Manmarziyan : A Passion Project-chapter 13


Manmarziyan : A Passion Project
Chapter 1

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Both love and friendship are all about trust……and trust is like the paste which comes out a tube, once out…it cant go back in.
Radhika was sobbing uncontrollably on the way back……all the three were worried but nobody could understand what was the mess about…..watching a guy u know in a unusual place or what…..
The trio knew it had to be something huge ….otherwise radhika wont lose her mind about it and this worried them the most.

Once back home, Arjun made radhika sit on the couch and sam brought a glass of water for her. Sam made her drink it and rubbed her back till she was calm. They all sat besides her…Arjun and sam on the floor in front of radhika and neil besides her on the couch.
Sam, “radhika Mishra…its answer time…tell us.”
Radhika hesistated a little…her voice was cracking, “sam-m-m the guy we saw in the mall is saral. He lives in rishikesh and is my sister’s brother in law. I know him from childhood and we were friends.”
Arjun was getting impatient, “whats the problem then? Get to the point.”
Radhika, “the point is that he has got a obsessed with me since I informed him about my decision of coming to Mumbai and joining creative. He crossed his limits….started sending me gifts each hour and cards and messages and calls…. I never responded. This got him angry and …”
Radhika couldn’t complete and she started crying…..neil hugged her and gently whispered, “its okay radhika….we are here for you…don’t you worry.”

Radhika took a couple of minutes to compose herself and all the while Arjun just kept looking at her…she then continued, “and the night before my fight….he came to my room by climbing my window and tried to drug me…its all thanks to god I woke up at the right moment and when I started to scream for help…he close my mouth and roughed me up thoroughly warning me….he told me that I was only his…as if I m so commodity or good…and that if I let any guy except my dad or my brother near me it wont be good for me. That night, I saw something….i never had ever imagined…I never thought that I guy I know for 17 years could turn out like that…..since that day I have been avoiding saral and his calls.”
She showed her phone to the trio. Saral called her on an average of 60 times a day…she never picked or replied. She then showed them his messages…he messaged her about 150 time a day…it was ranging from simple I miss I love you…to complex threats. Some of them had such nasty things written in them…that it made sam feel like puking.
Sam, “radhika….how can you bear with this shit..why did you tell us before and why didn’t you tell your family about saral?”
Radhika, “saral is my sister’s brother in law…if I say something….things are gonna get real rough for her….i don’t want that…and about me not telling you about saral…hr just kept calling and messaging….i didn’t know anf never thought that he would come to Mumbai….no body told me..”
Radhika quickly her home landline in rishikesh.
Mala answered, “hello!”
Radhika, “hello…ma!”
Mala , “choti…are you okay…you sound weird..”
Radz, “no I m fine…just tried a bit…tell me one thing…why is saral in Mumbai and why wasn’t I informed?”
Mala smiled , “radhika..actually naa saral got transferred to his mumbai office and he told us not to tell you…he wanted it to be a surprise. Did you meet him?”
Radhika replied, “no, I saw him in a mall.”
After a little bit of chit chat between the mother daughter duo..radhika hung up.
Radhika, “as far as I knw…his company doesn’t have an office in Mumbai.”
Arjun quickly called rana and asked him about saral’s company and asked himto get all info on saral.
After getting rana’s reply, Arjun spoke grimly, “no, the office saral worked in does have a Mumbai branch…he lied. I guess, it is pretty clear why he is here.”
Radhika started crying again, and spoke between sobs, “ I could handle it…knowing he was far away to harm me….but now that he is in scares me.”
Sam hugged radhika and went to the kirchen to cook for them.
Neil kneeled down in front of radhika and cupped her face, wipping off her tears, gently spoke, “don’t you worry radhika…we are there for you…I promise, I wont let saral even come near you.”
Both neil and Arjun knew that neil clearly meant his words. He never had a sister and he saw one in radhika and neil wasn’t leaving his sister’s hand in any possible scenario.
Arjun kept paving up and down the room. He had asked rana for all the info on saral, he wondered what was taking him so long…Arjun was worried for radhika….he felt like killing saral with his bare hands for touching radhika.

Sam arranged dinner on the table and called to them. But nobody wanted to eat.….neil suddenly dragged radhika to the table, “see, I was starving…I just refused as I was feeling shy as u didn’t want to eat…but eat to give me company naa.”
Sam arranged plates for both radhika and neil smiling, she knew neil had absolutely no mood to eat but was only eating …so radhika will. Sam was proud of neil for understanding so much.
It was all quiet at the dining table. Neil and sam were looking at their plates and eating. Arjun was still in the living room pacing up and down. Radhika quickly got up and went to Arjun. She held his hand and adjun looked in her deep brown orbs. He could clearly see all the pain, sacrifices and panic she had suffered. At that time, he promised his heart to keep her safe all his life and give her all the happiness of the world. His action surprised himself.
Radhika held his hand, tightened her grip a little..and took him to the table…and made him sit down. When he protested,she gave him such a look that made Arjun lose himself in her brown orbs. They were already welled up with tears and Arjun didn’t want to add up to that.

Since Arjun had refused dinner earlier and sam hadn’t brought a plate for him. Radhika brought her plate in front of him, and sat next to him. She fed him with her own hands. Arjun took bits from her hands, his eyes never lost her sight. He felt a strange calmness prevail him in her presence. Radhika had a strange effect on him. He wondered what had happened to him…he didn’t know what it was…alk he knew was that he couldn’t see her in trouble…
Afterall, she was her best friend….one girl he cared the most for after his mother.

