Manmarziyan- OS Finding Solace Atlast (Only Few shots)


Hii friends…For starters I am not new here I am your supriya…. The reason for the name ‘Gummiebear’ z very close to my heart becoz shree di gave me this nickname….
First time I have tried OS so please bear with me….This z specially dedicated to Nitu….I hope she likes it…
Love and Marriage z not the end of the journey you start with your soulmate its the mere beginning of the path you have chosen to walk with him\her….
Mistakes will be made….Forgiveness will be asked….situations will test the bond you share with him\her….But Love and Faith are the two most important pillars of Happy Married Life….So make them firm enough!!!…
Life z not some fairytale where the prince and princess atlast have their happily ever after….Its a ultimate test of relationships to strive and stay together no matter what the situation z…..
Guyzz I want to explore the time period after ARjun brought radhika back to Mumbai and before the time when they turned into a well adjusted couple Two Years later….
The Mehra Household stood firm and still on a cold October night….There was no trance of past events that shook the walls of the house and hearts….
Inside the house there was no light except the moonlight as it was past 12….Cool breeze was lingering along the atmosphere of the house…Though Night was dark just like it should be but there was no darkness left in the life of ARjun Mehra,the man who received the chance to walk towards the path of light and strive to reach internal salvation….
It was almost midnight now but there was no sleep in ARjun’s eyes which reflected love for his light even it the darkest situations ahead….
He walked inside the kitchen and opened the door of refrigerator to find something to eat….he pouted his face like a 5 yr old kid after seeing the boring dinner contents namely Mushroom soup….brinjal curry…stuffed potatoe…white rice…Nothing could please his tongue other than the carton of Valilal ice-cream….he removed a spoon out from a container and dipped it inside the carton to take a morsel of the sweet vanilla inside his mouth….
Silence greeted his ears until the innocent voice of his wife fell on them…There she was standing a few feet away from him,”ARjun why are you there in the dark?”
He spoke while throughly enjoying the melting ice-cream in his mouth, “I have the moonlight.”
ARjun walked towards her gazing at her petite form all while…. He forwarded the carton to her,…”Want some?.”
Radhika parted her lips indicating him to feed her with his hand….he smiled and brought the spoon closer to her mouth but in nick of time stuffed the morsel of dessert in his own….
She gave him a annoyed look and snatched the carton from him to have her fill….he ate smacking her tongue in the corners of her lotus petals lips….
He loved the way as she used the same spoon to eat which he had been using few minutes ago without any discomfort….Their relationship was new but it was blooming slowly and steadily…
Only few weeks ago he had brought her back from her hometown Hrishikesh and the comfort she shared with him that was beyond words….he could stare at her face without blinking his eyelids till eternity….her cute and naughty tactics which use to earn angry glares from him in the past were now his reasons to smile and love her more….They had not consummated their marriage because he wanted to give her time and she hardly knew him though her love could be seen in those brown orbs which had captivated him for life….
Everyday both of them were discovering new distinct habits of eachother and the mutual understanding was increasing bit by bit….she was a very good cook but hated mess in kitchen…. Scary movies didn’t fascinated her but romantic novels did….Even her tongue supported her sweet blending nature…she wasn’t fond of spicy food but sweet desserts impressed her….
ARjun took the half-filled carton from her hands,”I don’t want my wife to get diabetes in her mere early 20s.”
He walked to the fridge and kept the carton back earning a displeased look from his wife….
ARjun looked at her angry face and cupped her face from one side,”why are you awake still???….hop on the bed before I scold you.”
Her anger vanished in thin air after having him so close….she lowered her gaze and murmured…,”ARjun I can’t sleep without you on bed.”
Her words were as soothing as the first rain….he chuckled at the way she still had kept her gaze down…,”Radhika look at me….don’t hide those beautiful eyes from me.”
She still had her eyes glued to the ground affected by his proximity…. suddenly she was in the air and next moment cuddled in his strong arms….
He brought her inside the bedroom and kicked the door shut….he placed her gently on the bed and pulled the blanket over her body….
Radhika shushed,”ARj…”
But he kissed her forehead and relaxed himself next to her….stared at her face for a minute and closed his eyes to slip in comforting sleep….
She smiled and dropped her eyelids after some time….
Transperacy was the most intriguing fact of their relationship…. He could predict her heart through her eyes…there was no fear and distrust in her eyes but all was replaced by pure love….
ARjun knew that if he had initiated intimacy she wouldn’t have denied but he had his own reasons to halt it….the major reason was his guilt for his deeds in the past….
Few Days Later….
The sunlight beemed through the window to fall on his marblecut face to disturb his sleep….he lazily lifted his eyes and first thing he did was turn to look at her innocent face but she wasn’t in the bed….
Though ARjun trusted her more than anything else but somehow his eyes were greedy when it came to her…. They always wanted her infront of them and last time when she left him in deep slumber signing the divorce papers his eyes lost all the life present in them after crying buckets over her….
A panic rose in every single cell of his body….he instantly got down and hurriedly escorted out the room,”Radhikaaaaaaa……”
ARjun heaved a sign of relief when he felt a familiar hand on his shoulder… He turned with a jerk and pulled her in a bonecrushing hug….”Arjun its suffocating I am not able to breath.”
Arjun pulled back,”Hell Radhika!!!…. Didn’t I told you that first person I want to see in the morning z you but still you never listen. ”
Radhika waited for him to cool down and spoke…”You thought I left you again…Arjun you still don’t trust me.”
He glanced at the her face….there was sadness in her brown orbs to see him distrusting her again….
ARjun pecked her forehead and spoke,”Radhika I trust you but when I don’t see you my mind recollects every moment I spend without you and I still fear that someday you might leave me alone like to did last time.”
