Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 7- The wrong turn)


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Arjun was smiling. Just then Radhika came and knocked on the door. Arjun turned around smiling and saw her. She looked at him and a mix of thoughts ran in her head.

She thought “why is he smiling? What is he up to?”

She then broke her thoughts and said “dinner’s ready. Come down.”

Arjun said “you carry on, I’ll come.”

Radhika said “ok” and left from there.

As she walked, she kept thinking.

She thought “what was his smile for? Did be find out? Did bhai tell him everything? Or did he meet di? What’s going on? Or was it…. ? Oh god!! Neil?! Did he tell him?”

She ran down the stairs and took her phone. She dialed Neil’s number. She then stopped herself.

She said to herself “he won’t pick my call. He’s so angry. Neil please don’t do this to your Chashni.”

Arjun acme down after a while. He saw Radhika was waiting for him. He went and sat down next to her on the chair. He was still smiling. She too gave a small smile looking at him. They had dinner and Arjun went to bed. Radhika sat in the with some study materials.

After a while, Arjun came down and said “don’t stay up for too long. Come to bed soon.”

She said “OK” still looking at her books.

She had her back towards him. She was crying. She couldn’t face him. She then heard him walk away with the sound of his fading footsteps. She then went to bed and lied down next to him. She kept staring at him sleep. She couldn’t control herself. She went to him and hugged him tight and buried her face deep into his chest. Arjun woke up at this. He saw that she was sleeping. Actually, she was faking to be asleep. He drew her even more closer and hugged her tight.

He asked “why are you doing this Radhika? Why? It hurts a lot. You come so close to me and then you just go. Leaving me all alone.”

Radhika who was hugging him with her yes closed listened to him.

She said to herself “sorry Arjun. Time has come to end this. Bear with me for just few days. Please.”

He then said to himself patting her head “I’m sorry Radhika. But, I’ll have to do this. To get you back.”

On the other hand Neil was pacing around impatiently in his cabin. Sam came and saw him tensed. She couldn’t understand what was going on. She had never seen him like this. She had to do something. To make the situation light.

She went to him and put her arms around his shoulders.

She said “honey looks like you’ve had karela juice.”

He looked down at her with a raised eyebrow. He then gave a small kiss on her forehead.

He chuckled and asked “what?! No. Why are you asking?”

She asked “then why are you pacing around like this? Oh, or else you didn’t get your morning workout done?”

He didn’t see her. She knew something was eating him inside. She had to find out. She turned his face and made him look at her.

She asked “what is it Neil? Tell me. Anything serious? Arjun Radhika….?”

He said “yes Sam. It’s them. Their fights are growing day by day. Nothing progressed.”

She asked “want me to talk to Chashni?”

He said “no. I’ve already spoken to her. And from now on you won’t. She’s not ready to accept him. This is hurting Arjun a lot. I’m not going to talk to Chashni anymore.”

Sam said “but Neil…”

He asked “what but? This is not fair.”

He was about to say something, Sam came closer and shut him with a kiss. That was the only way she could silence him when he was angry.

She broke the kiss and her forehead met his.

She said “ssshhh. Not a word. Now calm down. They’ll take care. Everything will be alright.”

She was about to go, he pulled her back and said smiling “you’re the best thing that’s happened to me. Stay with me always.”

She too smiled and said “the same here. And yes, mom’s calling you. She’s in the conference hall.”

He said “OK” and the both of them went walking hand in hand.

While walking, Neil looked at Sam apologetically and said to himself “sorry Sam. Sorry, that I couldn’t tell you my plan. If I did, you will never let it happen. It’ll be better if it stayed between me and Arjun.”

Arjun woke up in the morning and saw Radhika. She still had a tight grip over him. He tried to take her hands off, but she held him even more tight. He finally managed to get off her hold and went to the bathroom to freshen up. He came out and saw her sleeping. He came by her, gave a small kiss on her lips, caressed her head and went.

As he was walking, he thought of Neil’s plan and the only thing was… How on earth was he going to do it? He didn’t have the courage. But, he had to do it…. For Radhika. To get his Radhika back.

Radhika woke up and saw him missing. She looked up at the clock. It was late. She overslept. She can’t go to class now. Anyway, she didn’t want to. So, she stayed back. She made breakfast and had it. She was watching TV. She went and prepared much too. While she was going to have, Arjun entered in the house with a girl.

He said “hi Radhika. Would you care to share some good with us?”

Radhika stopped eating.

She thought “us?! What us? Has someone come along? Arghhh.. Couldn’t he call me? I would have cooked more.”

