Manmarziyan – Radhika i love you………Shot 2


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Days passed….. all went well. Arjun shifted to the opposite flat of radhika and nesam were in the ground floor of the same flat. Arjun used to play with anamika whenever he finds time and she totally forgot saral and started to call arjun as chachu rather than uncle. First radhika was a bit reluctant but then she left the girl as anamika was happy with arjun.
Arjun still remembered the day when neil started the talk about radhika’s proposal.
Neil ; arjun i want to ask u one thing but i donno how to ask.
Arjun ; neil ur my friend so u can ask me anything right sam. Sam nodded with a fake smile and squeezed Neil’s shoulder. Neil was terribly nervous. He cleared the throat and started to speak.
Neil ; arjun…..i wanted to ask u will u marry my sister. Arjun who did not expect that looked at neil.
Arjun ; why sudden thought ?? I never thought of marriage till now…….
Neil ; arjun u know i have a sister and she is now working in a mnc in bangalore. I want u to marry her as i dont find any one who is perfect to her.

Arjun was numb he does not know how to react as he never expected that from neil. They were friends same university and arjun was not able to come to the marriage of nesam as he was not in town so when he came to see his best buddy he was shocked by the proposal as he never thought of his marriage till then.

Arjun ; neil im sorry but for now i dont want to get married. She will get the best but for now i dont want to get married as i want to be a successful doctor. Pls dont mistake me buddy and say her that im sorry.
Neil understood and said ; nothing arjun just wanted to ask u about this proposal dont worry sye never knew u and this proposal. U dont mistake me yaar arjun. They hugged and both bid bye as he was going from mumbai for his practise and when he found out who was radhika he wanted to get married but when he called neil he was informed by neil that she was engaged to saral and she is really happy. Arjun did not speak his heart to neil at that time. But when he came back to mumbai he came to know about radhika, arjun did not think for even a second and proposed that he will marry her. Neil was not able to say anything as that was a shocking news for neil and he with sam spoke and they were happy for the decision of arjun but the problem was radhika she thought her life has lost its color when saral left her as he respected her and made her feel so special and he was a easy go lucky and also a perfect gentle man a gem of a person a perfect one for radhika, she lost him. But she never knew he was the one for her.

Arjun and radhika became good friends and anamika was totally attached to arjun and will never forget to visit him when she comes from her school and he will wait for her till she comes from school and she will recite what ever happened in that day and he will start to his evening practice only after she finishes her story and only when she permits him to go and when he comes back she will wait with her dinner plate to make him feed her. They were so close which made the others to doubt.
Stories started to revolve around ardhika’s relationship. First radhika who paniced then did not consider as a thing because she was so loyal to herself so she did not want to take that seriously, as for the sake of anamika she was happy. But one was not happy with the relationship between Arjun and radhika she was sakshi, she had a love more of a crush on Arjun. She literally got attracted by the looks of Arjun and the way he was spending time with Anamika and the way he was talking to Radhika was making her burn as she thought only she had the right to stand near Arjun.
One day when Sakshi called Arjun over his phone cute anamika took the call.
Sakshi ; Hello Arjun ??
Anamika ; Im not Arjun chachu my name is Anamika. He is busy right now talking to my chachi can you call him afterwards. Sakshi was about to say something but she heard the laughing sound of Ardhika it fumed her so she held the call.
Arjun ; Cutie who called ??
Anamika scratching her nose ; Dont know chachu she called and asked (immitating the voice with a bit arrogance) hello arjun. Arjun giggled and held the baby in her waist and pulled her up to him and said ; so what did my little angle said ??
Anamika ; Chachu…… Arjun nodded as she was keeping her cute tiny hands over his face so that he will not turn here and there
Anamika ; CHachu i said you are talking to chachi and u will call that girl later.
Arjun took the mobile and saw it was sakshi and said ; wow anamika when did you become this big ?? I never knew. She giggled like a cute doll.
Radhika ; chalo anamika tomorrow you have school come lets go home. Anamika was no mood to leave her Arjun chachu.
Anamika ; Chachi you go home i will be with chachu, chachu say na……
Arjun ; Radhika ji u pls take rest let her be here i too need her company as we will talk stories and she is still need to say me the story of the princess who was lifting the stone.
Radhika ; What princess lifting stone ??
Arjun ; Crow lifting stone for drinking water.
Radhika ; OOhh and laughed and pulled anamika’s cheeks. Ok now dont disturb your doctor chachu so much baby . She nodded like a good girl and hugged and made a fake yawn and fell on Arjun and said ; ana is feeling sleepy chachi…… chachu u make me sleep and chachi be good girl and mamu and mami will be waiting for you so bye. Radhika’s eyes were just out of the socket for her daughter’s words.
Arjun ; Radhika ji you go and take rest i will take care of her.
Radhika ; Im so sorry Arjun she never gets attached to any one so much but she is really attached to you , because of her i dont want any trouble for you.
Arjun ; Radhika ji she is my princess my doll she will always be my priority and also she is not at all a trouble. So dont think what others are saying i hope you are not mistaking me so pls dont stress yourself radhika ji .
Radhika ; Arjun i would prefer to be called Radhika and this ji is making me old so pls for sake of me can you call me by my name.

