manmarziyan OS: FAITH aka TRUST


Hii friends…i hope I’ll not bore u..sammy, my ladoo just another piece in return for ur superb OS which u gift me…thank u very much

This is all about trust,faith..if someone raises questions about ur character what will be ur turn,if that someone is a closed one then?? If they realize their mistake n seek forgiveness what will be your answer?? Ask me ,my answer never…hurt me once,mistrust me once,ignore me once I’ll never turn back to see u..i really tend to have a hard ethics on this…don’t know if m right or wrong..enough of my blabbering…now enjoy the ride..


” I hate u,I hate u Radhika Mishra from the core of my heart..u made a cheerful person like me into a emotionless robot..u toyed with me..playing with my feelings..what did wrong i do with u,i just wish u to b my best friend forever n then my life partner but u betrayed me..i never knew u r sneaky n deceitful..u just left me ,ur childhood friend for someone u knew for few months..i cursed each moments spent with u..i cursed my fate when I met u…i hate u..i hate u”,Arjun let out his frustration on his punching bag ..

Whatever happened in past he thought might be he was he went to mend his relationship ,to secure his best friend his life but the view he witnessed his blood boiled with anger..he was right then..radhika was going to marry Neil Malhotra,his boss a glowing Casanova of high class society..inside the banquet hall when wedding planner instructed them something Neil went on his knees n proposed radhika by gently kissing on her knuckles..the shy smile n the blush on her face showed how much she was happy..they went out even without noticing him…

Arjun’s POV
How can u radhika?? How can u forget me easily?? How can u give me pain?? N now u r going to marry leave me all alone mechanical n broken..if u said sorry once ,if u looked back at me once I would forgive u changed drastically after Neil Malhotra came into our life..before that if I was angry with anybody its only u who calmed me with your antics..even if I was wrong u first came to me n asked sorry..those golden days gone only coz of trash piece Neil..I never imagined that u would slap me for him..from the day he came into our life I scared that if u would choose him over me,but I had confidence on our bond but I got cheated..u proved me wrong n went away with him seeing his money n status..i never thought that u r a greedy person..u destroyed me radhika..killed the jolly Arjun inside me..i hate u ..i hate u for that…but in some corner of my heart I still love u also n will love u forever till eternity despite of all ur cheating…
He silently shed out tears…

Another corner of city at a huge mansion radhika sitting alone on showed its cartoons characters…Neil suddenly jumped from back side of her to startle her but she was so much emerged in her thoughts,she didn’t react…neil completely aware about everything,he can do everything to make her happy…he shook her little to come back into senses…radhika smiled faintly…Neil showed his 32 n said;” chasini u know how happy n excited I am for this marriage..i was waiting from years..finally my dream come true”..

Radhika replied;” m also happy coz u r happy”..

Neil asked in a low tone;” r u still missing him?? I know its not easy to forget everything at once; but I can’t see u like this in pain..u r very much important for me,u know that..

Radhika replied;” I know need to feel guilty urself..m happy with the fact that I got u at a proper time..else I don’t know what I turned into now..u r very special in my life”..

Neil who was happy now after her confession pulled her into a pacifying hug…Neil told radhika to get ready for shopping n went toward his room for ready..

At city square shopping mall at a branded store radhika tried gowns..neil helping her with her choice..she finally came out wearing a pearl white backless mermaid n butterfly combination gown to show Neil..but didn’t find him..shopkeeper lady said ;” madam u r looking like a n angel..sir went for a call..u just check it on mirror”…after checking herself she turned n bumped into someone..before she fall down he picked her..radhika pushed him immediately n said;” how dare u to touch me??”..

Arjun said wickedly;” oooh now even my touch irritate u..i wonder what is so special in Neil’s touch,that I don’t have”..
” ooh yes,I forgot,touch of lust,touch of greed n touch of money which m lacking”; he exclaimed further with a annoying mocking tone

Radhika just stared him with a disbelief is he the same Arjun who once was her best friend..she felt disgusted..she wanted to ignore him,so she moved out from there to see Neil was coming from other direction..he halted a little n winked toward her showing a thumbs up for her dress..she smiled n went for change..Arjun’s blood boiled after seeing all this..he rushed out from store to outside..neil saw him but thought better to avoid him..