She turned around with a smile. But her smile vanished the next moment. She stood up in shock. There was a girl with him. She too was Indian. She was tall, beautiful and had a perfect structure. She was a white pencil skirt with a black crop top. They stood like a couple which shocked her even more.

Radhika asked still not out of the shock “Ar.. Arj.. Arjun, what is this? Who is this girl? And why are you both standing like this? So close to her.”

Arjun smiled a victorious one and asked “feeling jealous honey?”

Radhika felt her skin burn. Her body went taut.

She thought “how can I not be? You with somebody else? Never!! You’re only mine Arjun!!”

She then said “n.. Nnn… No, nothing like that. You came home just like that, with someone. You didn’t even inform me.”

He said “she’s not somebody. She’s my fiance, Reena. We’re getting engaged next week.”

She was even more shocked. The words were ringing in her head “fiance.. Engagement.”

She felt her head go heavy. She started to wobble. Eyes started to fill with tears. She saw the Reena uneasily, who was smiling at her. Radhika managed to steady herself and kept her face normal. But, that didn’t happen.

She asked “how can this happen? Arjun I’m your wife.”

He said “I know Radhika. And Reena knows everything. I’ve told her everything about us. And yes, this is happening. I can’t spend my life like this. All alone. I need someone.”

Radhika couldn’t stand it.

She asked “what do you mean Arjun?”

He said “I’ve decided to move on Radhika. I know we’re not yet divorced. We’ll go back and finish the formalities. I’ll get engaged here and after the formalities are done, I’ll get married to Reena.”

Reena felt uncomfortable. She pressed Arjun’s hand indicating it was too much. Whatever he had spoken was too much.

Radhika asked “how can you do this? You pulled me close to you.”

She managed to fight her tears for a while. But, she couldn’t now. Tears were flowing down. She couldn’t stand it anymore. She ran out of the house crying. She ran to the park and sat on a bench. She covers her face with her palms and cried out. Just the someone placed their hand on her shoulder.

The voice said “Radhika.”

She identified it. It was familiar. She looked up to see her. Nandini was standing there. Even Karthik was there. The both sat next to her. Radhika cried hugging Nandini. Nandini patted and rubbed her back trying to pacify her. Karthik too had tears. He kept patting her head.

Nandini said “ssshhh Radhika. Stop crying. Now tell me what happened.”

Radhika said still crying “Arjun… Reena.”

Nandini said “haan. Arjun. Who’s Reena?”

Radhika said “Arjun’s getting engaged to Reena.”

Nandini exclaimed “what?! What are you saying Radhika?!”

Karthik too was shocked.

She said “it’s true. Arjun walked hand in hand with that girl and told me that he’s getting engaged to her.”

Nandini said “no Radhika. That can’t happen. It must be a misunderstanding.”

Radhika cried out screaming “no di. It’s no misunderstanding. Arjun told me clearly that he wants to move on. He’ll go back to India and finish our pending divorce formalities and then marry her.”

Nandini said “no … no no no. This can’t happen.”

Meanwhile, in the house Reena said “Arjun I think it’s too much. You shouldn’t have done this. See, she felt bad. I think we need to stop this. Now go Arjun.”

Arjun said “yes, I think I shouldn’t have done this.”

Arjun ran out of the house looking for her. Reena too came behind. He then stopped thinking. He then went to the park. He knew that she would go there whenever she felt lonely. He ran to the park.

Meanwhile at the park, Nandini said “it’s all because of me. All my fault. You’re suffering this much. But, not anymore Radhika. I’ll face him today. I’ll make him understand. I don’t care if he doesn’t forgive me, but I will talk to him.”

Radhika hugged Nandini. Arjun reached the park and saw Radhika hugging someone. He couldn’t identify Nandini as she had her back towards him. And moreover, she was wearing blue denims and white t-shirt. Arjun saw Karthik there. His blood boiled.

He came towards them and called out “Radhika.”

Radhika broke the hug and looked up at him. She then stared at Nandini, who still had her back towards Arjun.

Arjun asked “who’s this woman?”

Radhika didn’t say anything. Then Nandini turned around slowly and showed herself to him. He was shocked. He was happy too. But, he controlled his emotions.

He asked “Nandu?! You here?”

Nandini felt happy. He called her Nandu. Even Radhika was happy. Karthik too stood by and smiled.

She said “yes, Arjun. Me. Here.”

Arjun said “alright. So, you made my job easy. As you all are here, I’d like to invite you all for my engagement next week.”

