Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 9- Revelation)


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Arjun asked “what is it Nandu? And Karthik, even you know about this? Please tell me what it is. Tell me everything.”

Nandini and Karthik told him everything. Arjun kept listening to whatever they were saying. He was shocked. Reena too listened. Even Nitin was there. He too heard their conversation.

Arjun pulled the back of his hair. He was angry as well as happy at the same time. He knew that his Radhika can never let him down. The next part was, she didn’t tell him anything.

He asked “so she did it for us? To get us back together?”

She said “yes Arjun. For us. Please forgive me, for what I’ve done. Please Arjun please.”

Arjun remembered the hospital scene where she had asked him to forgive Nandini. He understood everything now. He hated himself for what he had done.

She cried putting her head down with folded hands. He held them and put her hands down. He too cried and hugged her.

He said “Nandu don’t cry. Even I’m sorry. Sorry that I hurt you. I spoke so rudely to you at the park. Radhika told me, but I didn’t listen to her. If I would’ve, none of this would’ve happened.”

Nandini broke the hug and asked “what?! She told you?”

He said “she asked me if I would forgive you. I said I wouldn’t as I was still angry on you.”

Nandini asked “but how did Radhika find me? Know where I was.”

Karthik said “I know. She asked someone called Rana about your location. He told her that you were in Cambridge. Then she called me to find out more about you.”

Arjun said “I’m so sorry Karthik. I misunderstood you.”

Karthik smiled and patted Arjun’s shoulder.

He said “I’m happy that you understood what’s between me and Radhu. She’s my best friend’s sister. She’s my sister too. And it’s OK. It happens.”

Both Karthik and Arjun hugged each other. It was a happy moment. They then broke their hug. Arjun’s eyes kept searching for Radhika. Reena felt relieved as she was out of this drama.

Arjun chuckled wiping his tears and asked “where’s Radhika? I swear, I’m not going to leave her today.”

Nitin said “I donno. Let’s see.”

Nandini said “I saw her walking out of the hall. She might be in the garden.”

Arjun asked “how can you be like this Nandu? How can you let her be alone?”

Nandini asked “what? You were getting engaged. To another girl. You want her to stay and watch all of this happen? That’s why I let her go. She needed to be alone. I know how much it hurts.”

Karthik said “I’ll go get Radhu.”

Reena came to Arjun and said “I’m so happy Arjun. I’m finally out of this. Out of this drama.”

She removed her ring and gave it to him. Arjun took it the ring in closed it between his hand and clutched it to his chest.

She said “this belongs to Radhika. Make her wear this and confess your love.”

Arjun smiled and said “thank you. Thank you so much Reena. For staying by my side and helping me.”

She said “I can do anything for a friend like you.”

He smiled at her. His eyes kept searching for her. He couldn’t wait for her. He had marked her his. By heart, mind and soul. She was his for eternity.

He asked “where’s Karthik? How long does it take to get her? She was outside.”

Just then Karthik came in. He had his head hung low. He was sad. Arjun turned towards him and smiled. But his smile vanished when he didn’t find Radhika with him.

He asked Karthik “where’s Radhika? Where is she? You went to get her no? Where is she?”

Karthik didn’t say anything. He just stood just like that. Arjun got worried now. He held Karthik and kept shaking him continuously.

He asked “why aren’t you saying anything? Where is she? Tell me Karthik, tell me. For god’s sake, please.”

He said “I’m sorry Arjun.”

Arjun asked “sorry? Sorry for what?”

He said “I couldn’t find her. Donno where she went. I searched everywhere outside. You don’t worry. She must be inside somewhere.”

Meanwhile on the other side, Radhika was on the road crying out loud. It was an empty road. She kept crying screaming Arjun’s name.

Dil jude bina hi tut gaye
Hath mile bina hi chhut gaye
Ki likhe ne lekh kismet ne..
Baar baar rod akhiyan
Tainu jo na vekh sakiyan
Khole aaye aaj
Kudrat ne..
Kataan main ki ve din
Teri soth tere bin
Main toh jiya na mara

She thought of all the moments she had spent with Arjun. She covered her mouth with her hands so that no one nearby could hear her scream and cry.

Chan se jo toote koi sapna
Jag suna suna lage
Jag suna suna lage
Koi rahe na jab apna
Jag suna suna lage
Jag suna suna hai toh..
Yeh kyun hota hai..
Jab yeh.. dil rota hai
Roye sisak sisak ki hawayein
Jag suna lage

She looked around everywhere. She didn’t know where to go. She kept waking.

In the hall, Nitin said “don’t worry Arjun. We’ll find her.”

Nandini said “please find her, please. If we lose her this time, then I’ll never be able to forgive myself.”

Karthik said “don’t worry ma’am. I’ll go look in the pantry.”

Just then the catering manager came and said “ she’s not there.”

They looked for her everywhere. She was nowhere to be found. Arjun panicked. She didn’t know any place in Cambridge, except for home and college. Nandini was grief stricken. Reena too panicked. She tried to pacify Arjun and Nandini. Karthik and Nitin came back after a while. They noded in a negative.

Arjun was angry now. He clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. His muscles rippled and flexed. It seemed liked the sherwani would just rip off.

He asked “what is her problem? Why does she keep running like this? What joy does she get watching me panick like this?”

Karthik said “calm down Arjun. We need to think calm, not anger.”