After their shopping they came out from mall as Neil gave her an ice-cream cone..after she ate one bite Neil purposefully took it from her a took another bite..rads snatched that from him n said;” u r still an idiot..doing such silly things to make my mood go n bring the car ..m here waiting”.. Neil patted her cheek affectionately n went smiling..Arjun don’t know why but he could not able to take this..he was about to go n witnessed this sight..he stopped his car n come to radhika..

He started with his talking;” tsk…tsk…tsk…m feeling pity on u..seriously I was thinking why Neil?? A Casanova,playboy…tell me one thing if his lust will complete with u,if he throw u out in future after finishing his physical desires or might be that over…….before completing his sentence a hard slap covered his face…he was burning but what he saw he was taken aback..he never saw such a fierce fire radhika..she was burning with anger n disgust..

She was roaring exactly;” don’t u dare to utter a single word against Neil from ur filthy mouth..i thought u may have changed but I was wrong..u turned into a biggest disgusting m angry on myself that u were my best friend..chi..chi..shame on u Mr ARJUN MEHERA”..she emphasized on his name which shocked him core..she went away leaving him all bewildered..

Arjun continuously punching.. today’s sight flashed in front of him..for the first time he saw disgust on her face for him..he can’t take that..he cursed himself for being such nasty n rude..he cursed his uncontrollable anger ..he crossed his limit today..he directly point towards her character..the past incident which made him to behave like a jerk with her..she never called him by his name unless she wasn’t formal in some occasions…but today she called the whole of him which hurt him further..why arjun mehra,why??he didn’t say a single word that day,then why now??

Four years ago ………

It’s their perusing time of MBA..they are childhood chuddy buddies as their family members were friends also..saral was their school friend..three were always college Arjun had an image of handsome he was busy in getting attention n alluring them..but radhika was his utmost priority everytime..though saral was their friend ; he was jealous of Arjun very much..the sole reason was Radhika..he secretly admired her..but the thing irritate him was her sole importance was Arjun always despite Arjun was busy with girls or saral did everything for her but she was least interested..she always told him not to being over exasperated as they were friends..

At last second year,transfer student come..he was a charming prince Neil Malhotra..people were after him also after knowing he was rich heir of malhotra groups..Arjun’s importance was shaken up a little bit..he usually didn’t have in a good norm with Neil..saral felt good as college wasn’t Arjun centric..but to his misfortune radhika n Neil become friends within short time period despite Neil had a tag of playboy,Casanova,womanizer etc…that irked Arjun most..Arjun never knew to wait..but after Neil’s entry he had to wait which he disliked..whenever he asked her reason she replied she was studying at library with Neil..she said truth also…at first he believed coz she was topper of college ; after Saral told they spent their quality time at library he got angry..saral took advantage to create rift between them..later with due time he understood that may be he was surrounded with many girls but radhika was important part of his life n he had fallen for her a long ago..that’s why he couldn’t bear her ignorance though she never ignored him…

One fine day Arjun decided to propose radhika..he discussed with saral about it..saral had to take radhika to the spot n later he would proceed..saral was fuming from inside,he wanted to take last chance…either radhika would be his or none..he took drastic step..radhika went to the spot without any hesitation as saral was also her friend..she informed Neil about that when he called in between..saral showed her true colour after reaching the spot, a bungalow mid in deep forest..he tried to molest her..she was so fragile even couldn’t protest against him as she was in utter was Neil who reached at right moment n saved her…he beat saral black n blue..Arjun was on halfway,Sara escaped n call Arjun to reach the sight immediately..saral knows what’s going to happen..neil was just trying to pacifying her as radhika was crying nonstop..her dress was torn almost revealing..she was sobbing..neil hugged her to console n patted affectionately..

