Manmarziyan: A Passion Project – Chapter 29

Manmarziyan: A Passion Project
Chapter 29

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The way you look at me….the sparkle in your eyes….its truly amazing how the time we spend together flies.
The atmosphere outside was entirely calm….the sun came up from between the clouds…marking the start of yet another day.
As calm it was outside as chaotic it was inside.Nothing could match the chaos Radhika was constantly creating in arjun’s apartment.
Radhika was decorating the house and was getting ready simultaneously…….so the bottom line is that she was just making a mess…. Arjun was looking at her and was pasting balloons at the same time….finally, he had enough of her unsuccessful multi tasking……
He went to her, “umm….radhika?”
Radhika was standing on a stool pasting ribbons….she disinterestedly replied, “Arjun?”
Arjun, “atleast look at me…”
Radhika got irritated, “arrey baba….i am busy naa”
Arjun kept pestering Radhika, finally she turned to look at Arjun….as soon as she shifted, the stool tilted…..she lost her balance….
She closed her eyes….expecting to hit the hard floor…. And a second later, she did.
(the hero isn’t there to catch his girl…all the time…is he? 😜😂 )
Radhika lay on the hard floor, rubbing her arm…..arjun stood holding his stomach…he had tears from laughing.
Radhika glared at him and angrily spoke, “i hate you, Arjun mehra.”
Arjun controlled himself, made a puppy dog face and mouthed sorry…
He extend his arm to Radhika, who took it and was back on her feet a second later.
She started hitting Arjun all over his chest and arms…..arjun smiled, she looked like a cute little angry bird…her slaps and punches weren’t affecting him….it was more like a massage to him.
He, suddenly caught hold of her wrists as she was about to hit his face…..he pushed her back until her back touched the wall. He touched his forehead against hers and gently whispered, “calm down Radhika.”

Radhika looked down in his big black eyes….and suddenly, looked down realising their proximity.
Arjun understood her reaction and took a step back as he didn’t want to make her uncomfortable…he kissed her hand and left her wrists….
He spoke in the same gentle tone, “go get ready….i’ll handle your decorations.”
Radhika replied, “okay….where is teji?”
Radhika was deliberately avoiding eye contact with him…..which amused Arjun to a great extent.
Arjun pressed his lips to avoid his urge to smile, “he will meet us at the airport…..didnt specify why.”
Radhika nodded and moved to her room to get ready. And Arjun busied himself with all the decorations.
He was almost done with Radhika returned. He couldn’t help but stare at her, she looked beautiful….she wasn’t like other girls who applied make up to convince themselves that they were beautiful…..she looked angelic without even applying a smudge of make up. Even her dressing was different…she looked better in a kurti than most girls who wore shorts or mini skirts. Her’s was a natural beauty.
Her confidence…..her smile….her dressing sense….her long free flowing hair…everything made Arjun go mad for her. She was so mature yet she had kept her inner child alive……well, she only showed her silly side to those she thought worthy…she was everything Arjun ever wanted.
He was broken out of his trance when Radhika pinched him…., “ouch! Woman, control! He screamed.
Radhika laughed, “now, get ready…we are getting late.”
Arjun nodded and asked her to wait in the car…to give him 5 mins to change…”
Radhika nodded and moved out.
Arjun smiled when he came out and saw Radhika….she was little kid…..eating ice cream and spilling it all over her face. He smiled….and sat behind the wheel……he handed her a tissue before starting to drive. Radhika scowled at him….and Arjun pressed his lip trying his level best not to laugh.
They drove to the airport…..radhika kept singing with the songs all the way long….
Once inside, Radhika called teji, “hey you bone head! Where are you busy? You didn’t come with us and aren’t at the airport yet….whats going on??”
Teji was scared… that Radhika was angry, he didn’t know what she’ll do to him……he could manage an angry Arjun for once as he always had Radhika in his team…..but now…..even the thought scared him….
He replied in a small voice, “reaching in a couple of minutes, Radhika…, there is still ti-time..”
Radhika disconnected the call before he could complete…
Teji stopped the car and bought a box of chocolates.

