Manmarziyan : A Passion Project-chapter 11


Manmarziyan : A Passion Project
Chapter 11

So guys, here’s another short update. Hope you like it….do let me know how it was .

There is a really thin line between loving someone and obsessing over them and Trust me, the line should never be crossed.

Everyone was relaxed after the well deserved sleep. Radhika was surprised when she woke up, she had slept for almost 14 hours. She was even more puzzled as to how she reached her bed. She was so deep asleep that she had no recollections of Arjun bringing her there. She was in a very happy and chirpy mood. She got up and got ready. She then moved to the kitchen to prepare breakfast at this time, sam came out her room yawning, she was still in her night dress. She went to the kitchen, hugged radhika. She too was in a very relaxed mood.
Radhika spoke gently as if talking to a rebel teenager, “go get dressed sam, while I make breakfast.”
Sam was leaning on radhika’s shoulder as if trying to nap, “ five more minutes…please.”
Radhika pulled her ears, sam jerked, “sam it is 10 already. Go get dressed!”
Sam nodded, she didn’t have any option. As sam went back to her room. Arjun and neil entered. Arjun was completely dressed while neil was still in his pajamas. Arneil stopped in their tracks and smiled broadly seeing radhika sing while cooking. Arjun was even more happier seeing that she was relaxed and wasn’t a sleep deprived workaholic zombie anymore. This thought made him chuckle to himself. Arjun went and sat at the table while neil went to radhika in the kitchen and sat beside her on the counter, “ chashni what are you making?”
Radhika looked up at neil and smiled seeing him in his pajamas. He looked like a school boy on a Sunday. She replied, “pancakes.”
She then arranged the table and put the pancakes on it. All the while neil kept following her back and forth the table and kitchen, pestering her eith all sorts of questions. Radhika smiled to herself, he infact was a kid.

As soon as the table was arranged sam came out her room all dressed up.

Radhika, “perfrct timing sam …breakfast’s ready.”
Sam was happy and she came and sat at the table. Radhika was serving, when Arjun told her to sit as he would serve. Just before Arjun was about to serve neil …sam spoke, “not fair …haan radhika….when I asked for breakfast before getting ready…you pulled my ears… come neil is having his in his pajamas?…”
Radhika smiled…not just neil even sam was a little kid.
Neil scowled at sam, “Sammy….just……..okay?”
Arjun looked at them and smiled , he decided to tease neil “okay…sam agreed…radhika this isn’t fair. Neil should leave his breakfast and get ready. Then only he should be allowed to eat.”
Neil made a puppy dog face to radhika. He had no intention of leaving his breakfast behind. He hadn’t tasted it yet but its aroma itself was so delicious.
Radhika smiled, “sam…lets do one thing….let neil have his breakfast now….then he’ll go get ready and get some movie and ice cream for all of us ….what say?”
Arjun smiled. Radhika was handling sam and neil the way a mother hands her two fighting kids. But he wanted to trouble neil more, “I be happy to do that….neil doesn’t need to.”
Sam rejoiced seeing Arjun take her side, “agreed…radhu u should take neil’s side always.”
Neil on the other hand had started eating, deciding to quench his hunger before he was sent away.
Radhika simply said, “chef rules.”
Both Arjun and sam made but a face but it was settled. Neil threw a look of triumph to neil and Arjun.

While this teasing and jibber jabber continued among the four, who had become a close knit family….back home in rishikesh, saral was getting restless.
Radhika was supposed to come back to visit two weeks ago but had cancelled at the last time owing to work load. Saral was disappointed. Radhika’s parents understood that she had commitments which need to be fulfilled but saral didn’t.
All saral could think now was some way to meet radhika and bring her closer to him. Saral decided to ask for a transfer in his company to the Mumbai office. That way atleast he could be in the same city as radhika.

And unfortunately, saral was granted the transfer and was to report at the Mumbai office in 3 days.
Radhika on the other hand, was totally unaware of this development. She didn’t want to and had no intention of talking to saral ever since he crossed the line. It was a compulsion in rishikesh, since her sister was married to his brother. But in Mumbai, no ways……

Precap: Saral in Mumbai…..!!!

Your suggestions are really invaluable. Do let me know if you want some change or come across any flaw in the storyline. 🙂

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  1. Suga

    Ohhhhhh hoooooooo dis s really superbbbbbbbb 😀 😀 lovely one 😀 my ardhika n nesam no words to describe 😀 😀 I love u Myra love u sooooooo much 😀 😀

    1. Myra

      Awww…thanks suga… ❤

  2. Sammy

    Saral In Mumbai ..good now arjun will be jealous .update next soon 🙂 🙂

    1. Myra

      Thanks sammy…will update soon 🙂

  3. What saral will do…u showed him positive till now…i hope he will make Arjun jealous with positive way only…waiting for next

  4. Jessie

    Superb.. trouble in mumbai.. oh.. ArNeil r der.. hope this will bring Ardhika close.. curious 4 nxt update Myra.. take care..

    1. Jessie dear u called Saral as trouble .. ? gosh.. u made me laugh so hard.. ???

    2. Myra

      Thanks jessie…will update soon 🙂

  5. Amazing Myra.. The moments between our fantastic four was super duper.. Cute and adorable epi dear.. Saral again in the story… Now m waiting for a jealous Arjun ? and the gang to nail Saral. next 🙂

    1. Myra

      Thanks ritu…i promise i’ll update soon..!!

  6. Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. 🙂

  7. S.v

    Yaar myra superb really , i’m scared as now what is going to happen as saral will also be in Mumbai and Arjun and Neil will they leave saral to speak to Radhika , i mean he is slowly loosing his sense. I’m scared now. but lovely episode

    1. Myra

      Thanks sv…you’ll know soon..!! 🙂

  8. Myur are a good story teller… And could anyone send me the link of ardika encounter chapter??

  9. Kavina

    Loved it

  10. This is a perfect end to my Sunday, waiting for Saral’s entry in Mumbai impatient to know what will happen next. Stay blessed

  11. Rg2015

    Hi gud one. But a bit small. But plz update. Soon

  12. amazing episode………..

  13. Very beautiful lovely episode. …ardhika n both very cute. …keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads…muaaaaahhhhhh. ..♡♡♡♡♡

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