Manmarziyan at odds chapter 6

Mmz at odds chapter-6

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Sam searching for a romantic novel which ends with happy ending! Radhika banged her head in d air for the impossible nature of Sam. She somehow pulled Sam out of it and headed towards their class.
The next encounter isn’t so easily dismissed. Sam and Radhika befriended with Bonnie. She was sweet and a shy type.
As days passed, the trio’s bonding grew. One day they were having their ice cream and chatting cheerfully and were playing on the edges of footpath. That time Bonnie accidentally slips and falls at Arjun’s feet, getting the ice cream all over his shoe! The D-3 who happened to pass that way, ended up this way! Panic stricken bonnie, immediately apologized and tries to offer a pay for a new shoes, and then adds to offers to do whatever she can! To rectify the situation.
But Arjun being the king, who never likes offers from someone, tells her to lick the cream off his shoe ! (How jerk he is!) Bonnie being scared literally bends. But stops mid way when she hears Radhika’s voice from behind. Radhika couldn’t tolerate this type of humiliation. So she steps in saying he should accept the mea cupa. She further reasons out that bonnie didn’t tumble on purpose. Now, Arjun turns bis bronx cheer onto Radhika instead.
Arjun; is it your thing to be dopey and interfering? Why but into someone else business? Can’tCan’t you mind your own business?!
Radhika; she’s not just someone, she’s a friend, but i guess they don’t accommodate words like” friends ” or ” friendship” in affluent people’s dictionaries.
Arjun; Friend? Let’s see some of that great friendship in action. You lick it!
Radhika; WHAT?
Arjun; if u do it for her, I’ll let this go.
As you all Radhika being such a sweet girl who can do anything for her loved ones and friends…

Resignedly, Radhika starts to bend over as Arjun waits expectantly. Sam was worrying for Arjun as what will be his state! She mentally prayed that the situation to be in control. But she often steals a glimpse of Neil!
Here Radhika stops mid bow. Instead, she shoves her ice cream cone on Arjun’s face, causing him to fall over due to the sudden attack!
Radhika, scoffs “so what, did you earn all that money yourself?” and no her ” thing isn’t to interfere, it’s to stand up to the behavior of rich punks who rely on their rich parents
Furthermore, she takes out some money from her purse and throws them at Arjun’s face stating those are for laundary charges and walks off.
Radhika ans Sam are laughing holding their stomach at the corner but bonnie didn’t react.
Here Arjun couldn’t digest this humiliation .
That night, Arjun remains in a dark room trying to figure out how to get back at Radhika! As the rest both Neil and Teiji aren’t taking it seriously, Neil is listening to some music and Teiji is playing video games. They find Arjun unusually zero in on! Teiji suggests that Arjun to act in their” usual way “.
Arjun’s gleeful reaction gives the first glimpse of his, uh, not quite-,bright tendencies!
The very next day, Radhika gets the red car
d in her locker ,but it doesn’t really mean much to her and she just tosses it away. She was clueless about what is going to happen. As both Radhika and Sam were heading towards their class, Sam told Radhika that she is going to Bibliotheca and bided bye as she is bunking the class. Radhika enters the class after biding bye and finds her desk is gone. One of her notebooks is lying on the ground, graffiti’d with hate words on the board, and when she bends down to picoit up, it jumps out of reach— someone tied a string to it.
Radhika follows the leaping notebook out into the hallway, where ber equally defaced desk is parked. Students start circulating around her and pelting her with tomatoes— and then a bucket of flour is dumped over her from above. Radhika couldn’t do anything, she is simply bearing everything .
Radhika shouts at them,” Go on! Keep going!”
When she looks up to the crowd around her, bonnie rushes off, too scared to show her support. While Sam was unaware of these happening. If she did know this , the situation would have been different.

Meanwhile, Arjun and Teiji watches the proceedings on the tv in their lounge. Teiji figures out that’s the endof the story, but Arjun correct him – it’s not yet over, when Radhika comes begging on her knees.
Arjun’s dunderheaded charms, because he’s absolutely convinced that Radhika will come through the door anytime now. He counts down and his consternation when Radhika doesn’t! Is hilarious…
By this time Sam came to know about this , she in a jiffy rushed to Radhika to console her , to lend a shoulder. She is mentally cursing her for not being with Radhika to support her when she needed the most. And that traitor bonnie ! She will see her later, but as of now Radhika is important.
Here Radhika retreats to her shouty stairway along with Sam. Sam was struggling to clean the mess off from Radhika with her hands. But they were interrupted by Neil, who’s relaxing on the landing below. Oddly, he asks,” do u know how to make aloo paratha?” Confused with the question, Radhika answers the list of ingredients and sam saying the preparation. Taking in Radhika appearance, Neil gives his handkerchief to Sam and signals her to wipe out the flour dust from Radhika’s face. Surprised and touched both the girls thanks him and promises to return it back later, he answers that he won’t be coming back, since the stairwell’s gotten a lot noisier recently.

To be continued…

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