Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 62) Love Is All You Need -Baby boy for Nesam.. Jai it is

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So no more bakbaks.. Neil tensed n I love it… let’s see how junior Malhotra is.. eeeeeeeee.. I just love kids.


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“Yep Sam” Neil said.

“Neil come ASAP. Mom’s gone to a meeting little far away and I’m on my labour. Please come” she managed to speak breathing hard.

“But..” he panicked as he looked at his sister with Ankush.

“Neil please” she hissed.

“Uh oh” he said and Niti turned to him.

“Looks like we have our new member coming” Niti smiled as Neil hung up.

“Niti come” Neil pulled his hair.

“Look who’s cool” Ankush laughed.

“Not the right time to laugh” Sathya said.

“Yeah right” Niti smiled.

“Can we move?” Arjun came with his car.

“Take care. I’ll make a move” Sathya said as she walked to the gates.

Arjun and the others looked at a shivering Neil. Drive to Sam’s house from A wasn’t too long as Arjun took the shortcut. Neil jumped out of the car to run inside and find Sam breathing hard and gritting her teeth to control her cries.

“Come on. Let’s get you to the hospital” Niti said as she supported Sam.

“Wait” she said “let me check the head’s position” she said as she placed her hand in Sam’s womb.

‘So?” Neil asked.

“All perfect. Move” Niti screamed.

Neil picked up Sam in his arms to the car. Ankush decided to take the cab to Bird Song to get Radhika with him. Sam screamed nad Neil panicked.

“So… you both tell me what baby are you expecting” Niti smiled trying to lighten up the tense air between them all as Arjun drove to the hospital.

“Son” both of them in unison.

“Ohkay” she said and Arjun smiled at their thinking being the same.

What if a daughter?” she asked.

“We’re okay with it too. But I don’t want a junior idiot” Sam gaped.

“Oh please” Neil rolled his eyes.

“What names have you thought?” she asked.

“If it’s a son, Jai. Daughter, Nitya” Neil replied.

Niti’s eyes welled at the thought of Jai. A brother anyone would want. And Sam was lucky to have him and the world knew how much the siblings loved each other.

“Wow” Arjun spoke. Out of the blue.

“Good choice” Niti cleared her throat.

“No more names you’ve thought of?” she asked.

“We had a hard time for the girl’s name. We and decided it’d be Jai if it was a son” Neil replied.

“We’re here” Arjun said as he walked out to open the door for them.

“I’ll get the other things done” Niti ran in.

Niti walked towards them in her green surgical suit and Neil felt his stomach churn. He felt sick. Sam was taken in the labour room after given morphine, though it wasn’t of great help. Scans normal. No chord around the neck, blood pressure neither high nor low. Neil stood out all panicked. He knew that he as the one who had told that he was all calm as it was Niti handling it all. He trusted his sister. But now it was all different. He didn’t know if he wanted the child. Seeing Sam in so much pain broke him. If this caused her pain, then why? Arjun came to Neil and placed his arm on his shoulder. Ankush came in with Radhika and Mala. Knowing Piyali wasn’t around, Mala arrived.

“How is she? Is..” Radhika stopped when she heard Sam cry loud.

“Does it have to be so painful?” Neil choked.

“Just for a while Neil. Then you have lifetime happiness” Mala smiled “relax” she said.

“Aunty it hurts to see Sam hurt” he said.

“You see. The next moment she’ll say it didn’t hurt. A mother can take anything for her child smiling” she replied.

“And the hurt you are feeling, that’s because you love her so much” Prerna came from behind.

“Is Sam ok?” Piyali asked as she walked in with Samrat and Nandini.

The nurse came out “Mr. Malhotra, please come in” she called out.

He felt sick. He had seen in movies. The woman pushing and the husband or the partner by her side, squeezing her arms as she gave birth to the baby. The sight of hospital got him sick. Now inside. It was better to stay out than see the medicines and the equipments. And of all.. a struggling Sam.

“Go Neil” Prerna smiled.

“Go. You get to hold your baby first” Radhika squealed excited.

Neil walked in as he followed the nurse all nervous gulping the huge lump down his throat. He walked in to see Sam all sweaty and breathing hard, clutching the sides of the bed. She looked beautiful though she had no makeup on and of all in a hospital gown when she was giving birth to his baby… their baby.

