Manmarziyan : A Passion Project-chapter 12


Manmarziyan : A Passion Project
Chapter 12

Guys, I am sorry I would have updated earlier but guess, the site aint accepting new articles…..another thung..sorry to have confused you..i mentioned ardhika encounter in the precap to the previous chapter but since it couldn’t be accommodated there…here it is….i hope you’ll like this update and will pardon me for the short one…….do let me know how it was 

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Neil was sent to get ready and sam had forgotten her phone in her room. This left only Arjun and radhika in the room. Radhika looked at Arjun who was looking at his food and remembered their first meet. Neil had brought Arjun to their apartment unannounced. His intention was to introduce Arjun to radhika and sam. Neil had been repeatedly knocking the door, this irritated her. And once, she saw neil from the spy hole. She smiled wickedly, she decided this to be the best time to take revenge from neil for a prank he had played on radhika a couple of days back. What she didn’t know was that neil had brought Arjun along. She brought a bucket full of cold water. She opened the door and threw it. She obviously thought of the person in front to be neil but neil and Arjun had changed positions and it was Arjun who got wet. Radhika’s eyes almost popped out seeing that she had thrown ice cold water at a stranger for no possible reason. Neil looked at Arjun and then at radhika and burst out laughing. Radhika couldn’t comprehend the way she should respond. Her mouth kept opening and closing like a gold fish. Before she could think of something, Arjun had higged her tight.
This action of his had shocked both radhika and neil…..radhika looked at neil with an expression that screamed what the hell…..neil just looked at her trying to convince her that he knew nothing about it. Finally neil cleared his throat out loud and spoke, “Arjun….umm?”
Slowly Arjun detached himself from radhika. Now it was his turn to laugh, seeing the bewildered expressions of raneil.

Neil, “what was that…is that how you greet an unknown girl?”
Radhika too nodded.
Arjun grinned, “have never met such watery girl….never had such a watery welcome.”
He paused and continued, “relax guys….it is no rocket science…she made me wet…I made her wet…tic for tat.”
Radhika laughed….arjun and radhika saw each other and without speaking a word…they just knew that they are gonna be great friends..partner in crimes.

Arjun waved his hands in front of radhika’s eyes bringing her back to the present.
Arjun, do you even remember that we are going out….radhika yaar, go get ready naa…I hate it when you girls take so damn lot of time to get ready… I mean, we are just going to a mall and not to see your future husband.”
Radhika threw a pillow at Arjun and made a face, “both me and sam are going to come out all ready…before neil does…watch for yourself.”

And radhika proved herself right to Arjun…neil took an additional half an hour to get ready and was thoroughly teased by the three.

All the four were walking in the mall eating ice creams. Suddenly sam dropped some on her top…she excused her to clean it up…radhika offered to go but sam refused saying that she will manage.

Radhika was walking between both the boys and was talking animatedly about something. Arjun smiled seeing her kiddish behaviour.. he wondered .., “how can she be like this….at times she behaves like neil and sam’s mom and at others she is kid herself.”
While neil choose to concentrate on his ice cream.

Suddenly Arjun was jerked out of his thoughts when radhika grabbed his arm and hid behind him.

Actuallu, saral too had come to the same mall for shopping supplies for his apartment and radhika saw him before he did. Saral had asked everyone in rishikesh not to tell radhika about his transfer, saying that he wanted it to be a surprise……he didn’t realise that it would be more of a shock to her.

Neil saw radhika hiding and asked, “what happened chashni? Who are you hiding from?”
Both Arjun and neil weren’t aware of who was and Arjun teased her, “ex-boyfriend…huh?”

Radhika replied In a shaky voice, she was almost on the verge of tears…she was shocked seeing him there, “the guy directly in front of you, Arjun. The one in jeans and tshirt. Nope he is not my ex-boyfriend. Just take me home and we’ll work on the details there.”
Neil and Arjun were immediately concerned seeing the change in her voice. And Arjun held her hand and took her to the parking lot. while neil went to fetch sam.
Radhika’s pov…, “what is saral doing in Mumbai? How long has he been here? Why wasn’t i informed in advance about his visit? Does he know my address?..”
Radhika’s face had turned pale and Arjun worried for her. Arjun gave her a reassuring arm hug and radhika gave him a grateful look. In a couple of minutes neil arrived with sam, who still was shaky on what had happened.

Radhika promised to tell them as soon they reached home and they quickly got in a car.

All the four failed to notice that saral too had come to the parking lot and had got a fleeting look of radhika. He fumed in anger seeing her with two boys, “ what the hell radhu….what are you doing with guys….you wanted to work naa….then whats all this….i wont forgive you for this radhika Mishra….you are only mine and I wont let a single guy any where near you.”
Saral muttered a few curses and walked off.

Precap: Trio’s reaction….radhika calls home…..saral reaches radhika’s office…

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