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Chapter 56- Ankush’s engagement

The preparations for Ankush’s engagement was on full swing. Was being held at a farmhouse in Panchgani that belonged to Aarav. Everyone looked excited… except for Ankush, Niti, Karthik and Anitha. Neil was hating Niti for what she was doing to herself. He found visible amount of love in Niti’s eyes for Ankush. She’d look hurt whenever the’d come across each other. Neil could see himself in Niti. Memories flashed when he was smiling wide and was the first in line to take care of every single thing when Sam was getting engaged to Arjun. He was smiling outside, but was broken and hurt on the inside. He was happy to see Manha by her side always. But he doubted it. But let go as there was a lot of work. Niti took initiative and helped in the engagement preparations. Niti kept herself away from Ahana as much as she could and the kid too looked like she had no interest. She’d sit with Anitha and giggle around. Ankush literally frowned at the happenings. He just wanted to run away or the Earth to swallow him deep. He didn’t want to be with anyone else other than Niti.

“Why? Why can’t you see me.. See how hurt I am?” Ankush sighed as pain rammed inside.

Radhika sat pouting not wanting to do anything. She didn’t want to be a part of her brother’s misery. She hated Mala for the decision she had taken. Her mother just dropped the bomb of getting her son engaged to another woman.

“It’ll be ok Radhika” Arjun pecked her forehead.

“I have no interest in this” she sighed.

“I know. But you have to do this. For Ankush” he sighed.

“Yep let’s go” she pecked his lip and went to see for the further preparations.

On the other hand, Mala had hated herself for the decision she had taken. She thought it’d be an easy way to release Ankush from his pain… but she was so wrong. It only increased. But there was no backing away now.

“I’m sorry Ankush. So sorry” Mala sighed to herself.

Karthik was literally throwing things here and there. He loved Anitha. But was a jerk for not realizing earlier. He kept punching around. Fired like a maniac wasting bullets at the firing range. Encountered fifteen goons in three days. He did not know what to do. Didn’t know how to stop the engagement. He went wild seeing the engagement invitation. He didn’t want to spoil Ankush’s engagement too. The engagement was the only way for him to move on and he didn’t want to spoil it. Being rejected twice was not a small thing and Ankush was fighting hard to move on.

(Stupid.. Confess and take her away.. Niti will be left with no other option.. Aaahh.. Karthik… stupid policeman.. Lol hehe)

A day left for the engagement and all looked satisfied at their works. Niti was gritting her teeth and had her hand gripping her head tight. A throbbing headache. Her painkillers were missing.

“Neil I swear I’m gonna kill you with my bare hands. Get me my painkillers” she screamed in pain from her room.

Neil always had a habit of hiding her medicines and it was not funny now. She really needed them.

“I don’t have them gudiya. I swear” Neil said back.

He was so frightened to go to her room. She was screaming so much. The headache was too much for her to bear. Prerna sat not knowing what to do. Niti literally pushed her out when she had gone to check out on her. Ankush came just then. He heard Niti’s screams and ran to her room. He saw her twisting and curling on the bed gripping her head. He pulled her up and hugged her tight. She was shivering. Her screams were muffled as she had her head buried in his chest. He kissed her head deep and kept patting her and she calmed in a while. He found her fast asleep and didn’t have the courage to let go. He hugged her even more tighter, crushing her to himself and he looked down to see her whispering.

He went closer “Ankush” she whispered.

He pecked her forehead as a lone tear trickled down and hugged her again. Neil and Sam sighed as they saw Ankush. But were surprised to see Niti calming instantly in his arms.

Niti woke up later to find herself in Ankush’s arms and found him staring at her.

“Hey” she smiled as she cupped his cheek and pecked there.

“How are you?” he whispered as he smiled.

“All good. What are you doing here?” she cocked up an eyebrow.

Ummm.. nothing” he gave a cute smile.

Just then it struck her. The position they were in. She in his arms. He was getting engaged tomorrow and was here with her… in her room. Tears welled up at the realization and pushed him off, jumping off the bed. He wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her to him. Her back flushed to his front. He had his face buried in her neck and she breathed out closing her eyes. She tried hard controlling her tears, but it betrayed her. It made it’s way down and fell on Ankush’s hand. He stiffened as he felt the wetness.

“You know this can’t happen” she whispered.

