Manmarziyan at odds chapter 4


Did he really earshot? ! Did he really heard! She was palpitating oh what would be the paroxysm from him! As she indeed criticizing his best friend, the D-3 leader, devil!
After a pause of few seconds, Radhika flateredly asked, ” did… Did you? Hmm…
Neil; yup
Radhika; what? I’m… I didn’t mean….
Neil ; I heard the whole invective such as u calling us flies and tells her whom she was referring devil has got a name and that’s’ Arjun not any devil or dragon fly—- if u r going to vituperate against him, you ought to at atleast get the name right.
After telling this , Neil slumped the stairs. And Radhika was shocked. She didn’t expect this way of outcome when we invective the best friend of others’. But it was contrariwise.
Lunch time:
The quenn bees trio hover and comment on Radhika poor lunch food. Ina says look into the refectory which serves the most Epicurean food, but u , u r having a under privileged food. Aloo paratha???? witb dahi! Thats it Radhika gritted her teeth and said ” My mom’s food is way more delicious than d gourmet offering. You guys get that. And don’t spy around me. But the trio ignored her saying and continued their ridicule about her lunch with other s.
Radhika was missing her soul sister her best friend her sam , Samaria khanna . she has applied for scholarship! Radhika hoped she too was with her. How they used to fight for aloo paratha !
Scene shifts to : The Bird restaurant
Which is owned by Dilip mishra father of Radhika and by Samarat Khanna father of Samaria Khanna! The business is going good! Both rasam work here even though they r d owner’s daughter but they want be independent and to earn their pocket bucks! After a very tiring day rasam got some time to talk.
Sam; Hope by now you would have made friends!
She expressed her relief but inside she was jealous, what if in future Radhika neglect her for a new frd.
Radhika replied” I’m an outsider
Still she figures out she is making me secure but she can lie low until graduation, which promts Sam to ask what happened to d fearless protectorafter which Radhika narrated the entire story!
Radhika then asks Sam: what happened to your scholarship? Any good news!
SAM with a mischievous smile thought to tease Radhika, so shr said , ” eh, please don’t ask that question, i am rejected.
Radhika felt more sad now, she was worried for her sam and how she gonna to college without her first two days were horrible and now it gonna continue being horrible.
SAM couldn’t resist herself more and statted laughing and back hugged Radhika! Radhika was confused!
Sam said i got admission in ” legend’ !
Afyer hearing this Radhika squealed in happiness and hugged sam tight and both were jumping showing how content they are now!

To be continued…
Sorry, sorry… Extremely guys ,.. Got struck up with my internals and frm Monday my model exams are starting! Wish me luck guys! I know i have made u guys waited too long but please ? bear ?with me for another one week . so on next Friday there will be double dhamaka?! Pinky promise . lov u … Bye! C u giys on next Friday??

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    Good chapter.. 🙂 All the very best for you exams.. 🙂

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