Arjun was in utmost shock seeing the view..he thought ,” saral was right,they have been in a relationship behind me..she cheated me”.. He was so much shaken he dropped the vase near which he held for support..both heard the sound..radhika saw Arjun n ran toward him with teary eyes n hugged him expecting his support..but Arjun parted her from him n went away..she couldn’t understand what happened to him..neil covered her with his jacket n took her to Arjun’s home as she wanted..Arjun opened door n his anger rose seeing her in neil’s jacket..she was going to tell him everything he just said,” just get out from my sight,I don’t want to see ur face from now on,u betrayed me n stooped low for this lowy Neil..our friendship relationship everything I cut now”.. Neil tried to intervene;”first listen Arjun what happened with her,don’t u have faith on ur friend??”..Arjun stopped him n badmouthed against him n questioning on her character with him..radhika who was already devastated seeing mistrust of her best friend gave a solid slap on his face n told;” u r right..we should not see each other further..i don’t want a person in my life who doesn’t trust me..goodbye Arjun”.. With that she stormed out with dragging Neil with her…

The left out time in college they never talk with each other though it pierced their heart..saral didn’t come college afterward..Arjun got a job at NM enterprises n got shocked to see Neil as his boss ..but they did maintained a good professional relationship..Arjun n radhika always missed each other but never opened up..Arjun had no idea where is Radhika ,finally he saw her at banquet hall…………..

Like all members of NM enterprises invited for marriage Arjun aslo got first he decided not to go but later he set up his mind n went to parking place he was greeted by his old friend jai ..they both happy seeing each other after so many years..jai usually asked about radhika to him ,as he knows they were best friends..Arjun didn’t say anything..jai was little bit shocked; but he guessed..jai asked further;” Arjun don’t tell me u still doubt radhika n Neil..its ur fortune to have them..i still don’t believe that u didn’t know the real truth or didn’t try to know”.. He sounded angry bit which make Arjun worried a little..jai told Arjun every bit of the past..he told,” if saral was right,u saw him in college after that incident or u see him till now..u r unlucky Arjun,god gave u so much but u missed everything”.. Jai went inside as he was annoyed..

Arjun felt like earth spinning at a high speed..he lost everything in his anger..he threw tantrums towards her..he still remember her tearful eyes who was shocked seeing him mistrusting her..and before someday he crossed his limited..he really felt ashamed..he couldn’t think how he will set up she will go far away from him..he thought;” its good she choose Neil over me ,at least he believe her,trust her.. Always we should not judge people on the basis what we heard about them..he recalled he never saw any kind of jerk or flirty behaviour of Neil though he heard many things everything will be changed only for his anger n mistrust..what mistake he did”..he crashed down on his knees n crying..his trance broken by a group of voice..he saw Neil come with his bride towards his car but he surprised seeing another lady with him..right then he saw radhika hugged both of them n congratulations them on their marriage..jai saw him n dragged him toward Neil..he couldn’t make eye contact with Neil with his surprise Neil shook his hand with him from his side n introduced his wife samaira to him as his friend..Arjun seriously felt very much ashamed by himself ..he stood bowing head down ..neil went after giving farewell…

After all went he looked toward Radhika..she gave a deadly glare to him n went toward her car..Arjun run to her n held her wrist n told,” m sorry radhika,I should have believe u”..

she immediately got rid of it ..she told;” Mr Arjun Mehera ,that was past n as per ur wish we should not see each other’s face..n believe me m pretty okay with it”.. She went away…

Even at traumatic moments Arjun missed radhika so after knowing whole truth how could he be at ease..he followed mansion radhika casually reject him n banged door shut..she said to herself why Arjun? Why u v to return now? I cried each n every moment inside seeing ur mistrust..u threw me away like could I forget that day ?? She was crying vigorously sat down on floor there near door..Arjun could heard her silent he realized what he did was easy to break heart but difficult to amend..he waited outside determined that until she didn’t forgive him he will not was starting raining heavily..radhika saw him from balcony..even after all he did she couldn’t tolerate seeing him like this..she called up him n asked what he wants??

Arjun was a bit happy;” radhika i m really sorry..m really ashamed of myself..but it’s true I missed u..can’t u forgive me this mistake of mine on shake of our friendship”..he was sounded like begging..

Radhika smiled faintly;” as usual Arjun I forgave u like everytime..if I didn’t forget n forgive u at that moment ,either I would have killed myself or killed now u can move ahead at ease..i v no grudge against u”..

Arjun came to know it’ll not be that easy..he went with heavy heart..he didn’t stop..he tried variety ways to gain back her..both were sad from inside..but radhika was adamant..

