Manmarziyan – Radhika i love you………Shot 1


Hiee all im sv back. So here is the next ss from me. Wrote it way back but did not know whether it is up to the mark, so pls do say me your valuable comments and 2 states is half way and Let me live i have started to…..

Enjoy the ride….

There was a beautiful garden. A cute lady in mid 20’s enjoying watering the plants. A cute little kid came out and hugged her. She smiled and picked the kid and that kid kissed her cute cheeks.
Kid ; chachi this flower is soo cute with my fav color pink. She smiles and kisses the kids cheeks and says ; ur cute little face is more cute than this flower amamika…..
Anamika ; chachi my ma’am too said i am cute and smiles proudly.
Sam ; sure dear ur the most beautiful and cute kid in the world. Anamika turns her face as sam and smiles over radhika’s shoulder.
Radhika ; hello oye turn anamika. Anamika was in no mood of looking at them. Neil who comes from behind tickles her. She twists and turns and laughs and she jumps from radhika’s hand and looks at him with her both hands over her hip with fake anger.
Anamika ; mamu statue…. he acts that he frozen. Sam and radhika smiles at their act.
Anamika ; hmmm thats it. Mami (turning to sam), mamu is soo bad always teasing me and u . Here after he wont tease u I made him freeze and she clapped her hand.
Sam ; whatever anamika says mamu will say yes and pulls her cheeks.
Anamika ; chachi when will pappa and mamma and chachu will come home ?? I have to show them my running race cup chachi. Radhika frowned. Sam and neil were not able to speak . Radhika’e eyes were filled with tears. Sam was about to speak but radhika nodded and spoke to anamika ” anamika pappa is not well so mamma and chachu have gone to take care of him to god as god said he will take care of pappa.
Anamika ; but why mamma and chachu ?? Anyone can come back na i want to play with chachu, see i have got the ball to the way we used to play. Radhika was in the verge of breaking but somehow composed.
Radhika ; anamika pappa was not well and mamma dont know new place so chachu had gone with them to take care off. Once pappa is fine they will come back.
Anamika (with full eagerness) ; will they come back ??
Radhika ; of course anamika how can they leave u ?? Chachu always loves anamika so all will come back.
Anamika ; till then with whom should i play ??
Neil ; when mamu is here why fear and starts to chase anamika and she ran away with a cute laughs.
Neil sighned sam to take of radhika. Radhika was waiting for neil to take anamika to play and she busted in tears and sam was rubbing her back.
Radhika ; why sam ?? What did this 3 year old kid did ?? Why should she live with out her mom and dad and why should saral leave me when he promised me that he will be with me always before the fire on my wedding by holding my hands and cried . Sam was not able to speak but she just hugged her and she cried her heart out.

Anamika was the only daughter of suraj and ridhima joshi and her fav chachu saral was always her partner in crime. Radhika who was the only sister of neil was so happy when radhika and saral got married. But that happiness did not last for long. The car after the marriage which had radhika, saral and ridhima with anamika and suraj lost its control and met a big accident. On spot anamika’s parents died but radhika and saral’s lives were in grave danger but anamika was saved by saral when a big rod was about pierce the car . She too was injured but out of danger. Nesam rushed to the hospital. Saral was brain dead radhika was seriously injured but she responded the treatment after a long time and she was partially paralised but after the treatment she was normal .

But she broke down when she heard that all the three were no more. She was taken back to nesam’s home as saral had only his suraj and ridhima as his parents. She took care of anamika and she considered anamika as her own daughter and nesam too took great care of radhika and anamika.

Few days later………

Radhika was called. She came out and found that anamika was out of conscious and was lying over a strong hands. Radhika panicked and ran to the person and she did not see who had her and picked her up. She lifted from the person’s hand and she looked at him.
Person ; she slipped from the slide but dont worry she is fine now.
Radhika ; fine how fine ?? she is not conscious how can i not panic ?? With teary eyes.
Person ; well she is treated by the doctor.
Radhika was caressing her head and looked at him.
Radhika ; is there any problem. She is not hurt right ??
Person ; no no she is not hurt but she was scared thats why she is unconscious. Radhika’s grip tightened over anamika. Neil came from behind and patted his shoulders.
Neil ; arjun how are u ?? And what and turned and saw anamika and radhika he rushed to radhika and panicked and said; what happened ??
Arjun ; well she slipped from the slide and dont worry i took care of her.
Neil ; thank god u were there and radhika this is arjun my friend and a doctor. She smiled and took anamika and left them to speak.
Neil ; arjun what say ??
Arjun ; wish i would have said yes to her first and she would have been happy now everything is messed up. Im sorry neil but i did not had an idea of getting married at that time but then when i saw her in the picture i wanted to marry her but everything went out of hand within that time.
Neil ; everything happens for a reason. If the fate of anamika’s family was that and if this what is going to happen then it is bound to happen. If radhika was not there then what would have happened to the kid when she lost her family in that accident ??
Arjun ; when did u change like this ??
Neil ; after my sister’s life changed drastically i too changed.

Anamika just opened her cute eyes and was filled with tears.
Anamika ; chachi….. radhika hugged her and was happy that she is safe.
Radhika ; cant u play safe ??
Anamika ; chachi i was playing but in between the steps my leg went and i slipped in between. One uncle called me i saw him then i felt sleepy.
Radhika ; nothing sweet heart u r all safe see chachi is here mamu , mami all are here.
Arjun; and uncle is also here. Radhika turned and gave a smile and she stood from the bed and anamika saw him and smiled. He sat on the bed and caressed her head.
Anamika ; so if u r here will u play with me .
Arjun ; sure anything for my princess.
Anamika ; i will bring u tea saying so she stood up. Radhika was about to oppose but arjun waved his hand not to. Anamika took her toy cup and came back and lifted to arjun. He smiled and took that from her hand and said ; wow tasty anamika. She smiles and said ; my chachi is good when she gives me lunch. Arjun’s thought ; wish to have that till my life time and smiled at the little anamika.

Precap – Didnt think more than this.

A new try?? was this nice?? pls do say me your views….. Love you all and bear my hugs always stay blessed and stay strong and dont forget to smile.

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  1. Kavina

    Loved it

    1. S.v

      Thank u kavina

  2. Brin

    This is really good, continue with the story. 🙂

    1. S.v

      Thank u so much brin. Sure will write . Thank u lods.

  3. Dev

    New plot idea….good buddy

    1. S.v

      Thank u soo much dev

  4. Sathya

    Wow… SV… It’s toooooooo good. I just loved it. Aaahhh now m getting angry on arjun y he rejected rads…. Hmm vl c now how Ana kutty make them together. I just loved it a lot….. Next one soon pls… Love u ???

    1. S.v

      Sathya thank u so much. Well u will know the reason why he said no to radhika and yes ana kutty will make ardhika one. Lovw u and eagerly waiting for all ue ff. Love uy arjun.

  5. Jessie

    Sv… superb yaar..! Different plot.. I want tat toy cup tea..!! Eager 4 nxt one.. Arjun oru amaidhiyana nalla paiyan pola!! Radz hubby saralnadhum shock ayaiten..but neenga close paniteenga.. anything 4 Ardhika..?? correct thana.. Love u loads..TC dear..bear hug..

    1. S.v

      Jessie kandippa andha tea ungalukkum kedaikum. Aama ethana nalaikku dhan arjun kovamavey iruppan 😉 well anything fot ardhika correcteh dhan. Lol. Love u tons.

  6. Rossy

    Twin…wow…wow…different…Arjun rejected proposal why????saral positive…a big wow for that…so Arjun now like rads…one doubt if rads liked Arjun??? What will happen next…when will u update next?? Update soon…else I will do my tandav in front of u??? loved ur all stories..btw ur wifie …is she get busy ???m asking u coz u should know as a hubby???

    1. S.v

      Twin twin twin u boost me up with ur words. Well arjun yes he did not say yes to radhika first and haa yaar why should saral always be bad. So for a change I made him good . What will happen next ??? Pls wait my sissy u will read that soon. Now my target is 2 states and lml too. But I’ll update it soon but not a problem if do thandav coz I love u and haa my wifie I guess she would be free . Love u tons.

  7. Jewel

    Nice one sv…. Beautiful plot

    1. S.v

      Thank u so much jewel and nice dp.

  8. Starz

    Awesome event?loved it so much…. loads of love and take care?

    1. S.v

      Thank u so much starz. Love u too…

  9. Hi dr….. different story…so many questions…so before going mad…update nxt one….nw a days all ff making me mad…thinking too much….want tea nw….jokes apart thank you soooooooooo soooooooooo much…..

    1. S.v

      Happy thanks a ton happy. Oh my gosh questoons ok I’ll update this soon and hope I would clarify the doubts. Yup all are superb woth their plots. Tea sure will ask anamika to bring one cup for u too. Love u

      1. Thanks s.v…..if anamika gives tea I need one more cup….I understand so many ff u r writing now…so take ur time and take care of ourselves too….

      2. S.v

        Happy thank u so much for ur concern dear. Love u soo much. Sure will take care and u too to cheer all of us here. Love u.

  10. Dipika

    Sv this is lovely story with different plot..tragedy radz face is so heart wrenching yar…she is brave girl thts y stood firmly after getting hit by tornado… M do eager for next…do post soon..u going good in the

    1. S.v

      Dipika u made my day. Thanks for ur lovely words well radhika has faced a tragedy. Nesam had supported her and yes she is a strong woman. U will see whats gonna happen next. Will updare soon dear. Love u lods.

  11. Lakshmi05

    SV……..awesome dear…so sad what happened with rads but she’s so strong n taking care of anamika too….soo nice..Eagerly waiting for next one…luv u…tc…

    1. S.v

      Thank u so mych lakshmi .Radhika is a strong person. Arjun will be there for her. Love u so much and cute dp too.

      1. Lakshmi05

        Yep cute but not morethan ur dp…u stole that pic 🙁 from epic scene of lovely lonavla trip…

      2. S.v

        Hey everything is cute when it comes to ardhka and that one was one of my fav pic. But urs is a show turning situation pic dear.

      3. Lakshmi05

        True dear… everything related to ardhika is cute … they r unique couple ….
        just kidding 🙂

      4. S.v

        Yup soo unique and my fav couple with nesam too. Love u lods.

  12. Nice

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      Thank you sravya sri

  13. Hemalattha


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      Thamk u hemalattha

  14. Gauri

    Awesome SV… loved the plot 🙂 now Arjun will heal her…. keeping it going love you 🙂

    1. S.v

      Didi thank u soo much. Yup arjun will heal radhika. Di when will u update mmz ?? Wanna read that and dpo I know u r writing but mmz plsssssssss. Love u tons di.

  15. This is really good u should continue this its different and I want to read more

    1. S.v

      Thank you so much Gianna sure dear will write once i finish my 2 states. Love you lods.

  16. Jnana

    Omg…. Now one more new shade of Arjun….. Radhika is married….. That’s shocking…. I think there is some past right….. Clear it soon….. I’m all excited to see…..

    1. S.v

      jnana thank you so much for your words. Past…….. you will see sure dear will update soon. Love you lods.

  17. Story line is impressive. …
    Arjun is there to fill the vaccume. ..
    Continue it…S.V.
    Waiting for next. ..

    1. S.v

      Thank u so much savera. Yes arjun is therr for radhika. Will update soon dear. Love u

  18. Sweetie

    I just loved it Jaan..I’m thinking to write an extension to original MMZ,not so sure but got a vague idea,what say?Should I write?? Anyways this one is too good,waiting for the next..Love you loads and take care.. 🙂

    1. S.v

      Jaan thank u and what an extract of mmz and asking to write or not ?? Does anyone say no to mmz or ardhika ??or will I ever say no to my ardhika and nesam ?? im really happy for your decision. Eagerly waiting for that ff . If u have wrote something update that soon pls. Love u lods jaan.

      1. Sweetie

        Will frame up the idea soon and give the update really soon Jaan.. 🙂 Hehe,I know right we all are always ready for MMZ but this extension one,I’m not so sure,so only asking.. 🙂 Love you loads.. 😀

      2. S.v

        Dear anythung for mmz and for my jaan. So do write and update soon im eager to read that and dont forget ur salaam dear. Love u so much.

  19. amazing upate.this story is wonderful from all other w**** stories

  20. amazing update.This story is wonderful from all other stories

  21. Nice plot s.v… Liking it…post soon next part…tc

    1. S.v

      Thank you chandana will post once i finish my let me live update dear, pls dear i have started this too will update soon

  22. S.v

    Thank you anu but there are many exceptional writers here dear. If you find time do read them as all are expert in their genre.

  23. SV…my sweeeeeetuuuu. .
    It was veryyyyyyy awesoooooome. ..the ideas you have in your brilliant mind, all r very precious. ….n this ss is very lovelyyyyyy n superbbbbb. ..I loved it to the coreeeee. …keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads my sweeeeeetheart muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug 🙂

    1. S.v

      Thank you soo much roma. U r always there to supprot me and never forgets to make me smile thank u dear and love u so much.

  24. Nice one

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      Thanks priya

  25. _Ritu

    Sv dear ri8 now my expressions are lyk ?????????? m wondering what u guys r that all amazing plots stricks ur brain…loved it dear. Bt does Rads know Arjun.??? Waiting for 🙂

    1. S.v

      Thank you so much ritu for the words. Its all your continuous encouragement i was able to write something. No radhika does not know about arjun, you will know everything about that in the next update dear. Love you lods

  26. Sammy

    this was awesome hubby …too good sorry for the late comment ….hope Arjun nicely rectify his mistakes …

    1. S.v

      Yup wifie he will rectify all the messnof radhika’s life. Love u wifie

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