Teji handed it over to ishana as he was putting his seat belt…
Ishana looked at him with big eyes and excitement in her voice, “for me?”
Teji started the car, “no…for Radhika….food…”
Ishana completed his sentence before he could …she spoke in a blunt voice, “food calms her down….otherwise she would be willing to eat you alive……we wouldn’t want that…would we?”
Her voice seemed a bit dull…teji understood, “ishana…..we are going out for dinner tomorrow @8 and I’ll buy you two boxes of chocs. Okay?”
Ishana smiled…..
She spoke after a couple of minutes….with a bit of tensed voice…she kept her hand over teji’s, “teji….what if your friends don’t like me?”
Teji gave her hand an assuring squeeze, “don’t you worry.”
Ishana, “its easy for you to say…..its me who they are gonna test…..i told you, we should have taken one person at a time….go out with a single person at once…but no, you want me to meet all of them at once.”
Teji glanced at her and turned his eyes back on the road…, “you wouldn’t worry if you knew what I know…”
Ishana got irked by his answer, “and what do you know?”
Teji smiled…..he was just playing around with her….but he replied with all seriousness and sincerity, “accha look….radhika knows you from a really long time and she played cupid in our case…right?”
Ishana nodded and he continued, “which means that she approves of us…..which means Arjun also approves of us….which leaves neil and sam…they aren’t really difficult people to impress,…..and ishana, they aren’t not my friends, they are my family….they understand my feelings better than I myself do. You’ll be fine…trust me..”
Silence prevailed between them for a couple of minutes….teji to lighten up the air added in a funny voice, “and why fear when chashni is here…..usko convince karliya toh matlab sabko karliya.” (if you have convinced her that means you have convinced everybody.)
But I guess, destiny had different plans …..the path isn’t going to be as easy as you assume teji.

Ishana asked, “are radhika and Arjun a couple? I mean, the way you described them….the way you tell about their actions…plus you also said naa that to convince Arjun all I need to do is to convince radhu… understand …right?
Teji smiled, “I wonder if they themselves know what they are…..well, at times you feel that they are a couple at others no more than friends and at times you may even think of them as strangers..”
Ishana’s eyes widened, “wow! And we have complicated.”
Teji nodded and drove on.

As soon as they reach the airport….ishana started rubbing her hands in nervousness…..teji put his arm around her shoulder and gave her a reassuring squeeze…
Arjun saw them first…..his jaw dropped looking at ishana with teji….he laughed, he wondered how a guy as pathetic as teji managed to score a girl…..
Radhika followed his gaze and as soon as she saw ishana….she ran and jumped on teji…..he stumbled a bit but braced himself and hugged her tight….she then hugged ishana…
She had just introduced ishana to Arjun as her childhood friend, when teji interrupted, “now my girlfriend!”
Arjun laughed… matter teji had a girl now, but he still was a little lamb. Arjun shook hands with ishana….and spoke with mock anger, “why in the world are you so late teji… know I had a terrible time coping with her madness..”
Saying so he pointed at Radhika…. Radhika glared at him for a second….and began to punch his Arjun…..arjun started running and Radhika followed. They ran around the airport like a couple of kids only to be scolded by a elderly guard.
Teji was holding his stomach and laughing at the puppy dog faces they made at the guard. Ishana too smiled, “now I see what you meant.”
And teji simply winked at her….
Just then neil and sam came out…..sam started jumping on seeing Radhika and hugged her tight…both the girls started talking nineteen to a dozen and were giggling….laughing….scolding…smiling all at the same time…
The Arjun looked on bewildered and neil slapped his head….he walked to Arjun and gave him a arm hug, “bro, I think the word you are looking for is befuddled!” saying so both Arjun and neil laughed out hard….even grabbing the attention of the girls.
Arjun smiled and hugged him back….it was good to have his brother back.
Radhika jumped on neil and caught her deftly and twirled her around like she weighted nothing….
Teji was amazed…he had stumbled back when Radhika had hugged him…he spoke all astonished, “somebody has grown stronger.”
Neil spoke happily, “she can eat all she likes….but my arms will also be strong enough for her….afterall she is my chashni…my little sister.”
Radhika showed teji her tongue and did a victory dance….while the rest looked on all amused.
Suddenly sam’s eyes fell on ishana who was trying to hide herself behind teji, “whose that?”
Radhika looked her and replied in a casual manner, “my childhood friend from rishikesh…who also happens to be teji’s girl.”
Sam squeaked in delightful….with Radhika joining in…finally!
Ishana came out from behind teji and her jaw dropped the second she laid her eyes on neil…..
Neil’s manner too turned cold….this surprised everyone else…he wasn’t that rude or cold to anyone…they hadn’t seen him that offended ever.….he spoke to her in any icy cold manner, “you here?”
She just stammered not knowing how to answer….

Precap: It no longer is a question of love… now is a question of trust.
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