Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 58, 59& 60)

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Chapter 58- Niti backs off and Arjun confronts.

Arjun ran out of the darkened hall and sped his car towards the Malhotras. He snuck into the house. It was a way which he and Neil and had found out during childhood to sneak in whenever Shika had visited Prerna. He got into Niti’s room and fortunately her laptop was open without a password. He opened her mail. One of that bad habit of hers from which he took advantage. She never signed out of her mail. There was a reply to her mail where she had sent a backing off mail. And they had accepted it too. But.. she would not be able to publish her works for the next three years.

“Why?” he muttered as he cussed under his breath.

“How the hell did you get in here?” he heard a voice.

He turned around to see an angry Niti. She came to him and pulled him up.

“And you opened my mail!! How dare you?” she screamed.

“That’s why you’re supposed to sign out” he said in a cold tone.

“My mail.. my laptop.. my computer.. my wish” she screamed.

“Why did you back out?” he asked.

“I’ll give that a pass” she said casually shrugging her shoulders.

“Chutki..” he gritted his teeth.

“You call me Chutki, that doesn’t mean I have to answer you” she crossed her arms.

“Why?” was the only thing he could ask.

“Enough of me winning. I’ve anyways achieved nothing with it. And by the way Bhai, Bird Song would have been sued. It was a plan. Two nominees from the same company” she sighed.

“Go on” his eyed narrowed at her.

“Samudra” she sighed.

“They tipped them” she shook her head.

“How do you know?” he asked.

“I mailed the Writer’s Association. Like how they tipped, I used my Royal power” she smirked “like I had expected. Samudra” she hissed.

He sighed “they said Samudra had backed off and wanted two nominees from Bird Song” she replied making him angry.

“I mailed as fast as I could before the list reaches the higher ups” she looked up to meet his red bloodshot angry eyes.

“I know bird Song is Piyali aunty’s dream and she has worked hard for it. Uncle too. And you had always wanted Radhika to win. So, it was up to me. To back off. To save Bird Song and to make your wife win. To make you proud” she smiled when his eyes softened.

“You could have told any of us” he sighed as he cupped her cheek.

“I no baby” she pouted.

“That we all know” he said in a sarcastic tone.

“Now go, your dharm patni will be searching for you” she said back in the same tone.

She laughed when his phone rang with Radhika’s name flashing on the screen. He gave her a stare and turned around.

“Give me five minutes. With Chutki” he clipped as he cut the call and slipped his phone in his pocket and pulled Niti with him.

“Bhai I’ve got fever. You go” she said.

“What did you do? He sighed as he checked her forehead.

“Liar” he snapped.

“Please..” she pleaded.

“Why?” he asked.

“I just don’t” she snapped.

“Come” he pulled her.

“Mom knows I’m home” she snapped.

“Why?” he asked.

“I don’t wanna face some people” her voice went low.

“Ankush?” he asked.

“No. Others” she whispered.

“Who?” he asked.

“Samudraians. Some others. It felt so good to see them in shock. My name being out” she laughed like a maniac, wiping her tears “I walking to the front holding the Award.. handing the Award to bhabi” she laughed more coughing in between.

“Chutki..” he rubbed her back.

“They’ll come Bhai. They’ve been planning big from since Bird Song has taken Maybelline contract. That was the biggest bumper project they could bag and in the snap of fingers it was taken away from them” she looked at him to be thinking deeply.

“Leave that to me” he smirked “now come” he pulled her.

“Fine” she huffed as the tagged along.

“Don’t tell anyone” she snapped.

“Okay. Top secret” he smiled as he showed out his pinky finger.

“Deal” she smiled as she linked her pinky finger with his and they laughed like good old times and drove off.

“You told me you were going home” Prerna looked confused when her daughter stood in front of her smiling.

“Oh maa.. bhai told me he’d get me a hot chocolate. So, I stayed. He got me one. That’s why it took time” she smiled and winked at Arjun, who in turn chuckled and ruffled her hair.

“Hot chocolate for meee..?” Radhika whined like a baby.

“Only for Arjun’s Chutki” Niti poked her tongue to looping her arms around Arjun’s forearm.

“Arjuuunn…” Radhika pouted like a baby.

“I’ll get you while going home” Arjun laughed as he pulled his wife’s cheeks.

“You have to get me too” Niti whispered to Arjun as Radhika in front of them.

“Now eat. I’ll deal with my wife first. Then you” he shook his head huffing.

“Why huffing? I asked my right” she said causally as she filled her plate.

“Meri maa.. I’ll get you tomorrow” he folded his hands carefully as he had his plate.

“That’s like a good brother” she grinned “where’s Ankush?’ she asked.

“Why him?” he asked.

“Cause he’s nowhere to be seen” she said.

“Why you asking about him?” he asked.

“Can’t you hear? Didn’t I just say it? His sister has won and he’s not here” she said clearly annoyed.

“He said he was taking Anitha for DINNER” he said stressing on “dinner” to see her reaction.

“Oh. Cool” she said un flinched.

“Niti” someone called out.

“Hey Nasa” she smiled.

“You here” Manasa (Nasa) asked.

“Yep I won last year. It’s important that I have to be here. You?” she asked.

“I work for Samudra” Manasa replied.

“Nice” she said “okay I gotta go. Bye” she pulled Arjun with her putting a forced smile on her face.

The poor girl had no idea what was going on. She was new to the company. Niti too walked away. She wanted help. Wanted to quit. She hated it and found it controversial though she had been working only for a month there. She sighed looking her food loaded plate. She walked away throwing the plate in the bin nearby.

“Samudra? How?” Niti looked suspicious “I don’t care. I hate her” she shrugged her shoulders and walked away.

“Hey baby sister” Neil cooed.

“Hello big brother” she said back.

He looked at his sister in deep thought. She always argued when he called her “baby sister”. He knelt down and cupped her face. Her state pained him. Her eyes spoke a lot. Spoke what she couldn’t say. Which she couldn’t open up about. Pain. Guilt. Fear. A glint of happiness.

What was going on in her head? What was she thinking?

All he knew was.. she was doing something that was both wrong and right at the same time.

His only solution.. Arjun.