“It doesn’t have to be that way” he replied with his chin on her shoulder and pecked her cheek.

“This is not right” she tried pulling away.

“I don’t think so” he whispered “woman stay” he snapped as his grip tightened around her.

“You’re getting engaged tomorrow” she said.

“We still have time” he said casually.

“Did you think about Anitha? What did she do? Why do you have to spoil her life?” she asked as she turned around to face him, still in his arms.

“She did nothing. She will be happy if this stops” he smiled at her.

“How is she going to be happy with her engagement stopping?” she asked confused.

“My doll… she knows I love you. So, it’s common sense that she’ll be happy if I get you” he chuckled cupping her face.

“Her engagement gets broken. Even though in the end she’s free and you’ll be happy. First of all who told you that I accepted you?” she was annoyed. He was getting on her nerves.

“I have this seventh sense that says you love me” he smirked.

“Seventh sense” she scoffed “Ankush I don’t want to say the same thing again and again and hurt you. Please understand” she whispered as she looked at his broad shoulders.

“Say that on my face” he snapped as he gripped her jaw hard making her face him.

“I’m sorry. It can’t happen. You’re cheating on Anitha. You’re getting engaged to her tomorrow and you’re here… with me” she pushed him away.

“You’ll come to me Nithika Malhotra. That is bound to happen” he snapped as he pulled her to him and pecked her forehead.

He walked out with his fists balled and jaw hard. Sam and Neil sighed. They understood with the expression on Ankush’s face. He just walked out without wishing. But he felt a little though. He was sure that she felt something for him.

All started off to Panchgani early in the morning. Neil had to drive like a tortoise because of Sam. Her travel sickness. Niti slept through. Her headache was not an easy thing to let go of. She made sure to find her painkillers and needed medications.

Anitha arrived with her aunt later in the afternoon. She went back after checking on the preparations. Ahana was literally scowling and throwing tantrums. Niti saw it from behind and smiled.

“I want Iti (Niti) mami” she pouted.

“Baby Anitha is mami” Riddhima cooed.

“Iti bad” she pouted.

“Why baby?” Niti asked as she walked in.

“Bwack dress” she pouted.

“You called me bad” Niti chuckled.

“Pway (play) with me” she pouted.

“Ok. What do we play?” Niti chuckled.

“Winga winga woses (ring-a-ring-a roses)” she showed a toothy smile.

“Okay” Niti smiled as she pulled the little doll up n started to spin around.

A pocket full of posies
Ashes! Ashes!
We all fall down” Niti sang along and Ahana jumped falling on her bottom and Niti too pretended to fall.

Ahana hopped on Niti and planted sloppy kisses all over her face and niti pecked her forehead hugging her tight. Riddhima heaved a sigh of relief and Ankush thanked his stars.

“Just four hours left. Come on you all, hurry up” Mala called out.

“Yes maa” Riddhima blew out a breath.

“I’ll go” Niti said.

“NO!! Stay” Ahana held her hand.

“What happened?” Niti asked.

“Pway” Ahana replied.

“Your mamu is getting engaged” Niti said to which Ahana was confused “a function for your mamu” Niti chuckled as she explained.

“Dwess (dress)” Ahana snapped.

“Which one?” Riddhima asked. She had two dresses in her hand.

Ahana jumped and pulled a pink and yellow tutu frock which Riddhima held and gave it to Niti. Niti got her dressed up like a princess. Last but not the least, a silver tiara with a pink rose.

“Thank you so much Niti” Riddhima breathed out.

“Don’t mention. Now you too go get ready. I don’t want your mom turning into an alarm again” she chuckled.

The guests started to arrive. All appreciated for the decorations. It looked simple yet elegant. With orchids and blue lightings with crystal beaded curtains hanging around. Karthik hit the mini bar at the farthest corner as soon as he arrived. He was in his pure black tuxedo. It reflected himself and his mood. Arjun in a beige embroidered sherwani and Radhika in a beige and pink anarkali. Sam in a white loose anarkali with golden works that showed her baby bump proudly. Neil in his white three piece suit. Prerna and Niti grabbed eyeballs. Both the mother and daughter in matching floor length red anarkali suits. Riddhima in a sandal colour sari and Mala in the Mysore silk sari Dilip had last gifted her. Dada rocked with his simplicity. Little Ahana was a star that night. She went on proudly showing her dress to everyone, twirling around making everyone smile.

