Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 53 and 54)


Hey all!! How are you?! I think I’m going mad… it’s going to be a year since I started this story and I’m not able to put a happy ending to it… first I was irregular… second I have an impossible twisted and a little long plot… which is actually planned… but I never thought to be sooooo llloooonnnngggg… Don’t worry… I’ll try to put a full stop soon… zip zap zoom… I have three more untouched pending stories… Chaaa… which I need to keep track of too… for now out of ideas… and I’m lazy to look back to them as I’m hell bent on finishing this…

And to people who find my story fake and uninteresting… please skip it or better avoid it… I write for a relief… stress buster… a hobby… a passion… even if I’m not writing on a serious note I do certain research and reading do that I don’t make it look too much or over exaggerating… I’m happy that I can justify myself… so please…
DOUBLE UPDATE!! Going to be ending one or maybe two big milestones in one update… each in a chapter…

Update dedicated to Vaishnavi and Sree kutty!! You both were the ones who wanted this to happen as soon as possible… kinda like pestered me for this… especially you Sree… and here it is…

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Chapter 53- Arjun gets his chutki back

Niti was screwed up for leaving without informing. For not having her phone charged. But all were fooled and Niti was a smartass. She plugged in her earphones and covered it with her long hair.

“Niti are you listening?” Neil scowled.

She looked at him lazily, yawned and pulled out her earphones and walked to the room, shutting the door. Neil blinked where everyone else laughed at him.

“What?” Neil shook his head sighing.

Niti had told everyone about Chandra Prakash. Ankush sucked in a deep breath. Karthik and Anant Narayan were altered.

Hectic time. Bird Song was busy with projects again. Niti had backed out. She needed a big break.

A Big Fat Break.

Ankush was down with fever. Radhika had chucked out Arjun too as she worked on the LIC policy project alone. A wierd scheme it was. On “Friends” it was. Radhika had the perfect idea. She had spoken to Piyali on handling it alone and was granted permission. Everyone grew too suspicious. Radhika worked on the project as if her life depended on it. She’d work late at night after Arjun had slept. Only Nandini knew the reason behind it.

“Chashni, enough of it. Tell us what it is?” Neil scowled.

“Niti came?” she asked.

“No. Relaxing at home” Sam replied.

“Good” she smiled.

“Arjun is angry on you” Sam blurted out.

“And he is coming right here” Neil gulped as he saw Arjun’s fierce expression.

“We’ll leave” Sam said as she pulled Neil along with her.

“Bye” Radhika smiled as she waved and shut the laptop.

“What is this Radhika? Why are you working alone like this? It’s teamwork right?” Arjun scowled.

“Yes” Radhika replied all smiling.

“How can you?” Arjun whined.

“I’ve asked permission. So, I can. Moreover, this project was handed over to Neil. He himself is not bothered about it and gave it to me all happy. Why are you whining like a baby?” she sighed.

“Radhika…” he threatened.

“This time doesn’t work at home. What will it to here?” she said as she yawned.

“So you’re not afraid of me at all?” he crossed his arms.

“Yes” she replied confidently.

He came close to her, but she didn’t go back. She stood to her spot looking deep into his eyes. His hands brushed against the exposed part of her waist that peeped through her crop top. She just kept staring at him, but deep inside it woke her desires. She maintained to keep her breathing stable and look straight at him. Arjun was surprised. She’d always shy away and blush at his touches, but now… she stood unaffected and strong. Now he started to doubt. If she’d gotten bored of him. He couldn’t think of it at all. He let out a possessive grunt as his arm snaked around her waist and pulled her to his chest harshly. She let out a gasp as she gripped his shirt and her fingers brushed his exposed skin.

“Dare you to get insecure. I’m yours and you’re mine” she whispered into his ears and bit his lobe as she went on tiptoes.

He pulled her face and looked deep into her eyes and then trailed down to her lips. He kissed her slow, not like always.. hard. He’d always show his roughness to her, but today he was gentle. She responded with the same passion.

“Wifey I hope you didn’t forget your promise” she whispered as he brushed his lips to hers.

