Manmarziyan: a passion project – chapter 1


Manmarziyan : a passion project
Chapter 1

Guys, I m back with a new story. I hope u like it. Its gonna be a little different from mmz: our story. I hope u like it. Do let me know how it was and whether I should continue with it. Its like I really don’t know where and how the story is gonna proceed. Its just that I started it and hope it goes well.

The main characters are the same, radhika, samaira, neil and arjun. I didn’t write an intro. You’ll get to know as the story proceeds, but u r welcome to comment, in case u have any queries.

“radhu, there’s a mail that came for u. its in your room on your table.” Said mala, as radhika entered the house, coming back from mishra market.
Radhika responded, “thanks maa, and yeah get me something to eat please.”
Mala slapped her forehead, her daughter was such a big foodie. She had the appetite of an elephant.
Radhika picked up the letter and opened it. The colour of her face drained.
Her pov, “yeah, sure it is a good news. But u know a tiny little part of me was expecting not to get in just so that I don’t have to ask papa for permission.god, give me strength to face him and talk to him.”
She kept the letter in her cupboard and closed her eyes.
After a few minutes, she decided to talk to her best friend. She knew he surely would understand and support her. He and radhika were childhood friends and now ever since her sister married his brother , they had become relatives too.
Radhika quickly dialed his number, “hi saral!”
Saral, “radhu, is something wrong? U sound different.”

Intially she hesistated but after some coaxing from saral’s side. She finally said, “look, I need your help. Can u meet me now?”
Saral, “off course I can. Get ready I m coming to pick u up in like 10 minutes and then we’ll go sit near the river and talk.”
Radhika agreed and saral came to her house. He entered, “hello aunty, how are u?”
Mala greeted him and told him that radhika was in her room, even before he asked.
Saral smiled. He went to radhika’s room and knocked. She opened her door and gestured him in. she looked mesmerising. She was wearing a dress which just brushed her knees.
Radhika smiled apologetically, “hi, I know u told me to be ready but just give a few minutes.” Saying so she walked in her washroom.
To saral she looked even more gorgeous, she had set her hair and woke no make up, just the basics.
Saral, “okay…now can we leave?”
Radhika, “5 minutes more…sorry.”
Saral, “ yaar, come on….whats wrong with girls…u urself call us and then make us wait….well, what’s the need to even get ready, we are just gonna go and sit somewhere. Its not like we are going to a party….and neither is it like u are gonna meet your prince charming right outside your door.” Saral further teased her and stopped only when he got hit on his head by a pillow.
Radhika, “ not a word against my prince charming…..u never know.” Saying so she winked at him.
He threw her pillow back at her and soon started a big pillow fight between them. They were running all around, jumping on radhika’s bed and hitting each other. They were having a lot fun and had completely forgotten their worries and problems.
Riddhima, radhika’s sister, who saral had brought along as she too wanted to visit her parents, saw their pillow fights. Looking at them together gave her a notion all together different. She could see how comfortable they were in each other’s company. She made up her mind for something but then she decided to talk to them first. Thinking so she kept the idea on a back burner and walked off.
A sudden realisation came to saral and stopped, held radhika by her elbow stopping her from heating him, “wait radhu, what did u want to talk about.”
Radhika spoke, “umm, yeah about that…lets go.”
And off went radhika and saral, all happy and teasing each other. While riddhima looked on.

Precap: radhika tells saral, a party.
So guys, that’s it for today. Hope u like it. Will try to update next on Saturday.

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  1. Wow Myra, you wrote another ff awesome, eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Myra

      Thanks brin 🙂

  2. Superb sweety…am waiting for the story to proceed…update soon?

    1. Myra

      thanks sree….the story is gonna take major strides by chapter 4 or 5

  3. Rg2015

    Wow Myra. U have made saral sound like a gud frd… How different is this story? Pls give me a hint. Am waiting. It sounds like fun.

    1. Myra

      Rg this is going to be a different story….i dont know…am planning to show saral as a guy who keeps his emotions to himself…or something of the same sort….i havent decided gor sure…glad u liked it…will update on saturday 🙂

  4. Glad that you came back so fast..saral rads’ best friend?nice plot..waiting for the next one.

    1. Myra

      yeah…its gonna all sort out by chapter 6 or 7. hope u’ll like it.

  5. Wow Myra…u make saral positive…m happy for that…no evil devil….glad for that…

    1. Myra

      thanks rossy…..I m glad u like the concept…I wanted something different and that’s why I have portrayed saral as a positive character.

  6. wow..super episode .. intetesting …pls continue…eagerly waiting next one

    1. Myra

      thanks subha 🙂 will update soon

  7. Happy tat u came back soon.. Saral seems to be good boy.. nice ya.. eager 4 nxt update..

    1. Myra

      thanks Jessie…couldn’t stay away 😛 …..will update soon

  8. Please give me the Link to write a essay on greed is the cause of unhappiness

  9. Sweetie

    Hi Myra..Interesting start..Please continue.. 🙂

    1. Myra

      thanks a lot sweetie…..glad u liked it.

  10. It’s refreshing to see a tolerable Saral LOL I mean a positive Saral

    1. Myra

      thanks Gianna 🙂 right now we have a positive and yeah tolerable saral….don’t know if that’s gonna last 😛

  11. S.v

    Awesome and please do continue . Its different. Lovely

    1. Myra

      thanks s.v. your comment is invaluable to me 😀

  12. Wow one …its.nice ..:-)

    1. Myra

      thanks neetz 😀

  13. awesome myra..waiting for the comolete update..plz dont end it in

    1. Myra

      hey ritu…sorry I didn’t mean to finish the last one in the midst of the story….I just couldn’t update due to time constraints so I figured its better to end……i’ll complete this ff….hope u like it.

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