Manmarziyan : A Passion Project – Chapter 24


Manmarziyan : A Passion Project
Chapter 24

Hey guys, the storyline isn’t gonna proceed like you might have thought….everything is going to change….you’ll know soon….hope you’ll like it…

Well, first things first…’s the next…..let me know and the second shot of relationship of guilt will be updated soon….
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Saral was out jogging on the marine drive…. he bumped into a girl…he looked up and was spell bounded …..suddenly a hundred emotions flooded through his heart……she was perfect….all he had dreamt of…..he was staring at her unable to speak a word.
The girl looked at him and understood that he clearly was uncomfortable….she felt sorry for him and wanted to make him feel at ease…so, she extended her arm for a shake, “bonnie.” She said.
Saral looked at her face and then at her extended arm, “saral” he spoke after a handshake.

It was a bright day in London…..nesam’s plane had just landed. Sam was lazily gazing around. Nesam took a taxi to her aunt’s place. The entire way they looked out the window trying to register the new place… was entirely different….it was strange yet familiar.

The sight of her aunt’s house was breathtaking. It was a typical London house…..with common colour scheme, white and grey….everything was usual….the size of the house.…the garage at the side..
By what made the house extraordinary was its surroundings….trees having yellow-orangish leaves endorned its sides.….freshly cut green grass covered the entire lawn ..…a well maintained garden and especially the small river that followed at the back of house..the house projected the image that it was well looked after.……nesam instantly fell immensely in love with the place…..
Well, it is said that the surroundings set your mood….neil found it to be true that day….seeing the surrounding made him want to hug sam tight…to confess how much he loved ….he cared…..
Little did he know that sam too felt the same…she was smiling broadly for no possible reason…..she was happy….she felt contented……..

Back in india, Radhika sat down to register the news and arjun’s jaw hit the ground…

it was huge……teji was never the one to mess with girls…..and this guy had a crush…and moreover, the crush was radhika’s childhood friend….the world’s a small place indeed.

After a couple of minutes teji spoke, “seriously guys? Why are you reacting like this? She is an actual girl koi china se assemble karayi model nhi hai.”
Arjun quickly changed his expression, “sorry bro…”
Radhika nodded, “so teji…’d you meet her?”
Teji blushed…..arjun teased him. Teji made a face and spoke, “well guys, you know she works in a bank….umm, its my bank….about a couple of months ago, I went there for some work and I found the cashier had been changed. When asked I was directed to the new one…..her….*he paused a little* well, it was love at first sight……she was wearing a saree and I couldn’t stop gaping at her. She turned around saw me….i tried to avert my eyes but just couldn’t…there was a strange attract I felt towards her….i just couldn’t ignore it…..she was making her way towards me…..well, to be honest, I have never been more terrified ever than I was then. She was different……she teased me….a regular girl would have shouted at me….but she didn’t…she teased me and asked if I would proceed to complete my task after I was done staring at her…well, I apologised and she helped me. I have visited my bank a lot more frequently since then….hoping to catch glimpse of her…and maybe if its my lucky day…get to talk to her. And that’s pretty much it.”
Radhika teased, “teji yaar….a 11 year olds love story proceeds faster.”
Teji smiled, “mine would have too but she is different.”
Arjun smiled and looked at Radhika, “well, that is all we look for….different”
Teji smiled, “well, now since she is from rishikesh and your childhood friend… it safe to assume you’ll help with my love story?”
Radhika nodded.
Teji squealed in delight and jumped on her, throwing her off balance….she fell on top of Arjun. And they both hit the ground. Arjun looked in her deep brown orbs and he suddenly wasn’t aware of his surroundings anymore….he had his life in his arms….what more could he ask for?
Radhika’s long black looks were falling on her face….so, Arjun tucked them behind her ear shell….with one of his hands firmly installed on her waist…
Both seemed to be lost in each other…and couldn’t care less about their surroundings.

Teji was getting more uncomfortable by each passing second…..he deliberately cleared his throat loudly, “umm, guys?”

Ardhika jerked up…realising their proximity….radhika quickly got up and teji helped Arjun up.
Arjun smiled seeing radhika’s reaction….she was having a staring contest with the floor and a crimson colour was quickly making its way towards her cheeks.
Teji saw Arjun looking at Radhika and smiling…..he just wished for the earth to swallow him in…….he was the third wheel and he certainly wasn’t happy about it…he wanted to give them some privacy but couldnt go without focusing the attention on himself. “umm, guys?” he spoke again.
Arjun looked up at teji….and to cover the awkward silence….he spoke the first thing that come to his mind, “umm, t-tej-teji…what is her name?”
Teji, “ ishana…”
The trio then went to have breakfast

Back in London….
Nesam went to their respective rooms to relax.
Neil called Arjun, “hey bro! Where are you?”
Arjun rolled his eyes…neil was trying to keep a track on everyone even from London, “having breakfast with Radhika and teji..”
Arjun excused himself and got up to go to the balcony, “so…met your would be aunt yet?”
Now it was neil’s turn to roll his eyes, “no…not yet…and I don’t like semi”
Arjun laughed, “bro, the way you look at her screams I live you over and over again….seriously, one has to blind to not see that.”
Neil laughed, “okay…fine….my game’s up…..but whats between you and chashni?”
Arjun quickly replied, “nothing.”
Neil teased him, “now that is something you really need to be blind to ignore.”
Arjun and neil further teased each other a little and hung up….each praying for the other to achieve success in love. They were more than brothers to each other…they were each others shadows.

Meanwhile, a man dressed in all black broke the window of the apartment Radhika shared with sam. He entered inside. He made a mess of the entire place looking for all sorts of details about her.

Precap: A phone call from the past…..

Guys I have tried to included some twists…which will be unfolded later ..and I really am getting nervous thinking about your reaction to them…. please let me know…your opinion matters.

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