Manmarziyan: A Passion Project – Chapter 7


Manmarziyan : A Passion Project
Chapter 7

Hey guys, I m back…its pretty quick…huh?….actually I believe in giving quick updates even if it means short ones…it just keeps you connected with the story…somebody please let me know if me or my method are wrong. Suggestions are welcome. Here’s the next chapter. Do let me know how it was..
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You are really lucky to have a person who genuinely cares for you in life, and if you let them walk away, you are gonna regret not stopping them your entire life and beyond.

Radhika looled intently at sam, waiting for her to speak up….sam just keep staring at her cocking up her eyebrow, frustated finally radhika only spoke, “look, samaira khanna….i know and have been told by a number if people that living with you is no piece of cake, but u know what…it takes guts to share your life with another person and I don’t think you have them. I can completely understand that we cant be friends but since we got to live under the same roof, could we atleast be on talking terms?? And now stop staring at me and stop opening and closing your mouth like a goldfish. Be a brave girl and tell me whats wrong?” radhika had let out all her frustration. This surprised sam…she had never expected that a girl like radhika may even have a side like that.
Samaira was really surprised and didn’t know to respond, finally spoke very innocently, “I was just asking for my ice cream.”
Radhika slapped her forehead and laughed, “sorry, I forgot….actually I met your next door neighbour and we started talking, he even gave me and ice cream and in all that I forgot.”
Sam thought for a couple of seconds, “neil? Neil Malhotra…the guy who is a creative director in our company….is he the guy you are talking about?”
Radhika nodded, “yeah..he is the one.”
Sam before she could check herself, “he never talked to me once and I have been living her since past three days and you came two hours ago and he already is your friend.”
Sam regreted her words as soon she heard them. She knew she shouldn’t have spoken that way. But radhika handled it surprisingly well, radhika was washing, having her back to samaira, “if he didn’t…did you?”
Sam didn’t reply and went to sleep. Radhika smiled. Her pov, “sam..when you care so much..why do you pretend to not?”

a few days later at the office, neil comes to radhika cabin and sits on her table, radhika smiles at his act. Soon after teji enters and sits on a bean bag. See, radhika had furnished her cabin very differently, since itbwas her place to think, she wanted it to be as creative as possible. It had almost all the colours , inside of chairs she had bean bag and the walls were also very creatively decorated. One of the walls had the designing of broken glass pieces. Actually a mirror broke at her house and inside of throwing away the pieces, radhika decided to use them. She clearly had put a lot of effort and neil and teji loved her and her cabin for it. Neil at times even came to radhika cabin for discussion and making decision.

Radhika smiled broadly. Neil and teji had become her life and her sole survival in Mumbai. She spoke teasingly, “guys, this is supposed to be my cabin…are we all supposed to knock before entering a cabin?”
Teji laughed while neil pulled her ears, “accha okay..sorry..sorry…you don’t have to knock.” Radhika said.
Teji, “I am hungry yaar, come lets go eat.”
Radhika, “lets go out naa some where…I m bored of the cafeteria food.”
Neil agreed and all the three went out.
During lunch, the conversation somehow turned to samaira.
Teji, “let me know in advance if there is a need for new accommodation.”
Radhika smiled, understanding what he meant, “nope…not required…am comfortable..anyway, if I’d want to change..i’ll shift next door with neil..rght?”
Neil, “yeah..obviously…anyways how life with samaira?”
Radhika, “I don’t know neil…..but I get a feeling she is not what she pretends to be..cold …rude…not caring and stuff..its just not her. Believe me, I have seen her other caring and loving side. She just tries to repress it. More over, I have noticed that on most mornings when she comes out, her eyes are swollen, tired and red. It seems as if she cries at night. Neil, I woulf love to her help but she just isn’t ready to open her heart to me.”
Neil, “just give her time…she’ll talk to you sooner or later……practically she has no one else to.”
Radhika nodded.

After enjoying for a couple of hours they came back and were met at the entrance by samaira who herself was coming back from somewhere. Radhika gave her a friendly smile which was returned by an stare. Teji saw that and he giggled, which earned him a glare from radhika. All the four entered the office together…an astonishing sight awaited them.

Precap: Chaos in the office…..

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