Hello ev1.. Here m with an OS on ARADHIKA a blissful couple.. i have already written it on SWASAN as TS..
ARADHIKA is also my fav couple soo thought to share with u all … Sorry for grammatical mistakes n spelling errors..Hope i’ll not bore u all..

So let’s goo inside d Story…

Hey Kiddo!!(kiddo is her diary’s name) , tomorrow is my last day here , at Delhi University.. m going back to my home after 3 years .. 3 yeeaarrs(giving stress).Look now m totally change,, Radhika Mishra (yoo she is our Radhu) who never went for a walk only without her parents,is now living all alone in hostel that too in a different city..

I know i know u must b shocked ,even me too (saying this she laughed at her own thoughts)..
But u know na this place only has given me my life’s best gift n d most important personof my life .. My love ,, my Arjun <3…
She remembered her 1st day of college..

Flashback – 3 years ago..:::

Radhika's monologue( Ohh Godji m soo nervous , today is my first day at college.. Don't know what will happen,, )..

Taking a deep breath she took her 1st step in college(her new life,her new journey) n a cool breeze touched her face … she felt happy n smiled brightly…

As Radhika was hell nervous , she didn't noticed someone coming towards her & as a result both dashed n fall down… Ouucchhh !!!!

Without looking at the person she said ,"sorry woo i didn't do it intentionally…"(she was scared n nervous)..

The other person get up in said,"Hey don't be sorry , actually i was in hurry so didn't notice u"..

They both looked at each other n passed a smile..The other person extended herhands n said, "Hii !!! m Samaira Mehra,, 1st year engineering student… n u ??"

Radhika shake her hands n introduced herself "Hii m Radhika Mishra,, also 1st year engineering student.."

Sam- That means we can be friends… can we ???

Radhika- ofcourse.. why not?..

Both together- soo friends !!!!

Again together- Yess !!!!(they both burst out into laugh)

Sam- Radhu,, from today itself i'll call u Radhu, n u call me Sam..okkk!!!

Radhika-Suree Sam…

Meanwhile Sam checked her wrist watch n widened her eyes n murmured,"Todayy m dead !!! how can i be so late ?¿?

Radhika was not getting anything so she asked,"Sam what happen ¿ anything wrong ??"

Sam- Radhu !!! today m dead !! u know my bhai(bro) called me n informed me to come fast as he wanted to introduce me to his friends…but look ! i totally forget about that ( she sleped her forehead)

Radhika- ohhooo !!! this is d reason ….anyway u go ,,, i'll meet u later..

Sam- No noo nooo Radhu!!!!! u r also coming with me ..I wanna introduce u to my bhai ,, afterall u r my 1st ever collage friend…

Radhika-Sam u go na i'll meet him later….

Sam- Radhuuuu !! u r coming with me n that's finall.. (with fake anger n pout)..

Radhika- Haaa !!! meri maa challo… finish ur introduction session fast fast or else we will be late for our class…

Saying this both went to bike stand,,, where a group of boys were chit chatting n laughing…

Sam- Uuhhuu Uuhhuu (clearing her throat) Bhaii!!!!!!

The boy turned around as she was facing his back….

The boy- Sam ki bacchhiii!!!! where were u?? i called u to come fast ,, but instead of coming fast u got more late….

Wait !Wait !!! waittt !!! …. Did someone rag u ?? R u all rit ?? tell me his/her name..

He was shooting back to back question on her … Sam got irritated n said ,"Arreeeyyy !!!!Bhai (almost shouting) calm down !! calm down !! nothing happened to me… m perfectly fit n fine…

No one dared to rag Arjun Mehra's sister (yooyoo he is our Arjun) ,,, i was just busy in making new friends…

Arjun-(narrow eyed) friends??? who ??

Sam- ohhooo !!! i forget to introduce u ,, she is Radhu ,,, Radhika Mishra(she dragged Swara n kept her in front of him)…

He was mesmerized to see her,,, his heart skipped a bit n a unknown smile appeared on his lips (actually you all know what ,, he was lost in her,, afterall our Radhika is too beautiful na:-)

Sam- Bhaii(shaking him) Bhaiii !!! r u listening what m saying ?¿?