Niti went to Karthik and slapped his head. She grew wild seeing him drink. He almost spat his drink.

Not today atleast. It was his best friend’s engagement.

“Woman I swear I would have shot if it was someone else” he snapped.

“Oh I’m so scared. You got me there Officer Verma” Niti acted to be terrified and frowned rolling her eyes in the end.

“You don’t know what’s happening” he laughed humorlessly.

The drink was starting to show it’s effect. Niti scowled as she pulled Karthik up and gulped the rest of his drink.

“Get me a lemon soda right now!!” she snapped to the bartender.

“Now what happened?” she rolled her eyes as she turned, facing Karthik.

“Anitha” he said as he placed his palm on his chest.

Niti gasped “it hurts Malhotra. A lot” he whispered.

“GOD!! Does she know?” she asked.

“No” he shook his head.

“f**k you” she cussed.

“And he loves you” he whispered.

“Will you shut up? He at least tried convincing me. And you.. Nothing. You want her to fall in your arms just like that. You’re the biggest coward I’ve ever met Karthik” she pointed a finger at him. Eyes red in anger.

“What about you?” he mocked.

“I’ve given my answer and you know it” she said in a low voice.

“You and everyone else know that you’re lying” he said in a calm voice cupping her cheek, making her face him, gulped the lemon soda and walked away.

The couple arrived. Anitha with her aunt and Ankush with Neil and Arjun. Ankush wore white sherwani with silver works and Anitha wore a silver long dress with netted neck. Ankush looked at Niti and he frowned as he saw her holding a glass.


She was still holding it. She put it down and turned her head to the other side. She scowled when she couldn’t find Manha. Manha on the other hand was in a blue colour off shoulder frock and was roaming here and there as she was not able to retrieve network. She scowled as she turned around but her nose hit the hard chest of a man. She looked up frowning to see who the idiot was rubbing her poor little nose.

“Senior?” she asked “junior?” he looked confused.

They were just looking at each other. Akash finally smiled. He had finally found her.

His woman.

She walked away when he stood there looking at her smiling like an idiot. Finally she found Niti and stood with her. Niti watched Ankush and Anitha exchange rings. Manha shook her head clapping standing next to her friend. She was running away. From two things.

One… Her love.

Two.. The problem she was facing.

Ahana ran to Ankush and he picked her up twirling her around. Anitha chuckled as she poked Ahana’s cheeks. Niti sighed as she the platinum ring on Anitha’s finger. That ring was supposed to be on her finger. Karthik looked at himself at Ankush’s place. The cake was cut and peppy party beats were played. People burnt the floor with their moves and Niti danced to her heart’s content being herself. Ahana pulled Niti down and Niti bent down to her level and both of them danced. Niti then pulled Ahana in her arms and jumped making the kid squeal. Ankush watched Niti dance and smiled. Anitha on the other hand watched Karthik at the bar staring the glass in his hand.


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Chapter 57- The Copywriter Award function

Bird Song was back to busy days. Ankush seemed to look a little happy. He seemed to be a carefree and not too stressed. Niti was out to Mauritius as she had an important conference regarding hacking. She was happy to not have Ankush around her. His presence was killing her inside out. His eyes still held love for her.. Though he was engaged to Anitha. Karthik loving Anitha.


Her head went spinning after that confession. It was clearly visible that Anitha was not happy with the engagement. She knew that Anitha was engaged to Ankush because of mala’s sudden decision and.. Ankush was in love with her and not her. She had to do something. How could she go ask and engaged woman if she was in love or tell the Karthik, her friend or her fiance’s best friend was in love with her.

A mail notification brought her back to reality..

It was regarding the Copywriter Award function. In a week. An invitation. She had to go back to Mumbai ASAP. She had not published any of her works this year.

Then how?

Oh, maybe one of the latest work of hers. Which she had turned in a bit late. She let out a sigh and went back to sipping the thing that she hated the most in life.. Black coffee.

She looked at her phone.. It was Arjun’s call.

“Hey bhai” she chirped.

“Hello?” she said again as there was no response.

“Think he called by mistake” she said to herself and cut the call.

“Happy?” Arjun asked.