“Nope” she winked and pushed him away.

“Good” he winked back and left after pecking her forehead.

“Gosh” she shook her head.

Arjun was working on the Maybelline project. Along with Neil and Sam. Though it was because of Radhika they got the project, she was chucked out because she was working on the LIC project all alone. They had signed the deal for five years. Lip oil. For the first time Maybelline had come up with the idea of bringing in lip oil. Having natural ingredients. Which was at affordable price. They wanted titles that was catchy and that looked natural. And the shooting. Funny idea had popped up in his head.

(Don’t kill with the title and the idea I have come up with the shooting thing… just popped up… for the lip oils… credit goes to my beautician friend who helped with the combinations and I came up with the names… thank you Preksha… girl you explain a lot… seems like I’ve finished half of the beautician course… hehe)

Juicy Shaker- Muscat-rose, Sweet-almond, Cranberry, and Peach-kernel oils.

These oils would be in layers based on the density. When shaken, a mix of the oils would give a juicy, fruity moisturized look.

Hydrating Coolers- Coconut and Olive oils, with Shea and Cocoa butter.

These oils are heavy. Hence give a moisturized a little oily look to the lips that carry longer period of moisture.

Hazelnut Fusion- Hazelnut and Jojoba infused oil.

These oils are greatly known for their moisturizing qualities. These oils alone are enough to give skin a shine. But when made one… they’re the best.

Arjun came up with all these. He blew a breath. Women and their cosmetics. Never satisfied. He had screwed Niti up and she gave him the whole idea and the quote for it.

The end “Natural range of lip oils for soft moisturized lips.”

(Don’t kill me… I’m not Good with the quoting thingi)

For the shooting, Neil had suggested that it can start from a coastal region which has the coconut trees to an olive garden.. these oils collected in a coconut shell and Cocoa and Shea Butter dropping from the sky and a girl dressed in white free flowing dress apply it on her dry chapped lips. The lips turn soft and moisturized.

For the juicy one, Sam suggested that the given ingredients fall from above and a girl in magenta colour dress watch it all infuse into one and have beautiful layers. A simple shake and applied on lips, leaving behind a fruity, moisturized pink tinge.

The third one, Arjun had no idea. Women things it is. He called up Niti and pressurized the poor girl to come up with an idea. Niti then suggested that a girl in light brown dress slamming both the nuts together and oil splashing and a mix of it landing on the lips, leaving it soft and supple with a moisturized look.

And… last but not the least. All the three girls coming together with the products in their hands with a big smile.

Arjun sat down gripping his head. He was not sure of it. Radhika laughed at Arjun’s struggle. He was a shy one though he was an Alpha male. She laughed when Arjun had mentioned that cosmetics were not his thing. She kept away as the three of them had warned her to. A big warning and she obliged.

Radhika just went on and in with the project and the other three carried in the Maybelline project. Niti only stayed at home trying to bring down Exotics. No way she was taking Ankush’s help. Engagement coming up. And she didn’t want to go in front of him and get herself hurt and him too. It had been a long time since she had met Ahana, but couldn’t make it up to go see her.

“I need Nithika in the boardroom day after at any cost” Radhika snapped as she slammed a file on the table in Arjun’s cabin.

“She won’t be here till next month” Neil said.

“I need her here” Radhika raised her voice.

“Why? She’s not in charge of the project. She’s not needed” Neil said.

“I want her. That’s it” Radhika snapped as she walked out.

“Wow! What’s with her?” Dam cocked up an eyebrow.

“I have no clue” Arjun sighed.

“She’s been working on it all long with a lot of hope. I don’t know what she’s trying to bring in” Sam spoke in confusion.

“Let’s see. It’s day after tomorrow. And I have to pull gudiya like she’s going to be dragged to school like a baby. She’s eating like a Tasmanian devil and I fear she’ll grow fat any moment” Neil sighed.

“Tasmanian devil?! What the hell?!” Arjun choked out.

“She’s eating a lot” he sighed.

“It’s ok. Let her” Arjun smiled.

“I’m hungry” