Manmarziyan: A Passion Project – Chapter 31


Manmarziyan : A Passion Project
Chapter 31

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Neil stared at sam unbelievingly……he gulped hard….he felt extreme guilt for making his lady love feel unwanted…….
He held her hand and kissed her knuckles…..he then wrapped both his hands around her arm…pulled her close and wrapped one of his arms around her waist placing his head in her lap.
He gently spoke while sam caressed his hair, “Sammy…no it isn’t ridiculous…, it isn’t wrong of it to feel this way….it is all my fault…..i wish made things clearer…but unknowingly i left ambiguity… let me answer your question….”

Sam placed her palm on his lips, her eyes full of love and care, “you don’t have to…..i know you love only and only me…sorry to hurt you by asking such a stupid question.”
Neil removed her palm from his lips and kissed it…..he felt heavenly…., “Sammy….i know you, and I also know you understand…..but just let me spell it out once naa…just to satisfy my heart…Sammy, no…I don’t love ishana anymore….i don’t even care about her….true, I was head over heels in love with her once….but she broke that illusion her own self…and I am thankful for that…I wouldn’t have wanted to live a life loving a person, who didn’t reciprocate my feelings….”
He paused for a minute and whispered lovingly, “Samaira Khanna, you are the queen of my heart….and it is a non transferrable position….so dare you resign.”
Sam nodded…she gave him a broad smile and spoke teasingly, “you need to work on your romantic skills idiot…”

Neil laughed….he grabbed her waist puling her down wards into the bed, “and now come sleep for a while…I know you didn’t sleep a wink last night…”
Sam nodded and removed her heels…she silently thanked her stars for giving her the perfect boyfriend….neil was the perfect combination of body and brains…strength and softness…..more importantly, he was her “The One”

Sam and neil slept peacefully….snoring away dreamingly in each other’s arms…
Arjun couldn’t help but smile to him self when he peeked in neil’s room….it had been a while and he had got ready…he had knocked twice and on not getting a reply had opened the door a little crack to glance in..
He decided not to disturb the love birds and left a little note explaining that he had left for office with Radhika.
Seeing nesam, made Arjun wonder whether he would ever get that kind of a pure love in his life…his happiness lied with Radhika….and he wanted to convey his feelings to her each time he saw her face..
But his brain stopped him each time, always with the question of what if….what if she rejects him…and what if they don’t even remain friends ever after…..

The entire possibility itself seems so horrid to Arjun that each time, he loses his cool.
But his heart calms him down…gently explaining…..that they weren’t friends anymore…as he had feelings for her……two people aren’t friends if one of them harbours feelings for the other… and that Radhika is a reasonable girl…she wouldn’t reject him…moreover, she doesn’t have any valid reason to.
Arjun chuckled at realising that this entire storm takes place within his soul every single goddamn time he sees her face.

Arjun decided to finally involve neil and sam in his love story…only then he had any hopes of progress.
He laughed at his state…there he was the Arjun mehra….he great negotiator and the owner of mehra group if industries behaving like a love stricken puppy.

Looking at him was a force superior than any….Destiny…., “sometimes you give tests that you deserve….your fate is based on you….but at others you just have troubles thrown at your face for proving your worth…..”
Arjun hummed to himself and left for office with Radhika in tow.

Neil and sam entered about a couple of hours later…..
Radhika, who was sitting in arjun’s cabin, giggled seeing them….both were perfectly happy….and couldn’t help but steal glances at each other.
Radhika smiled and walked out of his cabin only to barge in neil’s….arjun slapped his forehead….
Somebody is gonna have a tough time answering questions…he muttered.
He smiled and followed Radhika. She sat on the table in front of neil…., “somebody is really happy…”
Neil smilingly nodded to her…
Radhika got carried away…she asked with the excitement of a 5 year old.., “did she kiss you? How did it happen? Where? Give me all the details…..Every.Single.One.Of.Them.” she finished in a single breath.

Neil’s eyes widened in shock and Arjun rolled on the floor laughing his heart out…..radhika just made a cute face with her tongue out..
Neil gasped. He reprimanded her…..he pulled her ear, “you are getting shameless day by day.”
Radhika giggled and mouthed sorry…neil let go of her ear…
Radhika looked at him expectantly…and spoke herself, since he didn’t respond…, “so???….”
Neil was busy looking down on his files….he spoke without looking at Radhika, “yeah??”
Radhika slammed closed his file.., “so, did she kiss you or did you?”
Neil sighed….she was crazy…completely gone.., “no chashni….nobody kissed anybody….”
Radhika pouted…she narrowed her eyes down to slits, “so why are you happy?”
God! She was a little kid….Neil looked at her all amazed….he smiled…she was just as pure and innocent as one..