He’d know.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“I don’t know” she whispered.

“Tell me” he whispered.

“I really don’t know. All I know is… it hurts.. Like really Bad. Here” she said exasperated as she placed her palm over her chest.

“Think why” he whispered as he squeezed his sister’s hand a little.

“I don’t know. I just don’t want to too” she screamed as she got up and walked away.

“You do. You just don’t want to face it” he smiled sadly at his sister’s disappearing form.

“She can do it Neil” Sam placed her hand on his shoulder “come” she smiled as she called him to bed.

“Not much time Sam. Ankush and Anitha are getting married next month” he sighed.

“How do you know?” she asked.

“He told me in the morning” he sighed.


“What does your sister think of herself?” Ankush snapped as he entered Neil’s cabin.

“Calm Ankush. What happened now?” he asked.

“I’m getting married in a month and I don’t want to at all” Ankush sneered.

“What can I do?” he looked confused.

“Tell her it’s either her or no one” he banged his palms on the table.

“I think you can tell her that” he said not knowing how to react “why are you marrying if you’re not interested?” he asked.

“Two reasons. One.. to make your sister realize, which doesn’t seem to be working at all. Two.. my mom” he sighed.

“Go with the marriage. Carry till the end. We’ll see” Neil smiled.

Ankush just walked out leaving an upset Neil.

“Nitii..” he muttered.


“Neil” Sam called out.

“Yeah let’s go” he said as he broke out of the memory.

“Bhai is getting married on 22 of next month” Radhika said as she sagged on the bed.

“What?” Arjun turned around.

“Yes” she sighed.

“Isn’t it too soon?” he asked.

“Anitha’s aunt came with the date” she said “it is too soon” she sighed.

“Arjun, bhai loves Niti too much” she pulled his shirt.

“We’ll do something” he said as he pushed her head to his chest.

“What makes Niti say a no? He is deserving” she groaned against his chest.

“Love takes time. I.. we know she loves him. But what makes he say a no? Let’s give her some time” he said as he lied down with her on top of him, covering themselves with the blanket.

Ankush was looking at his phone. Anitha had sent him some wedding card designs asking for his suggestions. He threw his phone and threw himself over the bed.


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Chapter 59- Radhika’s pregnant

Karthik was busy in a meeting with the other higher ups. His phone kept vibrating. He without seeing the caller turned his phone off. The meeting was interrupted.

“Karthik Verma!! What do you think of me? Dare you to cut me out. I will kill you!!” she screamed as she pulled his collar.

“I think you forgot where you are” Karthik smirked.

Anitha went crimson as she realized. She pulled Karthik out along with her. They could hear roaring laughter behind them as the door went shut. Anitha kept facepalming herself and Karthik kept smiling.

“So what’s up?” he asked as he admired every antic of hers.

“I need to go shopping” she said.

“So?” he asked.

“You’re coming with me” she grinned.

“NOOO!!!!” he screamed.

“Yes you are. Punishment for leaving my engagement party early” she smirked.

“Anitha no” he said.

“If you’re my friend you’re coming” she said as she sat in his SUV.

“You’re more than that” he sighed “you’re my everything” he blew a breath and took the keys from his driver.

“Where?” he asked.

“AZA Fashions. Juhu” she replied.

“What?” he asked.

“Boutique. I need to shop for my wedding” she said.

“There’s time. Why now?” he looked annoyed.

“I’m getting married next month” she dropped the bomb.

“Isn’t it too soon?” he asked shocked.

“I’m fine with it” she shrugged her shoulders.

“Are you happy with this?” he asked as he turned her to his side.

“How can I be?” she said to herself “I am” she replied.

“He can never love you” he said.

“I know. Why do you care?” she asked.

“Because I do” he sighed.

“Can we move? I don’t have a decade” she said as she turned away trying to keep herself composed.

Anitha went on trying and finally decided to buy a magenta embellished lahenga for the wedding. She and Ankush had planned for a late reception. A day or two after the wedding. She picked a mint ombre and mirror work embroidered lehenga set for the mahendi-sangeet. A simple pink embellished lehenga and beige bodysuit for haldi. Teal green and cobalt blue shaded brocade sari gown for the reception. Karthik just kept staring at Anitha happily trying them on. But who knew the pain she was carrying inside though she was smiling outside. Ankush had refused to accompany her. Aunt sick again. She didn’t want to trouble Mala as she was already busy. She picked matching accessories for them all. Mostly jhumkas and jhootis.

She pulled Karthik along with her to men’s section.

“Why here?” he looked confused “shopping for Ankush too?” he tried to lift off the confusion.

“No silly. For you” she smiled.

“I can do for myself” he snapped.

“Please” she pleaded.

“Okay one” he huffed as he could never say a no to her.

She selected a beige and turquoise brocade sherwani. He smiled seeing her happy and pecked her forehead. His lips lingered there for a moment feeling her soft skin under her lips.

“Wear this on my wedding” she said as she gave it to him.

“Deal” he smiled.

“How I wish we get married” was the thought that ran in both their heads at the same time.

Bird Song was busy with projects. Radhika just sat with her hair all over her face and palms covering her face. She had been throwing a lot of tantrums to Arjun. She had no idea why. Petty arguments that turned heated. But Arjun did deal with calmly. Sam came to her cabin and pulled her up.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Had an argument with Arjun” Radhika replied.

“He told. Why so angry?” she asked.

“I don’t know” Radhika replied “I’m late too Sam” she sighed.

Sam smiled “Come with me” she said as she took her to her cabin.

“Why this?” Radhika asked as she saw a digital pregnancy test kit.

“It’s worth trying” Sam smiled.

“Why so many?” she asked.

“Some may not work. Extra careful” Sam smiled.

“What if I’m not pregnant?” she pouted.

“We’ll see what the problem is then” Sam smiled as she pulled her to the washroom.

Radhika kept pacing up and down. Sam was standing rubbing her belly watching a tensed Radhika. Radhika sat down on the tiled floor holding the kit looking at it deeply. She didn’t know how to react. She was happy and scared at the same time.

Happy that she was pregnant.

Scared because she didn’t know if Arjun was ready to take the responsibility of being a father. He wanted a baby, but didn’t know if now.

