Manmarziyan at odds chapter 5

Manmarziyan at odds chapter 5

Enjoy the ride!??

Yiepeeeee…. I won’t be an outsider anymore…As i will have you my soul Sissy… Yiepee… Radhika made one crazy dance of her… Both laughed at the dance. Radhika again hugged Sam. From childhood they were in same school, same class and now again both will be in same university. And a long way to go, lets see…
After finishing their work in their restaurant, both headed towards their respective apartment. Both mishras’ and khannas’ flat were opposite to each other in their 4 storey apartment. They were living in the second floor.
Both Radhika and Sam wished bon nuit and went to sleep in their room to wake up to their novel life ( God only knows his plans)
As usual Sam was in deep slumber, waking her up was a bedrock task for Radhika. But Radhika knew what has to done to wake her up as it was a routine task from childhood. Radhika poured water o er Sam. Damn! Sam at once woke up. Radhika smirked , Sam complained that she disturbed her happy ending of her story with her dream boy, she said like a small kid. Radhika was fed up of hearing this happy ending stories of Sam! Now, Radhika retorted that they are getting late for their college. Sam; yeah! How could I forget that’s its my first day! What’s the time?

Radhika; 7:00
Sam gasped and said, ” OMG”
Radhika had enough, she won’t remeber anything and pulled Sam out of bed and pushed her to privy.
Inside Sam was karaoked the song ” Malarae” ( its a malayam song from premam movie guys , do listen this with subtitles… Its a heart touchy one, u will fall in love with it)
After about 15 min Sam came out and clad herselfand did some light make up. Then Radhika and Sam took blessing from god and their breakfast. After eating they headed towards their college i Radhika’s bike.

After 15 min ride , they reached the legend college. Asyhey were entering into their block, Sam’ s ogle was on the big Bibliotheca. She at once left into there without even telling Radhika. She was walking as if that Bibliotheca has cast a spell on her which pulled sam towards it.
Here, Radhika’s patience is tried for the next time, when D-3 struts in looking cool as usual and a very shy boy presents Arjun with a home made cakeand hopes that he’ll accept him in his D-3 group. Arjun stares at him in his blank, haughty way and takes the cake as though accepting—- to the boy’s surprise and the queen bees horror_ until he smashes the cake into his face . Arjun walks off, and then a girl came and gave a rose to Neil…. He in turn didn’t say anything and walked off. Arjun and Neil only to find Radhika in his path, trying to do her best to tramp down her fury. She unleashes a diatibe ” Hey You! Don’t you even have the barest human courtesy? I don’t bother hoping you’d have a y humility for your riches. But if you didn’t want to eat it,you could have politely refused. Or, couldn’t you think of the feelings of the person who made the cake and accepted?”
Unfortunately, Radhika’s tirade is only in her head. When comes time to say it, she backs down and mutters , ‘ never mind ‘
As Neil passes though he gives her a smile as if knowing what’s running through her mind.
When Radhika turned to say something to sam, but she was no where to be found. Radhika turned here and there in searching. And then she notice the Bibliotheca! She said to her , Sam would have gone there where else she will go other than having and reading a book!
Radhika went inside , there Sam was running her fingers over the books as if seriously searching something important book. But no, she is not a nerd, she is searching for a romantic novels….

To be continued…

Hi guys… Extremely sorry ? couldn’t update early…. Thanks for ur lovely comments it encourage me a lot! I know i made u ppl to wait a bit long with my update, sorry for dat… Model exams …. It went pretty good! Luckily!? I think this is short one and tomorrow update will b long…. To bear with me…. Please do comment… Silent readers plz do drop ur views …. Oouch my fingers… It hurts… Anything for u guys…. Lov u all?????

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