Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 61)

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Niti had been working hard on bringing nailing Samudra. They had wanted to bring Bird Song down. Two months had passed and it was not so hard. Manasa hated the company. With the company’s head Vikram Shekar, the younger brother of Varun Shekar who had tried to molest her. The filthy blood running down their veins proved them to be the same. Whatever the upbringing be.. Older siblings be your inspiration. She had run into Niti’s arms coincidently and Niti got her a job in the leading dancing schools as an instructor that was under Prerna’s supervision. Niti had collected all proofs along with Arjun. She knew that Neil would go psych after knowing of her bringing down a company like Samudra. That was a bigger company. He had forgotten that the advertising industry was in her reigns. With Manha by her side almost all the time, planting a doubt in everyone’s brain. Her headaches constant, worrying Ankush.

Anitha had been avoiding Ankush ever since he had put forth the idea of postponing the wedding and her aunt along with Karthik supported it. Karthik was way beyond happy when Ankush had asked him for support. Sam on leave as she was due any time. Radhika on her peaks troubling Arjun with her mood swings. He was way more nervous as Radhika was carrying twins. The tenth week ultrasounds reports showed it. Thanks to the extra weight gain and the morning and evening sicknesses she was having. Nandini’s doubts did scare him, but the ultrasounds got him literally freaked out.


Which meant having princesses!! Not a princess.. Well could be a prince too

What if it was “princes”?!

But he wanted a daughter. God could grant atleast that one wish of his. He turned around to see Radhika who was busy gorging on to chocolate cupcakes all smiling, rubbing her baby bump.

“Man her baby bump looks like Sam’s when she was in her 25th week” Neil blew a breath.

“Twins Neil twins” Nandini smiled.

“Yeah di. Wow!! We get junior khadooses, not one” he chuckled.

“Idiot why are you always pulling his leg?” Niti smacked his head.

“Ouch” he rubbed his head “okay I’m shutting up” he raised his hands in surrender.

“Radhika bhabhi has a complicated pregnancy bhai. So, let her have fun. The more happy and stress free she be, the better it is for her and the little ones inside” Niti sighed.

“Why?” Neil asked.

“Bhai you haven’t told her anything no?” she asked.

“We’ve got her reports hidden. So, she won’t know” Nandini smiled.

“Can someone tell me why chashni has a complicated pregnancy?” Neil asked. Again.

“Her uterus is too weak for pregnancy. Carrying one is a big thing and here she is carrying two little minions. Her body isn’t compatible for the foetuses. Anything happens, it’s hard for her to get pregnant” Niti sighed “just don’t let her know. This can cause a lot of panic and high blood pressure which is risky. Why not ask Mala aunty to take her along with her? Pampered to sky’s heights and with Ahana she won’t know of time passing. I think you understand, even work pressure can be harmful” she sighed as she sagged on Kritika’s chair.

“NO!!” Arjun screamed “Radhika will stay with me” he hissed.

“We’ll keep Radhika out of work” Kritika smiled.

“We can” Teji and Zubin smiled.

“When are you both getting married?” Niti chucked.

“Why marry? We’re happy how we are” Zubin pecked Kritika’s cheek to which she smiled and a wave of disappointment passed through. They weren’t dumb to not notice it.

“So, that means.. Seven break ups and patch ups are not enough to say that you guys are in love and can’t be without each other?” Teji looked up the ceiling, pouting shaking his head.

“Like you’ve ever been in love” Zubin scoffed.

All turned to Teji to see him sigh in disappointed, but he was quick enough to cover it up. He looked up with a smile and walked to Zubin.

“Ridhi” he smiled a sad one and walked out.

“From where to where did the topic just go” Niti blew a breath.

“How is Sam?” Radhika came asking, still eating her muffin.

“How many did you eat?” Nandini asked.

“A whole box” she grinned.

“What the… you wouldn’t be able to eat two and now a box” Arjun looked like he had seen a ghost.

