Manmarziyan: a passion project – chapter 4


Manmarziyan : A Passion Project
Chapter 4

Hey guys, this is a long one…..but I don’t know…I just feel that it is a bit messed up….please excuse that and try to bear with me…I promise the next would be better…do let me know how it is. Your suggestions and comments are invaluable.
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If u love someone their happiness should be your happiness….seeing them chase what they love should bring a smile satisfaction on your face before theirs. Wanting someone to be around you, isn’t love. Real love doesn’t care about boundaries or distance, its about two hearts madly in love.
The next morning, radhika woke up feeling guilty about her behavior towards saral. To make it up to him she decided to make him a breakfast in bed and she quickly got ready and walked to the kitchen. She got surprised to see saral cooking. He was whipping up some pancakes. She went to him and sat on the counter right next to him, “saral, umm, I m sorry….i shouldn’t have been so harsh on u….Its just something I really wanna do.*she added after a pause* even my parents don’t know…if that helps.”
Saral smiled, “here have pancakes and I m sorry too for not understanding u.”
Radhika literally wasn’t listening now she was so engrossed in her pancakes.
Saral shook her, “I knew I shouldn’t have given them to u before I apologized.”
Radhika made a face at him.
Saral, “ so radhu, when are u gonna tell your parents?”
Radhika, “I don’t know will see…”
Radhika pov, “ tonight….tonight….tonight!! I gotta tell them tonight and also that I already have tickets for Mumbai and that my plane leaves in 3 weeks…god! What am I gonna do? Tell saral about it right now? God…god….u know what..i’ll tell him.”
Radhika, “saral?”
Saral, “uh..huh?”
Radhika, “ and maybe there is another thing u may wanna know..”
Saral replied absent mindedly.. “what?”
Radhika a deep breath and spoke really quickly, “I m leaving in 3 weeks.”
Saral’s jaw hit the floor, he felt dizzy, “what!!!??”
Radhika, “yeah..the company already sent me the tickets.”
Saral, “radhika, u said u were considering their offer…why the hell did u not tell me that u already have accepted it?”
radhika kept quiet and saral gave her a long hard look and walked out. He went to his room and bang the door shut. He sat down on the edge of his bed and held his head in his hands…he felt tears forming in his eyes and his brain said “shhhh….saral…saral…shhh…its okay….its not like she is going forever. She’ll be back and once she gets settled in the company, I’ll ask her to take a transfer to some place near…u know delhi..maybe……shhh…its okay..”
But his heart had some conflicting ideas, “what okay? Saral u love her….u haven’t told her….she is leaving in 3 weeks till god knows when……firstly she didn’t tell u…technically u found out about it yourself….secondly when she told u she didn’t tell the entire story which technically means she lied to u. and here u are helping her with some goddamn party which might as well be her farewell party…what the hell is going on? Do u even matter to her?”
But his brain counter argued, “he didn’t speak his heart out…..she isn’t god …how can u even expect her to find out herself….and in her favour she didn’t even tell her parents.”
His heart urged him to go and tell her his feelings right now, “saral, its perfect….its only u both in here …go tell her…it might even prevent her from leaving.”
His brain just couldn’t stand all his stupidity…it was about to explode …. “just shut up dude, hasn’t she made it clear that she is leaving no matter what….nothing good comes out of your proposing her now….she’ll leave and maybe your equation will change forever…u might not even remain friends…it aint even worth taking a shot at.”
The battle between his heart and mind continued while he just rolled his legs up and cried his heart out. Radhika was leaving…his radhika was leaving….she didn’t tell her parents..she didn’t tell anyone…why was he the one only to suffer knowing the truth…why couldn’t he just be happy ignorant of the truth.