Arjun- Haa…. wo ..h h..a i heard what u said….By d way nice meeting u Radhika ,,, m Arjun…(interrupted by Sam)

Sam to Radhika– Radhu!! he is my parent's one n only son Arjun Mehra n my bhai too….

Radhika n Arjun both looks on shocked…..

Sam- what ??? why r u looking at me like that ?? i said rit u r my parent's one n only son ,, coz according to me i m a girl (saying this she chuckled)..

Radhika looked at her amused n laugh….

Now Arjun is totally lost in her smile,, her smile took his heart away ( awwwww love at first sight)

Arjun comes back to sence n shake his hand ,, introduced himself as a third year engineering student…

While shaking hand , Radhika felt a current passing through her body… she liked d feelingn passed a cute smile to him….

Both were starting at each other n had a short n cutee eyelock which was broken by Sam …

Sam- Eheem !! Eheemmm!!! if u both have done , then Radhu we should go to class…

Arjun was embarrassed n Radhika smiled a little…She drag Radhika to their class..

Arjun- yeeh ladki bhi naa (this girl na)… i called her here to introduce her to my friends but look !!! what she has done …!…(shooking head)..

RaSam(Radhika+Sam) conversation -(afterfinishing d class)

Sam- Radhu(no response)

Radhuuu (still unaffected)

now Radhuuuuuuu !!( shouting near her ear)

Radhika jumped in fear n said," Ahhhh !!! Sam … why r u shouting ?? m not deaf … i have God gifted ear .. soo..(interrupted)

Sam- Ohhhh hello !!! madam from last (checking her watch) 2 mint 39 seconds m calling u ,,, but u r busy in ur own world n smiling like a mad…

Waise Radhu why r u smiling¿¿?? Kahiin Love at first sight …. (giggles)

Radhika- shut up yaar Sam!!! kuch bhi(anything haa),,,nothing like that … she blushed a little.(awww soo cute)..

Her blushing smile was not unnoticed by Sam,,, she thought something n smiled….

At d same time Arjun's condition was also same… He was just smiling ear to ear n little bit blushing too(ufffff!!)….
when his friends asked about it he said nothing n continue his smiling session…

Days were passing like that & RaSam's bond was becoming strong day by day… Arjun n Radhika also came close… they are now very good friends… everyone adored their friendship… specially our ARADHIKA…

They now can understand each other like they have known each other from ages..

Both felt different from each other ,,, their bonding was beyond friendship… n they both knew it.. their heart knows that they had fallen for each other but never tried to confess as they feared to loose their precious friendship..

Now it's been one year since their friendship started…ARADHIKA's bond was out of d world ,,, they cared for each other,, they miss each other ,, they fight with each other n uskee baad ruthna mannana… Both were super happy…

One day Samrjun(Sam+Arjun) conversation:::

Sam- Bhaii wohh i wanna talk to u…

Arjun- yeah ,,, Sam tell me…!

Sam- Bhai it's about Radhu(in a serious tone)…

Arjun- Radhu…about Radhu… haa tell me Sam .. is she all rit ?? what happened to her?? neither she came to class nor she is attending my calls… (worried)…

Sam- Bhai hold on hold on… stop ur express!!! ur Radhu is perfectly okk.(*awww our Arjun's Radhu)..

Arjun-(shocked) wha..t whattt … w.h.a.t u sai.d m.y S.hona…(stammered)
What do u mean by that ?? (avoiding eye contact)…

Sam- Look at me bhai… bhai i said look at me (Arjun looked at her)
"Do u love Radhu??"( Direct question)…

Arjun-( hell shocked) whhatt !! wh haat??

Sam- answer me honestly bhai. !!! i really wanna know d truth… how u feel when u see her ??what feelings u have towards her?? is this really love or just an attraction ???

Now Arjun was hell shocked… he doesn't know what too answer of Sam'd sudden question regarding his feelings… coz he thought except him,nobody knows about it(buddhu)..

Sam was also adamant ,, she wants to know about it by hook or by crook that too from his own…

Sam- Bhai tell me na .. u really love her ? If yes then m soo happy coz she is soo cutee n sweet n (interrupted)..

