Manmarziyan : A Passion Project-chapter 15


Manmarziyan : A Passion Project
Chapter 15

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Bile rose in neil’s throat…he paused his heart and started to think, “ guys, radhika needs to be stopped. Saral shouldn’t see chashni and chashni shouldn’t see him. Either ways…chashni is going in emotional trauma and I cant allow that to happen.
Arjun too was brainstorming and hearing neil…he using his intercom quickly dialled the guard, “baba…stop radhika mam right now….ask her to go to the second floor and look over the latest event management project arrangements…..right now” Arjun barked.

Radhika who had just passed the guard, stopped hearing his voice.
Guard, “radhika mam…arjun sir called….he wants you to check the current event management project arrangements on the second floor right now. Honestly, he sounded panicky.”
Radhika nodded and quickly rushed out with sam in tow…thinking that something might be severely wrong in the arrnagements.

The three boys heaved a sigh of relief watching rasam walking out. Arjun drank water and teji threw himself down on a chair, “man, that was some quick thinking…now that we have radhika out…lets just deal with saral and get his ass out of here but radhika comes back.”
Arjun nodded.
Neil picked up the intercom and called the reception, “who is the man, arguing with you, Neha? What does he want?”
Receptionist replied, “sir, his name is mr. Saral joshi. He is asking for details of radhika mam, her office timings….team members…address and stuff.”
Neil, “and what was he told?”
Receptionist, “sir, I have told repeatedly that the company policies do not allow me to divulge any details of any employee to an outsider but he isn’t ready to listen.”
Neil, “okay..just send him to arjun’s cabin.”
Receptionist, “okay sir.”

After a couple of minutes, there was a knock on the door. Teji replied, “come in.”

Saral was surprised. He had been expecting a single man to be in the room, siting on the chair standing majestically behind the table. But in there, it was an entirely different scene….the cabin had not one but three different men. Arjun was sitting on his chair. Neil was perched on the table and teji was siting on one of the two other chairs.

Arjun, “come sit mr joshi.”
Saral nodded and sat, “it’s a pleasure meeting you sir.”
He forwarded his hand to Arjun for a shake but received a glare from him. Same was the case with neil and teji. All three had ignored his handshake. Saral felt strange. He was about to open his mouth and say something but neil spoke before he could. Neil spoke in an ice cold manner, “mr. Joshi”
Saral interrupted, “call me saral.”
Arjun was irritated at his interruption, “whatever. Let him complete.”
Saral relapsed into silence. Teji gave him a long hard glare and saral twitched in his seat uncomfortably.
Neil comtinued, “saral, we don’t know how to beat around the bush…and nor we like to. So, direct question…..what do you want?”
Saral, “I’ve come here to talk about radhika Mishra.I asked for her details. But your damn receptionist aint giving me any.”
Arjun, “watch your tongue. She is doing her job and is right. Even we aren’t giving you anything. Company know that…right?”
Saral, “I am her childhood friend. Have known her for past 17 years…call her…she’ll happily give me all the answers I want. And then you’ll know who I am.”
Teji wanted to strangle this man by now…look, his confidence…soon its gonna be dead confidence. He spoke in an irritated manner, “ Ms. Mishra is busy right now. She cant see you currently. I’ll inform her about your visit and would recommend her to clear 15 mins off her schedule to see you tmmrw. Now, if you’ll excuse us and oblige us by coming back tmmrw.”

Neil and Arjun looked at each other and unwantingly smiled. They had never seen teji to be rude to anyone and had never ever seen or known his words to be laced with sarcasm before.they just realised what effect radhika had on all of them. She was like the breeze which came along and changed them all.

Their thoughts were broken by saral who was almost shouting on teji, “what the hell..i cant meet her ..i cant ask for her details…what is this…is this office or a army camp..”
Arjun, “mind your words and don’t forget, Mr. Joshi that you are siting In my cabin.”
Teji, “its okay Arjun….some people don’t understand things easily….saral, here I’ll give you an elaboration. *teji paused for a couple of seconds.*
Prove that you know radhika and that see knows you.”
Saral looked at teji with a bewildered expression, “excuse me?”
Teji looked at him icily , “ yeah..the company policies…only allow us to provide information to the spouses or some family members of the employee. And since you are neither. Prove that she knows you. *teji paused for another couple of seconds waiting for saral to reply* I knew you couldn’t. And to your bad luck…she is busy and cant clear her schedule according to your whims and fancies. So get your ass out of here and think twice before coming back in.”
Arneil smiled, teji was just making up things which only a fool like saral could believe. But the air of deadly confidence with which teji spoke really intimidated saral. Neil got up and opened the door and held it, “whenever you are ready.”
Saral looked at him and gave him a hard long stare. Neil chuckled. Saral walked out without a word….fuming in anger….never had he been so grossly insulted in his entire life.
Neil closed the door as soon as he stepped out.
All the three guys, laughed their hearts out and hified each other.

Precap: Still thinking

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