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Arjun kept crying. Reena came and sat next to him. Arjun kept looking at the bedroom. He waited for it to open.

Reena asked “now what Arjun?”

Arjun said “our engagement.”

She exclaimed “what?! But… but I thought it was fake. To make your wife confess.”

He said “look Reena, I don’t know till where this is going to go, but we have to do this.”

Reena said “but Arjun…”

He said “I know Reena. I can understand. But, we need to do this. I know my Radhika will come for me. She’s showing us that she’s OK, but she isn’t. I know my princess.”

Reena smiled at him. The amount of trust he had on his wife was unimaginable. She decided that she would help him.

She said “OK Arjun. I’m with you. I’ll help you get your Radhika back. I’ll pester her so much that she’ll come running and hug you soooo tight that you’ll be squeezed to pulp.”

Arjun stared at her with a smirk. Reena laughed out at what she had just said. Then the two of them started laughing. Radhika who was crying in the room heard them laugh.

She thought “I think Arjun was right. He needs to move on. After so long he’s laughing. Now I trust Reena. She will take good care of him.”

Reena said “I wish I find someone like this. Who’ll love me. Love me for what I am.”

Arjun said “you’ll surely find someone. And yes, don’t forget to invite us for the wedding.”

She said still laughing “yeah yeah. Sure I will.”

Radhika went to the bathroom and washed her face. She changed into new clothes and came out of the room. She saw them sitting together and were talking. Arjun looked up and saw her coming. He felt relieved that she came out. He smiled at her. Radhika saw him and tried to put up a smile.

Radhika came to him and said “Arjun we have only a week. And there are a lot of preparations to be done. Tell me, how do you want your engagement to be? I’ll do the preparations.”

Arjun was shocked. He kept looking down at her. She didn’t look at him. Reena just kept staring at them. Just hen she got an idea.

She said “thank you so much Radhika. I know, we’ve very less time. I know an Indian clothing store that is run by my friend. They have superb collection. Ethinic wears are the best. We’ll go there and check out dresses for me and Arjun.”

Radhika asked “we?!”

She said “yes we. Me and you. You’re the one who knows Arjun’s taste. So it’ll be better if you come along.”

Arjun smiled. Reena started her work now itself. Radhika just kept staring at her without saying anything. She saw Arjun, who kept staring at her.

Radhika let out a deep sigh and said “OK fine. And yes, I’ll check out with the best wedding planner and caterer. The theme has to be Indian. Arjun likes it traditional. Food will also be Indian.”

Arjun couldn’t just believe that the mask she had on herself would grow stronger. And with each of her word, he felt that she was just moving away from him. She turned towards him and gave a smile. He just kept staring at her.

Arjun then put up the courage and said “right Radhika. I and Reena will take care of the invitations.”

Radhika smiled and said “OK. We’ll start from tomorrow. Everything has to be done quickly.”

Arjun asked “but Radhika, what about your classes?”

Radhika thought “everything is a lie. Classes it seems.

Radhika said “I’ll take leave, don’t worry about that. And Arjun, tell me how you want the preparations to be done?”

He said “however you wish. I trust you. Whatever you do will be the best.”

Reena said “yes Radhika. Arjun’s told a lot about you. I trust you too.”

Radhika said “OK. Reena please stay for dinner. It’s almost time.”

Reena said “but…”

Radhika said “it’ll be quick. Don’t worry. After dinner, Arjun will drop you.”

Reena hesitantly said “ohkay.”

Radhika prepared dinner all alone. She didn’t receive any call, neither from Karthik nor Nandini. They had dinner together. All of them quiet. After dinner, Arjun went to drop Reena home.

Radhika called up Nandini. The call was picked up in a few rings.

On the other end Nandini said “haan Radhika. Tell.”

Radhika said “di, the engagement’s in six days. You’ll get the invitation soon.”

Nandini asked “what? Radhika can’t you just do something? Can’t you just tell him everything and confess your feelings?”

Radhika said “di…..”

Nandini asked “or else couldn’t you just confess first and then talk to him about me?”

Radhika said “for me getting both you back together was more important.”

Nandini said “you’ve spoiled your life. Well, almost.”

Radhika laughed and said “di, its almost. Not totally. So, chill di.”

Nandini asked “how can you be like this Radhika? Your husband’s getting engaged to someone and you’re laughing.”

Radhika said “I can’t do anything di. I just want him to be happy. He’s done a lot for me, but I couldn’t do anything. So, let it be.”

Nandini said “I’ll come home tomorrow. I’ll talk to him. I’ll pinch his ears and make him understand.”

She said “no need di. He’s anger has not yet reduced.”