Arjun- (in flow n deep thinking) yess Sam i love her, i love my Radhu.. u know what i liked her from d first day of college… but i thought it was just an attraction(*huhhhh)…

But more i got to about her, more i fall in love with her… She is innocent but mature enough to handle any kind of situation..she is childish but kind hearted too,, n d most important she is d most beautiful girl i have ever seen in my life.. not only from outside but also from her heart … her heart is pure….

And after all this how can i resist myself from falling in love with her..(saying it with a brightest smile)..

Sam- u love her this much bhai ?(teary eyed).

Arjun- yes yes yes Sam,,,i love my Radhu more than myself,, i LOVE every single thing about her..I LOVE when she smiles,, i LOVE when she talk to me,,shares her happiness with me,, I LOVE when she cracks her useless jokes(*awwwwwwww),, when she compliments me , support me n HUG me..I LOVE to be with her…(now shouting) I LOVE U RADHIKA.. I LOVE U…

Sam-Bhai m soo happy for u both…

Arjun-(sad) But i don’t know na what she feels about me,, does she like me?

Sam- Hmmmmm bhai i also think that she doesn’t like u..

Arjun’s eyes are filled with tears..

Sam- coz i think she also loves u..*wink..

Arjun- yeah i know (suddenly realize what she says)whhhaaaattt???

Sam- yeah she also LOVEs u..

Arjun- what u said just say once more i couldn’t hear it…(n started to clean his ear hole with finger).

Sam- She LOVEs u bhai…

That was it for Arjun n he started to shoot his questions back to back…

Arjun- Sam r u serious? Who told u? How did u get to know? did she herself told this… God answer me fast..

Sam- haa bhai woo(interrupted)

Arjun- arrey yar say it fast na..

Sam- yeah yesterday i was (again interrupted)

Arjun- Sam didn’t u charge urself today? U r so slow say it quick..

Now Sam’s anger was at d peak but she said calmly n greeting her tooth

Sam- Leett mee ccoommplete bhaiii. Orr ellseegoo too dduussttbinn(now shouting).

Arjun- Haa haa!! Bol meri maa(silence)Arreey booll naaa .. i can’t wait ..

Sam- Now zip ur mouth n listen to me..Hmmmm yeah ,,
yesterday me n Radhu both were talking ..

RaSam conversation:::

Sam- Radhu have u heard Pushpa n Billu had break up last night….

Radhika- ummmm i heard..

Sam- i can’t believe it yaaar,, the most beautiful n epic couple of our college had break their relation.. by d way aren’t u shock with this news??

Radhika- Noo,, what is here to shock.!!..

Sam- like really?? Why u think so?

Radhika- Yeahh if the love is true,, they will b together,, n if not then how can a relationship survive?? Is there no trust means no relation…Or if they r destined to b together then they will meet for sure ,,,

Sam- I agree… but can i ask u one question?

Radhika- carry on,, if i say no will u listen..??

Sam- yaa yaa i know m soo good…BDW Do u love someone(hahaha direct question)

Radhika was dumbfounded with her sudden question…

Radhika- whh..aa..t?? No.o.. no.o thh…at…(avoiding eye contact).

Sam- forgot about that .. u know what i thnk Bhai loves someone…

(*It was a thunderstorm or u can say a mini bomb which blasted on Radhika's head…she was numb,, she was like someone stabbed her by blades….tears are ready to flow from her eyes… but she composed herself n gave an excuse n went to her room…*)

Here Sam smiled winningly n got her answers…(pagal ladki)

Now again Samrjun conversation:::

Sam- so what u think about it ?

Arjun’s happiness has no boundaries ,, he is on d cloud 9 .. no noo nooo he is now out of the universe…he jumped n started to dance ….

Arjun- Sam u have no idea how happy i m … my Radhu also loves me… yaaahhhoooo!!!

Sam- cool down !!! Cool down bhai !!! Waise when r u going to propose her ?

Arjun smiled boardly n said“just wait n watch my duffer sis n wink…

Next morning at hostle ::

Radhika came out from her washromm…Her face was pale,, eyes were puffy n red due to continuous crying… she has lost her charm….
suddenly her mind stuck on her n Sam’s convo..n in a friction of minute she broke down..

(Monologue) God ji why ? Why me? M i too bad that don’t deserved to be loved… My Arjun loves someone n didn’t tell me..