“Chashni what is it?” asked a worried Sam.

Sam saw the other kits on the table.

“Pregnant” the words displayed.

She knelt down and leapt on Radhika pulling her into a big hug. She was having company now. Food cravings. Tantrums. She felt her baby kick her and she smiled.

“You’re going to have a friend baby” Sam rubbed her belly and smiled when she got a kick in response.

“Radhika what’s wrong?” she asked.

“I don’t know if he is ready” Radhika replied.

“He always wanted one. He will be” she smiled cupping her face.

“I hope he is” Radhika whispered “I just don’t want him to feel burdened with the sudden news” she sighed.

“He will be happy” Sam smiled “come on now smile and give me a hug” she spread her arms out.

“What would I do without you Sam?” Radhika said as she rested her head on Sam’s shoulder.

“Ice cream?” Radhika asked.

“Vanilla” Sam beamed.

“Chocolate” Radhika clapped.

“Almond fudge” Sam poked her tongue.

“Coffee” Radhika smiled.

“Kesar” Sam said.

“Oreo” Radhika smirked.

“Whatever. We’re celebrating!!” Sam squealed as she clapped her hands.

“YEY!!” Radhika screamed as she pulled Sam into a tight hug and Sam too ended up squealing.

The office shook with their happy cries and looked baffled. Arjun, Niti, Ankush and Neil along with Piyali and Samrat who were busy with an important client blinked. Sam pulled radhika with her to the nearest ice cream parlour.

Arjun came home alone as Radhika had left with Sam. He sat on his bed and got himself immersed in work. She looked at his side of bedside table. A cup of coffee.

“Thanks di” he said without looking up.

“Di?” the voice came “I’m sister to you?” she cried.

His head snapped up to see Radhika. From since when did she start making coffee? She hated coffee. He saw her smiling wide and smiled back at her. She placed another cup. He blinked.

Two cups for him?

Or for her?

Did she start drinking coffee too?

He blinked when he saw a baby miniature cup in between both big cups. She frowned at her blinking husband.

Stupid. Idiot. What not?

She placed the pregnancy kit over his laptop. He saw it and kept it aside. He took it again and looked at her.

“What is this?” he asked.

“A pregnancy test kit” she snapped.

“Aaah yes” he said.

“What does it say?” she asked gritting her teeth hard.

“It says pregnant” he replied as he saw the kit.

“So?” she asked impatiently.

“So what? It just says pregnant” he said as he kept it on the table and went back to work.

Radhika stood disappointed. Arjun then again took the kit as realization struck him. He looked at it. Then the three cups and then her. She looked at him with hope. He looked at the kit again.. the cups and then her. He threw his laptop on the bed and picked her up in his arms and twirled her.

“Thank you!! Thank you thank you thank!!” he spun her around.

“I’m feeling dizzy. Put me down” she said annoyed.

“No. I’m not letting you down today” he smiled “I get to have my princess!!” he grinned.

“It can be a prince too” she said as she looped her arms around his neck.

“First my doll, then soldier” he said.

“We’ll see” she pouted.

Ankush saw Niti sitting on a bench alone. She looked lost. He had come for a stroll. He wanted to think again.

Who was benefited with this engagement?

No one.

Just then he saw a kid not more than age of two running towards him.

He smiled crouching down. But the little girl ran past him. He turned around to see Niti smiling wide, crouching down with her arms spread out.

“Mamma” she squealed as she reached Niti.


Chapter 60- Sam’s baby shower

Ankush felt his head spinning. He saw both of them sharing a long hug. Niti tried pulling away, but the little one wasn’t ready to let go.

She was married and had a daughter. No one knew.

Not a single person.

He gripped his head at the mother-daughter bond. They looked so cute. So much in peace. His mind started running in all possible directions.

Was she really married?

If she was, who was her husband? Where was he?

Or was is it a s*xual one and he let her go knowing that she got pregnant?

Who was the old woman with her?

Did she reject him TWICE only because of this?

Even if it was, that didn’t mean his love for her would decrease or vanish. It was never bound to happen. But… even if Niti ends up falling in love with him and getting married to him, would he able to accept her daughter? A child born to some other man, other than him?

Was he such a good man? Did he have such a big heart?

“Mamma” the little one looked at her innocently.

“Yes baby mamma is right here” she smiled as she pecked her forehead.

Ankush threaded to her. He pulled her up and looked down at the little kid. The kid and the old woman didn’t seem to be pleased with Ankush’s company. The kid held on to Niti’s legs possessively as she glared up at Ankush.

“Who is this kid?” he asked all angry.

“She’s my daughter. Riya” she smiled “Riya baby say hi to uncle” Niti pulled her up in her arms.

Riya’s lips twitched and pursed, which clearly showed her displeasure. She turned away and buried her face in Niti’s neck.

“Your daughter? You’re joking right?” he let out a humorless laugh.

“She’s my daughter Ankush” she replied as her grip on the little one turned a little stiff as she felt Riya stiffen.

Seemed like the kid could understand. The old woman behind sighed.

“Did you reject me only because of this?” he gripped her jaw tight.

You can’t behave like that with my grand daughter” the old woman pointed her finger at him.

“I’m sorry daadi ji. But it’d be nice if you don’t come in between us” he said in a low voice.

“One of the reasons I rejected you for is this” she snapped.

“One of the reasons?” he looked confused.

“Yes. Now please leave” she said.

”You can’t do this to me. This cannot happen” he said dejected as he let go of her.

He walked backwards looking at her stumbling here and there. The old lady sighed shaking her head at the happenings. She shouldn’t have listened to Niti. She shouldn’t have bought Riya with her.

“Why did you do that?” the old woman turned Niti to her.

“Why did you leave dada sa?” Niti asked back.

“That was not the answer to my question laado” she sighed.

“Same here daadi sa” Niti sighed.

“You know the reason” she shook her head “Riya has fallen asleep. It only with you she sleeps so soon. Else it’s a milestone” the old lady chuckled.

“My baby she is” Niti kissed her head.

“Niti he loves you. Even you do. Why hold back laado?” she asked.

