Manmarziyan at oddsodds chapter 1


Hiii… Everyone. All fyn there? Hope u all like my story.i have changed my ff name frm mmz different story to “manmarziyan at odds”, as nitu di has same name for her ff.Do forgive me di i didn’t do it intentionally. Please do drop your comments. And thank u frds for including me in ur gang!
Plz do ignore my typos. No proofreading!
Lets get into our imagination world of mmzπŸ˜πŸ˜€
Here we go…..

Getting a scholarship in “legend is not that easy! And here we see a girl who has got a scholarship here due to her very good performance in swimming. And the is none other than Radhika!! Though she is from an elite background but she is of kinda rich.She is not fascinated with money ,she likes to be simple and wants to stand on her own feet.. She doesn’t have friends who are spoilt with money and people who just see the background money. Initially she doesn’t want to join here but due to her interest in swimming and this “legend mehera” has the best scope for swimmer so joined here.

We can see her holding a map of the vast campus and she murmuring curses under her breath for such a vast campus and she is unable to find 1st yr block! Grt start of the first day as she is roaming for more than an hour !
Atlast she found her block and was amazed at the splender. Students are talking excitedly about the newest D-3 victim. All the students were looking up at the rooftop wherethe battered guy stand poised to jump off the building. Realizing the situation, Radhika quickly got into the escalator and reached the rooftop. She then hears the guy shouting to his audience,”this is what you ppl want? Isn’t it? Fine, I’ll give you what you want.”
Radhika was too quick on the uptake of the severity of the movement. She asks the guy, “Are you about to die? Why? You are in a such an elite college! And who wants to die so young without having fun here.there is lots more to learn!

The boy tells her,” This isn’t school, it’s HELL!!!
R; Excuse me. But the real hell is outside. You should fight back for your life. Don’t be a coward by ending life!
The guy ask her if she know what D-3 is! Radhika finally realizing that this mysterious D-3 is why he’s all blo*dy abd ready to jump off.
Radhika indignantly asks,” And you’re going to let them get away with that? If this was her school, she’d show them who was boss here!” The guy tells her that her friends are lucky to have you as a friend——– and then they hear a ——— big “THUD”
EVERYONE gasps… Photo are uploaded, news spreads quickly and pretty soon, Radhika is hailed as a hero in the media, a sort of wonder woman. As this occurred on a ‘ legend campus’ and worse, a Mehera heir is involved ( albeit indirectly as D-3 leader)

precap : The guy name is revealed and entry of hero!
Hmm at last finished typing! Have a nice day ahead ppl! Lov u 😘


  1. nitu

    omg rama plz dnt put me in an odd situation by apologising to me like this
    its really ok sweetheart infact we both shld be happy tat we think same
    and wow u call me in di till nw i was very young in our grp i am the who calls everyone di here nw there is sumone who is younger than me thank god .
    and yeah very nyc update sweet heart w8ing for nxt one

    • Rama


      Thanks rossy diπŸ˜‡ . i am a big fan of both. So thought of giv a try to it! Hope u all ok with it as i adopted d script

  2. Meen

    |Registered Member

    hey rama dear……nice start…..i know u must be waiting for comments so eagerly……as i know what it feels to write a ff for d first time……..comments motivate u to write d next one… dear keep writing……i am there to support u…..& welcome to d mmmz family dear………..will be waiting for d next

    • Rama


      Thanks a lot meen . ur comments are valuable for me! It do motive me. Thanks fr d support meen…. Do comment ur views further too! I juz lov to read dem! Will update soon!

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