Neil scratched his head over dramatically and spoke after pretending to think hard for a couple of second, “because I have you guys..”
Radhika squealed in delight and jumped from the table on neil…..neil staggered back and fell down with Radhika sitting on top of him…
Neil tried to put on a face of anger but with a laughing ardhika….that’s really not possible. He too started laughing …..

They all went back to their cabins and got busy with work until lunchtime..
Sam called teji on the intercom to call him to lunch…..when he didn’t pick up sam assumed that he wasn’t in his office….she tried his cell but he didn’t answer….she even left him a couple of messages but he didn’t reply. Sam called both Arjun and Radhika about teji…but got negative responses..
The trio headed out to teji’s cabin…teji was sitting on his chair, deep in thoughts that he didn’t even realise the presence of the trio… seemed as if he wasn’t present there anymore…it was as if he didn’t care anymore.
Sam started to speak, “what the hell man…when aren’t you picking ..”
She stopped when she saw a lone tear fall down his cheek…
They realised that their friend had deeply and truly fallen for ishana…and that she was dominating his thoughts… wasn’t letting him work or rather be himself for the matter….he was all quiet…wasn’t joking and fooling around…wasn’t flirting with Radhika and sam to make Arneil jealous….he wasn’t himself…and they didn’t like it.

Ardhika left for having a talk with neil…leaving sam behind to comfort teji..
Arjun was irritated…it wasn’t the plan…the plan was simple… Nesam…ardhika…tejana….
Until off course, neil decided to screw things up.
Arjun knew he was being irrational but he couldn’t see teji’s state…
He barged in his cabin and interrogated him, “talked to teji since morning?”
Neil looked at him surprised at his tone but gave a monosyllabic answer, “no”
“talked to him after he went home last evening?”
Arjun, “hell man….look at teji…”
Radhika held his hand and rubbed it to calm him down…she could understand what he felt…bur at the same time, she knew he was trying to do the right thing the wrong way….neil wasn’t wrong…
Radhika moved forward and kneeled in front on neil’s chair…she took his hands in hers and spoke in a soft gentle yet firm voice, “neil…we went to teji’s cabin when he didn’t respond to our calls and message…neil, he isn’t himself…he is ruining himself…he all quiet…doesn’t eat or drink…neil, he truly loves ishana…”
Neil got angry…., “teji is stupid….doesnt he understand”
Radhika rubbed his hands…gave him a glass of water, “buddy, don’t get us wrong…we know you want the best for teji….we know you don’t want him to get hurt the way you did….you are absolutely right as well..”

She paused for a second.., “but buddy, people deserve a second chance….we have all done bad things…but that doesn’t make us bad people….
Yes, the future is scary but we cant go rushing back to the past because it’s familiar….yes, it is tempting but it’s a mistake…..neil, maybe we should give her another chance…not for her but for teji…”
Neil nodded understandingly and went to teji’s cabin to talk to him…
All the while Arjun stood leaning on the wall with his folded on the chest…his admiration for Radhika kept growing day by day….the way she handled the issue was commendable…what attracted Arjun to her the most was that, she was both a kid and a mature lady….and most importantly, she knew which side is to be brought out and when….

15 minutes later, they knew neil had agreed and the old teji was back….when teji came running through the office at a lightening speed…and jumped at Radhika..
.hugging her tight….radhika staggered…naturally, she couldn’t control teji’s wait….arjun, who was standing behind her moved forward and steadied her with both his hand wrapped around her waist and her back plastered to his front…
Arjun uncoiled teji’s arm from around her neck and glared at him angrily…he warned him, “no more jumping on girls.”

Teji looked at Radhika with a winked smile on his face as if asking permission for some evil plan…Radhika nodded in affirmative…
Teji jumped on Arjun….wrapping his arm around his neck and his legs around his waist…..arjun too started laughing…with nesam and Radhika joining them…
The group had just entered the cafeteria when a peon came running to arjun and informed him about the presence of saral at the main gate….arjun fumed in anger and left in a lightening with the others trailing him…..neil held radhika’s hand assuring her of his presence and that nothing was going to happen..

Radhika didnt worry…she didnt care for people like saral till she had the family like friends…she had….
The scene outside was entirely different from everybody’s imagination….
Everybody had imagined an angry arjun insulted or maybe thrashing saral….
But here, arjun was standing glued to the ground….his eyes frozen on the girl standing beside saral…
She took kept looking at him with love and affection….
“gudiya…” He muttered…
His words started a flow of unendless tears in her eyes….bluring the reflection of his, she carried in her big crystal eyes….

Bonnie ran to him at top speed and threw herself at him….arjun picked her up and twirled her around…while all the other including saral looked on bewildered….
Finally arjun brought her down….he hugged her tight….kissing the top her head….
“bhaiya…” She said, full of love and happiness…..
It started to drizzle as if even the heavens rejoiced on the reunion of a brother and sister 15 years later….

Precap: Saral given a challenge…….sam and radhika have talk….
So that’s it for now… was it??? 🙂

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