Manmarziyan- OS Finding Solace Atlast (Second shot)


Hii friends….Thanks for appreciating my very first OS….Some of you found the plot similar to the one on Indian forum but I want to clarify that its different…. I hope all your doubts will be cleared after reading this one….do read and let me know your reviews….
Radhika’s vision blured….a thin watery frame appeared in her eyes….she started sweating in fear….Oh God!!!!….How will I make him understand was never his fault….
Every word of that letter was screaming out his innocence but he was blind by his guilt…
Dear ARjun,
I am happy that you got the love and life you deserved…. I never wanted to badmouth Nandini but now I can’t keep this truth buried inside my heart….Arjun sometimes whatever we see or hear z not always the reality….your tender young heart was tarnished so perfectly by her that you forgot to listen to your conscience…. you believed what she showed you but I could see her motives clearly….Samrat never had a extramarital affair with her it was she who was hellbent on keeping him all for herself…. The ring which you saw on her finger was never hers it belonged to Piyali only….Samrat wanted to give his wife a surprise on their marriage anniversary he was rehearsing with Nandini but anyone would have misunderstood them even you did….When Nandini couldn’t get Samrat she took a oath to never let him stay happy so she fueled your anger to bring his destruction…. I am sorry for keeping you in dark Son but I always loved nandini like my own daughter…..

Arjun I helped her in all evil schemes so I am equally responsible for the mess we made of relations….she teamed up with Saral to keep radhika away from you because she was very well aware of your growing inclination towards radhika…. The fire in Mishra market was intensional not a accident and my heart z sanking with guilt and repentance today….I know what she did with you was so wrong and nothing could justify her deeds but still I want to tell you that she loved you despite being traumatized….the night you asked her to leave you alone forever was the most dreadful day of her life….she wanted to confess her misdeeds but you wasn’t in the condition to even see her face so she met me before leaving this country…. She requested me to pour out all her vengeance in this letter to free you from guilt….Son I don’t know where z she now but wherever she goes you will always stay in her heart….I don’t know how to face you after this so I am leaving for my hometown….

radhika will never leave you alone like we are doing now but its for your own good…I will pray that you never face or come across sinners like us hereafter but I truely love you Son…. Just remember trust your heart more than what people tell you….I keep my pen down here….My blessings are always with you and Radhika…
Radhika got distracted after hearing the audible sound of doorbell….she kept the letter aside and hurriedly walked towards the door hoping to find her Arjun on the otherside….
But she got terribly disappointed after seeing Neil staring at her with a tensed face…
Neil spoke hurriedly in one breath,”Radhika Arjun has send this divorce papers and letter….I enquired that he has booked a ticket to Spain…he z leaving today….please stop him before its too late.”
Radhika took the letter with trembling hands and in few seconds her tears fell on the paper…her eyes were not stopping shedding tears after reading his last message…
Dear Panoti,
I know this z the most cowardiest way to bid farewell but I can’t face myself let alone you…I love you with all my darkened heart but I don’t deserve someone like you….please move on and find solace with someone who z as good as you….Now I am afraid of losing all my near and dear ones but I have realized that my mere presence brought miseries to almost everyone…. So I am leaving but will always love you….you are the only woman whom I loved and will always stay in love with but I can’t stay with you after knowing that hatred I carried was unreasonable so was the revenge…. I hope you will forgive me….you might forget me but I will think about you with every breath I take…. I wish we had met in some different circumstances and I would have not wronged so many lives….I hope you always stay happy and any sinners like me never trouble you ever again…Bye!!!!….
-ARjun Mehra
Radhika started crying profusely burying her head in Neil’s arms clutching his shoulder tightly…, “Neil I can’t live without him he z my life please do something.”
Neil kept patting her head gently,”Chashni this time z not to shed tears it z the time to wipe his tears and erase every stint of guilt from his heart.”
Radhika spoke while while wiping the tears flowing from the corner of her eyes,”I think you are absolutely right….I have to make him understand that without Arjun around radhika’s life has no meaning. ”

Neil affirmed,”Chashni let’s hurry now we can’t afford to even waste one second. ”
Radhika nodded and followed him to reach his car parked outside in the parking lot….
Neil hurriedly unlocked the car’s door and radhika took the passenger seat without delay…
Neil,”Chashni ready!!!!…..I am going to drive like a maniac today so fasten your seatbelt. ”
Radhika chuckled, “Now nothing can scare me except losing my khadoos forever.”
Neil drove off in a lightening speed leaving behind Mehra Mansion abandoned and alone without live in it….
But for their badluck they got stuck in traffic…. Radhika’s heart was racing at an abnormal rate….Neil was trying his best to calm her but all in vain….
Radhika scowled, “Neil f**k the traffic….I don’t care about rules today….I have to stop him anyhow.”

