies and gentleman shall we start the party.

Dj started and everyone started dancing. Suddenly someone touched sam’s shoulder she turned around and was surprised to neil. She was so happy.

Sam: idiot u r here I missed u so much. She hugged him tightly.

Neil: I too missed u so much samunder singh.

Sam: idiot where were u? if u leave me again I’m not going to spare you.

Neil: sam I’ll tell u everything but before that we should fulfill our promise.

Sam: what promise idiot?

Neil: first dance with me.

Sam: always idiot.

Arjun shaked sam

Arjun: kya hua sam? R u okay? U were lost somewhere.

Sam’s pov: it was a dream. Oh god I miss u so much neil.

Sam: nthg arjun. Shall we dance?

Arjun: yeah sure.


Arjun: sam r u okay with my decision.

Sam: arjun u r right. Ankush need this job.

Arjun: thanks sam for supporting me always

Arjun called ankush and asked him to come to Mumbai. He assured him job. Ankush thanked him and disconnected the call.


Ankush: ma, pa, dadu I got new job.

Dilip: beta, what r u saying?

Ankush: pa, voh arjun offered me job in bird song

Listening arjun’s name dilip frowned in anger.

Dilip: ankush did u forget what he did to our chotii. Because of him we lost choti and he happily married sam.

Ankush: but pa we don’t have any other go. We lost everything. We r nearly bankrupt. All because of saral. He cheated us and now he is not letting others to give me a job.

Mala: ankush is right. Arjun always helped us. If we do not accept this offer we will get ruined. Pls try to understand.

Dadaji: beta manlo na

Dilip: do whatever u want.


Arjun: sam how can this happen?

Sam: arjun I too don’t know why they rejected our project? When I asked them for reasons they
disconnected my call.

Arjun: don’t worry sam. We will get this project. Book two tickets to Chennai (headquarters of ericz).

Hope u liked it if possible please comment and share your reviews. I will update regularly on monday. If I get time I will upload soon. But Monday will be the deadline.

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  1. Kavina

    I loved it

    1. Shravanrishi

      thanks kavina

  2. Sammy

    Oh my god iam one of your favourite writer ..ahem ahem …seriously iam crying now its just a month I started writing and now I had fans too .This 18 year old girl is on the Pluto with gauri di in my imagination .Now the chappy ….I got a blast arjun and Sam ..see ur ff had got a big suspense so get ready to be pestered by me all the time …to update a. New chappy really yaar can’t. Wait till Monday …if possible update little tomorrow ….and thanks for liking my ffs love you dear 🙂 🙂

    1. Zoya

      sammy whr is ur lost story i’m waiting fr it nd also dead patient

    2. Shravanrishi

      thanks sammy i’m glad u liked my ff. i’m a great fan of your ff lost patience. the way u write is really mesmerizing and the way u handle the story is also great. well if i get time i’ll try to update soon. take care.

  3. Suvi

    A very different one.loved it.waiting fa d entry of rads n neil

  4. RituM

    o yes my dear…… thumbs upppp

  5. S.v

    Shravan is Arjun married to Sam ?? But what about his love over Radhika and Sam with Neil or Neil’s love with sam ?? This is different pls unfold all the doubts . Update soon and this is a different one. Thank you for the new plot on manmarziyan

    1. Shravanrishi

      arjun married sam but there are few suspensesin it.Thanks for liking my ff. i’ll try to update soon. your story hamari adhuri kahani is really awesome.

  6. Meghna shanti

    Really very different n interesting

    1. Shravanrishi

      thanks meghna shanti

  7. Zoya

    erics is ownd by radhika nd neil

    1. Shravanrishi

      no they don’t own ericz. thanks for commenting.

      1. Zoya

        plot is nce but i didnt lkd arjun mrryng sam

  8. i’m quite exited after reading this ff …………….. eagerly waiting for nxt episode …………….. if possible pls update second episode today itself …………. it’s really nice

    1. Shravanrishi

      priya thanks a lot for liking my ff.

  9. 🙁 can’t imagine arjun with Sam…

    1. Shravanrishi

      i’m too ardhika fan but sometime we need changes.

  10. Nice one btw dear I’m unable to digest arjun with sam plez yr make it ardhika plezz a kind request to u

    1. Shravanrishi

      thanks krity i will definitely keep your request in mind.

  11. Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. 🙂

  12. Shubhadha

    I like it. I think it is plan to bring Neil and Radhika out from hidden places..

    1. Shravanrishi

      thanks shubhadha. well u will soon know about in the upcoming episodes.

      1. Shubhadha

        Haha.def..i wait…

  13. Shocking but liked the plot…

  14. Totally diffi……. Great going …… Waiting for raneil ……

  15. plot is interesting..plz continue and post the nxt one

    1. Shravanrishi

      Ritu thanks for liking my

  16. ohhh my god never expect this kind if this too can happened.. brilliant imagination.. nxt epi soon plz..

    1. Shravanrishi

      Thanks dipika stay blessed

  17. wow it’s different and good………….but I can’t digest Sam and Arjun………sorry if I hurt you………….

    1. Shravanrishi

      I’m too fan of ardhika and thanks for liking my story.

  18. Rg2015

    Hi am a huge fan of ardhika. Different and interesting plot. But arjun is married to Sam,I don’t like tat. Feel very bad for rads and Neil. So arjun doesn’t love rads any more? But am not able to bear d suspense. Pls update soon.nthks.

  19. Shravanrishi

    Well rg there are few suspenses in the story. Thanks for liking my story.

  20. I loved ur writing n plot.. but i cant bear sam with arjun.. pleese make it neSam n ArDhika plx plx plx plx

    1. Shravanrishi

      I will keep your request in mind and thanks for liking my ff.

  21. I love it pls do continue

    1. Shravanrishi

      thanks for liking my ff.

  22. Awesome pls continue

    1. Shravanrishi

      Thanks gauri I’m so happy to hear from you.

  23. interesting.pls conti………

  24. Wow that was a.much needed change for me:-) even though an ardhika fan i liked this..hope u l.pair neil and.radhika aswell 🙂

  25. Superb episode

  26. Wowwww shravanrishi…..very different concept n realllyyy lovely narration. ..arsam married…they moved on……so surprizing…..n rads left….I’m missing neil… sad when sam had her dream as first dance with Neil only…..ahhh…plz continue dear. . . keep it up honeyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. 🙂

    1. Shravanrishi

      roma thanks a lot

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