His eyes only showed genuine longing for her which melted her heart….she buried her head in his hard chest while his hands clutched her protectively and possessively…
Radhika smiled, “Arjun I am not leaving you no matter what situation z….you think I will be able to leave without you once I have experienced those days without you which seemed like ages for me….you have me for life.”
ARjun patted her head,”For seven lives you are tied with me not just for this one and then I will marry you again to get you for other seven.”
Radhika, “Oh God poor me!!!….14 lives with this khadoos.”
ARjun cupped her face and kissed the tip of her nose…,”Not just 14 I want you as my wife in every birth I take on this earth.”
Radhika banged her hand on her head,”God save me from this khadoos.”
Arjun was going to answer back but the sudden pressed doorbell shifted his attention from her….
He walked to the door and opened it to find a young lad holding a curriour…
He took it and signed the register…. Arjun bolted the door again and started undoing the tapes keeping the currior intact….
There was a letter in it from Rana kaka….
Arjun eyes started pouring as he went on reading further….Guilt struck in every corner of his heart and tears made their way down his cheeks…
Radhika panicked seeing his face and those swollen red eyes….she cupped his face and made him look straight in her eyes,”Arjun please tell me what z written in that letter.”
He pushed her away and walked in the bedroom banged the door with thud….he crashed on the ground and clutched the piece of paper close to his heart….
Radhika was tensed outside…. She kept on beating her hands on the wall pleading him to open the door but he didn’t pay any heed…
Arjun kept on venting his frustration on the punching bag hurting his knuckles…. Blood started oozing out but he didn’t stop punishing himself….
Radhika begged him to open the door,”ARjun please open the door stop punishing yourself..please I beg you to open the door…I can’t leave you alone to lose yourself in darkness again…. don’t let anything tore us apart.”
He unbolted the door and hugged her tight….she felt wetness on her shoulder those were his tears expressing his innerturmoul…she pulled back and cupped his face,”Arjun please tell me your silence z killing me.”
He spoke with tears in his eyes,”why do you trust me so much even after my deeds which screwed up everything. ”
Radhika kissed his forehead, “I trust you because I know the hatred you carried in your heart was never yours.”
She placed the hand on his chest,”I trust the heart you have here.”
Radhika intertwined her fingers in the gap of his long ones and walked ahead while he followed her…
She made him lie down on the bed but he didn’t let even a inch of gap between them….he buried his head in her blossom and cried inaudible tears….
Radhika kept on caressing his dark locks until she confirmed that he slept….she decided to ask him about the letter when he z in the condition to talk about it….
Two Days Later….
Radhika drew the curtains apart to let the sunlight spread its warmth in the bedroom…. She took out the clothes from the closet to wash them later but something halted her steps…
Arjun came out of the washroom after taking only wearing trackpants….water droplets were glistening down his perfect torso….his damp hair made him look no less than some Greek God….
Radhika lowered her gaze and turned her back to him….she continued removing the clothes out of the closet but her cheeks blushed beetroot red….somehow she could feel his cool breath fanning near her….
Arjun walked to her and made her look straight in his eyes….his eyes moved all over her crimson red face and stopped on her lustrous lips where they turned greedy and hungry….
He pulled her closer swiftly to his hard bare chest….their breaths mingled with eachother…
Arjun could feel her racing heartbeats against his chest….he cupped her face and captured her lips…she stirred a bit because of the sudden force he applied… He gave a small bite on her bottom lip which made her give his tongue complete access to enter inside….he went on deepening it but she wasn’t responding like she did in their previous liplocks….
Radhika was still awstruck its not that it was their first kiss but they had never kissed when one was seminude to other….it was the most passionate kiss of her life because though it had love there was lust and need too….
Arjun released her lips and moved down to place wet kisses on her collarbone…. She arched her neck to give him better access and a positive nod to do whatever he desired…her fingers found their place in his damp hair caressing them….
But suddenly the guilt struck his desires and he pulled back….he left the room leaving behind a puzzled radhika…
Radhika understood that he was hiding something which was stopping him from giving in to his need for her….she had read the need and passion in his eyes but then it was replaced by guilt….
On the otherhand Arjun felt horrible to leave her like this…..the letter had shaken him inside from the time he had seen it which was hammering his heart with severe blows of guilt….it was killing him inside to hide the truth from her but he had his own fears buried inside his heart….
It was past 8 and radhika had reached home after a tiring day in BS but Arjun had a client meeting so he stayed back and promised to come after sometime….
Radhika had decided to find the sole reason responsible for Arjun’s demeanour towards her….she searched for the letter in the whole house atlast she succeeded after finding it in his jeans pocket all crumbled up….
-To be continued
Guyzz this z my first OS I hope its was not too much boring…. I will update the next one tomorrow…. This z a special gift to Nitu…
Ramya di don’t worry I won’t quit writing I have just taken a small break….I have finished with love has no limits last episode will post after giving final touches….
Chalo bye….love you all….one more reminder I am Supriya but I love this name Gummiebear!!!….

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      Thanks Sv swthrt!!!… I m much better now….Love you and million hugs for you!!!

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    I loved it!! From the bottom of my heart… Lol diabetes.. They be understanding.. What is there in the letter so much that he’s punishing himself so much? He got away!! What?! God!! She found it.. what is in it?

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    Post soon.. Love you ??

    1. Gummiebear

      Awwwww My Teddy!!!….I m your Gummiebear forever…. Love you soo much….bear my tight hug and kisses!!!…

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