Manmarziyan – Radhika i love you………Shot 3


Hiee all here is the last shot of this ss. Hope you all like it and thank you all for the lovely comments and dont forget to comment your views. Gianna happy birthday the queen of mystery. And a very happy ganesh chathurthi to all. Let ganapathy papa fill happiness and love to all of our lives. Love you all….

Enjoy the ride….

Nothing was right. Anamika forgot to smile as her chachu left mumbai for an important case and they wanted arjun to attend the case. Sam who noticed it and informed to neil too. Nesam decided to speak about this to radhika and to make her confess her heart which she has caged.

Radhika was doing everything very mechanically. She was lost in her thoughts. She wanted to see arjun so desperately. But her brain warned that her life is over as she lost her husband.

Neil spoke to arjun .
Neil ; bro where r u ??
Arjun ; indore ……..with a disappointed voice.
Neil ; so ??
Arjun ; how is anamika ??
Neil ; not good arjun seriously not good she seriously missing u so much.
Arjun ; radhika ??
Neil ; terible……..
Arjun ; what neil ?? What are u saying ??
Neil ; she loves u but thinking that it is wrong and also she is thinking if she gets married then anamika will not be taken care of.
Arjun ; what nonsense is this neil anamika is my kid then why she is feeling so bad ??
Neil ; she is scared of loosing again the loved once. Arjun come soon anamika is not at all eating properly she is missing her chachu so muchand take care of ur daughter.
Arjun ; if not for radhika atleast for anamika i will come there.
Neil smiled and held the call and made thumbs up to sam. She nodded and found radhika who was seriously thinking something by just steering the spoon in the tea cup.
Sam sat next to radhika and places her hand over radhika’s shoulder. Radhika comes to reality.
Sam ; radhika do u love arjun ?? Radhika was shocked to hear those words.
Sam ; radhika this is not wrong at all giving a second chance but to be frank it is actually first chance. Look and she cupped the face of radhika and woped the tears with her thumps.
Sam ; look radhika arjun is a good person from heart. I dont want my sister’s life to be colour less . U have got a chance radhika grab it.
Radhika ; what if someone says something about me and because of that what of u all get hurt ??
Sam ; where those people were there when u were unconscious or hurt or lost ur family ?? No one was there it was only ur brother radhika and he will always be happy if u r happy.
Radhika ; am i not cheating saral ??
Sam ; saral will be very much happy ge loves u and respectsu so much. He will be happy when his love is safe.
Radhika ; what if arjun says no to me ?? Sam laughs big and says ; he loves u budhu.
Radhika ; what ?? How do u know ??
Sam ; some questions is not at all required. So say me are u ready to meet ur mister ??
Radhika ; i need time sam can u give me tonight. I will say u tomo.
Sam ; take ur own time radhika and whatever u decide we are always stand by ur side u know that na ?? Radhika nodded and hugged sam.

Radhika was making ready of the bed and anamika was jumping on the bed and radhikawas just smiling at her jumping.
Anamika ; chachi ??
Radhika; hmmm ??
Anamika; chachi ??
Radhika ; hmm say na anamika. …
Anamika ; chachi when will chachu come back ??
Radhika ; which chachu ana ??
Anamika; arjun chachu . The word arjun made her smile.
Radhika ; u like arjun chachu so much ?? Anamika nods with a cute smile.
Radhika ; why??
Anamika ; because he loves me more.
Radhika ; really how much ?? Anamika stretches her hand to the max level and says ; this much… radhika smiles and pulls her near her and makes her sit in her lap and says ; what if he is always here with us ??
Anamika ; i will be happy chachi.
Radhika; why ??
Anamika; because chachu will always says me soo much stories and also i will say him all my stories too. Radhika smiles and says ; ok done soon arjun chachu and anamika will always be together. Anamika jumps in the bed because she will always be with her arjun chachu.
Radhika ; enough sleep tomo we will meet him .
Anamika ; picky promise ??
Radhika ; haa baba pinky promise and pats her shoulder to make her sleep and smiles and says ; arjun……….. and she sleeps hugging anamika with a cute smile and full of happiness.

Next day ………

There was a call to neil’s house. Sam was busy and asked radhika to attend the call.
Radhika ; hello ??
Person ; is this doctor’s house ??
Radhika ; no sir why what happened ??
Person ; there is a big accident and doctor………..
Radhika ; hello ?? Hello ?? And the phone was blank. Some kind of fear struck her. Again a pain of loosing her loved once. She was numb. Sam came and saw radhika shocked with teary eyes.
Sam ; radhika ?? Radhika ?? And she shook her hard. Radhika hugged sam and cried and said ; arjun has met with an accident sam i said my fate will never leave me and that has also affected arjun sam and cried. Sam rubbed her back to convince her and after few minutes they broke the hug.
Sam ; which hospital ??
Radhika ; i donno.
Sam thought of a second and said let us check some known and important hospitals come and held her hand.
Radhika ; anamika will come now u wait i will go and search. U take anamika and come to the hospital once she comes home. Sam nodded and radhika took her purse and started by catching an auto. She continuously called arjun’s number but it was not in reach . Radhika was searching hospital from hospital and she finally came to know where the accident victims are admitted.