Arjun ; Radhika fine ?? Radhika smiled and caressed anamika’s head and nodded her head and stepped out and found sakshi standing with murderous rage looking at radhika coming from Arjun’s house. Radhika did not speak anything but gave a small smile to her for greeting her but that was even more fuelling her anger.
Sakshi went inside the house and found Arjun and anamika singing some rhymes and both were hugging and falling on the sofa and laughing their heart out. Sakshi pulled Anamika from the hands of Arjun. Arjun who did not see her was shocked to look at the reaction of sakshi and that too pulling his angle from his hand.
Anamika ; Leave me….. chachu……….
Sakshi (holding her shoulders tight) ; you little brat you just came between me and Arjun and who is your chachu ?? Your chachu is dead.
Anamika (with teary eyes) ; No he has gone to god with my daddy and mamma .
Arjun ; Sakshi ?? in a loud voice…….
Sakshi ; Shut up Arjun and you (looking at anamika whose eyes were flooded) ; You have gulped your mother father and your chacha now you are claiming Arjun to gulp him too ??
Arjun removed Sakshi’s hand from Anamika who was crying and held her tight in his heart and looked at sakshi with murderous rage.
Arjun ; One more word against my daughter you are dead.
Sakshi ; Arjun im your sakshi….. arjun. You know ?? i love you.
Arjun ; Love ?? Do you know the meaning of that you idiot?? Dont even know how to behave with a kid and how dare you call her spoil brat ?? You are the spoilt one. Get one point straight you are a student and i dont want you to move out of your career. So for your sake of your parents pls study and you will find someone who will be more worth than me , just then sakshi’s dad came and held her hand and gave a tight slap.
Sakshi ; Papa why did you slap me ??
Sakshi’s dad ; Im really feeling bad for saying you that you are my daughter. Im soo sorry doctor you spoke to me so many times but i was wrong i did not believe you and today i saw with my eyes, im sorry sir and he bend his head in shame.
Arjun; Sir it is age but dont hurt her she will realise her mistake and will make you prouf one day sir. They gave a cordial hand shake and pulled sakshi’s hand and went out. Anamika was crying and hugging him.
Arjun ; Ana look they went why are you crying doll.
Anamika ; Pappa i want to see pappa chachu and cried her heart. Radhika who was with Sam heard a cry sound and rushed to

Arjun’s house.
Arjun ; Ana baby look there and pointed at the sky she wiped her eyes and looked up as he was showing and he too wiped her tears and asked her to look there.
Arjun ; what do you see ??
Anamika ; Stars.
Arjun ; Yes you know who is there ??
Anamika ; Who ??
Arjun ; mamma pappa and chachu your chachu ana baby.
Anamika(exclaimed in happiness) ; will they see me if i wave like this ?? and waved her hand.
Arjun (kissed her cheeks) ; of course and if you cry too they will see it and will feel sad and scold radhika chachi for making you cry.
Anamika ; No i wont cry and rubbed her cheeks to dry her tears and smiled eeee and said see i smile chachu.
Arjun ; Good now chachu wants to hear what happened when the princess was flying but forgot to take her stone in the river.
Anamika ; Haa forgot and kept her hand over her head u know what happened ??
Arjun ; haa what happened ?? with a curious look. Radhika who saw this had tears and saw the way Arjun convinced anamika. She wanted to hug him but then she realised what was she thinking ?? She took Anamika from his hands and walked out speaking without looking at him ; Doctor sir sorry for the trouble made by anamika and walked away.
Unknowingly she was hurt when she hurt Arjun and Arjun continuously called Radhika’s name . She slashed the front door when he ran back. He did not know why was she behaving this weird, then he got a message from her stating ; sorry doctor sir i dont want neither me nor anamika to be a trouble for your life you pls leave us and start a new life. Arjun was not able to understand her behaviour but respected her so he left the place.

Precap – last shot.

Thats it guys for today. How was it ?? Did you all like it ?? Pls do say me your views. Love you all stay blessed and always smile and Take care too…..

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  1. Jnana

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    1. S.v

      Aww jaan thank you so much . Arjun so understanding iss main baby actually i planned this as my 2 shots but as u guys made me go to the moon with the response made it 3 dear pakka after finishing any one of my ff not so soon as nothing is half way of the plot after that i will surely will write something relating to it pakka aur haa aaj HAK uske bath 2 states and this time a damaka of sports meet ride so writing a bit lenghthy hope you make enjoy it so only a bit delay dear. Sorry and love you so much.

  6. Jessie

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      Thank u souch myra well arjun did mot leave the flat he just walked out from thag place as he respects her feel. U will see how they are gonna join hands soon. Love u dear.

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      oh my god so much love for me…………. thank u so much my roma you will see what is gonna happen next soon love you tons.

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      Thank you so much ritu a, you will see how they are joining hands soon will update the last part soon dear. Love you so much for your lovely words.

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