Nandini let out a deep sigh and said “I just donno what to do Radhika. But whatever you’re doing is wrong. All I can say is just take care.”

Radhika said “yeah di, I’ll take care” and hung up the phone.

She then called up Karthik. He too picked up in no time.

He asked “Radhu!! Are you alright? Did you talk to Arjun?”

She said “no bhai.”

He asked “what? Why Radhu?”

She said “it’s k bhai. Let him be happy. And yes, you’ll get the invitation soon.”

He exclaimed “what?! What is your problem Radhu? And invitation?! For what?”

She asked “me bhai? Nothing. Invitation for his engagement.”

He said “Radhu I’m coming home right now. I need to talk to him.”

She said “no bhai, you’re not coming. I don’t want any fight between the two of you.”

He said “but Radhu….”

She said “I’ll call you later. Bye. And yes, take care.”

He said “I know to take care of myself. You need to take care. And yes, if possible go meet a psychiatrist.”

She asked “what? Who? A psychiatrist? Why?”

He said “yeah, a psychiatrist. Not only you, he too needs one.”

She asked “what are you saying bhai?”

He said “you both are mad to sacrifice your love. I just donnno what to do.”

She laughed it and said “lol bhai. You na, there’s no need for that.”

He was happy that she was laughing. The least he could do.

She said “OK bhai, I’ll go.”

He said “OK fine Radhu. Take care” and cut the call.

The next day, Radhika and Reena went to store and were checking out dresses. Reena kept trying, she knew that Radhika felt uncomfortable, but she didn’t step back. Finally, she decided to buy a yellow and pink lahenga with heavy embroidery. Radhika selected a white sherwani with aqua blue waist coat for Arjun.

Reena asked “what is this Radhika? Such a simple sherwani?”

Radhika said “Arjun likes it to be simple. So, shall we make a move?”

Reena said “oh, ok. No Radhika not yet. We still need to buy matching jewelry and footwear.”

Radhika said “OK. So, where is that store?”

Reena said “the same one. We need to go to the first floor. On the second floor, footwear.”

Radhika said “OK, let’s go.”

Reena said “no, wait Radhika.”

Radhika turned around kind of annoyed. This girl was driving her nuts.

Radhika asked “now what?”

Reena said “even you need a dress. What will you wear on our engagement?”

Radhika felt her heart rip into a million pieces. The word “engagement” made her lose her confidence. She composed herself.

She said “there’s no need for that Reena.”

Reena said “yes you need to. If not, Arjun will kill me.”

Radhika said “ok.”

She said it because she didn’t want Reena to get scoldings from Arjun. She didn’t want to be sad because of her. Reena smiled at Radhika. She too smiled back.

Radhika looked through a number of lahengas. She wasn’t satisfied. She then remembered that Arjun’s favorite color was pink. She smiled and took a pink and white lahenga. It was simple with light embroidery. She went to the trial room and tried it on. She cried while trying it on. She imagined that she was getting engaged to Arjun.

Her thoughts were broken when she heard a knock on the door. It was Reena. She was calling out to her. Radhika wiped her tears.

He told to herself “stop thinking nonsense Radhika. It’s not going to happen.”

She said “yeah Reena.”

Reena asked “what’s taking you so long? Come out.”

She said “yeah I’m coming. Just a minute.”

Radhika came out. Reena had bought the matching jewelry also. She made Radhika wear it. She then clicked her picture.

Radhika asked “what is this Reena?”

Reena said “you look so beautiful. I just couldn’t resist myself.”

Radhika asked “is it ok?”

Reena said “you look stunning. Please take this. It suits you best.”

Radhika said “OK I’ll take this. I’ll go change.”

She went back into the trial room. In that time, Reena sent Radhika’s picture to Arjun. Arjun’s phone beeped. He took it out and saw Reena’s message. When he saw it, he had a big smile. Radhika looked so pretty. He caressed her picture and kissed it.

He spoke to her picture.

He said “you remembered that my favourite colour is pink. You look so beautiful.”

He then punched in a reply to Reena saying thanks. She saw his message and smiled at it. She then heard the door open. She put her phone inside immediately.

Radhika came out and gave the dress to the salesperson. They then went to the first floor and selected matching jewelry. Reena took temple jewelry, which matched her dress. Radhika got a chain for Arjun. Radhika took the ones which Reena had already taken for her. It was gold plated antique jewelry, which was perfect. They went to the third floor and selected matching footwear. Reena took a pair of designer sandals which had heavy work and it matched her dress too. Radhika took a pair of golden sandals for herself, not too much. She selected a pair of golden shoes for Arjun, which matched his suit.