Neil’s stared at her with his mouth flung open….this radhika he never knew who was passionate and didn’t mind crossing boundaries for her love….his POV, “Seriously Arjun changed my Chashni.”
He took a deep breath and went on increasing the speed till it reached its extreme….they broke all the rules as a outcome it became a offence….Indeed!!!…Passion z the best emotion ever and the depth of it z amazing.
They reached the airport atlast after a good striving racing heartbeat periforated drive….
Neil assured, “Go and stop him!!!….I will handle the police running behind us you just go to your love.”
Radhika hugged him and expressed gratitude with tears running down her cheeks,”Thanks Neil I will never forget what you did for me today.”
Neil pulled her ears,”Don’t count me in others by thanking me Chashni.”
He wiped her tears,”I only want to see tears of happiness in this eyes.”
She got down the car and hurriedly walked inside the airport but she was stopped by the security as she didn’t pocess boarding pass…

She pleaded with joining hands,”Sir please let me go inside…..I know the importance of rules and regulations but just think once this all are made only to benefits so that we don’t roam like animals but what z the use of such system which distance people forever. ”
The Security guy melted by seeing tears in her innocent eyes….her words hit his conscience and he permitted her to go but come back fast…
Radhika took long strides to step inside…. her eyes desperately searched him but he was nowhere to be found….

Guyzz Next one will be last shot…. No rotten tomatoes and sandals I have just applied facepack….Oh Gosh!!!!….I look like a old woman after being ill for weeks together…. Need to get back what I lost….

I am ending love has no limits and Jannemaan ff after some episodes but do you people want me to start a new one????….I have the story but need to know your opinion… Will share the prologue if you give a positive nod….

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  1. Rg2015

    Hi gummiebear. I will miss Janemaan and love has no limits. But if u promise to keep in touch through ur ffs and ur writing I will try to live with it.?. I love all ur stories and hence I hope u will keep writing it. Yes for d new ff. This one was way toooooo beautiful and I loved it. Can u update d nxt part a bit sooner? Pls pls u gave us a cliffhanger… Well I knw it will b a happy ending but can’t bear tat u left it tat way. Hence do update this soon. Also update all ur other ffs…. Soon. Especially d rads memory loss one. Drat it ! I forgot d name of tat ff

    1. Gummiebear

      Thanks a ton Ramya di…you are a very big support and if ever I publish a book I owe you the very first copy of my book….thank you z not enough to express my gratitude today dear….I will post the prologue as soon as possible…. I have to complete Jannemaan too….keep appreciating my efforts di….check out the last shot its updated…. Love you?stay blessed?

  2. JoAn

    If its streamy n aardhika go ahead babe ?

    1. Gummiebear

      Thanks Dear for your encouraging words!!!

  3. Sammy

    Ufff arjun bhi na …bechari radhu uski wajah se Mumbai me marathon kar rahi hai …hehe suppu honestly I wanted u to extend it ..let arjun board the flight …actually want radhika to search for him . But still this was amazing ..mind blowing ..and pls update next soon ..and about new story pls share the prologue …will be waiting for it 🙂 🙂

    1. Gummiebear

      Thanks Sammy sweety!!!…your comments are always unique like you dear….I would have extended if I had anything to write further dear but its a OS nd has to meet its end….will share the prologue soon….love you my dear sister!!!!….tc?

  4. Sreee

    Oh my dear sweetheart… this was just amaxing..the way u narrated the flow of emotions in each and every one of them, she fearing of how to clear him off his guilt , rana’s letter of confessing nandini’s sin and her love for arjun…..Neil’s care towards aradhika…..arjun’s guilt in the letter all were just mindblowing…this ss is just thousand times better than the one in indiaforums…u just nailed it….and sweety u r just 15 i heard, is it true?…then hats off to ur writing skill imagination…u gave me a tight slap with ur stories as i linked ur talent with age….reallly am nothing compared to the way u write beautiful stories all unique and perfect in its own way…a big salute to u for the way u handled ur different stories…and sweetheart am going to call u multi from now..।i know this name is a bit weird…but u know i thought of this name for u, for ur multi talent in a tender age….but u can tell me if u dont like it…i will try to think of a better name, and would atleast use my brain for that when u use urs for different beautiful thing…..just a big tedddy hug for multi…..and u r asking our approval for a new story…like seriously?…even if u write thousand story , it wouldn’t be enough for me….so my sweet multi its a green signal from ur di…and honestly am waiting for that one…..muahhhhhhhhhhhh……and multi ,TAKE CARE OF UR HEALTH….and plssss take proper rest….and dont worrry just the love we shower on u would be enough for u to get back ur angle like glow……love u…….bear hugs???????

    1. Gummiebear

      Oh Gosh!!!…So many elders out here….thanks a ton sree di for your wonderful words….I feel on the top of the world after seeing your comment….di m 16 yrs old….I believe our age never defines our talents r8???….all the credit of my writing skills goes to the novels I read….m a book worm nd I gulp down them very fast….enough of self flattering!!!…. I will share the new prologue soon and once again thanks a lot….I have so many nicknames…. Hardly anyone calls me supriya…. I loved multi!!!…nope I won’t feel bad if you don’t call me Gummiebear….last shot z updated plz check out….love you lots!!!….