Niti sighed “look laado tell him everything. There’s no point hiding. Everything will be known soon. He’ll surely be by your side and I can bet on it, a queen’s never wrong with her instincts.. that too a Rajput queen. He loves you too much to let go. Tell him laado” she cupped her cheek.

“He won’t daadi. I have a daughter without marriage. A daughter who has no surname. This is the best way for him to move on. I will use this for my benefit” Niti looked down.

“NO ONE will be. Four lives are being spoilt. Yours, Ankush, Anitha and Karthik. Don’t laado. And Riya is not your daughter” she sighed.

“She is daadi. She is mine and will always be. What if I have not given birth to her, I’m giving her all the love and care I can as much as possible. The only thing, I can’t stay by her side” Niti sighed “she was not an unwanted child. Her fate was unfortunate. Riya died in a car accident and Rajveer died as he had drowned himself into alcohol after her death. Bonnie is not in a state to take care of herself. No one other than me and Bonnie know about them. They had eloped and married. None of them would take her in. This baby was just five days old when all of this happened. Mom and dad both having an unfortunate death. Why can’t I give her the love she deserves daadi? Why can’t I?” she cried as she held Riya possessively in her arms.

“Laado I understand. But you have a life too” daadi said.

“Why did you leave dada sa daadi? Please” she pleaded.

“I knew you’d be all alone after Komal’s death and your dada sa will never take you in. But I’m not so heartless. So, I had to decide. I chose to be by my grand daughter’s side who needed me the most. Do you know how much it pained me? How much this poor old soul pained to see her youngest grand daughter in pain? Not smiling. Zoning herself out” daadi cried as her forehead creased and her wrinkled face showed a lot of pain and guilt “you had to take care of this little marathon too. How could you alone? So, I came” she smiled through tears.

“I love you so much daadi” Niti hugged her tight.

“Love you too my laado. You’re the younger version of Raghuveer, though you’re not his blood. I’m so proud of you” she smiled as she patted her cheek “Now I’ll leave. Before she wakes up” she said as she took Riya in her arms and walked away.

Bird Song employees were given a two day holiday for taking part in the preparations of Sam’s baby shower. Sam was excited. She kept looking at herself in the mirror rubbing her tummy. It felt like it was just yesterday that Niti had confirmed her pregnancy and her belly just grew.

Khanna Mansion was filled with happiness and joy. Decorative lights glowed outside the mansion. People known from everywhere had come. Family, friends, business partners.. Everyone.

The thought that made the Khannas even more happy was that Manya was coming. She was coming back after two years. After she had confessed her obsession for Neil. She didn’t look back after that. She was purely drowned in guilt. She had cut off everything with them. She had given them enough. She just ignored Sam. Didn’t even think of looking back at Neil.

Now she was coming!!

The mother to be was the centre of attraction. Sam was in a red off shoulder full sleeved fitted maternity gown with a white sash that proudly displayed the words in magenta colour in bold italics “MOM TO BE” with a floral headgear that had red roses. Neil was in his black three piece suit. Arjun and Radhika entered. Everyone noticed Radhika as she had the Award recently. Radhika was in a white off shoulder long gown and Arjun in his casuals. Karthik as usual walked in alone in his casuals. Ankush arrived with Anitha. Niti was in a maroon off shoulder Velour Bardot Dress which came above her knees and had a little low neckline. Ankush frowned as he saw her in a low dress. Radhika went off to Sam and greeted her with a hug.

“Congrats Chashni!!” Neil came and pecked her forehead.

“Thank you!!” she smiled.

“Where’s my best friend?” he asked.

“Talking to someone” she rolled her eyes.

“Okay I’ll go” he smiled as he patted her cheek and left.

“Where is Manya?” asked an impatient piyali.

“She’ll come Piyu” Samrat said in a calm tone.

“Hey mom. Hey dad!” they heard a voice behind them.

Piyali turned around in an instant and hugged her tight. Samrat ruffled her hair as he smiled and she too looked at her dad and smiled.

“It’s good to have you back” Piyali smiled.

“I’ll be leaving tomorrow afternoon. Have a conference in Pune” she said.

“Stay baby” Piyali requested.

“I’m sorry mom” she said as she found Sam on a round cushioned bed and walked to her.

“Hey big sister” she greeted as stood in front of her.

“Maany!!” Sam squealed as she hugged her tight.

“Big tummy huh? What’s my champ doing in there?” she patted her sister’s tummy to which she got a kick in response. She smiled “Dude I’m telling you, make use of her tummy. Kick as much as you can. Cause you can’t when you come out” she said as she bent to Sam’s tummy and spoke.

“Are you spoiling my son?” Sam twisted her ear “he’s already kicking a lot” she pouted.

“How do you know you’re carrying a boy?” Manya asked confused.

“I just have this strong feeling” she replied.

“Whatever. I’m the only maasi. So, obviously a spoilt brat baby will be” Manya grinned.

“Me the only bua. So, extra pampering. What say Manya? Bua-maasi teaming up?” Niti put her arm over Manya’s shoulder.

“Tika!!” she hugged her.

“Hello to you too” Niti smiled as she rubbed he back.

“Congrats to you too Radhika. Mom told me” she hugged Radhika.

“Hello sister in law” Neil smiled.

“Hey jiju. I’ll be back” she smiled and ran off.

That’s how she escaped.

Sam was pampered the most as all the women in the hall showered their blessings and love for her and her unborn child. Neil was teased by all the others.

Arjun was standing talking to one of his partner. He kept an eye on Radhika as much as he can. She was at the desert section gulping cakes. He smiled shaking his head.

“Hey beautiful” came a voice.

Radhika turned around “do I know you?” she asked.

“You may not know me. But the world knows you. Who will not know the Radhika Mehra?” he smirked.

“Okay” she said.

“Congrats” he held his hand out.

“Thank you” she said in a low voice as she tried to walk away after shaking hands.

But he wasn’t ready to let go. He tugged her hand and kept walking closer. Arjun who turned around, saw this and his blood boiled. Radhika did seem uncomfortable with the stranger. He saw him passing lewd comments at her too. He threaded towards the guy and punched him hard who went falling crashing a table. He pulled him up again and started punching him.