Oh hello. I’m not eating for one.. It’s for three” she poked her tongue out and continued eating and he pecked her forehead smiling.

“Arjun it’s ok. This is just the beginning” Neil smirked.

“How’s Sam Neil?” she asked.

“I miss her. Piyali mom just took her home after the baby shower” he pouted.

“Like you don’t meet her everyday” Niti rolled her eyes.

“She’s having sleepless nights though. Goes to the loo a lot” he replied.

“How are you so cool? From since when is she using the washroom a lot?” she asked all tensed.

“From yesterday night” he replied “why?” he asked.

“Chances are high that her water has broken. She’ll be on labour any moment. Neil be ready” Niti laughed. Even more at his wide eyed state.

“Anyways you’re handling her delivery. I’m even more cool” he smiled.

“Right” she rolled her eyes “the first non tensed father” she shook her head.

“You’re booked for the junior Mehras too” Arjun rubbed her shoulders.

“You booked me 28 weeks prior” she facepalmed herself to which they all laughed.

“Niti, Samudra needs someone to invest. This is the best way to do it” Ankush came in all smiling.

“Heh?” she looked confused “these business things always confuse me” she sighed.

“Invest?” Nandini looked as much confused.

“I mean shares” Ankush grinned.

“So desperate to stay in market” Radhika scoffed with sarcasm.

“What do you mean?” Neil looked confused “Niti I told you not to…” as he understood.

“Bhai chup” she snapped.

“Let her do Neil. It’s good to see this avatar of hers” Arjun smiled.

“You’re spoiling her too much Arjun” he frowned.

“It’s ok Neil” Nandini smiled.

“You too brutus?!” he pouted to which she smiled wide.

“What happened to the dummy companies they have shown in records?” Niti asked.

“Done” Ankush smiled “they don’t exist, but due to the political influence he has, it’s not been hard to show them real” he shook his head.

“Filled with debts. Employees not paid. How is he able to live a lavish life with all these?” she scratched her head.

“Take more debts” Arjun laughed.

“Vikram can sell his company, but can never give up his luxuries” Neil scoffed.

“That company is the only thing he has, he’ll never. If he wanted luxury he’d have sold it. Why keep it till now” Radhika said in a “as a matter of fact” tone.

“He can fall in his father in law’s feet. Stay in the party. Radhe Krishna can invest. Why us?” she was back to confused mode again.

“Both the damaad and sasur (son in law and father in law) don’t get along at all. Got worse after Varun got arrested. Some of his illegal transactions were caught with Varun when Vaibhav along with the income tax officials had raided his place. And because of that, Radhe Krishna’s office was raided too” Ankush laughed.

“So much. More than I know. His illegal works lay in the darkness of the company” Niti hissed “those missing stray dogs and cats. It’s all because of him” she banged her fists.

“Woman will you stop that” Ankush scolded as he caressed her hands.

“Just because you’ve postponed the wedding, doesn’t mean you can look around. Remember you were supposed to be married a month back” she snapped as she pulled her hands back.

“What’s the connection with Vikram and the missing stray animals?”

“Cosmetics. Animal testing” Sathya came in with a smile.

“You too with her in this?” Neil asked.

“Why will I not take my sister’s side?” she smiled.

“It was only me who didn’t know?” he pouted.

“Yes silly” Niti smiled.

“Ok. So, we have a whole lot to put him down” Niti grinned.

“But he’s missing” Radhika said.

“Missing or hiding?” Arjun shook his head “coward” he smirked.

“One more, Niti. Manasa had lastly cracked a deal for him. It was worth billions. Here’s the file. All the cash in the office” she grinned.

“Manasa quit two months ago. He has all the cash untouched? Can’t he use it off for the debts and other things if it’s billions. Is he mad to keep the cash in office. It’s not legal right” Niti sat exhausted as she threw the file after going through.

“Income tax raid” Sathya smiled.

“Okay. If we do that too, it’ll be easy. She wants him caught with multiple charges. No breathing space. Shouldn’t be able to think of starting another company” Ankush said.