“Yes” Ankush smiled.

“It has been just five days” he chuckled.

“I’ll ask Choti to go a conference all alone. For a long time. Then I’ll see your reaction” Ankush sneered.

“Why don’t you talk to her?” he asked.

“Only if she picks my call” Ankush rolled his eyes.

“Lol okay” he chuckled and Ankush just walked out.

Arjun sighed as he got Niti’s call.

“The hell do you think of yourself?” she snapped from the other side.

“Why did you call me?” he asked.

“You called and you’re asking why I called” she scoffed.

“Chutki” his voice went stern.

“Okay fine. You called me. I kept calling out and no one responded” she said.

“Maybe by mistake” he said casually.

“I told you not to call me” she scowled.

“Shut up and get back to work” he frowned as he cut the call.

Niti winded up with her conference in three days and returned to Mumbai. Her headache being constant. She had no solution for it. She got ready and left for Bird Song. She saw Piyali dancing around and all smiling. She laughed a little and went to her.

“You like a fresh honeydew aunty” Niti patted her cheeks.

“You and radhika have been nominated for the ‘Best Copywriter Award’” she smiled cupping her face.

“What?!” Niti gasped.

“It’s the first time Bird Song has been considered and for the first time, two people from the same company” she threw her arms in happiness.

“Radhika will make it” Niti smiled.

“How can you say?” Sam asked.

“I know” Niti smiled.

“You can too” Arjun said.

“It’s impossible Mehra” she screamed “two from same company!!” she gripped her head “nomination impossible.. Here winning.. Hell” she screamed as she ran to her cabin.

“What’s wrong with her?” Sam asked.

“I have no clue” Neil sighed as he went to her cabin.

He saw her talking seriously over the phone. He chose not to disturb her and went out. Niti started jamming the keys of her laptop as she went on typing like she was in a race fighting for the world record of the fastest typer. She heaved a sigh of relief as she smiled.

Neil went to Sam and pulled her sandals out. She hopped onto his lap and snuggled closer. Neil held her tight to himself and kissed the top of her head, taking in her scent as much as he could. Sam smiled with her eyes closed and took Neil’s hand and placed it over her tummy with hers on top of his. Neil’s eyes shot open as he enjoyed the moment. He could feel his baby moving. He looked down art Sam with tears and pecked her lip.

“Thank you so much Sammy! This is the best thing that happened in my life. You are the best thing ever that could happen” he whispered.

“I love you” she smiled.

“I love you too” he smiled “ baby papa love you too.. Don’t worry, I will love you more than mom” he said as he rubbed her belly and his fingers brushed syncing the baby’s movements.

“Mommy loves you.. More.. and papa too” Sam announced.

Arjun sneaked into Radhika’s cabin and tiptoes to her. She was standing by the window enjoying the view outside. His arms snaked around her waist and she turned around in an instant hugging him tight. Like her like depended on it.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“I don’t know” she whispered against his shirt.

“Okay I know how to clear that” he said.

“How?” she asked.

Before she could think of something, his lips crashed over hers and her legs coiled instantly going jelly and Arjun pulled her up so that he could deepen the kiss. She pulled him and then stumbled falling on the sofa not breaking the kiss. It soon turned heated and both of them were not ready to let go. Both the tongues fighting hard for dominance. But had to give up. Lack of air. Arjun smirked as he saw his wife. As beautiful as ever. Breathing hard with eyes closed. Lips swollen and blood red from his kisses. He buried his head in her bosom and placed an open mouth kiss to which she gasped.

“So wifey.. Confusion cleared?” he smirked.

“Yes. How about round two?” she asked looping her arms and legs around him.

“Your wish.. My command” he smiled as his lips crashed to hers again.

“How about dinner today?” he asked as he pulled away.

“Best” she grinned.

Work went on and the day came to an end. All packed up and Arjun took Radhika to the finest restaurants as promised. They took their tables and were surprised to see Neil and Sam there. They were about to take a table, but stopped when radhika called them over to join.

“Hello you too” Sam smiled.

“How’s junior?” Radhika asked as she looked at Sam’s baby bump.

“All good. He kicked. It’s a celebration” Neil smiled.

“That’s so cute” Arjun smiled.

“Arjun why not a princess?” Sam winked.