Nandini asked “Arjun are you mad?! Do you even know what you’re doing?”

All of them felt the mock in his voice. Their skin burned.

Arjun said “I very well known what I’m doing.”

Nandini said “no Arjun. Don’t do this. You’ll never be happy. You’re making a big mistake.”

He said “I’m not ready to talk to you. I have nothing to do with you.”

Karthik said “no Arjun. This is wrong. You can’t do this to Radhu.”

Arjun caught hold of his shirt and asked “why can’t I huh? Why can’t I ? She’s yours by the way.

Karthik was shocked. So were Radhika and Nandini. Arjun kept staring at Karthik with angry eyes. Reena watched all of this from behind. She too didn’t know how to react.

Karthik exclaimed “what?! What are you talking about?!”

Arjun said “ I know everything” and gave him a punch.

Karthik fell hard on the floor. Arjun looked down at him in anger. Radhika and Nandini were even more shocked. Radhika and Nandini ran to Karthik and helped him up.

Arjun bit out “I thought this drama of mine will make you confess your feelings, but no, you didn’t. Now listen Radhika. I’m really getting engaged to Reena. No one can stop me.”

Radhika asked “bhai you ok?”

Karthik said “haan Radhu, I’m fine” dusting his shirt.

Arjun exclaimed “bhai?!”

She said “yes bhai.”

Arjun felt bad now. For whatever he had done. Now he can’t take back his step. He decided to get engaged to Reena. Reena who stood from behind heard all of this. She was shocked.

Nandini said “Arjun please listen to me. Just once.”

Arjun said “just dont show me your face. I have nothing to do with you. And yes, I’ll feel very comfortable if you attend my engagement.”

He turned away from her. His back was towards her. When he turned around to see her, she had turned away. She turned to him again.

Nandini said “but Arjun…”

Before she could say, he turned around and started to walk away, leaving the three in shock. He took Reena’s hand and walked along with her.

Arjun thought of what Neil had said.

….. FB starts ……..

Neil said “look arjun, you want Radhika back. Don’t you?”

Arjun said “yes I do.”

He said “the listen to me.”

Arjun said “yeah tell. I can do anything to get her back.”

He said “OK. So here’s the plan. You bring home a girl to make her jealous.”

Arjun exclaimed “what?! No, I’m not doing that.”

He said “I’m not finished. Then tell her that you both are going to get engaged. Then see what’ll happen. She will come running to you and confess her love.”

Arjun asked “you sure Neil? Everything will go on smooth right?”

He said “yeah I’m sure.”

Arjun said “OK then.”

Neil said “but Arjun.”

Arjun asked “what Neil?”

Neil said “I don’t feel this is right, though I gave the idea. God with what can I hit myself?”

Arjun said “no Neil,it’s perfect.”

….. FB ends …….

Arjun said to himself, still walking “thanks Neil for the idea. Now I’m the ultimate sufferer. “

Radhika said “bhai I’m so sorry. You had to bear all this cause of me.”

He said “no Radhu. Nothing like that.”

Nandini asked “now what are you going to do Radhika?”

She said “whatever Arjun wants. I will take part in his engagement. I only want his happiness. If he is happy with Reena, then let it be. I’m ready to walk out.”

Nandini said “no Radhika. This can’t happen. It’s all because of me. I’m so sorry Radhika.”

She said “no di. Don’t blame yourself.”

She then walked away leaving the two of them there. Radhika cried walking on the road. She was thinking of the sweet moments she spent with Arjun and how he walked hand in hand with Reena. She reached home and saw that the both of them were still there.

Arjun walked towards Radhika. He was about to say something, she spoke up.

She said “congratulations Arjun. I’m so happy that you’ve decided to move on. I’ll surely attend your engagement. And congratulations to you too Reena. And yes, do take care of Arjun. He gets angry very quickly. Hope you can handle him.”

Reena who was shock listening to all of this managed to put up a fake smile looking at Radhika. He gave an angry glare to Arjun. Arjun too was shocked. Radhika then walked to her room. She locked the door and cried out without a screech. Arjun in the hall sat down on his knees and cried for what he had done. Reena felt bad for them now. Arjun regretted for all if what had happened. His anger led to all of this.

That’s it for today guys …. Hope you all liked it …. Please do let me know…

I’ll try to update soon….. Love you all loads …. Bear hugs to all of you…. ??

Up next :Chapter 8- Arjun’s engagement

Spoiler: Arjun Nandini unite. The revelation and etc… It’s better you all wait and watch ??

Credit to: Shree

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