Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 6-The reverse)

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Radhika sat at the doorstep and cried profusely hugging Karthik. He felt bad for her now. It was almost one and a half months.

Radhika then said “omg!! How did I forget? Today is Arjun’s big day!! He’s going to submit his project!! And I didn’t wish him at all.

She then picked up her phone and called Arjun. It kept ringing. She prayed for him to pick up. She had her fingers crossed. She felt relieved when she heard a manly yet gentle voice.

He said “hello.”

She said trying to cover the tension and the fact that she had cried “Arjun, I’m so sorry. I couldn’t wish you in the morning.”

Arjun said “it’s k sweetheart. And now stop crying.”

She said “I’m not crying.”

He asked “then why do you sound so low?”

She said “I didn’t do homework.”
(Lol….. Homework?! ??)

He asked “you cry for that? It’s k. Don’t worry. It happens now and then.”

She said “but….”

He cut her in and said “now wipe your tears and smile. Else, I won’t be able to do the presentation. Please Radhika. Pllllleeeaaaaassseee.”

She pacified herself, wiped her tears and fought the fresh ones that streamed out and took in and let out a few deep breaths.

She said “all the best Arjun. I know you’ll do well. Come home soon.”

He said “thank you so much!! And yes, I’ll come soon” and cut the call.

Radhika kept the phone in her pocket and stared down at the marble floor. Karthik stared at her all the while. At the same time, Arjun too was lost in Radhika’s thoughts.

Arjun thought “homework?! She’s crying for not doing homework?! That can’t be. What is she trying to cover up?!”

Karthik thought staring at her “this is not the Radhu I knew. The one I knew was innocent. She didn’t even know to say a lie. But, this one is all grown up. Mature. I’m so proud of you Radhu.”

She felt bad for lying. Maybe she would have been caught lying if she was in front of him. She suddenly let out a gasp in fright.

She thought “oh lord!! I’ve got just two weeks. What am I going to do? Where did di go? I know she’s not the same. Please help me find her god. Please.”

(God:find her yourself. I’m not going to help you. *sigh*… Ok, fine. I’ll help. Now stop crying.)

Radhika wiped her tears and got up. Karthik too got up. She started to walk, when Karthik said something.

Radhika asked “bhai you said something?”

Her voice bought him out of his thoughts.
He said “huh? Nothing Radhu.”

She said “tell bhai.”

He said “I’m proud of you.”

Radhika said “I know you’ll be” and giggled.

She said “we’ll come after some time. She might be there then.”

He said “OK. Now where do we go?”

She said “I’m hungry. Let’s go eat.”

He chuckled and said “after all this drama. You will be hungry.”

She gave a grumpy look and said “not funny.”

He shot back the next moment. “It is.”

She gave him an annoyed look and started walking. Karthik too went along and they drove off. Just then, there is someone seen. Who was peeking from the window all this time, watching and listening to them. It was….. NANDINI!!??

She was sad. She hated her life. She was all alone. She spent all her life alone only with one hope, that her Arjun was there fire her. Always by her side. Now, even he let go of her. She cried out loud screaming.

She cried “why? Why does this have to happen to me? I lost everything. I’m so alone. God, please forgive me.”

She then said to herself still crying “why Radhika? Why did you come here looking for me? Go back to Arjun and live a happy life. Nothing’s gonna work. What’s the use looking for me? Arjun will never forgive me. Just leave me alone Radhika, just leave me alone.”

Radhika and Karthik went to a restaurant nearby. It was an Indian restaurant. Radhika had annoyed Karthik so much that he had missed the restaurant. It was nearby, but they drive for more than half an hour trying to find the exact location. They went and sat down. Karthik sagged down.

Radhika asked “so soon?”

He opened his eyes and looked at her.

He said “Radhu enough. No more.”

She said “OK ok” looking at the menu card without looking at his face.

They then gave their orders and waited. It was quiet as no one spoke. Karthik was drained out. His mind stopped working. He could think of nothing other than Nandini’s whereabouts. Food arrived. They had their meals quietly. This was the first time it was silent. Radhika would never shut her mouth and Karthik would only listen to her with a smile or reply in monosyllables.

On the other side, Arjun submitted his work and presented it well. Everyone seemed to pleased with his work. Nitin smiled seated next to his dad, he too was smiling. Arjun felt relieved.

He thought “Radhika, it’s only because of you I was able to present my work well. Thank you so much!!” He had a smile on his face, seeing which Nitin smiled even more. Arjun was allotted a PA.

(Ok .. A PA for two weeks.. Well who cares… My story.. Lol ??)

He came to Arjun and said “I think you’ve really found peace. Your smile says it all. I’m so happy you dropped that revenge of yours and moved on in life. Thanks to Radhika.”

