Manmarziyan : A Passion Project-chapter 16


Manmarziyan : A Passion Project
Chapter 16

Guys, here’s the next. Reviews and suggestions would be great as I am writing it sort if one chapter at a time way and have absolutely no idea what I am gonna write in the next. 

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Teji gave arneil a triumphant smile. They too smiled in return. Suddenly neil’s expression changed.
Arjun, “now what?”
Neil picking up the intercom, “radhika shouldn’t know…that saral came here.”
He called Neha, the receptionist and asked her not to tell radhika about any of this.
But yes, destiny had other plans.
Radhika come back to their floor. Neha wished her good morning but today radhika didn’t reply….this was strange. Radhika always wished Neha, without fail. Today, she seemed a little over the edge.
Radhika barged into arjun’s cabin where the boys were already present.
She banged the door behind her. All three pairs of eyes looked at her questioningly.
Radhika demanded, “saral was here…was he?”
Nobody spoke. A chill ran down arjun’s spine. This was what he wanted to avoid.
Radhika was impatiently stamping her foot, and on receiving no reply, she seemed irk…, “so…let me tell you…saral came here…asked for me….your faithful receptionist called you and told you about it. And you big boys decided to scare him away..right?”
She was little shaky on details. But it didn’t matter, she was by and large correct.
Neil, “who told you?”

Radhika spoke in a crisp manner, “ saw him exiting. He was fuming in anger. Figured the rest out.”
Arjun, “yes, radhika, he came here and we may have advised him a little.”
Radhika had let her guard down completely, she threw herself down on a chair and tears started streaming down her eyes, “why cant you just let it be….why cant you understand that he is my sister’s brother in law…why don’t you understand he can make her life miserable…he is making mine already…you know what , just let it be…okay?”
Radhika was a angry tigeress…and suddenly her phone rang and all her anger vanished. She looked like a scared little kid. She looked at her phone and looked at all three of them. Her big brown orbs clearly showed that she was scared and was shaken to the bone.
Neil, “who is it? Saral?”
Radhika, “no..riddhima di…saral must have called her.”
Teji handed her a glass of water, “here drink this…and talk to her like you normally do…and if she talks about saral pretend that you don’t know anything.”
Arjun added, “put it on speakerphone.”
Radhika nodded composed herself….drank water and picked up the call.
Riddhima, “hello choti…what took you so long to answer?”
Radhika, “hi di! are you? Di…actually I am in office and was busy with something.”
Raddhima, “ohh okay..radhu …am sure you’ve heard that saral’s in Mumbai….met him already?”
Radhika, “”no yaa di…I saw him a in mall yesterday but till had no idea he was in Mumbai….i called maa and she informed me.. I didn’t get any time to meet him but will meet him as soon as I can.”
Raddhima, “radhu…actually saral called me right now…he said he said he went to your office and was treated pretty badly. Honestly, he sounded like a kid complaining about his classmate.”
Radhika laughed nervously, wanting to hang up before she gets caught, “di..i’ll look into it. I need to go…will talk to you soon.bye.”
Saying so she hang up. She too a deep breath and grinned, “so where are we going to party?”
Arjun gave her a bewildered look, “what?”
Radhika, “yeah….past couple of days have been nerve wrecking …right? So I’ve decided to take one day at a time. I’ll think about tmmrw as it comes.” She was smiling even more now.

Arjun was surprised and he chuckled to himself. This girl, his best friend showed him a different side of hers everyday. A couple of minutes ago she was crying her heart out and now she wants to party. Arjun’s pov, “god save me!

The five went to party. The place where neil took them was very beautiful. Sam complimented him about his choice. And Arjun couldn’t resist commenting, “he choosed you after all.”
Sam was about to respond, just then radhika came and dragged Arjun to the dance floor. Arjun turned around and mouthed, “nesam” towards neil and sam and winked.
After dancing and enjoying themselves. They sat down. They all ordered cola, but accidently one of the colas got exchanged by some other order. That particular cola had some proportion of vodka mixed in it. And as fate would have it radhika consumed that glass. She had never drank before and was instantly swaying. The rest four looked at her ..then at the glass and slapped their foreheads in unison. Everybody started laughing when radhika started singing old Bollywood numbers.
They had a really tough time getting to the car….she kept running plus her singing was making their ears bleed. Radhika was talking all nonsense and started playing with Arjun. She pulled his cheeks…ruffled his hair. Arjun just held her by shoulders to balance her and smiled at her cute antics. Neil saw this and decided this wasn’t an opportunity to be missed. He walked beside Arjun and spoke, “ Arjun…you guys look quite good together …don’t you think?
Neil further teased him and Arjun laughed and responded him with equal vigour.
Neil walked faster towards the car and once he was a bit of distance ahead, he turned around and shouted, “ardhika..!! Think about it Arjun…” and neil winked him.

Arjun made a face to neil but smiled to himself and muttered under his breath, “ardhika.”
Bye bye..!! 

Guys, if you think that the story line is too simple for your liking please do let me know….i will complicate it a bit. Just let me know. 🙂

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