Manmarziyan : A Passion Project-chapter 19

Manmarziyan : A Passion Project
Chapter 19

Guys , I am missing gauri di’s ff…at the same time I am missing ‘understanding you’ please update it …please do it as soon as time allows.
So,here is the next chapter….hope you like it…let me know.
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Radhika was confident that she could face saral. She was fed up of running away from him. She had reached her saturation point….she had hit that certain level that she didn’t care if he hurts her anymore. She just considered him to be a task which needed to be completed .

But seeing him glare at her threw all her confidence out the window. She was getting a bit afraid and was starting to think if the idea of facing saral was a wrong decision.

Arjun, who was looking at radhika, understood by the change of her expression. He tapped his pen slightly on the table to gain her attention and he succeeded. Radhika looked at him. They shared a eye lock. There was a certain reassurance in his eyes. His eyes depicted a hundred emotions….love…care…affection….anger…Just by looking in his eyes…radhika knew that he’ll be standing by her side no matter what. Her trail of thoughts were broken by a reassuring hand squeeze by neil. Sam too looked her assuringly. This was all the assurance she needed and her confidence level rose back.

She looked at saral, who was funming in anger…matched his glaze and spoke with a surprising calmness, “sit Mr. Joshi.”
Saral was taken aback…radhika never called saral by his full name…leave alone his surname.
Saral angrily, “radhu..whats this?”
Radhika spoke with the same calmness , “Mr. Joshi…firstly I asked you to sit down.”
She motioned towards a chair on the opposite side of the table. And when saral sat down she continued a bit more disinterestedly “secondly Mr. Joshi, this is my professional space. And I don’t find it to be appropriate to use nicknames here. Call me Ms. Mishra, if you may.”
Saral’s expression changed to one of confusion. He just couldn’t understand what was wrong with radhika.
Radhika understood saral’s confusion and she winked at sam. She was in total mood to take advantage of his confusion.
Sam understood and spoke slowly , “chashni, its okay naa…leave it.”
Saral was surprised, he was expecting that sam will also receive a professional space lecture.
But his eyes widened on hearing radhika’s response, “Sammy…its not.”
Teji too wanted to enjoy himself, “radz..i am going out for a coffee..want something?”
Radhika rolled her eyes and pressed her lips to supress her smiled…teji didn’t even call her radz , “nope…nothing.”

Arjun and neil understood the girls’ game plan and smiled to themselves. Radhika had let the kid in herself take over the adult. Arjun loved seeing this shade if hers and was surprised at distinction of her self, she provided him each day.

Saral, “so Ms. Mishra…aren’t you going to tell your friend not to call you “chashni”?” there was a certain sarcasm in his tone. Radhika didn’t like it and she too replied bluntly, “she’s family….actually they are ….they can call me anything anywhere.”

Saral was irked by radhika’s answer “ radhu….whats wrong with you? You have known me for the past 17 years and yet you are siding with people you barely know for a couple of months.”
Radhika replied to him in a loud voice , “Mr. Joshi, I am highly doubtful that you’ll know and understand this but let me tell you….The depth of friendship doesn’t depend upon the length of acquaintance.”
Radhika paused for a couple of seconds, “tsk ..tsk…tsk…I knew it was too deep for you.”
Radhika’s words brought saral to the edge he stood up and shouted, “you have changed radhu…you have become like these people….you just don’t care anymore….you are not my radhu.”

Radhika stood up as well but she didn’t reply.
Saral was angry ….he irritated by radhika’s indifference, “you know what…these people have changed you. But you don’t know…big city boys just considered you small town girls to be play things. *pointing towards the guys*
They will pretend that they care…but will used and dump u in such a condition that you will be ashamed of your own self…here, these guys whom you call your friends will…”
But before he could complete, radhika slapped him hard, printing all five fingers on his cheeks.
Radhika had lost her calm…she was a tigeress now that it had come to her friends, “not a word against them. Do you get that, not a single goddamn word! They aren’t a pervert like you. They are my priority and fortunately saral you don’t even feature on that list.”

Saral just stood there numb….he was taking time to comprehend what just happened. Before he could radhika slapped him again, “and this one’s for calling me radhu…when I asked you not to.”
Nesam and Arjun giggled.
Radhika went over to neil and Arjun and held their hands, “these guys will be around no matter what the situation is. While idiots like you can be counted upon to be the first one to run away.”

Saral was driven off the edge…he lost his patience….he couldn’t bear the sight of radhika holding arneil’s hands. He went forward to slap her. But his hand was stopped mid air. Arjun had blocked his hand.
Arjun had a murderous rage in his eyes, “don’t you dare.”
Arjun twisted his arm ..speaking all the while, “if I ever see you around my radhika…I myself don’t you what I will do to you. Trust me saral joshi, you wouldn’t want to venture in my unknown.”
Radhika’s eyes widened on his usage of ‘my’ but she kept quiet.

Neil too joined in, punching saral hard. Saral winced in pain.
Sam who was standing behind neil came forward , “ can I try that too?”
Arjun smiled at her childishness, “you are more than welcome to.”
Neil held saral from behind. Sam slapped him hard, “this is for hurting my friend.”
She slapped him again, “this for trying to drug her.”
Sam added slapping him the third time, “for making her live in fear.”
She slapped him the fourth time, “for making her life a hell.”
After the fifth slap she spoke, “this one’s thrown in for a good measure.”
Everyone laughed expect saral. He saw Arjun wrapping his arm around radhika’s shoulder… enraged him. The sight of radhika and Arjun together sowed the seeds of hatred and revenge in his heart.
Sam slapped saral for the last time and shifted a bit.
Radhika gave her a intrigued look, “sammy whats this for? I thought you had everything covered.”
Sam gave her a sheepish grin and spoke with child like innocence, “ it was fun…wanted to do it one last time…. the last slap was only for fun.”
This made all them laugh. Saral just glare at her…still locked in neil’s strong arms. Radhika called the security and saral was thrown out. He kept threatening radhika all the while going out but she just said that she couldn’t care less. Arjun gave strict instructions to all guards to never let him in again.

Nobody spoke…after a couple of minutes, radhika hugged neil…Arjun joined in and sam too jumped happily on them.
Arjun teased her, “sam….you aren’t feather light.”
Sam made a face.
At this point, teji entered the room with coffee for everyone…
“group hug.” He squealed and jumped on them.
Radhika let out a groan and spoke with a sigh, “neither is he.”

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