Manmarziyan at odds chapter 3


Manmarziyan at odds chapter 3

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THE Grand entrance—-
A whirlybird is shown which is about to land and a BMW sports bike is roaring in the tracks! Out of the whirlybird there comes the Teiji Mehera all cute , the guy who was riding parks his bike and takes out his helmet and he is none other than Neil malhothra with dimpled cheeks and atlast the leader of D-3 ,the most handsome hunk of these three ,the ARJUN MEHERA! wearing a black luxurious suit and googles, he not less than any greek gods!
D-3 appearance at the entrance sends all the boys and especially girls caterwauling and everyone dashing at the entrance to welcome their overlords. No,seriously you practically except somebody to kowtow at their feet. As it is, D-3 arrives in a flicker of magnetism and hex !
As D-3 walks, Arjun looks over at one of the onlookers, as he shift his gaze , one guy immediately palpitales in fear. In a supreme bored yet authoritative voice, Arjun asks Teiji who was busy in drinking his cool drink for his drink and Arjun pours it all over the jinxed student.
The other onlookers started to share what had happened earlier, thst jinxed guy had been vainglorious earlier about wearing a shirt only he and Arjun owned and Arjun was not pleased to be caught similarly dressed!

All these were witnessed by Radhika, who couldn’t bear this sputtered at Arjun assiness. She calls him a crazy bastard watching his reign of terror! Soon Radhika felt that all the eyes were on her then reality hit her she was blocking the way and she was not sputtering anything all was a day dream. She was frowning and staring at Arjun. she moved out of way to the side and Neil smirked a smile to her and Arjun who gave her a bored look and Teiji the happy go lucky guy was least bothered to look at girls as he texting someone! Radhika was shocked to the core .
She then let an mild audible bastards and stomped her feet. This attracts the attention of the college’s three Queen bees ,who intro themselves as Ina,Mina,Mo. They stick up for D-3 and tells Radhika to watch what she says! They are leaving her as it was her second day. Radhika couldn’t understand anything, why the whole college was behind these D-3.
After sometimes- at misha villas

Radhika and her grandfather who was also her bff surfs the net for their bio:
Teiji mehera – is a heir to a world largest construction enterprise, his father is a younger bro of arav mehera
Neil malhothra- is a pottery genius who recently became the youngest best famous artist, he is the grandson of a big shot business tycoon and the sole descendant, as his parents died in a car crash when he was 8. His family owns a soccer team, art centre posh one , a major cricket team league.
An then……

There comes the King of all greek gods by his looks and personality, the Arjun Mehera . The leader of D-3 and son of Arav and nandhini mehera . the others are famous among rich society, but Arjun as the sole heir to mehera group, is known to practically the entire country.
Afterall these bios, everyone wants to be like them , it will be dream as u can say!
Finding out how privileged D-3 were, it sends Radhika into rage–life is too umbrage at Arjun for being such a khadoos, because if he was born so lucky, he should be thankful and act kindly with others. Go hell him nerve! Khadoos! D-3 leader yuck, dragon flies! All these while she was shouting to let go of her frustration at top of some building. But too late, Radhika jerked when she looked down the staircase and spots a set of legs_ someone was taking a nap on the stairs below. Its Neil! He saunters up to her telling in his calm yet soft spoken way that she did disturbed his sleep. He heard the whole triade , thought Radhika as this thought itself made her Shriver!
To be continued…
No precap : sorry!
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