Actually it’s my fault,, i never confessed as i scared to loose ur friendship.. but i know now it’s late n u r going to be someone’s else.. (crying bitterly)..

How will i live without u? U don’t know how much i feel special with u… ur care ,ur friendship(uffff!!) always makes me special….if u r near me i feel protected,, in ur arm i feel like no hurdle can touch me…

it’s late Radhika,, it’s late,,, ur Arjun is going away from u.. ur fear to loose him is now going to be true…(feels immense pain in her heart in whispers I LOVE U ARJUN..)…(**perdon me readers i really don’t know how to write emotional scenes,,,, sorry*)..

Suddenly she heard a knock on door,, she composed herself n went to open the door.. there was Sam standing with a cute smile..

Sam- Radhu be ready in an hour… we r going for outing with bhai n handed over a bag…wear this n be ready m waiting in my car…

Radhika was blank,, she don’t know how to react ,, she silently took d bag n went to change as she knows arguing with Sam is of no use…Almost half an hour later she come out of washroom…She was wearing a sleeveless purple colour knee length frock…with some matching jewellery like ear rings,, bracelet.. she had some make up to hide her puffy eyes, hairs were straight,, she was simple yet elegant… infact she was looking like a barbie doll(*awwwww)..

After half n hour::::

Both reach at the place as Arjun was going to join them there directly….

The place was weird… actually it was a market with lots of hustle bustle… there were only shopes of ice cream,cotton candies chocolates n red roses…but the most strange thing is that she never saw this market in this place during this one year…She turned around to ask Sam … but to her surprise Sam was not there n d view she witnessed make her frooze at her place..

at some distance Arjun was standing with a guitar in his hand…their eyes meet ,, had a cutee n painful eyelock..without removing his eye he started to sing

(Enjoy the song ;-*)

Pehli nazar mai kaisa jaadu kar diya
Tera ban baitha hai mera jiyaa,,
Jaane kya hooga, kya hooga kya pataa,
Iss pal ko milke aa jee lein zara..

(They remembers their first meet)

Main hoon yahan, Tu hai yaahan,,
Meri bahoon mai aa, aa bhi jaa,
O jaan-e jaa, dono jahaan,
Meri baahon mai aa,, bhool jaa. . .aa
O jaan-e jaa, dono jahan,
Meri bahoon mai aa,, bhool jaa. . . . Aa

(They remembers their first HUG,,)

BABY I LOVE U ,, BABY I LOVE U,,(5)BABY I LOVE U soo….(finally)

(He is taking steeps slowly towards her,,n Radhika was just standing there with tear in her eyes.)

Har duwa mai shamil tera pyar hai ,
Bin tere lamha bhi dushwar hai,,
Dhadkano ko tujhse hi darkar hai,,
Tujhse hai raahtai, tujhse hai chaahatai,,

Tu joo mila ek din mujhe mai kahi hoo gaya laapata..
O jaan-e- jaa dono jahaan meri bahhon mai aa bhul jaa(2)


Finishing his song he kneel down in front of her,, n said lovingly “”RADHIKAA””(awwwww,,guys m having butterflies)

He took out a teddy bear n chocolate with rose n extended this to her n said

Radhu i know u must be shock with this sudden proposal…but now i cant suppress my feelings anymore..i just want to take my heart out to u…one thing i want to tell u from long Radhu

“Taking a deep breath”I LOVE U RADHIKA.I LOVE U SOO MUCH..

You know what life counts all d roads we travel,, some are smooth some r rough, some would rather forget.. But there is one road, i won’t regret..
The road where we met n become friends.

RADHIKA i wanna travel with u in all d roads. i want u in my life…i wanna be with u till d last breath of my life…wanna die in ur embrace..

Will u accompany me?
Will u be with me?
Will u be mine for forever?
Will u be my princess?

He extends his hand…

Radhika stands like a statue but suddenly Bends down n gave him a bone crushing HUG…happiness,pain,love,care all d emotions were in that hug… they both hug as tight as they their whole life depends on the hug..

Both broke their hug n joined their forehead ..Swara whispers “”I LOVE U TOO my prince…

Love is our true Destiny… i cant find the meaning of life by myself alone…i can find it with u.,i wanna be with u ,,together forever…

””Arjun again hugs her tightly..both stayed there for some time but came into sence hearing claping sounds..