After some days Neil came to know all things..he couldn’t see radhika in pain..he made her understand that staying away from Arjun would give pain n hurt both of u..just gave him a chance..he promised if Arjun will mistrust her again he will make sure to take her away by himself n will punish him..finally Neil succeeded convince her..he took her to Arjun n let them to solve issue by themselves…

After one year

Arjun was happily reminisced all his beautiful moments with radhika..he told Neil about his feelings n want his first Neil couldn’t believe n laughed but he assured him..both were busy in guys talk when Arjun stared radz busy talking with other guys of their college jai,teji n zubin..he thought how lucky he is having a friend like per Neil’s plan n set up Arjun proper radhika..she took a promise before accepting proposal that always he should have faith n trust on her..Arjun agreed happily as he knows what he was going to loss in past..they lead a successful life after ward….
Life always give a chance but that doesn’t mean u will take advantage of was fiction so I gave a happy ending..but If it was real …………………..filled up by ur own thoughts …
Sorry for torture again…bear it plzzz n let me know ur views..

Credit to: rossy

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  1. Kavina

    Loved it

    1. Thanks kavina

  2. Sathya

    MIND BLOWING….. FANTABULOUS EPISODE my sister Rosie…. U simply nailed it. U penned down each and every reactions perfectly. It’s simply superb…. Well done ????????

    1. Thanks dear sis for this beautiful compliments

  3. Rosie di its just awsme….I m feeling as if m commenting after decades…..the way you explained the importance of trust that was just incredible…. Even I believe trust z more imp then love….I hope you don’t mind my short comment….
    I loved it throughly di….keep writing more nd more OS
    Love you… Tc?

    1. Thanks Supriya dear for commenting despite u r ill..take care dear n come back soon ?

  4. Jessie

    Rosieee.. hugs.. am so like u when it comes 2 trust.. bt I had been said tat am so adamant n I shld give up.. bt1 u knw.,if they are very close 2 u.,u can give them a chance oly if they actually regret else I won’t turn back..once ppl lose trust on u., they may pretend to believe u, bt won’t.human nature yaar.. so better 2 shift+del dem frm our list..
    Awesome story.. u rock in giving one shots.. happy wala ending ke liye shukriya ji.. TC n loads of love..

    1. Jessie

      Forgot 2 say. I loveeeed d cover pic.. both look cute…

    2. Lol…Jessie dear shift+dlt…really..m laughing hard..but truth dear..about happy ending m scared of u so??..n yes I strictly follow my principles…lol

  5. I love the concept of the story, you nail it well done. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks brin for liking it ? be happy

  6. Oh my darling ROSSY this is beyond the sky. Wow, wow, wow. U did it yaar. I hv no words. Radz ranting ‘chi chi’ n the circumstance tat reasons arjun’ misunderstanding. No one is to b blamed but still it gives immense pain. Awesome thought on trust. Sometimes v hv to believe without proof. There lies the aesthetic in relatrelationship. Wonderful creation from my great friend ?

    And lately I read the epilogue of ur dark. But yep, was late. Thank God u hv cum up with such beautiful os here. Ur epilogue was wonderful dear. I dunno hw can u describe action scenes tat easily.

    1. Omg…my lovely finest writer…u know each time I saw ur comment it gave me strength to proceed..n the way you praised me believe me m really nothing in this many people have bunch of talents..m no where..thanks for liking dark also..finally a very very heartfelt gratitude from my side..

  7. Sammy

    Rosie di …my bday hangover is still on mmz page …omg …di .another bday gift .now really ..I am crying again showing all my 32 teeths …it was damn beautiful shot …I mean marvellous …superb ..mind blowing …and here I am crying …so sweet of u di ….I love you really … di ..SV will kil me if she come to know that her wife is in love with someone else …lol …haha … you are such a sweet heart …thank u so much for this …it was really really amazing …as usual Neil will always a. Rockstar ….and our ardhika are damn awesome . Thank uuuuuuu sooooo muccchhh di …lots of kisses and hugs. …muaahh ..muaahhhh …I mean really right now want to give you a Bone crushing hug …I. am really blessed that I met you .. jai ho tellyupdates ki …love u a lot di .and thanks for it πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Lol…sammy ladoo..its all urs…n one thing I told ur sv that u r out of control now..?? she may be coming with her stick for ur extra love for me…awww be careful n run now…omg m seriously rofl now