“Arjun let go” Neil pulled him.

“He misbehaved with Radhika” he sneered.

“I’ll take care you move” he said as he took him away.

“You okay?” he cupped her cheek.

“I am” she smiled.

He let go of her and walked fast. Radhika tried matching his steps but no use. He hit the bar, sitting next to Ankush and Karthik. He went on gulping and the two best friends kept staring at him. Niti too came by. She wanted to stop him, but the other three motioned in a negative. He had had five pegs.

“Bhai that’s enough” Niti snatched.

“Dare you to stop me” he sneered as he took the glass from her.

Niti just took steps back. Ankush had his fists balled. Arjun had had a lot.

“Arjun that’s enough. Please” Radhika pleaded.

“Two more pegs Raaaddhhhiiikkkaaaa” he dragged as he smiled sheepishly pulling her cheeks “pppprrrroooommmiiissssseeee” he poked her nose.

As promised he took two pegs and took the third one. Before he could Niti snatched and hid it. Arjun started to stumble. Radhika supported him a little, but he gained grip and started to walk casually. Radhika looked with her mouth wide open. Ankush nad Karthik shook their heads. Niti poured half of the peg in Ankush and Karthik’s glasses. She didn’t want to be a victim to Ankush’s words. She knew he was already angry for the dress she was wearing.

“Radhu what is he made of?” Karthik gulped.

She gave them a glare and walked off. Neil had arranged for a chauffeur. He knew Arjun was drunk. Radhika was intelligent enough to have dinner. She was glad she did. Arjun stumbled inside the house and made his way inside their room.

“Raaadddhhhiiiikkkkaaaa” he smiled.

“Are you okay?” he asked in a concerned voice as he checked her.

“I’m fine Arjun” she smiled.

“Why did he talk to you?” he asked.

“He wished me for winning” she replied.

“Why do all men eye my wife?” he pouted.

“Because I’m your wife” she smiled.

“Niti didn’t drink right? I remember her snatching my drink” he said annoyed.

“No she didn’t. She poured it into Ankush and karthik bhai’s glasses” she chuckled.

“Good” he smiled.

“Why can’t he see that you’re pregnant?” he pouted again.

“Silly. I just got pregnant. It takes months” she smiled.

“Why can’t the tummy grow big the moment you’re declared pregnant? Why can’t the baby be born the moment you’re pregnant?” he asked like a kid to which Radhika looked puzzled.

“That’s how it is Arjun” she said in the split of a second.

“Let’s change it” he said.

“Life cycle” she said gripping her head.

“Cycle. Oh, like round round?” he asked looking up the ceiling.

“Yes” she snapped.

“Let’s make it square” he said as he snapped his fingers.

“Are you crazy? Go to sleep!!” she screamed.

“Yes I’m crazy. Only for you. Love you” he pecked her forehead and lied down like a good kid listening to his wife, closing his eyes.

“Love you too. Good night” she smiled shaking her her head.

“AAh I forgot. Is it morning or night?” he asked as he opened his eyes again.

“You idiot, it’s night” she screamed.

“Ssshhh.. Don’t scream. Not good for my princess. She’ll be thinking why mamma turned kaali and is scolding papa. Idiot is Neil, not me” he said like an innocent kid.

“Will you sleep or not?” she asked gritting her teeth.

“Good night wifey” he smiled giving her a fly kiss and buried his face in the pillow.

Radhika smiled and got changed into comfortable clothes and got on the on the other side of the bed. She smiled rubbing her tummy and drifted to a peaceful slumber.

That’s it! No more.. I have thought a lot and typed like running for a marathon.. Bye now.. Do let me know of your views.. Tata babaye.. Love you all loads.. Tc.. keep smiling.. Bear hugs to all of you


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    Helloooooooo mamma….apologies for late comment….typed like running a marathon….lol…who told u to stress urself stupid mommy?!….oh I think I was the one among who were pestering u for the update…So we all r bunch of idiots to trouble a sick person who z obsessed to fever.

    Coming to the update….it was Longgggggggg….ur brain was working like freight train I guess….it was too good….loved it and very happy for ardhika….well I was the one who kept eating ur brains for this special moment of ardhika…Right mommy?!

    Feeling sad for ankush….itna dard kyun unko?!…I know you’ll do something for him….waiting for manhu di ka entry….

    Now I know when you’ll update so I won’t ask u the question…

    Love u…muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…tc

  31. Abhi

    Diya!! Do we look jobless to you? we saw you typing and we know what it was.. but making us comment is not fair.. lol the comments be the show stealer!! And we are taking part to make it more highlighted.. lol we did do a good thing snatching gadgets.. but we did waste a lot on buying you a lot of pastries and chocolates.. Aaahhhh..

    Stop troubling us and your friends.. I think it’s only amma who has not commented.. And I know she won’t.. forget appa.. he is too busy.. Riya seems to be more like my daughter.. stop torturing guys.. you’ve given a lot of guys rejections in real life.. atleast let it be happy here.. Arjun lol.. dad and drunk in the same update.. papa Arjun I know from where you picked up.. blinking one.. lol.. that be the most epic moment.. Dev!! Oh God!! He sat still for 20 minutes and Niha stood frozen.. haha.. thanks for recreating the moment Diya!! So many ice cream flavors.. I know you were angry on Anitha and Niha for leaving you behind and you did have an ice cream cake.. without sharing.. ALL BY YOURSELF!! So mean!!

    Everything about the update was amazing!! Now I have no more patience to comment.. Dev is till looking up the ceiling thinking what more to add.. And I finished!! I’m first.. Yes!!

    Bye.. Take care.. Just because we let you stay home doesn’t mean you can go around singing and dancing.. work.. Love you baby sister

    • Shree



      Not you here.. please.. who told u r jobless.. u made yourself jobless.. yeah yeah.. like it was less n dull.. u r taking part.. suffer.. you took them away

      you know they won’t.. right your daughter.. oh so u say I need to accept all.. dare you to come and punch guys who come to me.. haha.. exactly that.. blinking.. we can never forget that.. yes I was angry.. yes I ate.. yes I’m mean..

      thanks for liking it… like I said you have patience.. yey!! get me a chocolate while coming as treat.. lol ceiling.. whats there?

