Manmarziyan : A Passion Project-chapter 9 and 10


Manmarziyan : A Passion Project
Chapter 9

Double Dhamka!!!!
Guys, since I was unable to give you long updates due to time constraints I have decide to give you a double episode…hope it matches your exceptations….do let me know how It was ….your comments keep me going 

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chapter 9

The five had grown really close. They were together all the time and arjun even shifted into neil’s apartment. Since neil wanted a room mate and arjun took was looking for a new place. They decided to get arjun shifted into neil’s apartment. After all what’s better than two best friends living together.

Their company had been on a roll since arjun got there. he got a lot of clients on the marketing front, who then were wooed by sam-radhika-neil trio and the final paper work made by teji. This had became the ultimate gang when it come to advertisement. Most of the other employees looked at the event management branch , since each client who came asked for this gang. All the big accounts were handled by them, while the smaller ones were supervised. The past few days had been hectic, the daily schedule, would be to gather around and decide a general strategy and theme. Then sam would rush off to decide on models and costumes, while neil decide the location and arrangements. Radhika, in the meanwhile, tired her brain off for the perfect script and punchline. Arjun sat in his office, meeting clients and pitching offers., with teji drawing up all the contracts. It would all in a board room with radhika pitching the idea with nesam filling out the gaps and holes, and the client applauding them. Their team was the most talked about in the entire industry, true, they had rivals but every big company had their name on their lips.
One day, a middle aged man in a formal suit, reached creative’s reception.

Man, “ma’am, may I meet Mr. Arjun Mehra?”
Reception nodded and asked for his details. He was a high level official from Maybelline New York, who was representing the company at creative, he wanted them to handle the advertisement of their brand. The reception after a couple of minutes, gestured him into Arjun’s office. The guy looked around and seemed impressed with the huge office, which was spick and span. Everything was neatly arranged at its place. It was the kind of place you just cant find a fault with.
Arjun stood up on seeing him, forwarded his hand for a formal handshake, “hello, Mr Verma.”
The guy replied, “Mr. Mehra, please call me Siddhart.”
Arjun smiled a little, “please return the honour, and call me Arjun.”
Siddhart returned his smile, “so arjun…as your receptionist must have told you…I am the marketing head for Maybelline new York. Our new board of directors want the new advertisement plan to be chalked out and implemented by your company.”
Arjun , “yes surely sir, the team of Ms. Kritika jain and Mr. Zubin Kataria will work on your project. Why don’t you meet them first and tell them about your requirements and then while they are working on it, we’ll chalk out the contract details.”
Siddhart gave an amused smile, “arjun, I am sure your entire team is very efficient. But the board of directors have specifically made a request of radhika mishra to be working on this case. you may have heard that birdsong themselves came to us with all the details ready. But our board rejected them.”
Arjun, “may I know the reason sir?”
Siddhart smiled, “off course, arjun. See, other companies have perfect individuals who get their own work done perfectly. But your trio is different, they not only get their work done perfectly, but also function with an extraordinary efficiency and perfection in a team and that’s what we are looking for.”
Arjun smiled, he had decided to take up the contract the second the guy introduced himself from Maybelline new York. But arjun was a shrewed professional. He could see that the guy was desperate to hire their company and would refuse all others. The guy had let on a lot more than he should have and arjun decided to play a trick. He decided to delay the guy a little, as it would get them a even more profitable deal.
Arjun smiled, “sir, I understand you want to hire Ms. Mishra and her team, but they are in midst of a number of projects. So if you particularly insist on her, I’ll have talk to them first and then only I can get back to you.i hope that’s okay.”
Siddhart nodded, “its okay…talk to her and get back to me. But remember, it’s the trio we want to hire. We wont settle for any less.”
Arjun nodded and showed him out of his office. He decided to go neil’s cabin, he will get the progress on the current projects , will talk to him about the Maybelline project. He walked towards neil’s cabin and saw radhika coming out. She walked past him as if he didn’t exist. Arjun knocked on the door and neil asked him to come in.
Arjun asked him, “what’s wrong neil? You are looking so tired and radhika was so stressed out.”
Before neil could reply, sam entered his cabin without knocking. Arjun was surprised looking at her. She looked so prim and proper all the time and now look at her. Her hair were pulled up into a messy bun, she wore no earrings and had a measuring type around her neck and even had a thread entangled around her hand. Despite all this, her eyes were sparking, this clearly showed how passionate she was for her job. She was holding couple of skirts in her hand. She cocked eyebrow at neil and asked, “which one?”
Neil looked at them for a couple of seconds, “I don’t know…arjun take the call.”
Arjun was surprised again, he had no idea what was happening and why his chirpy staff was all tired and stressed, “umm, how about the red one?”
Sam nodded and was about to go. But arjun went over held her by shoulders and made her sit on a chair, “okay now….what’s wrong…why is everybody so tired and stressed out?”
Neil and sam looked at each other and gave an exasperated look to arjun. Arjun looked at them with surprise.


Chapter 10

Neil shook his head and spoke, “arjun…its nothing…its just that the work pressure is high and we are trying to cope with all the work. Everybody here is working non stop. We are doing Overtime, we are practically staying in the office, the girls even have a bunch of clothes here. Radhika even takes work to home. With the initial success, you have been signing contracts like fire and chashni just doesn’t seem to be satisfied with her work. She wrote down a bunch of punchlines this morning, each was better than the other, but she wasn’t convinced. And is sitting in the cafeteria trying to come up with a new one, as we speak. I am afraid with all the stress, she is taking she might even pop her brains out.”
Arjun spoke, “you guys are idiots. You look like zombies who haven’t slept In days. Just go home and relax. Tomorrow’s an off for the team.”
Sam, “but what about the deadlines arjun?”
Arjun, “relax sam, its okay…..i’ll talk to the clients and sam, in business If you reach the top, true, you have to continue working hard but once, people have seen the effort coming, they don’t mind waiting. Plus, this team is the best they can get and they know it too. So don’t bother. And the another thing, we guys only have a couple of deals coming up in the next week. The rest are due the next month…and the only new contract I am gonna take Maybelline new york’s and the rest will take after we are done with all the existing ones….so practically speaking we don’t even need to delay. Relax guys, take a day off and chill.”
Sam’s mouth opened wide, “did you just say Maybelline new york’s? *arjun nodded* does that mean free make up?”
Arjun, “ummm…yes, maybe..”
Sam started dancing, teji who entered the cabin just then, had no idea why she was dancing. But nevertheless, he too joined her. Seeing this neil and arjun slapped their foreheads.
Sam got tired after dancing, as she hadn’t slept in almost 24 hours, seeing her dose off on the couch. Arjun asked neil, “neil..listen go home ….take sam and teji with you. I’ll bring radhika along.”
Neil, “are you sure?”
Arjun nodded, “just look at man, she is so tired that she is practically trying sleep without closing her eyes.”
Neil laughed and gently woke up sam. She was dizzy, he supported her by putting his around her shoulder and dragged teji along and went home.
Arjun walked to the cafeteria, and radhika sitting around piles of paper. She had crumbled paper thrown all around and had number of empty coffee cups on the table. As soon as arjun entered, the coffee bar guy spoke, “sir, I don’t know what’s with ma’am…she has drunk like six cups of coffee already and is still having difficulty keeping her eyes open. She is behaving weird, when I refused to give her another cup coffee…she shouted on me. ”
Arjun gave the guy a look, there was something about his tone arjun didn’t like, “this girl, hasn’t slept for two days, hasn’t gone back home for the past week and is working non stop for the company. Just to make the name “Creative” shine even brighter. But you wont understand the value of people who work hard. And if I hear you say another thing about my staff…you’ll lose your job here for sure and trust me, you wont even find another one.”
The coffee guy got scared, even knew that if arjun mehra said something he meant very clearly. He mumbled a sorry and went away.
Arjun walked to radhika and gently touched her shoulder. She jerk up and relaxed a little on seeing arjun.
Arjun, “radhika, its getting late…lets go home..i’ll drop you.”
Radhika, “arjun sir…I have to work on these punchlines and scripts.”
Radhika was looking down on the paper work. Arjun held her shoulders and shook her, “radhika, look at me….you write the best…I don’t why you are doubting yourself. You know what each word you have written on any of these crumbled papers is enough to get us a new contract. Already, but your health is of the utmost importance….tomorrow is an off and I have already sent neil , sam and teji home. You desperately need rest and trust me, you are gonna write better once you have slept well.”
Radhika request him to give her five more mintutes to try out a couple of punchlines. But arjun refused and dragged her out to his car. He glared the coffee guy on his way out and ordered him collect all the papers strewn there and keep them in his cabin. The guy nodded.

Radhika was dizzy, she clung to arjun’s hand for support. Arjun made her sit in the car and strapped the seat belt around her. Arjun himself sat in the driving seat. He was happy and angry at the same time, he loved to see his guys working so passionately but at the same time he was angry as they weren’t taking care of their health. Arjun smiled and decided that if they can be stubborn about their work, he’ll be stubborn about their health. From now onwards, he is going to take care of their health. He looked at radhika, and gave a amused smiled, she was already in deep slumber. She looked very innocent. Arjun’s pov, “ is she really the girl who wanted five more minutes to work, and look at her , two minutes later she already is asleep.” Arjun smiled, before joining creative, he had never thought that the source of all those witty punchlines, could be someone so beautiful.

They reached her apartment. Arjun called her name twice, she didn’t wake up and since arjun didn’t want to disturb her. And sam had already slept. So, He picked her up in his arms, opened the door using her key and dropped her on her bed. And arjun turned to go he noticed that radhika had unknowing in her sleep had wrapped her fingers around his little finger. He looked at her fingers and then her for a couple of minutes. He then gently loosen her grip, covered her with a blanket and moved out the room. He had just crossed her door, he came back kissed her forehead and left without turning back.

Precap…the holiday…saral and still thinking 

please ignore my mistakes as it isn’t proof read. do let me know how it was…

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