Manmarziyan: A Passion Project – Chapter 5

Manmarziyan : A Passion Project
Chapter 5

Without wasting any time, here the next chapter..i know it’s a short one…..but I updated quick…finally thr rishikesh and saral chaoter over…welcome mumbai…hope you like it…do let me know how it was  
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Mumbai was a pleasant surprise to radhika, who had never been out of rishikesh and surroundings even once. She was picked up from the airport by a cab sent by her office which took her to her hotel. Radhika thoroughly enjoyed the drive looking out the wind while the wind blew her hair back.

Mumbai had a calming effect on radhika. It was just an entirely different feeling to be all alone in a strange city, inching close towards your dream. Maybe this was what made radhika fall in love with Mumbai at the first sight, radhika sighed “I am in love with the cities I haven’t seen and the people I haven’t met.”
She smiled. She reached her hotel and she was so tired that she instantly closed her eyes and went into a deep slumber.

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Radhika entered her new office. It was a multiplex with a number of floors and there was some aura of welcome-ness. She had expected the people to be highly polished wearing flawless formal clothes and also there was this general notation that a small town girl would take some time to adjust to a big city. But this wasn’t the case with radhika, she instantly felt at home. She walked to the receptionist, introduced herself and was soon shown her cabin. She quickly went and met her boss and was assigned her very first job. She had to write a catchy tagline for a burger joint. After a couple of hours of head scratching, she found the perfect tagline, elated she showed it to her boss who was impressed by her work. He asked her to hand it over to some peon or office boy and ask him to give it to the creative director. After doing the required, she walked up to the HR department for enquiring about some accomodations. Radhika saw a guy smiling…he friendly enough and so she decided to approach him.

Radhika, “hey, are you with the HR department? Actually I m new in this city was looking for help regarding accomodations.”
Radhika had a deadly air of confidence about her self. The guy smiled, he was impressed, he had never seen a new comer so confident.
Guy, “yeah…I’ll help you with it.”
Radhika extended her arm for a hand shake, “radhika Mishra.”
The guy took her hand , “teji.”
Radhika, “so lets get to work ..hmm?”
Teji, “slow down champ…its gonna be a really tedious task…you sit down..i’ll bring coffee for both of us..its gonna be a loooong day.”
Radhika smiled, “looking forward to it.”
Teji took an instant liking to radhika. He had read her file and had expected her to be a filmsy nervous and shy small town girl. But this girl she wasn’t even remotely close to that. She was happy, she was confident. She had a charming nature which makes the other person take an instant liking to you. Teji himself was living far away from his family, he saw his little sister in radhika.
Teji came back..placing the cup in front of her, “here you go.”
Radhika smiled, “thanks.”
Teji, “so what are you looking for exactly…flats ..pgs or what?”
Radhika thought for a couple of seconds, “I don’t know…I mean I don’t need a flat …what about a PG or say?”
Teji thought over her request and after a couple of hours of looking at files and contact informations with constant joking and laughter, they zeroed upon a couple of PGs for girls and decided to finalise after a on site inspection. Teji promised to go along with her. Radhika and teji had become best friends already.

Just as radhika was about to go her eyes fell on a file named, “samaira khanna”
She cocked her eyebrows at teji..purposely cleared her throat, “girlfriend?” she said teasingly. Teji slapped her forehead, “no yaa…she is such a big know naa we even set up with our existing employees looking for a room mate…she is one of them…”
Radhika, “then why don’t you set me up with her?”
Teji, “no..i wont..unless you wanna look for a new accommodation in a couple of weeks again.”
Radhika giggled, he was clearly frustated with samaira with such an extent that his expressions had turned comical, “so whats with her?”

Teji replied, “actually, she is one of our copywrighters. I don’t what she expects of the other person. She has such a long list of demands….i don’t know she is being really unreasonable..she wants someone who is of the same wavelength as her…doesn’t interfere in her personal life or space…isn’t much into talking and socialising…don’t friends or guest allowed at him and number of other things…I mean, you are sharing your apartment with the other are practically sharing a part of your life with them…so lets try being little reasonable for god sakes…radhika trust me, I have set her up with a couple of girls in the past as well…one of them was so terrified that she left the company let alone living with her and the other one I heard, is in depression these days. Believe me, she is the last person you wanna live with.”
Radhika giggled, she had never seen a guy so frustrated with a girl, he wasn’t even remotely related to, “teji, I m a tough nut to crack…look at the advantages, living with her is so damn cheap…you know what I m gonna live with her for a couple of months and I’ll shift when I emerge with a better bank balance.”
Teji slapped his forehead, this girl is clearly out of her mind ,but then he decided to have fun , “radhika…you’ll know what a hard nut is after meeting her. First cabin to the left on the first floor. If you stay alive do come and let me know how it went.”
Radhika chuckled, and punched his arm, “you’ll see…”

Radhika went to samaira khanna’s cabin and deep breath. She muttered some encouragement words to herself, reminded herself that she has to prove to teji about her being a tought nut. Finally took the name of god and knocked.
People aren’t always what you heard they are….they may turn out to be the best person you know…all you got to do is to put some effort.

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    Superb Myra..rads teji became frnds wow…but teji frustation from Sam was hilarious.. waiting for Neil’s entry…post soon..

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    Myra u r soo sweet . Teji abd rads wow cute friendship now sam and radhika is gonna be in a same flat and when will neil come and when will arjhn come? ? Update it soon dear. Lovely myra u rocked it.

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    • Myra


      well, ardhika will meet after a couple of chapters. and I m sorry …I cant commit about a long one….but will update soon 🙂

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      Thank you so much sweetie…your comment is invaluable to me…the next chapter has been posted hope you like it 🙂

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