“Are you going to stand there all day or come in and stay by your wife” he heard Niti “She needs you more than anyone else here” she said.

Neil walked to Sam and smiled at her. He caught hold of both her hands and pecked her forehead deep.

“Come on Saminder Singh. You can do it. Show them who you are. Don’t make the little one wait anymore” he whispered.

Sam please. A little more” Niti said as she pushed her tummy.

“Niti did it have to be normal one? Why not a c sec?” Sam spoke breathless.

“You want your baby to call you aunty the moment he or she sees you? And moreover, you’re capable. Now stop losing focus. Now PUSH!!” she said and commanded at the last two words.

“No no. No aunty. Neil Malhotra, I hate you with all my life” Sam screamed as she pushed harder.

“Now what did I do?” he looked shocked holding Sam to him.

“It happens. Frustration” Niti smiled.

“So you’ve heard to couples like this?” he asked.

“Almost everyday. Duh, it’s my job. And it’s fun” she giggled.

“Sam just a few more pushes. Come on” Niti coaxed.

Sam screamed out loud as she tried her level best. She was losing all the energy and stamina she was having. Tiredness started to occupy. Everyone outside were even more panicked. Arjun looked at a praying Radhika who was seated on the metal chairs. Neil was in such a state with one child. Radhika was carrying two.

Panic panic panic.

“Cool Arjun cool. Relax. You still have time to face this” he closed his eyes trying to relax himself.

“I hope it’s all ok. God please. Let my daughter and grandchild be ok” Piyali’s voice came out all hoarse.

“We felt even more worse. Riddhi had a complicated delivery. Sam’s fine. Stay calm” Mala gave a small smile.

“A granddaughter” Prerna prayed.

“The first mother in law to ask for a granddaughter” Piyali said.

“Nope. Do I look like the daily soap mother in laws? A lot too want daughters. I want a daughter to trouble Neil. Take Sam’s side. He’s been pulling her leg a lot” she complained.

“Daughters take father’s side a lot. Change your decision Prerna” Samrat laughed “and you don’t look like a daily soap mother in law. You look like a… just a mother in law” he laughed more.

“It’s taking long” Radhika sighed as she laid her head sleepily on Arjun’s shoulder.

“See.. the baby’s head is out and so is half of the middle, Sam just one more. One big push. Deep long breath. And that’s it. My little baby will be out” Niti said smiling.

“Does it look like me?” she asked.

“For now, you’re baby is covered with blood. Once cleaned up you can see for yourself” Niti smiled.

Niti’s phone rang “this Bakru has no other better time to call” she hissed.

“Why Akash?” asked Neil.

“Why is Akash sir calling?” asked the nurse.

“Maybe a case” another nurse said.

“Just tell him I’m busy. Will be back in an hour” Niti said and a nurse walked out.

“Come on. Now you, my notorious sister in law. PUSH!!” she scolded.

“Come on Sam” Neil hugged her to him as tightly as he could and kissed her forehead deep.

That was the last. Sam couldn’t wait anymore. In one hard push and a loud scream, she relaxed as she heard a cry. Her baby’s first cry. Niti pulled him out and laughed.

“So Jai Malhotra it is” she chuckled as she held him up in the air as he cried hard.

“It’s bhai’s birthday today” Sam whispered with tears flowing down.

“The right name you’ve chosen” she smiled “congratulations to the both of you. And hello my little nephew. I’m Niti, your Bua” she smiled.

Neil pecked Sam’s lip and Sam cried out in happiness burying her face in Neil’s chest. Everyone outside cheered. The new member had come. The nurse came with a towel and Niti covered up her bubbly chubby cute little nephew in her arms.

“There you go Sam. Your son” Niti gave Sam her son. The suctions were used to clear off the excess mucus and water in the nose and ears of the baby.

“Hello baby” Sam cooed as she kissed Jai’s fingers that were curled into her large finger.

He looked pale. From all the dried blood and the fluids.

“Bhai do you want to do the honours of snapping the umbilical cord?” she asked.

“What?” he asked.

“Snapping the cord. If you’re uncomfortable I’ll do it. We need to preserve the cord. And that blood will be used to test the blood group” she replied.