      I will sing .. dance.. my wish.. I will work.. not work.. my wish.. go.. bye.. love you too my lambu

  32. Dev

    Diya!! Wooohhhooooohhhooooo!! Kanne enna da panna? You never do spare anyone is it.. I thought it was only me and Abhi..

    Lol this update!! I knew what you typed as I was sitting right next to you.. You got the ice cream idea after eating that whole ice cream cake.. See this is the first and last time I’ll be commenting.. so let it be fun.. lol you made lawyer and his wife comment too.. not to forget Priya.. lol.. look at the comments.. buurrnn.. you’re being spammed and trolled.. So we’ll help in uplifting a little.. I’ll tell some more people too comment too.. we’ll make it your highest comments post..

    Arjun and Radhika were epic.. not to forget two version of Arjuns you showed here.. one daddy Arjun and drunk Arjun.. daddy one I think what you did.. why ya why? I think I need to stop taking you to parties.. You observe a lot.. the square one lol.. I know where you got it from.. square.. cube.. raised to four and all.. Why are you torturing Ankush and Karthik? Isn’t it enough that you have tortured enough guys in reality that here too you are doing it and we brothers have to keep babysitting you.. stupid baby sister… Anitha even Ankush knows you love Karthik.. why can’t you go or why can’t Karthik do it? He knows to get fake admission and all… but can’t confess love.. Diya let them unite.. why are you torturing them all? Ankush toh one more heartbreak.. Niti is a mom to a kid now.. Why does Riya resemble Vidhi and my daughter? both of them seem to be your daughters more than ours.. they’re your nieces.. you rule them.. This is insane.. ice cream.. anger on peaks huh? Sam was cute.. new friend.. I think it’s her future daughter in law.. and the kid inside be so telepathic that he gave a happy squeal from inside..

    All was perfect.. except for Niti.. go send her to Ankush or I will twist your ears to it.. Aahh Abhi finished before me.. It’s k

    Work.. Don’t dance and sing.. let the neighbours live.. Love you

  33. Niharika

    Anu baby!! Look at you.. Gosh!! Spammed… Jatin commented.. wow.. I can see where this is going on now.. will see if “they” comment.. lol.. fingers crossed..

    Wow!! Triple sixer!! Adra saka.. Idha dhan naan edir paten.. omg that pregnancy thing.. It was recreated beautifully.. love you for this sister in law.. you made Arjun dumb just like your brother.. I can read this forever.. Than you so much lilliput.. Samudra to be nothing.. and I know what you have in mind.. Bridal shower was cute.. Arjun drunk lol.. that bickering.. uuufff.. kaali maa.. yes princes will be scared.. but papa is not poor.. he is equally responsible.. Ankush nd karthik.. stupids.. go get your women.. I’ll request Anu to help you.. don’t worry

    Semma update Anu!! I’m going to ask Dev to bring a copy of this.. Love you nathanaare

    • Shree



      My anni!! yes bhai did.. they did.. look below..

      lol di.. hehe ok anni.. lol dumb.. he is.. n u know it more than anyone.. Lilliput aah? dog you.. Samudra lol.. papa nee.. haha.. Anu will think if to help them or not..

      Nandri. lol.. ok.. love you too

  34. Anitha

    Anu!! buurrrrrnnn.. look at this place.. wohohoho.. you made my husband jump here too.. thanks to you I use your story as bedtime story for my daughter.. or should I say your daughter?

    Triple magic!! Love your dp.. beautiful eyes!! Niti backed out for this.. you and her both on a typing spree.. hehe.. Want Samudra to be brought to dust and I know you can do it well.. Ankush throwing fits at Neil.. What does you sister think of herself?.. best one.. Papa Arjun.. lol… I could see Dev in this.. epic.. awesome recreation.. I can read that part again and again.. drunk Arjun lol.. that was like Nikhil no? square square.. raised to four and all? Arjun ku Jhonny Walker ooti utiya? semma effect adhu.. lol.. kaali maa.. aana appa innocent illa.. he made her scream… Sam best line.. new friend for you baby.. haha.. ava future la wife aah varuva.. right la Anu? ice cream.. ahh.. sorry for ditching you that day.. hot chocolate? idhu over ya.. nathanaare anniya ivalo torture pannakudadu.. nee nalla nathanaar dhaane?

    Sari I’m going now.. tata.. nathanaare odamba paatuko… love you

    • Shree



      Enna di unnaku? yes your husband too here.. shes our daughter.. not yours or mine only..

      nandri anni.. aama maa.. yes we both.. yes I will.. hehe.. Dev lol.. unforgettable.. yes Nikhil only.. that fellow.. teriliye.. edu ooti uten nu.. bartender ta ketu soldren.. aama aama.. appa innocent illa.. lol.. summa irukiya maa.. aama ice ceam.. unnaku kedaya ve kedayadu.. I’m devil nathanaar.. I will torture you..

      bye anni.. love you too. take care of yourself and Vidhi

  35. AS

    DEEEEEPPPPPPUUUUU!! yeh kya kiya tune? Arjun ki izat utar rahi ho? Angry khadoos ko chocolate boy bana di.. Did you clone Neil and give him Arjun Mehra face?

    Lol look at the comments.. Dev too? Niha Abhi and Anitha too? Jatin too.. I forgot.. Wohohoho.. wait… more coming..

    Arjun itne sweet kab se? You made him dad too.. next grandpa with grey hairs and walking stick.. why will a man be so dumb to not realise his being pregnant? Niti toh is insane.. why is she running away when she loves him? Deeeppuu I know you have a lot more coming.. But don’t Ankush so much.. Karthik too.. all men in reality have to struggle with you.. now even fictional characters too.. kyun beta kyun? I think now zombies and vampires were better.. Why did I keep that bet? You did win, but all unmarried manmarziyan males are paying the price of it.. Deeeppuu will this hit a century at the time of epilogue? drunk one.. Anitha lol.. Jhonny Walker nahi she would have given him Glenfiddich.. lol.. Nikhil lol.. I still have that video.. haha… square cube.. raised to four.. pull cheeks.. haha.. everything was amazing… too good..

