Manmarziyan : A Passion Project-chapter 14


Manmarziyan : A Passion Project
Chapter 14

Guys, here is the next chapter…a short one…sorry, time wouldn’t allow…I wrote this too while travelling ….hope you like it…do let me know….will update soon.
Please ignore my typos and other errors as it isn’t proof read.

Happy reading  
When panic strikes….you gotta use your mind and not your heart.
Arjun woke up in the middle of the night….he unknowingly smiled seeing radhika next to him. Radhika was sleeping like such a cute little kid….her mouth half open…hair all over her face…she had curled herself against Arjun and had a hand on his chest…..arjun smiled. He got up and left the room…not wanting to embrass radhika when she wakes up in the morning. He got up, covered her with a blanket, pecked her forehead and left. He tiptoed so as to make sure that he doesn’t wake sam or neil.
To arjun’s surprise he sees that sam isn’t in her room or in the apartment in general. He walks to neil’s room, in order to ask if he knows about sam’s whereabouts. But to add to his surprise, he doesn’t find neil anywhere as well. He grins thinking, that nesam must be together and decides to trouble them.

Neil and sam were still sitting on the beach….looking at the waves and whispering slowly to each other about life in general. They are woken from their trance when neil receives a call from Arjun. Neil comprehends that Arjun must have not found him at home and would have went over to the girls apartment and on not finding sam there, he would have put two and two together. Neil wasn’t in a mood to be teased so he ignored the call.
Sam, “idiot…pick up…it may be about radhika.”
Neil smiled, sam was so innocent, “Sammy dear, nope this isn’t about radhika….its about us.”
Sam was taken aback, sure neil meant something entirely different but the way he phrased his sentence would make any girl think.
Sam, “excuse me?”
Neil quickly realised what the literal meaning of his statement was…..and was in the midst of explaining what he actually meant when Arjun called sam.
Neil, “dont pick up!”
Sam,”shhh…it can be about radhika…so zip it up.”
Before neil could protest any further..sam picked up Arjun’s call.
Arjun, “hello nesam!”
Sam, “nesam?”
Neil hearing nesam slapped his forehead…he knew he wouldn’t hear the end of it now.
Arjun, “yeah…neil and sam…”
Sam, “dude….why being weird…so sup?”
Arjun, “nope was just checking on you guys…just in case…”
Arjun left the sentence hanging in the middle. The way Arjun spoke it and his tone clearly showed that he was pulling sam’s leg…sam replied that she wasn’t with neil and hung up. But all the three knew that wasn’t true.
All three of them had a smile on their faces. Arjun went to his room and slept. While neil got up and gave his hand to sam…they both walked back to their apartments.

Next morning…
Radhika was woken up by sam in a sing song manner.
Sam, “wake up lazybones….breakfast’s ready..!”
Radhika was surprised….usually it was her who made the breakfast and sam handled the dinner, “breakfast in bed…may I in trouble?”
And as soon as radhika heard herself say…she laughed and sam too was rolling on the floor laughing.
Sam, “okay….jokes apart…sweetie, its already 10 and we are both late for office.”
Radhika was jumping out of bed…, “shittt…sam you should have woken me earlier…now go get ready.”
Radhika started jumping here and there …getting things ready…while sam looked on with an amused smile.
Radhika, “sam…why are you looking at me and smiling like an idiot….go get ready..”
Sam smiled…took her hand and made her sit on the bed, “calm down…have breakfast…and relax….i have already called Arjun and told him that we’ll be coming around noon.”
Radhika smiled at sam…gave her a grateful smile and munched hungrily on her breakfast.

On the other hand, in the office…Arjun, neil and teji were in a meeting with one of their clients. After the meeting got over, as teji started to leave. Arjun stopped him and Arjun told him all about saral, with neil filling in any details he may have left.
Teji was worried too….he felt bad for radhika. Teji was thinking and was looking here and there.
Teji, “guys, he seems like the guy you just described, saral…is he the one?”
Pointing to a guy arguing with the receptionist.
Their blood boiled…
Arjun, “how dare he….how can he even think of coming to our office…..believe me, he is not walking out of here on both his legs.”
Neil despite the gravity of the situation, pressed his lips to suppress his smiled. But soon, his smile vanished…..panic stuck him seeing radhika walk in with sam from the other end. Radhika was explaining something animatedly to sam, who was trying to suppress a smile.

Neil pointed radhika walking in to both Arjun and teji. Teji started panicking and was about to run out to radhika to prevent her from coming. But , I guess he wasn’t thinking…I mean, if you’ll like crazy towards a girl…you’ll draw attention from even those who don’t care. But here, saral cared….a lot more than that was necessary.

Thats it for today guys……bye bye!!

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