(I donno how to call them-the shoe)

By the time they had finished, it was already past much time. They were exhausted. Too tired. They went to a nearby restaurant and had lunch.

By the time they finished, it was 4. Arjun called Reena.

Reena picked it up and said “yeah Arjun.”

He asked “where’re you both.”

Reena said “Arjun we’re done. We’re starting towards home.”

Arjun said “stay right there, I’m coming. Where’re you now?”

Reena told him the location. And kept watching them talk on phone. She had enough of today. She just wanted to go cry out.

She then thought “oh god, for the first day this is my state. What will I do? What will be my state in the next six days? No Radhika, you can’t fall weak. Be strong, never give up.”

(God:I can understand your pain child. Don’t cry. You’re strong, everyone knows that. I’ll make things right soon. I promise you that dear.)

Arjun came there in the next five minutes. Radhika sat at the back. Reena had no other choice than to sit with him in the front. It was quiet. Very quiet.

(Someone start talking… I myself am going nuts here ??… Fine, no one’s gonaa talk … I’ll go find my own company ??)

They dropped Reena home. They reached home. Radhika was so exhausted. She just threw herself on the sofa. She then remembered… Dinner!!

Radhika then went to the kitchen and started to prepare dinner. Arjun came from behind and hugged her. Sent tried to move away, but his grip on her was tight. He turned her around and made her face him. She didn’t look at him. If she did, she’d cry. He was her weakness. He made her look at him. His hand was moving up and down caressing her back. Radhika didn’t feel it as she was looking deep into his eyes. He came closer and closer. Finally, their lips met. Radhika didn’t protest, she too kissed him back. Arjun took her in his arms still kissing her and took her to the bedroom.

He put her down and broke the kiss. She looked at him with a smile and hugged him. After so long, she was so happy. He too hugged her tight. She pushed him and stepped back keeping a good distance between them.

Arjun kept staring at her. In shock, as usual. Radhika didn’t know what to do. It happened again. She had to do something.

She thought “think Radhika think. Change the topic soon. Do something Radhika, do something.”

She then asked in a cheerful voice “do you want to see what we shopped today? I took one for you too.”

He asked “did you take one for yourself?”

She said “yeah.”

He said “OK. And yes, I’d love to see them.”

Radhika cheerfully went back to the hall and bought the shopping bags. She showed him his sherwani. She showed him her lahenga too. The jewelry also. She showed him Reena’s picture, she clicked one when they had finalized the dress.

She said “go try it on. Need to see if it suits you. And the size too.”

He said “there’s no need Radhika. It’s perfect.”

She said “Arjun just go. Please.

He said “ok” and started to remove his shirt.

She screamed closing her eyes “Arjun wait. I’ll go out.”

He asked “what is this Radhika? You’re my wife. And I have no problem.”

She said “shut up Arjun.”

She went out of the room and closed the door behind her. He smiled at her tactics. She was such a kid. Arjun came out after a while. Radhika who was standing outside, saw him. She was mesmerized. She just couldn’t take her eyes off him. He too looked at her. It was an intense eyelock.

Radhika broke the eyelock and said “it looks nice. Now change soon and come. Dinner’s ready.”

Arjun said “I told you it was perfect. Ok fine, I’ll come.”

Arjun went back inside and changed. He came down and saw Radhika waiting for him. They both sat down and had dinner.

After dinner Radhika sat down with her laptop and started browsing for wedding planners and caterers. She shortlisted a few of them and went to bed.

The next day, she met Karthik and asked about the best one from the ones she had shortlisted. Karthik told her the one. Nandini too was there.

Radhika called up the wedding planner and got it finalized.

The next day she called up the caterers too. They too gave their nod.

Now, we have just three days left. Arjun and Reena had the cards finalized. They started distributing them. Nandini and Karthik too received it. Their moods just went off. Radhika was upset when she saw the invitation.

Throughout the days, Radhika kept herself busy. She didn’t pay attention to Arjun at all. She found a large banquet hall and started the decorations. Radhika had finalized the menu too. She made sure it had kaju barfi as it was Arjun’s favorite. Nandini told her. She finalized the look of the hall too. It would have golden lights, streams of yellow with orange marigold flowers. A table for every family and a beautiful stage. But she kept one thing in mind. It had to be simple yet elegant. The stage!! The most important part!! It was decorated with flowers that contrasted the couple’s outfit.

Arjun and Reena visited the venue on the day of the engagement. He saw Karthik instructing a person to set the candles right and Nandini in the order corner tasting the food that was to be served that evening. They atlast found Radhika ordering the electrician to get the lights fixed as soon as possible.

She said “arey bhaiya get it done soon. We have only five hours. So do it sooooon.”