She rushed to the hospital and she enquired the reception about the accident victim. They ask her to go to the second floor. Radhika ran to the second floor all the way crying and praying nothing to happen to him. She was breathing heavily and she lands the second floor. All the place was covered with cry by the relatives of the victim . Radhika’s heart was broken to 1000 pieces because of the scene. She slowly steps each foot and looks at everyone everytime she was dieing when she looks at the person thinking he might be arjun. Just then she hears a call. She turns and looks at the person whom she thought was hurt in the doctor suit a white colour coat and with a questioning face as what is she doing ??
Arjun ; radhika ?? Radhika was not able to hold anymore she ran and hugged and cried her heart. She was speaking without breaking the hug
Radhika ; thought that u were one of the victims in the accident ??
Arjun ; me accident why ??
Radhika ; got a call from a hospital that there was an accident and also called ur name and the call got cancelled and when tried ur number it was not reachable so i thought u were also and i searched every hospital to find u.
Arjun smiled and broke the hug and wipedher tears and said ; radhika….. radhika look nothing has hapened to me that call was because i gave an emergency call number as neil’s number and that was to call me nothing else. Ok now stop ur tears pls.
Radhika was not able to control her tears she saw him and hugged him again. He too hugged her back with a contented smile.

3 years later……..

Arjun……….arjun………. ana guys wake upand radhika was shaking both father abd daughter. Anamika closes arjun’s ears and arjun closes anamika’s ears and both make a disgusting face without opening the eyes.
Radhika ; both of u guys wake up.
Arjun ; mamma pls 5 minutes. Anamika too nodded and hugged arjun and he too wrapped his hands over her and sleeping.
Radhika ; 2 kumbakarnas straight from sky has landed to this house. Anamika wake up its late for school. Anamika ; meri maa today its sunday papa help me and save me and buried her face with arjun.
Radhika; really ?? And there was a clap both father and daughter slapped the others head but still sleeping.
Radhika ; fine fine sorry and was about to move but there was a hand held her. She turned and saw anamika and arjun’s hand holding her hands.
Anamika and arjun ; mamma come and sleep and pulled her to the bed and they hugged her and radhika smiled at them and peeked on the forehead of anamika and arjun and caressed their head and they both kept their head over her lap and sleeping peacefully and she smiled as finally her life got back its colour.

Thats it guys did not made any proof reading so pls spare me with the typos and pls do say me did you all enjoy the ss i may comment a bit late and also comment on your ffs late because of the pooja but pakka will read and comment love you all and gia happy birthday dear. Let all your wish come true.

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  1. Jnana

    Awesome…. Loved it…… Love the bond….. Loved the way you explained things….. Loved cute ana…… Loved ardhika….. totally loved every single thing of this ss……

    1. S.v

      Thank you so much jnana im really happy that you loved it love u too

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      Thank you subha

  5. Jessie

    Sv.. this is lovely.. Aww.. nalla naal adhuvuma oru jodi sethu vachuteenga..!! Happy wala ending.. mera fav.. ava love a express panna oru shock kuduteenga parunga.. sema! Happy Vinayagar chathurthi !! Happy 2 read a Happy wala ending on a good occasion.. TC n loads of love n kolukazhatais.. bring more few shots. N eager 4 HAK update

    1. S.v

      jessie thank you aama enakkum happy ending dhan pudikkum. Neraya kozhukattai saptu semaya enjoy pannu dear and happy ganesh chaturthi to you too and i have to write connection from heart aparama dhaney hak sure willupdate all soon dear love you too.

  6. Wow…
    So nice. …
    Touched my heart…
    S. V. My dear..

    1. S.v

      Touched your heart then i made it . Thank you so much and love you too

  7. It was the cutest ff I ever read ……love u lots

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      Thanks a ton shreya love you

  8. Kavina

    Loved it

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      thank you

  9. Starz

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      Thank you so much starz happy that you loved it. Love you lods

  10. Gauri

    Sv darling beautiful story with amazing ending…loved Anamika …she is cute ….keeping writing more such stories ๐Ÿ™‚ love you ๐Ÿ™‚

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      Didi thank you soo much. Its all sia’s effect . Love u too di and di when will you update your mmz ?? Waiting for that. Love u soo much.

      1. Gauri

        SV I am writing….will update on wed

      2. S.v

        Yippie then i will wait for wed di thank you muhhhaaaa……..

  11. Dev

    Osm sv…nc ending n lovely realisation of ardikas love…..n nc epilogue too…..keep going buddy

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    soooo sweet hubby ..that was lovely ..haha hospital scene bollywood style

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    Omg! Sv diiii……you rocked it….loved it โค

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      Thank u my teddy bear. Love u too. All the best for ur exams dear.

  14. Lovely, what a beautiful ending. I love happy endings and this was just marvelous.

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      Thank you soo much gianna. U happy then im happy too. Love u and agajn happy birthday to you

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    Awsome one yar SV.. I toh jst loved the ending… ??

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      Thank you so much jaan , just thought for a happy ending and made this and im really happy that you loved it . Love you tons dear. Muhhaaaa…….

  17. Rossy

    Superb twin…outstanding…anamika n Arjun…now Ana called Arjun as papa…that is nice…finally everything got normal n happy happy…that hospital sense was very captivating…? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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      Awww twin u make me feel so happy yes arjun and anamika made a team , all is well ends well right hain na love you so much.. Muhhhaaaa………….

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      Thank you so much roma for your lovely comments. You always encourage me love you so much

  19. _Ritu

    Sv too too too beautiful dear ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ArDhika nd Anamika all were too adorable… ๐Ÿ™‚ loved Rads concern for Arjun…nd happy ending I always admire that…fabulous story dear…I guess aunty read a lot of story books dats y u always comes up wid interesting stories ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ keep writing always..loads of love ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. S.v

      Thank u so much dear. Im really hapoy for ur words u always make me feel so happy and always make me jump with ur comment. My mom hmmm she used to read before but not now now. Love u so much dear always smile and stay blessdd

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