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Hey there! This my first OS so please bear with me. I am doing this because Ritu di asked me too. Sorry for any spelling mistakes and grammar mistake. Hope you like it. Please feel free to type any comment you like. It is also very long.

Radhika- Big sister of Samaira. Brave, strong, and bubbly.
Samaira (Sam)- Little sister of Radhika. Funny, outgoing, energetic, mischievous.
Arjun- Big brother of Neil. Strong headed, brave, strong.
Neil- Little brother of Arjun. Funny, outgoing, energetic, mischievous.
Max- Cute puppy of Radhika and Samaria

A little cute house is shown. It is painted a light blue color. Roses of different color are decorating the front of the house.


Radhika- Sam! Sam! This girl is going to be the death of me.
(Walks to Sam’s room)
Radhika has her hand on her hips and shaking her head at Sam who is sprawled out on the bed.
Radhika- Sam wake up! It’s 9 A.M.
Sam- Let me sleep di
Radhika- No! What is going to happen when you leave and get your own house. You better wish that your boss doesn’t fire you because you’re late.
Sam- Di, how I am going to get fired.
Radhika- What do you mean?
Sam- I won’t get fired because I am not leaving you
Radhika- Oh, really. You will when you get married.
Sam- Di!!! Stop
Radhika- Ok. Now get ready. Your best friend is coming.
Radhika laughing really hard, tears going down her cheeks
Radhika- St…op….ye…lling. Get… ready
Sam- Ok!

After a while:

Radhika and Sam are cooking lunch
The doorbell rings
Sam- I will go see who it is
Opens the door and gets pied in the face
Sam wiping the cream of her face
Sam was done wiping the cream of her face and was now glaring at the person in front of her
He was laughing with tears going down his cheeks
He is her best friend and his name is Neil
Sam- Neil I am going to kill you
Neil running to the kitchen
Radhika- What is with all this yelling
Looks back and sees Sam’s face and tries to keep her laugh in
Sam- Di look what he did to me
Neil- Sorry
Sam- It’s fine. I am going to clean up
Neil- Ok
Neil- Radhika I need help
Radhika- Yeah
Neil- I want to propose to Sam
Radhika- Ok. I have an idea take her to the garden and propose

Sam comes wearing a cute blue color dress
Neil on one knee
Neil- Sam, I know this is so sudden. This might be horrible. I love you. I loved you the way you laugh, the way you get mad, just everything about you. Will you marry me? How was that? I know it was so bad. God I know you will reject me. My poor heart. So sorry heart
Sam- STOP! You idiot, that was the best proposal ever. I would love to marry you
Neil- Really? Yayyyy
They both hug
Sam takes a hose and sprays water at Neil
Sam- My revenge
Radhika is crying and laughing
The doorbell rings
Radhika- I will get it
Opens the door
Radhika stands there shock
Arjun is standing there shock also
Radhika- What are you doing here
Arjun- My little brother
Radhika- Ok. Neil your brother is here
Neil- Hey there big bro
Radhika- Come inside
Arjun- Thanks. Did you propose?( going to sit on the couch)
Neil- Yeah and she said yes
Arjun- Great
Sam- YOU!!!!!! What are you doing here. How dare you come here
Neil- What happened?
Sam- He insulted Radhika
Neil- Wait Radhika is the girl that insulted you?
Arjun- Yeah
Sam- How do you know him Neil?
Neil- He is my big brother. Hold up I need a full story
Arjun- Fine
Everyone sitting on the couch
Arjun- I was driving to work when my car broke down. I called the mechanic and he said it would take a while so I thought to take a cab. I managed to get a cab but Radhika also claimed the cab. I told her that the cab was mine but she didn’t agree. I told her my accident that she shouldn’t be roaming around alone or who knows what’s going to happen. She got angry and took a water bottle from her bag and dumped it on me. I stood there shocked and she left with the cab.
Neil- Bhai, isn’t a girl name Radhika someone you love?
Arjun (looking here and there)- Yeah
Neil- Is Sam’s big sis your Radhika?
Arjun- Yeah
Sam- What!
Radhika is sitting there shocked
Neil- Bhai, she is in front of you. Say sorry and confess
Sam- Yes. Pretty please
Arjun ( looking Radhika in the eyes)- I know I insulted you. I am sorry. I loved you when I saw you eating ice cream with the kids. You looked so cute. After that I looked you up. I had someone follow you so I could know you better. I am sorry about that. I love everything about you. Please will you marry me?
Radhika- Yes!
They hug
Neil- I am a matchmaker
Sam- Shut up
Arjun- Let’s take a picture
Group photo is taken

Hope you liked the OS.

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  1. so cute…..

  2. Brin

    Awesome OS, loved it. ?

  3. Well done kavina… So simple yet so cute loved it…..

  4. arti viswanathan

    Superb, superb episode i loved it… Why so short os kavina dear… I thought u would write longer os next time dear….

    1. Kavina

      Thanks. I write longer OS maybe another time.

  5. awsum kavina keep writing note ffs

    1. Kavina

      Thanks. I will see about ffs

  6. Aana

    Hellow Di….wow we have similar hobbies …interesting…
    Abt the os its cute… Nd sweet…loved it…u should give us more this type of os wts say??

    1. Kavina

      Thanks. I will see about ffs

  7. seriously! simply suppooooov dear………

  8. Rossy

    Lovely…i too don’t like shopping ?

    1. Kavina

      Thanks. Shopping will be the death of me

  9. Gauri

    Loved it

  10. _Ritu

    Kavina..thnx for was too beautiful dear .. 🙂 every part was cute..D way u have penned it down.jst enjoyed reading it 🙂 amazing…do write more would love to read Dem 🙂 loads of love. 🙂

    1. Kavina

      Your welcome. No, I wrote what came to my mind. I don’t know about other stories maybe later.

  11. Sulbi

    Hey kavina dear… its amazing… i loved it dear… u too good… tc dear…

  12. Hey!! How are you kavii??
    Firstly a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.
    Just saw this OS today. And it’s really really awesome and cute. Loved it. Keep writing more.

    1. Kavina

      Hey!! I am fine. How are you Mia? Happy New Year to you too. Thanks for the praises. I don’t know if I will write more.

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