She seemed to be very annoyed. Arjun chuckled looking at her. She had worn a green patiala suit. She looked like a kid. Reena too smiled looking at him.

He said “she’ll never change.”

He saw Radhika. She too saw him. She then looked away and went to check with the other preparations. Nandini saw him. He smiled looking at her. She too smiled at her. The preparations were done in the next two hours. They all went to their respective homes to freshen up and change.

Nitin called up Arjun.

He said “Arjun you’re not doing right. Please think again. About Radhika.”

Arjun said “I have nothing to think about Nitin. I know what I’m doing” and cut the call.

Arjun called up Neil. He picked up in no time.

He said “yeah buddy.”

Arjun said dissapointedly “I’m getting engaged to Reena today.”

Neil exclaimed “what?! Are you nuts?!”

He said “it was your idea.”

Neil said “but I told you a no.”

Arjun said “thanks to you. I’m suffering.”

Neil said “but Arjun…”

He said “it’s k Neil.”

Neil said “I’m sorry Arjun.”

He said “it’s k Neil” and hung up the call.

Arjun got ready. Radhika too got ready and came to the room.

Paas aaye..
Dooriyaan phir bhi kam
Na huyi.. Ek adhuri
Si humari kahaani rahi

She saw him struggling with his coat. She went to him and helped him wear it. She looked at him in the mirror he too was looking at her.

Aasmaan ko zameen
Yeh zaroori nahi
Jaan le.. jaan le..

Ishq saccha wahi
Jisko milti nahi
Manzilein manzilein..

Rang the noor tha
Jab kareeb tu tha
Ek jannat sa tha
Yeh jahaan…

She then turned away and was about to leave. He caught hold of her of her hand.

He said “you look beautiful.”

She said “thank you. You too look good.”

Waqt ke reet pe
Kuch mere naam sa
Likh ke chhod gaya
Tu kahaan..

Hamari adhuri kahani
Hamari adhuri kahani..(2x)

She got away from his hold and walked away. She was crying. He too started to cry.

Khushboo se teri
Yun hi takra gaye
Chalte chalte
Dekho na hum kahaan aa gaye

As they drove, he kept looking at her. She just kept her focus on the road. She never looked at him.

Jannatein agar yaheen
Tu dikhe kyun nahin
Chaand sooraj sabhi
hai yahaan
Intezar tera
sadiyon se kar raha
Pyasi baithi hai
kab se yahaan..

They reached the venue. Everyone was there. Karthik, Nandini and Nitin. Reena was waiting for him near the stage.

Hamari adhuri kahani
Hamari adhuri kahani.. (2x)

Pyaas ka yeh safar
Khatam ho jayega
Kuch adhura sa jo tha
Pura ho jayega

They both went to the stage as it was already time. Reena and Arjun exchanged rings. Radhika cried when she saw this happen. Arjun kept looking down at her. Nandini clenched her fists in anger. Sent balmed herself for the situation that was been put up. Nitin stared angrily at Arjun. He pitied Radhika. Karthik too cried looking at Radhika.

Jhuk gaya aasmaan
Mil gaye do jahaan
Har taraf hai milan ka sama
Doliya hein saji
Khushbooein har kahi
Padhne aaya khuda khud yahaan

Radhika then put up the courage to go up to the stage. She went up to them with a smile. She took Arjun’s hand and gave it in Reena’s.

She smiled at Reena and said “Arjun’s all yours now. Take good care of him.”

Hamari adhuri kahani
Hamari adhuri kahani..(×2)

Radhika walked down the stage. She went out of the hall crying. Karthik and Nandini saw this. Karthik was about to go behind Radhika, but Nandini stopped him.

She said with teady eyes “let her be alone for some time. It’s a broken heart. It’ll take a long time. Very long time.”

Karthik said “you’re right. I think we should let her be alone for a while.”

Later, Nandini and Karthik went up to the stage. Nandini looked at Arjun angrily, even Karthik gave the same look.

Arjun asked “what happened Nandu? And Karthik why are you staring at me like that?”

Nandini asked “how can you be such an idiot Arjun? How can you?!”

Arjun asked “what are you saying? I don’t understand a thing.”

Nandini asked “so you don’t know anything right? Nothing.”

He said “Nandu I don’t understand a thing you’re saying.”

Nandini said “fine. I’ll tell you. She came here for us.”

Arjun looked at her in disbelief. Karthik too nodded in agreement.

He exclaimed “for us?!”

She said “yes for us.”

Arjun was blank now. He had no idea of what was going. He wanted to everything. Right from the start.

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Up next: Chapter 9- The revelation

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