So many people were around them.. witnessing the start of a heavenly couple’s endless love…
Some were praying for their future,,
some were blessing them,, all adored was just a start of their newlove…new life n new journey.

They both went to chocolate shop n then ice cream shop following cotton candy shop…whole day both enjoyed n cherish their old moments…thinking about the beautiful future with each other…(but we don’t know na what destiny has planned for them ).

Flashback ends :::Back to present:::

Radhika- Kiddo,,now it’s been 2 years we r together..u know with time his love,care,respect towards me is only increasing (blushed)…
I m blessed to have him as mine… I can’t even imagine my single day without him.

Tomorrow m going back to my home.. i don’t know how will i live? M gonna miss him badly(sobbing)..

But never mind.. m going to talk to papa about him n our relation(as her mother already knows about Sanskar).

Hope papa understands me n accept us..
But i don’t know why,why m feeling restless, as if something is going to happen..

God ji i hope nothing goes wrong n our relation got compl…. (interrupted)

One of her friends- Radhika,, come sleep it’s too late . Morning u need to wake up fast..

I shrugged my thoughts aside close my diary n sleep thinking about tomorrow’s blissful morning with each other where will b only Radhika n Arjun..

Next day Radhika bid bye to everyone..except Sam n Arjun..

She was searching her life,,suddenly she sees him under a tree resting his head n closed eyes like he was in deep thoughts..

Radhika-(slowly) –“” Arjun””

Arjun doesn’t say anything n pull her into a breath taking hug.. after departing he captured her lips showing his love ,care n tension to loose her..

Radhika also repocrated d kiss with equal passion.. when they were out of breath,,broke the kiss n join there forhead…

Arjun was feeling restless as he is going to loose something precious..he again hugs her,

Arjun- Radhu plzzz don’t goo .. i’ll miss u…

Radhika- i also don’t want to go Arjun.. but it’s a matter of few days.. i’ll be back to be with u forever.. then this distance will also not b able toseparate us.. (Both were crying silently ,, showing how much they gonna miss each other)..

Soon they broke the hug n stare each other lovingly…

Now it’s time for bid bye to her sister, her best friend her soul mate Sam..

Both were weeping,, words are not coming out from throat… they hug n cried their heart out.. between sobbing they both said together..“” TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF””(smiled a little)

(BG music
plays :: Yaar milte hai, pyar milte hai,
Humko yaaron naasib sei,,
Ek duje ki aadatein bante dil ko chute karib se,,
Har hassi pei assuon pei dete jo pehra,,
Ek din kyu chale hei jaate chor ke tanha,,.
Ye Dosti Milti Naseeb seee,,
Ye Dosti Milti Naseeb see )..

Radhika finally bid bye to everyone n went to station with Arjun…

Here Arjun is feeling strange to let her go alone so he also decides to go with her…

Radhika- Arjum what’s this? R u also coming with me?(asks in a cutee manner)

Arjun- yes, my princess m also coming with u.. afterall our destination is one .. rit..(peaked her cheeks)..

Radhika- Waise !! tell me r u scared thinking that something bad will happen with me, rit?

Arjun- Radhikaaa(angry)!! (Tightening his grip on her shoulder..)
Never say all this !! Don’t dare too utter all this nonsense.Nothing bad can happen to u, till m with u… even death also can’t touch u .. if it comes he has to face me first… Understand !!!
(he left her shoulder)

Radhika feels immense happiness by his words..she back huged him n said “SORRY”.. she peaked his cheeks ..

Radhika- I know u r with me Arjun.. i don’t have any fear when u r with me not even death.. n if the death comes i would love die in ur embrace..(Saying this both settles themselves on their respective seat)

Their half journey has passed.. just few minutes left to get their destination.. both were happy n Radhika was talking with her mom…

suddenly they heard a sound “”BBHHOOMM””
n everything went black..

After sometime Arjun gained consciousness n looks around.
.his heart stopped beating looking hundreds of dead bodies.