He said “Mrs. Radhika Mehra, I swear, the moment I find you I’m just gonna… I myself donno what I’ll do.”

(Haha … lol ??)

He said “fine, I’ll take this in my hands. I created this mess. So, I’ll find her.”

Karthik said “I’ll come along.”

Nitin said “mee too.”

Arjun said “no you both stay here. In case she comes back, let me know. Reena, take care of Nandu.”

The three of them noded in agreement and watched Arjun walk out of the hall with full determination. Nandini just cried.

Arjun went and asked the security guard. He said that he had seen her going out. She was crying a lot.

Arjun took his car and drove off. He looked for her everywhere. He went home, she wasn’t there. She couldn’t be in Nandini’s or Karthik’s, as they were in the party. He looked everywhere. Each and every street. Every nook and corner. But, no sign of her. All the streets were empty. Arjun panicked even more. A mix of thoughts ran into him. He shivered thinking of it. He kept driving looking for her.

On the other side, Radhika felt exhausted. She didn’t have anything since morning. She was too busy to think of eating. And now, her crying. She was exhausted to the core. Just then, something got into her head. She wiped her tears and started walking.

Arjun at one point, halted his car and got out of it. He knelt down on the road and cried for loud.

He screamed “Raaadhhhiikaaaa….”

Just as Radhika was walking, strong wind hit her. She felt cold. More than the cold, she felt uncomfortable. She felt something wrong.

She thought “oh god, hope everything’s alright. I hope everyone’s fine. Especially Arjun.”

(God:yes my child, everything’s alright. Everything’s gonna be cleared in your life. You’re gonna be happy. That’s what I’m trying to tell you.)

Arjun on the other side prayed for Radhika’s safety.

He said “god please keep my Radhika safe. I know I’ve created a big mess, but please help me. Help me find her.”

(God:you both husband and wife!! Arghhh.. I just donno what to do with you both. The only thing I can do is bless you. And yes, you’ll find her soon.)

Radhika kept walking to the destination she wanted to reach. Arjun felt something and smiled.

He thought “how did I miss that? Radhika I’m coming for you. You can never escape.”

Radhika reached the place and sat on a chair watching the sky. She smiled a small one as she looked up.

Arjun got into his car and drive fast. He couldn’t control himself. He was going to get his Radhika. He was excited, happy, angry, nervous. All at the same time.

He then reached the place. He parked his car and started walking. It was a big fountain. Tables and chairs surrounded the fountain. It was a fountain of four cute little kids going round and round. Ok like, ringa ringa roses. It looked so cute. It was in ash color with an oxidized touch.

(I imagine if such a place exists. And if it does, I’ll be the happiest person. What am I doing?! Lol ??)

Arjun looked around and found a person sitting there. He k ew who it was. It was her. She sat there staring at the fountain. Radhika loved that place very much. She had told him that she’d love to visit it again. He saw her small fragile form shiver in the cold. She tried to cover up with her dupatta, but it didnt help. The material was too thin. She was crying too.

He thought “god, if this woman doesn’t stop crying, she’s gonna die catching cold and fever.”

He went close to her. When he was about to place his had on her shoulder, he head a voice. It was her voice. It was only the two of them there, so it had to be her voice.

She said “hello Mr. Arjun Mehra.”

He was shocked. She identified him. She knew it was him, even without a sound. She turned around and faced him. She was still sitting and he was looking down at her. He then pulled her up. He held her tight. He was too angry.

She asked “Arjun what are you doing here? You’re supposed to be at the hotel. And please let go, it hurts.”

He said “I’ve caught hold of you for not letting go of it.”

She asked “what? What are you saying?”

He asked “what do you think of yourself?! I’ll be happy with your sacrifice? You’ll leave me and I’ll marry Reena? And on top of it, you came out of the hotel. All alone. And do yiu know how much eveyone are worried? Nandu, Nitin, Reena, Karthik, everyone. What if something would have happened? What would I do? What would I tell your parents?

She said “sshhhh.. Calm down. I’m fine. See, nothing happened to me. I’m standing here, right in front of you. And stop worrying about me, I’m no kid. I can take care of myself.”

He made her wear his coat. She kept shivering. She pulled it around her, trying to cover up and gather some warmth.

He asked “what? Not worry about you?”

She said “yes. And this coat, no need of it. Im absolutely fine.”

She then remembered what be said. ‘Nandu’. She was so happy.

She asked “and what did you say? Nandu is it? If I’m not wrong” still shivering.

He said “yes Nandu. And if you don’t wear the coat, you’re gonna die with all that chattering of yours.”

Radhika felt her skin burn. But still, she didn’t care about it.

She said “then that means your forgave her. I’m so happy. The work that I came here for is over” and clapped her hands in joy.

She realized what she had said and turned around to see him. She knew that he knew it all. She gulped down a lump of saliva down her throat.

She then asked him “what are you doing here? Go back to the hotel. Everyone will be waiting there. And Reena, what will she think about you?”

He said “oh shut up.”

She asked “what shut up? You shut up.”

He said “no engagement.”

She asked “what? What do you mean?”

He said “I broke the engagement.”

She looked at him in disbelief. She didn’t understand anything. He just got engaged and now he was telling he didn’t. Radhika felt her head go dizzy. She had taken a lot.

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Up next: Chapter 10-Ardhika unite

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