Arjun felt bad now. He was kinda relieved that he didn’t know that it was Sam, whom he wanted to take revenge on. That Sam, who was his friend. Nitin would really walk away if he found out. And he didn’t want that to happen. He would never let him find out.

Arjun took his car and went on a drive. He was lost in his thoughts driving. Suddenly he saw Radhika and Karthik in the car on the opposite lane. His eyes widened.

He thought “where is she going now during class hours? Let me see.”

He took a U turn and started to follow them. He maintained good distance so that they don’t doubt. Arjun felt his life go upside down. His heart too played along. A lot of things were running in his body. He caught the steering wheel tight and his muscles rippled. His eyes were red, filled with tears and anger.

Just then Radhika said “bhai I feel someone’s following us.”

Karthik stopped the car. Arjun who saw this quickly parked the car in a space nearby. Radhika and Karthik turned around, but saw none. The lane was clear. Radhika got off the car and walked a little to see, she too found no one.

Just then Karthik called “Radhu!! Come, let’s go.”

She turned around and said “coming bhai” and started to walk towards the car.

She got into the car and they drove off again. Arjun didn’t want to take any risk, so he waited for five minutes and then took the car.

Radhika and Karthik came to a park nearby. She sat on a bench and was lost in her thoughts. Karthik was sitting next to her. Just then someone placed their hand on Radhika’s shoulder. Radhika looked up to see who it was. She gasped. She was too shocked to digest it. She binked once, no twice, no thrice and then rubbed her eyes wondering if it was a dream. She saw a woman in track pant and t-shirt smiling at her. Karthik too kept staring.

(Lol looks like everyone were in shock ??) ( and yes she found them… Its the reverse that happened ??)

Radhika who had still come out of shock said “di?!”

Nandini said “yes me.”

She then sat next to Radhika and asked “why are you here? Go back Radhika. It’s no use. “

Radhika said “I’m here for you di. To take you back.”

Nandini said “but, Arjun…”

She said “he’ll forgive you. I’ll make him do it.”

Nandini asked “why are you doing this? Arjun will never forgive me.”

Radhika said “it’s all because of me. I only wanted to expose you. I wanted you to go away too. But then I realized the pain of being separated from a sibling. I shouldn’t have done that. I should have convinced him that time itself. “

She said crying “no Radhika it’s not your fault. I deserve this. To be alone all my life. I fell for a married man, which I shouldn’t have done. What he did was right. I took it in a wrong way. And I spoilt Arjun too. I don’t deserve his forgiveness at all.”

Radhika said “di, you’re a good woman. It was your revenge which made you fall low in everyone’s eyes. Arjun will forgive you. You’ve changed di. Please come back. Talk once to Arjun. He’ll surely forgive you. He still loves you di.”

Karthik said “Miss Nandini, I too thought wrong. You don’t seem to be a bad person. Listen to Radhu. Everything will be fine.”

Nandini smiled and said “I think you’re the sheriff who took all my documents. You’re doing a good job.”

He smiled and said “thank you.”

Arjun who had been driving all long identified Karthik’s car and parked it there. He was walking in the park looking for them. Nandini who was smiling looked up and saw Arjun coming towards them. He hadn’t spotted them.

Nandini got up and said “I need to go Radhika.”

Radhika said “wait di. Now where are you going?”

She indicated in left direction. Radhika turned and saw Arjun. Before she could turn and face Nandini, she had left. Arjun who spotted them, walked fast towards them with angry eyes. Radhika knew there was trouble coming. She froze there.

Arjun caught hold of Radhika’s shoulders and shook her.

He asked “Radhika, what are you doing here? Don’t you have class? For this you came here? To roam with this guy?”

Karthik said “stop it Arjun. You…..”

He bit out “you shut up. Just shut up. This is between me and her. It would be good if you don’t interfere.”

Radhika asked “Arjun!! How can you talk to him like that? Now, ask sorry.”

Arjun shook her even more hard and asked “why do I have to apologize? Do you know how it feels when you see your wife with another guy? That too this close?! Do you even understand what’s running in me? How I feel? Do you even care?”

Radhika didn’t look at him. She has her eyes fixed to the concrete below her feet. She took up all the strength to answer him. She knew it was going to hurt him, but she had to do it. She fought back her tears.

Karthik couldn’t see this. He didn’t want to see his sister spoil her own life. He stepped forward to tell it out. Blurt it all out. But, Radhika caught hold of his arm softly nodding in a negative.

She bit out “I don’t care for you. Not even an incy wincy bit. And why do I have to care of what’s running in you?”

