Manmarziyan at odds chapter 2


Manmarziyan at odds chapter 2
Hi everyone! Thanks for ur lovely comment! Do comment further! And my dear silent readers plz do drop ur comments . i have adopted the story frm a korean drama , hope u guys don’t hav problem with it .if so plz do tell me ! But the story will have different tinch ,I guarantee dat! Ok now i stop my blabbering. Let’s get into the mmz world……??

Everyone gasps——- the guy who was holding a big flower pot as a support, mistakenly pushed the pot and it fell down , THUD !

HEHE… He didn’t fell, he realized his foolishness of ending life without even fighting it. After all life is all about fighting for survival! He thought about Radhika’s words and he made up his mind to fight back. Then he got down from the roof and soon the media ppl buzzed and started questioning him as he too is frm a elite family but not as elite as Mehera. But he boldly blamed the D-3 leader for his attempt of suicide and he profusely thanked the girl who saved his life and for making him understand the meaning of life. After giving a police compliant, he asked the girl; what’s your lovely name? And thank u !
Radhika; she smiled and replied, ” Radhika, Radhika mishra. And yours ?
The guy ; Saral Joshi. Nice meeting u!

Radhika; same here. Ok see you tomorrow. Take care saral!
Now the scene shifts to a posh building where the mehera office is present. Naturally, the outcry is a pain in the neck for Mehra group’s CEO, Nandhini mehera who happens to be mother of D-3 leader Arjun mehera . She vents her ire on her secretary Mr.Rana, ” You know why public opinion is frightening? B’cos they are ignorant! What then, can be done. Make sure that Joshi losses their share in the market if they don’t wish to withdraw the complaint. As mehera grp holds major share in all fields , Joshi feared this and they withdrew the case.
Next day, Radhika arrives at the college. Predictably she is complete fish out of water in this place where students flash luxury vehicle and designer clothing. But she likes to wear simple clothing and doesn’t flash her richness in these things except for one , her bike Harley Davidson! She loves her bike second to swimming. But she is very fierce!

Here inside the campus again she is wandering around, searching for the swimming pool, when she hears the strain of guitar! Curious to know she follows the sound of guitar strings …..
It’s Neil malhothra, dressed in all sky blue,playing his guitar out in the woods Radhika was blown by his dimple cheeks when he smiled and pretty handsome too. As we all do admire him. When he sees her staring at him, he raises his right eye brow. Radhika asks in a stammered yet flustered tone tone for the pool, and he points her in the opposite direction. She runs off in a mortification, but also impressed with Neil’s pretty dimpled face, she doesn’t know his name !
To be continued….

Precap: grand entry …
Ran out of thoughts so stopping here. Will update next one soon! Till that take care and bye!??

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  1. Meen

    Rama dear……nice one….radhika is impressed by neil….well who wouldnt be….after all he is our dimple king…..loads of love

    1. Rama

      Thanks meen! Neil d dimple King?

  2. Shubhadha

    Nice episode…

    1. Rama

      Thanks shubhadha !

  3. Brin

    Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Rama

      Thanks brin?! Yeah will update by midnight.

  4. Awsm update rama.. one humble request n post quite longer than this.. take care..

    1. Rama

      Thanks farjanafarjana? . the next one will be longer, pinky promise ?

  5. Neil is jihoooo?

    1. Rama

      Yeah? candy

  6. Hii. I a was a silent reader. But today i wanted to comment. The strory is amaxing. U said it is based on a korean drama. Its boys over flowers right? I just loved it. Keep going.

    1. Rama

      Hi bhagi! Nice to hear frm uu? ! Keep commenting on my story, it encourage me a lot. Thanks fr d comments! Ya it’s boys over flower but will my tinch of story ?

  7. Nyc very short one dear..pls post loooooong one next tym 🙂

    1. Rama

      Thanks neetz?. Next will b long

  8. Jnana


    1. Rama

      Thanks jnana??

  9. Superb yaar.i am so excited for the nxt one.i can’t comment on your first chapter cause I have every thing is over.Post the next one soon.loads of love☺
    By the way r u studying?

    1. Rama

      Thanks sravya?…that’s ok , chill! Best of luck fr ur results?. Will update soon. Ya I’m studying

  10. Rossy

    Rama its superb with ur own tadka…and is radz also rich here?? Waiting for Arjun’s entry like in original series…lol…m dreaming…update soon

    1. Rama

      Thanks rossy! Ya Radhika is also rich but not that much as ! Will update soon

  11. Rama

    Sorry frds couldn’t update yesterday! Well health issue, suddenly i fainted . now am all ok. Next update will be midnight. Plzz comment… Silent readers plz do!

  12. Rama

    Frds i have already post my next chapter but tu haven’t uploaded it

  13. Awesome, marvellous episode, loved it very much. Keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads

  14. _Ritu

    Amazing Rama….Neil nd Rads met..all curious for nxt…loads of love 🙂

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