    Take care bacha.. stop falling ill.. Love you loads

    • Shree



      Bhjai? kuch nahi kya maine.. is it? toh aap boliye.. I’ll follow that way.. nahi.. no cloning.. woh toh illegal hai.. yes all here..

      Arjun turned sweet because I’m here.. yes I’ll do that too.. grandpa with walking stick and toothless.. happy? You know it all bhai.. then why ask? yes a lot more.. ok I won’t trouble them.. my story.. my wish.. oh yeah? thanks a lot.. I’ll start them soon.. yes mistake is yours.. let them pay.. don’t worry… I’ll see to what level this goes. you want epilogue now? I can put it now too..

      Lol brand discussions.. I have no clue.. like I said.. I’ll ask bartender.. hehe.. that was Nikhil Bhai.. have the video.. good good

      Thank you so much!! It does mean a lot..

      Ill take care.. Love you too bhai

      • jiya

        epilogue ke plans????… i’m going to kill you now. chup chap write.. i dont care century hits.. i want entire story… dont think to cut anything in it… and after this update dont even think about stopping or ending abruptly….. arjun bane grandpa lol…. first start sequel where he will be papa. ahh pity the two kids. over protective papa ko jhel na hogaa…and baby let it hit century we will put a grand party then… okayy vaaa. now start writing next update. waiting eagerly… muahhhh. love youuuu…..

        lol…. and pity vampires and devils… they too have love stories…forget about fearing people they will be singing love songs… hahha. waiting for vampire story baby… AS bhai you should have really left her… now seee she forgot horror…. next in line is vampire ka pyaar… then she will write on zombies… seriously i’m waiting for those love stories…

      • Shree



        lol jiya.. ok no cutting.. will write till end.. sequel lol.. ill be killed the way I portray.. ik overprotective husband se overprotective papa.. sad kids.. lol ill start once this one is done

        lol now devils are being sympathised.. hehe.. sab pyaar me.. ill post them soon too

        love you loads

  36. Shilpa

    Champu!! AS sent me link.. Lo.. Look at this.. so damn entertaining.. comments ko deko.. even your brothers are here.. AS will comment.. SR too.. when the link circulates then it means comments are going to pour in… it happened.. update during exams.. all your friends are on fire.. I have always loved this.. will see when I’ll get the chance to comment again..

    Triple masterpiece!! Muah to you.. Arjun bane chocolate papa.. so cute.. blinking.. Radz be pouting.. Niti I’m not able to understand her.. Let Ankush and Karthik live baby.. torture mat karo.. baby kick.. aww.. babies be telepathic too. cute.. too cute.. your love for kids and understanding them is amazing.. lol drunk Arjun.. did you give him scotch or whiskey? no one should mess with what belongs to Arjun Mehra.. Oh God!! Samudra to be nameless now..

    I won’t torture you.. You seem to have lost your head for now.. lol.. Jiju says mindblowing update..

    Love you Champu.. take care

    • Shree



      Di!! Champu nahi.. ab aap bhi nahi.. haha well see

      hehe chocolate papa.. teek hai di.. will set things right.. hehe I do love kids.. Whiskey di.. hehe forgot do mention.. yes Samudra to be out

      haan di.. thank you so much!! Tell Jiju I told him a big thanks

      Love you too di

  37. SR

    Piyyyuuuuuu! my cutiepie! now I’m telling.. nannu peli chesko.. and I’m serious .. look at this place.. people have taken the lead.. this link will be flying here and there

    Why re why? Why torture guys? That too poor Neil.. he’s so cute and because of his sister he has to suffer.. Ankush and Karthik are so dumb? God!! Arjun too in the dumbo list now? blinking.. Neil’s always better.. now don’t bring him in the list too..

    I won’t say more.. Loved everything.. take care.. stop falling sick.. Love you

    • Jiya

      Lol.. Pelli chesukuntundi.. but i think you have to first save yourself from dev, abhi , AS. Right?? Sure dev will be ready to throw punch at you now.. all the best bro… 😆😆😆😆 neil better aa?? Ye kab se… neil toh list me top place pe hi na…

    • Shree



      You here? oh god.. not here..

      Neil.. I will torture.. what will you do? they are dumb.. yes Arjun too.. I’ll add Neil soon too…

      thank you..

      take care.. stay happy

  38. Nikhil

    D!! I’m going too kill you for this.. Why did you have to do this? I’ll take care of you later.. did you have to pass that video to everyone? Ab mere biwi bi comment karegi.. Dayum..

    This triple blast was amazing! Every part.. I’m not going to eat you up.. but only that drinking part.. why baby? I toh am big brother no? Delete that video please.. I’ll take you on world tour.. please..

    Take care.. don’t use gadgets.. love you

    • Jiya

      Nikhil bhaiyya… ye kya bribing.. lol.. soooo sweet of youu.. square., cube… hmmm hav to ask creator now… u hav more brains than einstein… Meenal bhabhi ka revenge lagta hi ye… no?? For irritating her… lol..

    • Jiya

      Dhanu babyyy. You made all come here.. TU is flooding now.. all thanks to you.. hahaa. Now i want vidhu baby to comment. Ahhh how i wish she can type… uff. Kk.. but save this and show her how crazy her parents n uncle and aunt are… I know she will eventually know but paper proof jarrori hi na.. lol… and pitying you now.. my poor baby.. like friends were eating less all the gang and bros came here… dont worry you have me.. hahaa. They are taking my place now… only i can eat your brain no?? Loll.. hahaa.. AS.. zombie n vampire… hahaa.. I really thank him for the bet else how would have we got you.. super romance writer.. arjun ko chocolate factory.. baby i know how mych you like chocolate but itnaaa.. arjun ko itna sweet dekhke ladkiyon ka haal behaal ho jaayegaa.. lol.. kk. Byee… this is called royal troll. All the best.. and stay away from diseases.. i know how much you looooooovvveee hospitals… 😂😂😂😆😆😆 hahaa. Icecream aur long drives jo milenge.😉😉😉😉 but plzzz dont get sick.. now waiting for amma’s comment.. appa will be okayy he is scientist.. so we cant expect crazy from him. He is the intelligent here not like us… one more question.. Strawberry kyun nahiii hiii?? Lol.. all r telling to kidnap niti.. lol.. they forgott she knows to fight.. one punch in anger and ankush willl forget past n present both… Hahaaa. Okayyy now i had enough.. from morning like laughing.. cheeks are asking for pity from smiling tooo much.. all r eyeing me like i hav gone mad for laughing out loud..