Arjun let go of her. He couldn’t believe it. He started at Karthik with all the anger in the world. He felt like ripping him apart.

(Ushoooo .. So much anger…Baap re ??)

He then caught hold of Radhika’s arm and started walking. Radhika found it though to pace up with his long strides. She turned around to see Karthik, who was watching them walk away. Nandini who was hidden behind a statue, watched them walk. She cried and at the same time she had a smile on her face. She saw her brother after so long.

She cried and said to herself “it’s all because of me. Radhika, I’m sorry. Arjun please don’t be angry on her. I’m so happy that I got to see you after so long. Thank you God!! Thank you so much!!”

She said “Arjun… Let go. Let go of my arm. It hurts.”

He asked “what about me then? Even I’m hurt. Can’t you see that?”

She said nothing. They then drive off. They reached home. As Jun went into the room and slammed the door. Good that it didn’t break. Radhika sat in the hall crying. Meanwhile, Arjun kept pacing in the room. He didn’t know what to do. He was totally drained. Just then he got Neil’s call.

Arjun picked the call and said “hello.”

Neil in cheerful voice “hey man!! How’s life foing? Totally forgot us huh? This means Chashni confessed?!”

Arjun didn’t say anything. He just didn’t know what to say. Neil sensed something fishy.

He asked “you there? What happened?”

Arjun bit out “that Karthik!! That guy.”

Neil said “woah woah. Wait there. Who’s this Karthik. Tell me we’ve from the beginning.”

Arjun told Neil everything. Neil on the other side, sat on his bed with his eyes wide. He had his palm covering his mouth as he kept listening to Arjun.

As he finished he said “Neil I love Radhika. I love her so much. She’s only mine. I can’t see her with anyone else” and cried.

Neil said “yeah Arjun, I know. Everyone knows. But, Chashni can’t do like that.y Chashni is never like that. Hey, just a minute. I’ll call you back. I’m getting a call.”

Arjun said “OK fine” and cut the call.

Neil thought “what is Chashni upto? I need to talk to her. And these love birds need to get together as soon as possible.”

Neil called Radhika. Radhika on the other side saw Neil’s name flashing on her mobile screen. She wiped her tears and picked up the call.

She said “hi Neil!! How are you? And Sam?”

Neil said “Chashni I’m fine. And everyone else is fine. Tell me something.”

She asked “what?”

He asked “did you confess to Arjun?”

She asked “what happened Neil? Why are you asking this now? Did Arjun say anything?”

He said “that’s not the answer Chashni. And Arjun didn’t say anything. Now tell me why you came to US. Doesn’t seem like you came to study.”

She gasped out.

She asked “what are you saying Neil?”

He said “I know my Chashni can’t lie to me. Please tell me Radhika. I may help you. Tell what it is. Just spit it out.”

She said “nothing Neil.”

He said “no Radhika. There’s something troubling you. Tell me.”

Neil never called her Radhika. If he did so, he was angry. She didn’t wanna trouble him. She felt is better she told him. She told him everything. Neil was shocked.

He thought “why is Chashni screwing up her life?”

He asked “so you met di?”

She said “yes.”

He asked “so Karthik is Ankush’s best friend? Like your brother?”

She said “yes.”

He asked “Arjun doesn’t know a thing about this?”

She said “yes.”

He said “Chashni I’m not gonna talk to you” and cut the call.

He said to himself “sorry Chashni, I can’t help you this time. I need to do something for Arjun. Anyone of you will have to step back. And it’s you who’ll have to do it.”

Radhika on the other hand cried. She lost a friend now. Her only hope. The onke who could help her. The one who always supported her and was always by her side.

Neil called Arjun. Arjun picked up the next moment. It seemed he was eagerly waiting for his call.

He said “yeah Neil.”

Neil said “I have a plan Arjun. To get Chashni back.”

Arjun said “I’m ready to do anything to get her back.”

Neil said “then listen.”

It was all mute. Neil kept talking, while Arjun listened carefully. A smile crept on his lips.

As Neil finished, Arjun said “right. We’re done. This is good.”

Neil said “but Arjun. This is wrong. Oh, god with what can I hit myself. I hate myself now.”

Arjun said “no Neil. This is perfect.”

He said “OK. But be careful.”

Arjun said “ok” and cut the call.

Neil thought “why did I do this? Oh god!! What if Arjun seriously does it? This is so wrong. I’m so sorry Chashni.”

Arjun gave a smile and said “Radhika Mehra, its time you become mine.”

On the other side Radhika cried out profusely.

Well that’s it for today guys… Hope you all liked it… Please do let me know… I’ll be back soon with another update… Till then love you all loads…. Bear hugs to all of you??

Up next: Chapter-7-The wrong turn

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