  5. Sreee

    And i hope my sweet multi won’t mind me not calling her a gummiebear, when u already r one….waiting for u to set fire in the floor….?

  6. Shree

    Whaaaaat? Omg!! Finally the letter.. this psycho is a big coward.. Radhika cussed!! Omfg!! Neil broke all the traffic laws!! Lol the watchman.. ok I’m stopping..

    Post soon.. love you ??

    1. Gummiebear

      Hehehe Teddy Bear!!!…your comments bring a smile on my face di….check out the last shot…love you and many sweet kisses for you sweety!!!…

  7. Sweetie

    Supriya dear..Awesome one again..Waiting for the last shot..Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

    1. Gummiebear

      Thanks a ton sweetie!!!…check out the last one its updated…. Loads of love!!…

  8. Jessie

    Oh god..!! He is leaving! Radhika fast..!! No.. supriya fast… am eager 4 nxt one.. and abt ur updates.. waiting 4 jaaneman n love has no limits n heart of mine still loves u… and we want.. we want..TC dear loads of love…

    1. Gummiebear

      Hehehe m laughing here after seeing your comment darling!!!… Thanks and check out the last shot its updated….will update all ffs but I need time dear….loads of love!!!…

  9. Supriya dear…u don’t need to ask us about new ff..just start it…don’t u know how people love ur ff..about this plzzzzz update soon after wash ur face pack….pretty soon…

    1. Gummiebear

      Thanks Rosie di!!!…check out the last shot it’s updated and do let me know your review…. will share the prologue soon di….lots of love!!..

  10. Awesome OS, waiting for the last shot. 🙂

    1. Gummiebear

      Thanks Brin!!!…check out the last shot and give me your review dear….tc!!!

  11. Aasthu

    nyc…………….suppu did u fiish ” love has no limits ” ???????????? if so cud u [plz provide me the links ???????????????? I wud be happy if u wud start another ff……………….bye………….sry 4 nt commenting in ur prev updates….I was and am busy……..I just came here hurriedly to leave my comment……………..bye.,……………lub u………….TC………… f luck 4 ur studies………

    1. Gummiebear

      Thanks assthu!!!…seeing your comment after a long gap…missed you like hell….nope I didn’t finish lhnl have to complete it soon….no sorry needed I know your r busy….love you sweety!!!…

  12. wow….. as usual u r rocking……amazing ……interesting,,..eagerly waiting next one.please update

    1. Gummiebear

      Thanks subha di!!!…check out the last shot….loads of love!!!…

  13. Supriya dear it was awesome..but why u ended it…my heart was racing faster when Rads was approaching Arjun…plz post the nxt part soon..and do share the prologue we will love to read ur story…waiting for ur other updates as well specially love u soon once u r all

  14. Lakshmi05

    Amazing update Supriya…start new ff too dear…update soon…luv u…tc…

  15. nice one supriya .. i loved it ..

  16. S.v

    Argh arjun is soo stulid to leave my radhika how xan he yaar and thjs was soo awesome dear no I will hug u tight for this update. And pls do come up with the new ff eagerly waiting for your next and new ff. Whatever u write jm here to read my lil one. Love u lods and how is ur health all good ?? I hope so dear. Love u again.

  17. Dipika

    Supri this is amazingly beautiful darling.. You have amazing skill to elaborate emotions of characters… Loved u

  18. Gauri

    Awesome Supriya 🙂 Arjun is an idiot …bechari Radhika ko PT USha bana diya I will miss both the ff …and why do you wanna ask to start a new one just do it I know you will rock 🙂 tc and get well soon 🙂 loadsof love sweet hrt

    1. Gummiebear

      Thanks Guari di!!!…very happy to have you back darling…. missed you like hell….check out the last shot….loads of love!!…

  19. Myra

    hey supriya….this was amazing…I just cant wait to read the next…..yaar, you ended it at a wrong time…my heart is pacing at an abnormal rate…..and the thought of having to wait till tomorrow seems to be a really heavy burden….tomorrow is so so distant…please update soon…….tomorrow morning ‘s okay?……and yes, would love to see a new ff from your side…. love you loads and stay blessed always 🙂

    1. Gummiebear

      Thanks Myra!!… Check out the last shot its updated… Loads of love!!!..

  20. Kavina

    Loved it

    1. Gummiebear

      Thanks kavina!!!…tc

  21. Hey supu. It was awesome dear. Lol. Again a cliffhanger. But loved the story.

    1. Gummiebear

      Thanks manha di….check out the last shot….loads of love!!!…

  22. Gummiebear

    Thanks Hemalattha!!!…tc

  23. Awesome episode supu dear….the letters were very emotional n heart wrenching. ..rads n Neil’s rads unite to airport was really awesome. …I hope she able to stop arjun in time…..loved it very very much. ….I’ll miss your ffs a lotttttttttt …yes plz start new one…I’m always ready to read it…. .keep it up honeyyy. . . Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh 🙂

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