“I’m already with the last one” Niti smirked.

“Umm… k” he said and she walked out.

Isolated mansion…

“So what’s up Vikram?” came the voice.

“Rajput, you’ll regret this” he sneered as he tried to free himself from the thick roped cot.

“How many times do I have to tell you I’m a Malhotra” she blew a breath.

“Just like your father. I’ll kill you how we killed him few years ago” he smirked.

He gasped as he saw her pull out a gun. And then as the cot was pulled into a vertical position and something cold on his head.

“Just an apple” she smirked “you hungry? Cause i am. Lazy to cut. So, gonna shoot it” she smirked.

“I already have a broken limb and arm. I can sue you. You’ll be behind bars” he smirked.

“Wrong” she pouted “You’re so unintelligent. Such a cunning man and you think I can’t be equally cunning” she laughed as she aimed the gun.

She fired and he screamed. She wanted to laugh at him. She had scared him so much. Ever since he was kidnapped. Rana had broken his bones and made sure it looked like an accident. Akash had entered his name in the hospital records as an accident case. She had played videos of all his illegal works as he laid limp on the cot.

“Eat” she shoved a distorted piece in his mouth forcefully “You need energy to talk tomorrow” she smirked.

“What??” he looked confused.

“Practically speaking, your company is running like shit. So, you’re writing 70% of it under my name if you don’t want it to go to drains. Or get ready to face humiliation. All this will be breaking news tomorrow. The quotes will be “Shekar’s blood be the filthiest”, “Shekar brothers behind bars”, “Colours of the innocent son in law of Radhe Krishna”, “Fifty shades of Samudra”, etc etc. How are they kaka?” she laughed.

“Loved the last one bete. Fifty shades. Perfección (perfection)” he smiled “but wait innocent?” he looked confused.

“Though he hates his father in law, he posed to be the good kitten of the Shekar family in front of him” she smirked.

“Please Nithika. Don’t. I love my company. I’ll play fair. I’ll do as you say” Vikram cried.

“He really is a kitten” Rana laughed.

“Kaka will drive you to Samudra tomorrow morning. I’ll take over the mentioned shares and you’ll just smile” she smiled and Vikram smirked which was noticed.

“Try playing smart, I’ll release them all now” she showed her phone and he shut his mouth.

She walked out all smiling. Tomorrow was going to be the best day ever.

How on earth did he ever believe her?!

First rule in business.. Never trust your enemy.. Though they want to make up with you.

Arjun, Neil, Niti along with Ankush landed up in Samudra the next morning. Vikram arrived exactly half an hour later. As said the meeting took place and Niti took 70% of the shares. The police arrived and Vikram looked shocked, but sneered as realisation struck him.

“You Rajput” he lounged at her and caught her neck.

“You’re under arrest for blackmailing her to buy your shares and now for attempt to murder” Vaibhav smirked.

“We have more” Arjun smiled as he showed a pendrive.

“Wait.. when did I blackmail her? I never did” Varun looked confused.

“We’re from the income tax department. We’re here to raid this building. Please do cooperate” said the official “Make sure no one leaves the building” he commanded another official.

The gathered proofs were played and Vikram sagged down on his chair. He should have listened to his brother. Messing with Nithika was the last option, but he went for it. So much blinded by revenge. And now he was paying. The false video of Vikram blackmailing Niti was played too. Vikram was pulled out by police after they had found excessive amount of cash in the building. He watched his company being pulled down and sealed.

“Who made that video?” Niti asked.

“We” Ankush and Sathya in unison.

“Idea was Arjun’s” Neil smiled.

“He never plays fair and we know it” she smiled.

“It did help” Arjun shrugged his shoulders.

“Sounded so much like us” she laughed.

Neil’s phone buzzed “yep Sam” he said.


“Uh oh” he said as he looked at Niti.

“Looks like we have our new member coming” she smiled.

“Now look who’s cool” Ankush laughed.

“Yeah right” she laughed.

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