“Why does everyone want a girl and not a boy? Even if it’s a princess, need for a sperm with X chromosome” Radhika pouted.

“Damn” Neil muttered.

“She’s right. Man carries sperms with X and Y chromosome” Sam said agreeing to Radhika’s fact.

“Can we eat?” Neil raised his hands in surrender and the women ended up laughing.

They left home after wishing each other for a good night. Arjun kept staring at Radhika. She seemed lost. He didn’t want to push her. He chose to stay mum. As they got inside their room, she hugged him tight.

“What’s wrong? Radhika speak up” now he was too worried.

“Love me” she said in muffled voices.

What?” he asked as he detached her head from there.

“Love me” she whispered. Her voice held a lot of desperation.

“Radhika..” he started off.

“Please” she pleaded cutting him off.

There was no more holding back. He lifted her up with his face in her neck. Her hair that was in a bun was let down and he placed her on the bed yanking their clothes off. He fulfilled her demands with his unconditional love and drowning her in the ocean of pleasure.

There was only two days left. All were preparing for the best. Arjun was still worried as Radhika still seemed tensed. Niti seemed as composed as possible which sowed a seed of suspicion in Neil and Arjun’s heads. Niti was busy with her work and her phone beeped.

Manhu: At the reception. This place sucks. I’m not let in.

Niti giggled at the message and hopped out. Manha was busy glaring at the receptionist. Niti pulled her in along with her.

“Here you go” Manha said as she handed a bottle to Niti.

“Thank you so much” Niti breathed out.

“So, you met Akash?” Niti smirked.

“We just clashed” she shrugged her shoulders.

“I know you feel for him” Niti said as she opened the bottle and popped a pill.

“Shut up ya” she rolled her eyes.

“How’s business going?” Niti asked.

“Good. But I forgot to focus on medicine” she sighed.

“Start off then” Niti smiled “look Manha you can handle it” she whispered.

“Thank you. I’ll go. Bonnie seems to be a very good girl now” Manha smiled.

“Glad to know. I’ll visit soon” she smiled.

“Bye” Manha said as she walked out.

It was the day of the Award function. All in their best. Arjun had his fingers crossed. He always wanted Radhika to win. It was his dream to see her win. He was going to see if it was his wife or his Chutki. If it was anyone else other than her, Niti would have to give away the Award. He only hoped for the best.

“The Award goes to….” all had their breaths pulled in.

“Radhika Mehra” Niti announced.

Radhika was pulled into a big hug by Arjun ann made her way to the dias and came back after receiving it with a smile. Arjun was suspicious. Niti’s name hadn’t come in the nominees list. It was when they were notified at Bird Song. He looked for Niti, but couldn’t find her. He walked to a dark hall nearby and saw her on the phone. Screaming at someone.

Done…. Done done done… hope I didn’t bore you all again.. bye now.. rotten tomatoes and eggs wholeheartedly accepted.. babaye.. big break.. next update during Jan or Feb… if i get time I’ll post before Jan…. I may not be available.. If I do will surely read and comment.. Can catch me on Instagram.. Snapchat.. Twitter and Wattpad too.. Hehe.. Tata babaye.. love you all loads.. tc.. keep smiling.. bear hugs to all of you ??

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    Yey…Ardhika moments are so nice….beautiful Arjun is really a gentle man…cute hubby.

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    late ah vanthaalum ethavathu cute ah eluthi kalakidara ma nee…inime christmas time la than varuviya

    1. Shree

      ada akkaa.. adhu ellam onnum illa.. konjam struggle pannatum.. niti pogatum.. aparam iruku avaluku.. arjun aama nalla manushan.. nalla hubby.. anitha lol.. shoo ivalo kovam..

      anniversay aama.. lol ka adhuku ula mudichiduven.. hehe..

      eeeee.. nandri.. paapinga naa eppo varuven nu

      love you ka

  13. Sangee

    this is super one shree.. congrats for completing a year…where is the treat 🙂 … baby kick awwwwwwww ….disscusion abt chromos…lol…ardika scenes super… why her name is not nominated?… lets wait and see…
    take you…

    1. Shree

      thank you so much ka!! hehe oru varushamm.. ponade terila. treat aah? puyal pogatum then ill give.. hehe kick n chromosomes.. its a usual topic fr us.. ill tell that later.

      love you too ka

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