After dinner……nesam excused themselves and went out for a walk…it had been a rough day and they wanted some time to figure things out. They both went together.
Sitting on the beach
Sam, “neil?”
Neil replied, “uh-huh?”
Sam, “I am worried about radhika..she is a brave soul….but she has gone through a lot …neil, you cant even imagine the pain of a friend betraying you…and in her case, her bff of 17 years doing this to her…and the top of that she couldn’t even say anything to her own family…”
Neil just kept quiet.
Sam continued, “neil, she keeps happy, cheering everybody around her…she is all…”
Sam couldn’t complete….as neil hugged her tight. She could fell his tears falling on her shoulder. She tightly hugged him back…she kept on hand on his back and caressed his hair with the other. She could feel how worried he was for his sister…he never had one and had intention of losing radhika.

Arjun took radhika to her room and her lie down. He covered her with a blanket and whispered her a good night. Radhika gave him a meek smile.

After about an hour, nesam hadn’t returned and Arjun couldn’t sleep so he went to radhika’s room to check whether she needed anything.
Radhika was tossing and turning in her bed and sweaty…when Arjun went close to her , he heard her muttering, saral leave me….please don’t do this to me…saral please…

It was clear that she was having a nightmare and it involved saral….arjun’s blood boiled at seeing how saral affected radhika…Arjun wanted revenge from saral and to keep him away from radhika forever.
He went near radhika kept one hand on her forehead and gently kept the other on one of her hands. He calmed her down and turned to leave. But he realised that radhika had clutched his shirt. He tried to remove her grip but she didn’t let go…Arjun just sat beside her waiting for her to go in deep slumber so he could remove her grip on his shirt and go. He didn’t realise went asleep. In deep slumber, he kept one of hands on radhika’s back and caressed her hair with the other …radhika just buried herself deeper in his strong chest making herself comfortable wrapping her arm around his waist.

Precap: Saral in radhika’s office.

Sorry, guys I know mentioned saral in office for this episode…but guess, I just shouldn’t be allowed to give precaps….sorry for the late update as well…I would have updated yesterday but had a function in the family…hope you like this chapter…do let me know how it was…suggestions are welcome..

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  1. Jessie

    Stupid saral.. wat a nasty behaviour… he had acted 2 be positive.. Neil’s care n Arjun’s concern was well said.. sam s too good n understanding ya..loved d chappy.. eager 2 know how Sarah will be shooed away frm her office.. Take care Myra..

    1. Myra

      Thanks jessie….you’ll see soon..!!

    2. Myra

      Thanks jessie….you’ll see soon and if comes out as i imagined…its gonna be fun…stay blessed 🙂

  2. Its awesome dear…seeing care between friends m also emotional..saral I thought u made him positive…aargh that man…idiot

    1. Myra

      Thanks rossy….i did initially but then i changed my mind.!

  3. Rg2015

    Hi Myra. Am surprised with saral dirty antics b4 she left rishikesh. I wondered at rads coldness to him. His obsession is down right scary. Pls update soon.

    1. Myra

      Thanks rg….i’ll try to update as soon as i can..!! 🙂

  4. Sweetie

    Myra dear..Kya likthi ho yaar tum..Superb..Saral is a loon head..How dare he abuse Radhika..?ArNeSam should give him a nice punishment..How can I forget Teji!! If Saral is in Rads’ office then Teji will also come to know about Saral right..Now Saral should watch out as an army of fantastic four gonna punch the hell out of him..Waiting for the next dear..Don’t worry about late updates as people like me are unable to give updates even for 5 days.. 😉 So chill.. 😀 Stay blessed and take care.. 🙂 Lots of love.. 😀

    1. Myra

      Sweetie dear….your words made my day…yep, teji will be informed for sure….saral’s gonna have a rough day in radz’s office…thank you so much… you ❤

  5. Sammy

    Thanks u so much ..Myra ..and it was so romantic …I mean emotional too but ardhika were together. . Thanks for the bday gift u dear …u wrote it on such a short notice …for me ..thank u so much and don’t worry can one shot tommorrow too .. waiting for saral to get thrashed by Arjun 🙂 🙂

    1. Myra

      Happy birthday sammy!! I’ll try my level best to give you an one shot..! Thanks a lot dear..!! 🙂

  6. Hey Myra dont be sorry we all have many stuffs to do….
    Saral showed his true colours …he wont change……now i know why Radhika ignored him…..loved Neil Sam Arjun care towards Radhika…..oh !!! Arjun started feeling for Radz lovely….
    love u 🙂 🙂 take care ,….update soon. 🙂 🙂

    1. Myra

      Love you too aastha…i m so happy that you are satisfied with my update. Yep, arjun is starting to have feelings for radhika…yay!

  7. Awesome Myra :)now I will go back and read what all I missed 🙂

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      Awww…thanks ritu…..your words make me blush ?? …saral’s gonna have a rough day…..i’ll post soon…thanks!

  9. AMAZING EPISODE……interesting ..eagerly waiting next

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    Keep smiling
    You know that u can always count on me
    For sure
    That’s what friends are for
    In good times and bad times
    I’ll be on your side forever more
    That’s what friends are for…

    U reminded me of this old track with ur update Myra. Amazing update

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