  8. oh goshhh!!!!! wr did my cmmnt go

    1. Rossy

      Awww….m waiting for ur new ff or plz post coh…pretty plz

  9. Oh come on!!! i dont understand wr all the cmmnts gone.

    Rosie, my darling, tis is splendid dear. amazing theme. yeah, exactly. whr thr is trust thr lies the beautiful depth of relationship. u r so right about tat. i mean, without the need fr any solid proof. misunderstanding shudnt b given a place even though v hv nothing to know wat is the actual truth.

    and ur epilogue. tat was epic. u r amazing in describing action scenes. always me marvelling at tat πŸ™‚

    1. Don’t worry dear…ur all comments posted n its my luckiest day…ur three happy

  10. Hello Rossy….very thoughtful OS….You have described emotions n feelings very neatly in a simple approach.
    Truely…trust is very important in life. If someone mistrusts you , then even after forgiven the person cant get a place in heart that was given.
    Its a ff so Arjun got chance but in real all arent that lucky…..
    What he could do if Radz really married Neil ??
    Thank you Rossy πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks aastha..real life n fiction is different..yes I believe trust is important

  11. Jara

    Superb one

    1. Thanks jara

  12. wow …….mindblowing …….. loved it

    1. Thanks subha

    1. Thanks hemalatha

  13. S.v

    Trust a small word but has a big meaning twin and u used it properly. Always the one who loves would get hurt when they r mistrusted. Soo true that will seriously hurt and u showed that perfectly. A lovely shot and i loved it soooo much. Love u twin.

    1. Thanks twin…for me trust n faith are important…n lol…take care of yourself n ur wifey also…?

  14. Rosie my sweet sweet darling I see u are on a good stories spree, just one after another, the happy ending is good but personally I agree with u once trust is broken it’s hard or even impossible to have it again. Missed u so much

    1. Thanks giu baby..glad to see we have much similar thoughts regarding life…missed u also

  15. Myra

    Sheer brilliance…it was….amazing….utterly delightful….rossy dear i dont have words to explain what i feel right now….love you…stay blessed forever πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Myra..happy u liked it..stay blessed

  16. Rossy di:) Kana lekhicha!!! Mind blowing…In every relationship, no matter what is it’s nature TRUST is the thread that binds it and keeps it alive. Such a beautiful story. Bahut bhala lagila:*
    Lots of love and hugs for u di:)

    1. Nupur…ama Chua just Mora request exams sarile gote OS ardhika upare lekhiba nahele broken re ardhika chemistry dekheiba…mu greedy janapaduchi Ki??? Actually m on their…best of luck dear…first exam pare baki Katha dekhiba

  17. Dipika

    Rossy my rose girl wht are u…i need to ask wht she ate when u r going born..omg..ur head is full of brilliant n beautiful ideas..n this os is one of them….this soooooop lovely..
    As ritu di told on hangout that u os is updated..i was itching to read it..finally at ofc stealing glances i read it..n it is awsome….Arjun n rads pov u describe brilliantly…. I abt opinion i too don’t trust on that person who will betray me or distrust being my loved i think every one deserves one chance…so will give one chance to tht one stop my blabbering.. U rocked it… you bahooottt….stay blessed

  18. Dipika

    Thank god after trying for almost 7-8 times..finally my comment got posted

    1. Awww…choooooo many try for me..aww gone case…and she couldn’t eat anything before I born…lol…i was premature baby below 1kg when I born…one thing ,she always read puranas,sastras n mythology before I born…lol…i gave whole description..thanks a ton dear…

  19. Awesome Myra πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks gauri…but its rossy? lol?

  20. its lovely……yeah..everyone deserve a second chance to be happy… live life…….hope ppl understand this……nd i admire u for writing on such a serious topic!!