      • Shree



        Jiya lol.. too much flooding.. lol why Vidhi now? yeah I will.. I’ll show Diya too lol.. thanks ya.. someone understands me.. yes.. your place.. haha.. sit n thank everyone.. lol it just happened.. Arjun ko I made sweet.. lol.. sorry.. behal lol.. not you too.. royal troll.. I’ll stay fine.. but I do need long drives and ice creams.. amma wont.. appa lol.. strawberry bhool gayi.. next time I’ll remember.. Niti lol.. Ankush papa.. lol.. so much laughing? it’s k.. enjoy.. lol you are mad..

        love you

    • Shree



      Kya bhai? I didn’t do a thing.. let her come..

      thank you!! eat me up? were you drunk typing? yes you are big brother.. video mere paas nahi hai.. hoga toh bhi I’m not deleting.. yeh nahi chalega.. this is corruption.

      I’ll take care.. love you too

  39. Meenal

    Debhi!!! Love you for this! lol.. this was one masterpiece!! One heel of a recreation.. lol the whole gang is here.. Anitha.. Dev.. Abhi.. Niha.. AS too.. wohoho.. now this is epic..

    My husband’s drunk act recreated!! This was too good.. Arjun is too cute.. Papa Arjun! So it was Dev? Lol.. Never knew Dev was so dumb.. Niti why trouble them? You and Niti are no different.. Loved Sam and Radz.. Ice cream!! Now my baby is kicking.. I too want.. why didn’t you use strawberry? You should have naa.. All are in linw.. pitch perfect.. Bas.. Ankush aur Niti ko ek hone do.. Karthik and Anitha too..

    Now I’m running to my freezer for ice cream.. take care ya.. Love you loads.. and baby too loves you

    • Shree



      Bhabi! I love you too!! hehe yes.. all here..

      YEs I did it.. yes it was him.. wth.. we are different.. ice cream.. aww.. go have.. don’t leave y baby hungry.. I’ll do soon ya..

      go go .. careful.. don’t run.. love you too.. bua loves you too baby

  40. K

    Anshu!! Look at this place!! Flooding! And the peeps here!! Oh god!! Champu! Di bhi aa gayi.. I’m waiting for Mo now.. I won’t take much time

    Sam is so cute.. ice cream!! me too want.. Radhika lol.. Arjun is so dumb? hahaha.. sad re.. I’m totally loving this!! Niti toh I want to punch her.. Ankush and Karthik!! Oh god!! Everything was cute!! Just like you.

    Love your dp!! Muuaaahh to it.. your so beautiful!!

    Love you lambu

    • Shree



      K!! Ik ik.. all here.. Mo too gave her piece of cake..

      Thanks!! lol go buy and eat.. Arjun is .. lol.. hehe punch..

      Cute? Like me? Am I cute? OK OK thanks..

      Love you too

  41. Mo

    Reesh! Oh God!! Triple delicacy! Wow!! This place is flooded.. haha.. You’re being trolled and spammed! The peeps here rock! God AS and SR here too.. bag on

    Too cute re!! Radz is mamma now.. papa Arjun happy and got little screw loose.. now I want to see mommy Radhika on toes troubling papa Arjun.. Lot of food craving!! Please re… Niti is one stubborn head.. sad of Ankush bhai.. now she is mom too.. Ankush cornering Neil.. amazing.. Karthik lol.. What does he want? the girl to fall in his arms? drunk Arjun lol.. AS kis video ke bare me baat kar rahe ho? Why no strawberry included in ice cream? SR lol… look at you.. Piiyyuuu!! haha.. calm dude.. Arjun drunk part was amazing.. should have given him more.. why did you stop? he tortured Radz with champagne..

    Lol but I loved everything.. all going smooth.. bye now.. take care.. don’t go around stressing yourself.. rest.. Love you Reesh!!

    • Shree



      Mo!! lol.. ik I’m.. yes AS n SR are here.. delicacy aah? you keep thinking of eating..

      Hehe k re.. I’ll do.. she is stubborn.. Karthik you leave.. strawberry bholl gayi. next time I’ll do it.. not you too.. stop.. I’ll make him drink a whole cellar next time.. ok? hapy?

      thanks a lot girl!! ok I won’t stress up.. love you too

  42. Achu

    Dhanu!! Look at this place…. Yaake kanda? All on fire.. Oh god!! Who proposed you on the internet? Damn.. I’m going to kill that guy.. so much guys he has..

    Loved it Dhanu!! Papa Arjun and mommy Radhika!! So good.. waiting for more.. Ankush and Karthik.. kill them.. chaaaa..

    Bye.. I don’t want to tire you.. tata

    Love you

  43. Raghaa

    Bunny!! This is too much.. I came all the way from Canada to meet you all. And I go back without meeting you.. I hate you for this hun.. look at this place.. Amit on fire.. And a lot others too.. Why is Tintin so decent?

    This is one banging story!! Just unite the love birds it’ll all fall in place..

    Miss you my Honey Bunny.. take care

    • Shree



      Raghaa I’m so sorry!! Bunny says sorry.. Tintin is always decent.. lol

      thank you so much! yeah I’ll do that soon..

      Miss you to.. you too take care

  44. Chiru

    Dhana I’ll kill you!! So much only at the time of exams!! Tinitin I’ll kill you.. what struggle like me? I had no idea why this link was forwarded.. now I understand

    Dhana I have not read this.. But will catch up after exams.. love the way you write..

    Dp change made.. koti tara idya..

    Take care

    • Shree



      Chiri you too? lol let go of Tinitin.. papa..

      Ok take your time.. Thanks a lot..

      Neene koti.. change madala.. yen madtiya? neenge kobu jasti aagbitide

      You too take care

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.