Suddenly he saw his life lying on d ground , in a pool of blood breathing heavily n calling his name…

He gets up with immense painin his body n walk towards her difficultly…

He takes her in embrace,she slowly opens her eyes.. both asked“ u.uu”…Both nodes(but they know they r not)

Arjun kisses her forehead…
Radhika starts breathing more havily..

Radhika- Arr.juu i cca..nt se.e… so..mee o.nne call..ingg me.(Arjum i cant see anything,,someone is calling me)

Wi.ll wil..ll uu c.oome w.ithh me.. I i .can..t li.vee wi.thout uu..(ahhhh,,screams in pain)(will u come with me,, i cant live without u)

Arjun also started to breath havily n said ” Princ..ess i all.soo see th.e o.ther wor.ld..wh.ere u n me for.ever.. awayy f.rom all d i also can see d other world where u n me forever,,, away from all d relations,, away from all)

Saying thus both kissed eachother for d last time..shut their eyes n their heart finally stopped beating..They died..they died in each other embrace.. 1st Arjun n then Radhika… fulfilling their promises to be with each other till d last breath.


They r no more in d earth,,, but heaven made them again together forever where no fear if death,, no fear of loosing each other..

They r in paradise in””ARADHIKA'S PARADISE””

There r winds of Destiny that blow when we least expect them…Sometimes they gust with d fury of a hurricane,,sometimes they barely fan one’s cheek..But d winds can’t be denied, bringing as they often do a future that is impossible to ignore..



Hope u all liked it..
I know it's not that good n not upto ur marks…

This story was somehow real at some point… specially the Bomb Blast scene..
Today is d same day 30th October where we lost hundreds of ARADHIKA,, hundreds of people..

Today is d same day where we lost our love it's been 8 years that incident happened,, though it shakes me,,, shakes d whole Assam brutally…

This thought inspired me to pen diwn this story…

Once again thnk u soo much for reading…
Do let me know how was it through ur valuable comments..

God bless u all.. <3 ***

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  1. Sathya

    Kakali dear… Welcome welcome to MMZ page. I am really surprised to c u hear. BTW the story is nice n very very emotional. Yes u r right the bomb blast have taken n number of lives who would have dreamt about their life with their loved ones. Seriously I m touched at the last lines. Great great attempt dear.

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u soooo much Sathyaaa for ur lovely words dear… it really means a lot to me…;-*

  2. Brin

    Awesome story, very beautifully written. 🙂

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u soooo much Brin for appreciating my work..
      Thnk u ;-*

  3. Starz

    Beautifully written….it was emotional one…loved it…it really touched my heart….stay blessed

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      Thnk u sooooo much Starz !!! m glad that u loved it..
      Thnk u.. stay bless dear.. ;-*

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    Loved it

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    Excellent and awesomely written dear….

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  6. Heart touching.. Are you frm Assam?

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      yes,, m from Assam..!! r u also?

  7. Jessie

    Kakali….a very emotional one…u had brought out so well dear..have no words..u took it in different angle….love u loads n TC… the last lines were so touching…

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      Jessie dear,, u made me speechless with ur comment…
      Thnk u soooo much dear,, ur words mean a lot to meee…
      love u n u 2 take care… ;¤

  8. Rossy

    Nice dear…these blasts take many lives in past and present and future…why such devils are there I don’t know…OS is emotional and very good one…

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u soooo much Rosey dear,,
      yes, these blast had taken many lifes… but though all those devils r not satisfied… they want more… n i hate them moreee… huhhh !!;-*
      once again thnk u.. ;*

  9. excellent ………mindblowing……..

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      Thnk u soooo much Subha dear…;-*

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    mind blowing dear…..

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      Thnk u sooooo much Jnana dear… ;-*

  11. Ahhhh…it was very beautiful n emotional heart touching story. ..I loved it to the coreeeee. …I felt it….the inhuman ppl took lives of many innocents…n it is very sad…i love you loads my sweeeeeetheart. ..take care…muaaaaahhhhhh ♡♡♡♡♡

    1. Kakali

      Awwwwww!!! Romaaa !!! thnk u soooo much dear for ur cuteee n sweet comment…it really means a lot too me….

      yeass,,, those r inhumanss,, i wish i could beat them with tennis racket..haaa !!!Love u toooo dear…
      Take care .. :-* 😀

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