Radhika on the other, didn’t know what to do…whether to stop saral or not…she knew she had hurt him bad and wanted to apologise but hearing the bang of his door, she decided to give him some time and let him compose himself and then she’ll make up to him and get rid of her guilt. In the meanwhile, she received a message from ankush that his plan had worked and they would be reaching in two hours. Radhika started finishing the left over preparations….saral who also received the same message..composed himself…wiped his tears..came out of his room and completed decorations in a different part of the room as radhika. He avoided all eye contact with her. radhika looked at him twice or thrice,
her pov, “I know I have hurt you saral…but how do I explain to u that this all is really important for me, I wouldn’t have told u before but I couldn’t I was always in the constant fear of draining your happiness…but look I ended up doing what I dreaded the most. U are my friend saral, I can understand u are angry….but its not like I m going forever….i’ll be back soon…I promise.”
She gave him one last look and went to get ready. She came back all dressed up and saral looked at her. He felt himself falling for her even more. His heart told him to go to her and hold her hand and tell her that she looked drop dead gorgeous. But his brain just decide for him to complete with his work and not look at her.
Radhika looked at saral, who had his back to her and said, “I guess u should go and get ready…they’ll be arriving anytime.”
Saral didn’t respond, he just nodded and went inside his room. He came back wearing the tuxedo radhika and gifted him. He was looking dashing. It pinched radhika a bit that saral didn’t comment on how she looked neither did he ask her about her opinion regarding his suit. The bell rang before she decided to do anything about it and their family entered.
Mala, “what’s all this radhika? Ankush said there is gonna be some boring office party of his but this looks fun….where are his office people? I need an explain.”
Saral smiled and responded, “aunty, this is kinda radhika’s post wedding party for bhabhi…it was her idea and she included me and ankush as she wanted it to be a surprise.”
Everyone was elated and hugged radhika and they partied hard. Everyone enjoyed a lot especially riddhima and her husband…he was especially elated when he saw radhika’s gift for him. He appreciated her choice.

As the party wounded towards a close, radhika saw this as an opportunity to talk to her family and tell them about her going to Mumbai.
Radhika just went to the centre of the party and spoke, “okay….attention everyone…I have something to say…”
Everyone looked at her and she hesistated initially but continued, “umm, this party wasn’t all about di and jiju….it kinda also is my farewell party.”
Nobody except saral was able to understand what she meant and hence everyone gave her questioning looks.
Dilip, “farewell party…what’s all this choti?”
Mala too seconded his question.
Radhika took a deep breath and answered, knowing very well that if she didn’t speak today she never will be able to, “papa…as u know I have a degree in event management and advertising…one day I saw a job opening in one of the leading firms in india….i applied just to see whether I am qualified for that sort of job or not….i surprisingly cleared the first round….i swear papa, till then it was just an experimental thing and I didn’t even expect an appointment letter but one did come in the mail a few days ago….i mean, it was a really good job….it had amazing pay package…I mean, people don’t get this sort of a job even in their dreams.”
Radhika paused wishing the earth to swallow her so that she wouldn’t have to tell them that the opening was in Mumbai.
Dilip who didn’t know about it being in Mumbai, got happy, “ choti, if its such a good job…accept it naa.”
Saral made a face and spoke, “uncle please let radhika continue…and radhika where exactly is this job u are talking about?”
Radhika felt relieved that atleast saral is giving her an opening to tell the truth, “papa….its in mumbai…the opening is in mumbai.”
Radhika looked intently at dilip trying to read his expression, but dilip could say something, saral interrupted, “and?”
Radhika gave saral a long hard look…okay…now he was taking plain revenge for her hurting him…..she wanted to kill him and gave him a you are impossible look.
Dilip seconded saral’s question…, “and?”
Radhika looked at the floor…she just couldn’t bring herself to look in her father’s eyes, she meekly spoke, “papa…don’t take me wrong….they called and they wanted an answer then and there…I asked them if they couldn’t give me a couple of days but they refused saying if I don’t accept it now…it’ll pass to the next candidate.”
Dilip looked at his daughter intently, “so?”
Radhika continued very slowly, “I accepted and am leaving in 3 weeks…the company sent the tickets.”
Dilip looked at mala….she was hurt..her daughter didn’t even consider asking her for permission before agreeing for the job….sure enough she wouldn’t permitted but atleast radhika should have asked her..
Dilip on the other hand was more understanding….he understood the cost of dreams …..and knew very well about living a life full of regrets. He didn’t want his daughter to lead that life. He wanted her to be have the satisfaction of fulfilling her dreams…he didn’t want her to be bitter all her life. Moreover, he trusted his daughter and her judgements completely, he knew she wouldn’t do anything wrong, no matter whether she is rishikesh or is in Mumbai.

Dilip went to radhika held her shoulders and spoke lovingly, “choti, if this what u want to do…then go and get on that plane and chase all your dreams….you’ll always find me besides u supporting u. I am allowing u but that doesn’t mean u didn’t commit a mistake….radhika u should have asked me before agreeing to take the job. I hope u wont repeat your mistake again.”
Radhika nodded and hugged him whispering, “I m sorry papa.”
Dilip just patted her head.
Mala knew that dilip had taken the right decision and she supported him but mala wanted to tease radhika.
Mala, “radhika, now that your father has granted u permission…I guess, my opinion doesn’t matter to u.”
Radhika went to her mother and held her ears, “maa…what are you saying …off course your opinion matters….i know I made a mistake and should have told u before..i m sorry.”
Mala remained quiet. So radhika held her shoulders and spoke, “u know what mom I wont go if u don’t want me to…I don’t mind sacrificing my childhood dream for your happiness.”
Radhika made a face but mala knew that she clearly meant what she said.
Mala hugged radhika tight…, “I’ll slap u hard, if u ever speak of sacrificing your dream…..choti go conquer the world…u have my permission too.”
Saral was disappointed, he had assumed that radhika’s parents would forbide her from going. But inside the tables turned on him.
Everyone was very happy except saral.
Ankush hugged radhika, “I m so proud of my baby today….this calls for another round of celebrations.”
Radhika pinched him, “dare u call me baby again..”
Ankush showed her his tongue…and radhika smiled.
Radhika had completely forgotten that saral didn’t want her to go…true that he never said it out loud…but he had made it very clear through his actions.
Radhika’s ignorance pinched him even more. He was now determined to make radhika notice him and come to him herself.

The next day, everyone returned to rishikesh.
Everybody wanted to spend every single second of their day with radhika. Everyone was pampering, while she enjoyed all the attention at first but it was irritating her now, “maa, I aint going forever…okay? I’ll be talking to you everyday and will be back in couple of months. Now stop pampering me.
Mala made a face, “radhika…stop your big girl act…you’ll always stay small for us.”
Radhika smiled.
Dilip, “choti, I forgot to ask you about your accommodation…mumbai’s a big city…where are you gonna live?”
Radhika, “don’t worry papa, the company has booked me an intial couple of weeks at a hotel and HR department is going to help me find an accommodation. They are very effective papa. They have contact information of all the property dealers and PG houses and flats along with a list of their own employees willing to take a roommate. I m sure I’ll find a good accommodation.”
Dilip smiled seeing her daughter…she was grown up now, taking care of everything on her own…it felt like yesterday when he had brought her home from the hospital.
Radhika’s packing was tedious task. She had roped in both mala and ankush. They were amusing themselves, watching radhika’s tantrums.
Ankush, “are you sure you don’t want me to come with you until you are settled?”
Radhika, “I know…am your baby bhai, but I wanna do this on my own.”
Ankush just rolled his eyes. He didn’t show but deep down he was proud of radhika. He just couldn’t believe how quickly his baby had grown.
Radhika, “by the way, I am going to my friend, preeti’s house tonight….we are having a sort of get together since I am leaving….i’ll come back tomorrow afternoon.”
Mala nodded.

Saral on the other hand was getting restless…the day for radhika’s departure was arriving head on. Th fact that radhika had ignored him during the party and the drive back and he hadn’t talked since was driving him crazy. It wasn’t as if he wanted her for himself. It was just that he wanted to talk to her for hours at end. His pov, “radhu, I m going crazy here by the thought of your going and you don’t even care. You didn’t try to talk me after the party….u came to our house for picking up bhabhi but you didn’t care to walk five extra steps to say hey to me….why are you doing this to me radhika…”

Radhika on the other hand was totally unaware of the fact that saral might be harboring feeling for her. She didn’t know that saral wanted more of her time. She expected him to understand that she is neck deep in packing and stuff… plus she had already blocked an entire day two days before her flight only for him.

Radhika went to friend’s house that night and all the girls were enjoying themselves, sitting around gossiping and munching. Radhika excused herself and went to the kitchen to pour some more cola. Her phone was in the room itself. Saral who was sitting in his bhai and bhabhi’s room talking to them, suddenly spoke, “ bhai, did you talk to radhika…I mean she leaving naa.”
Bhai, “no yaa….i didn’t get time to…but I surely will….did she say something to you?”
Before saral could reply riddhima did, “actually the other day when she came to pick me up…she was looking for you, saying that she’ll talk to you for a few minutes before going out..i told her that you went to office…then saral she was going to say hi to you. But I was in such a hurry…I only told her to do it some other time.”
Saral’s pov, “ohh so this was the case. i am such a jerk…she my friend only…I haven’t told her my feelings….and there’s isn’t any hesitation between friends…..i am sorry radhika….you know what I promise, I’ll tell you what’s in my heart soon.”
Bhai, “ you know what…I’ll call choti now..and will talk to her. I haven’t talked to her since the party anyway.”
Saral, “bhaiya, I’ll call her. You wait.”
Saral called her…but since radhika’s phone was in the room and she herself was in the kitchen…she didn’t hear it…her friends looked at it and it displayed the name, “saral.” They didn’t feel appropriate picking his call…so they left it ringing and told radhika when she came back.radhika was about to call him back when she phone started ringing…it was her jiju’s call…..radhika picked it at the first ring and started blubbering excitedly with him.
Saral felt a strange feeling overcoming him. Radhika didn’t pick his call but she did pick his brother’s call a second later.

The next day saral went to mishra house and asked for radhika ..mala told him about her get together with her friends….saral was even more annoyed she has the time for all her regular friends but she hasn’t got any time for her best friend. He decided to grab radhika’s attention. He started sending radhika gifts and flowers each day. He would also keep pestering her with messages and calls. It was fine at first but soon saral crossed his limits. Radhika’s pov, “ I don’t know what’s with this guy…cant he behave like a normal friend.”
She stormed in his room and opened his door with a thud. He was surprised, “radhika…u here?”
Radhika was annoyed with his ignorance, “what’s all this saral?” showing him the flowers and gifts.
Saral, “just trying to give you a grand good bye gesture, my lady”
Radhika lost her temper, “what’s wrong with you? why cant you behave like a regular friend….you know …friendship is not about a grand gesture, its about a million little things….i don’t know whats gotten into you. but you are clearly taking me going pretty hard. You need to learn that I am not going forever. I’ll come back and meet you in a couple of months. But for the time being…I think we both need space….so lets just not meet or communicate now. We’ll when you understand that there is a fine line which a friend should never cross.”
And radhika saying so stormed out. Saral just looked at her fragile form disappearing. He muttered a few curses to himself, “ radhika I m sorry, I understand your feeling but I’ll keep you for myself once you come back.u can have all your space till then. I love you”

Soon the day arrived when radhika had to leave. She bid a teary good bye to her family, hugged each of them. She didn’t realize that within all the crowd saral was also standing watching her go. She walked inside with her head high and her eyes sparkling with the prospect of fulfilling all her dreams.

Precap: radhika meets sam.

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