    1. Thanks dear…u r saying second chance n m thinking of first..awww

  21. Sweetie

    Yaar Rosie..You are awesome..I agree with every word of yours..TRUST is a thread that keeps a relation alive..Personally I wanted Radhika to be paired with another man in this OS..Fiction readers always want a happy ending,so can’t blame you or the readers..Second chances!!That’s a hard topic because I usually doesn’t allow people to take their second chances..You know some people are begging for my forgiveness even today for the mistakes they have done some 6 years back..I’m a head strong girl in these matters and stand firm on my feet..
    Anyways loved all the characters in the OS especially my cutie Neil..Now come on,I’m running towards you for a bone crushing hug for this OS..Love you dear..Stay blessed and keep smiling.. πŸ™‚

    1. M standing by spreading my hands…n waiting for ur hug…completely agree with u dear…i also don’t want to give second chance particularly if that point towards character…other things may b my parents or friends can force me to giv chance but not in character…but it never happened…m strictly obey my principles

  22. Awesome, wowwww Rosieeeee my sunshineeeeee. …it’s really superbbbb n very true that trust n faith is the key of any relationship. …specially friendship…where we choose to be friend by our heart not by blood or any other medium….n when this heart chosen relationship gets mistrust then it shatters the heart to the coreeeee….the way you showed rads n arjun’s pov, it was mind blowing. ….n neil is always my Super hero who saved their friendship n returned the trust n fwith in ardhika….I always like happy ending. ….n I loved it here from the bottom of my heart …but if you ask my pov I won’t be get same heart as before as there will be something missing n I can’t fully trust the person again n forget their deeds…..this was marvellous os n you’re amazingly awesoooooome writer my sweeeeeetheart. …as,you’re finding very interesting n unique topic n giving it as so fantastic creative n lovely story…I’m feeling sooo blessed as I’m able to read this fantabulous story. …keep it up honeyyy. ..I’m expecting more ffs n os n ss n infinite stories like this in future. ..stay blessed n healthy alwaysssss. …keep smiling n writing. ….love you loads. . muaaaaahhhhhh πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘

    1. Awww…my soul dii…u blown me away…infinite…awwwww…m running now…m very much afraid of infinite…u know after reincarnation I will stop ffs..only OS or ss… But for now only reincarnation n mmz on mars…hope will finish soon everything n land on Jupiter…lol…loveeeeeeee u diiiii sooooooo muchhhj

  23. Rosie dear..what to say…The moment I read the title I got confirmed it was u…? coz ur every story is somewhere very close to reality…and I really admire ur every story for that…?? about this once again u left me surprised and amazed wid ur thoughts…what u are made up of yaar…?? this one simply amazing…Trust in a is jst equal to oxygen…the same way we cant survive without oxygen a relation cant survive without trust..I loved ur line dear that we can live without love but not without trust…totally awesome…I really wanted to punch Arjun to death the moment he shouted on dare he. ?? I admire happy endings to the story but seriously I didn’t wanted a happy ending for this one..I wanted Arjun to suffer for his whole life..if I were on rads place I would have not given him a chance… Anyways thank u for this story dear..u don’t know how much I happy after reading it…u r amazing ..u think unique..u act unique..and u are a unique…infact one piece ?..never change for anyone dear.. always remain like this…now I will stop myself otherwise my comment itself will become an ??? love ..and ur greedy head is waiting for reincarnation and mars as well. ???

    1. Awww…ritu just waiting for u…btw how was ur interview?? It was today if m not wrong…hope u performed well..n now I want tetra dhamaka of LRD…coz m already mad by thinking what will happen when Arjun will get to know about rads repentance…and is there any more torture?? And me…a big credit…lol…yaa I can promise I’ll never change myself…m glad u like my updates…ok reincarnation I waited for u…so will start writing…lol…greedy head lets register ourselves otherwise we will not able to post our update from august 1..tu seriously killing me each n every way…

      1. Rosie u were waiting for me..aww..I am so overwhelmed dear…? coz I never imagined anyone will wait for my stupid comment… U r a gem dear ?? Our Jiju is really lucky to have u ? and now m jealous of ? interview was all fabulous dear…finally slept peacefully after so many days..tetra dhamaka ..OMG.. I m struggling wid single dhamaka only ? will post tomorrow for sure.. And Reincarnation I want soon…? and now we need to register..god tu will surely land me in mental asylum..??

    2. Hehehe…don’t worry everyone wanted u…tomorrow I’ll wait then..yipeeee…jiju…kahan se ye pagalat as Gaya…

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