“Ok” Neil said as he cut the cord and stepped back.

“It’s k. It won’t hurt anymore” Niti cooed as she secured it to stop bleeding.

“Now let’s get you cleaned up little one” she whispered as she pecked his tiny nose.

Neil walked to Niti who was busy watching her nephew getting cleaned up. Sam was being taken care of by a nurse. Niti couldn’t help but chuckle at the little one in front of her. It felt like she was seeing a baby for the first time. He watched the nurse measure his head and height. Foot prints taken. APGAR index. The nurse carried him over to the weighing scale and he was precise. 3.5 kgs. He was cleaned thoroughly and his shiny silky smooth black hair growth more.

“He’s healthy” Niti smiled.

“He’s got Sam’s nose” Neil whispered.

“True. Did you cry so hard when you were born? Lord, he’s got a voice” she blew a breath.

“Hello baby. It’s daddy. So happy to have you” he chuckled “you’ve got no idea what’s going on right?” he chuckled at his son cringing, whimpering, balling his tiny fists and curling his teeny tiny toes trying to adjust to the new found environment.

“See. Your aunt. She’s the naughtiest and she’ll turn you naughty too. Will spoil you. Stay away from her. This is the best and free advice I’m giving you” he whispered mischievously.

“What the… by the way, he’s not going to understand a word of it. And yes, I’m going to spoil him and pamper him. He’s my nephew. Not only me, the whole family is going to. Not to forget Arjun and Radhika. And he’s the first child to the generation” she said in “a matter of fact” tone.

“Ok ok” he said as he raised his hands in surrender.

“Can I hold him?” Neil asked.

“He’s your son” Niti smiled and the nurse gave him to Neil.

“Hello Jai Malhotra. I’m your dad. Welcome to Earth. Where we humans exist. Get ready for drama” he smiled as he kissed his son’s cheek.

“See. This is your dull boring papa. Now that you’ve seen his sleepy intro. Don’t listen to him” Niti said as she took him from Neil and walked to Sam.

“Now I’ll leave. You can fed him now. You my brother, come with me. We need to finish some formalities” she said and Neil tagged behind.

“I’ve got a son!! Jai’s here!!” Neil cried hugging Prerna after they came out.

“Awwieeie a baby boy it is” Radhika clapped.

“Congratulations Neil” Arjun hugged him.

“God bless the both of them” Mala heaved a sigh of relief.

“It’s Jai’s birthday” Piyali choked.

“We’ve got him back Piyali” Samrat smiled.

“Congrats to you man” Ankush pulled him in a bro hug.

“You can meet her after a while. Once she’s shifted” Niti smiled, but it faded once she saw Dr. Ram walk to her.

She walked to him “what happened?” she asked.

“Come with me” he said.

“Yes. Tell me” she sighed as she reached his cabin.

“You’ve neglected your surgery. Twice. It’s not a joke Dr. Rajput” he snapped.

“I know” she sighed.

“You’ve got a brain tumor Niti. It’s not a joke. Don’t you want to live? And have a happy family?” he scolded.

“Tell me when’s the next surgery?” she asked.

“Next week” he replied.

“Ok” she said.

“Didn’t you tell anyone?” he asked

“No” she replied.

“Why?” he asked.

“Look. There’s happiness after a long time. Don’t wanna spoil it” she said as she walked out.

Akash who was outside, eves dropped. He didn’t understand. But surgery? What? She hadn’t told anyone? It was for him to find things out and tell now.

“It’s not right. I’m going to find out. Neil has to know. Especially Ankush. Is this why you rejected him? Idiot girl” he hissed.

“Does Manha know?” he asked to himself.

“She has to. They are best friends” he said to himself as he raked his fingers through his hair violently “and both be idiots” he snapped as he waited for Dr. Ram to walk out.

Ok… done done done.. So hope this was ok.. didn’t want to bore you all with the gynaecology thingies.. but I did do it.. sorry.. So little Jai here!! Yey!! Now with the senior doctor and Akash!! Lalalalalala.. hehe.. just don’t forget to comment ok? Positive or negative.. anything ok… Will be back soon… typing typing typing.. Hehe.. Tata babaye.. Love you all loads.. Tc.. keep smiling.. Bear hugs to all of you ??

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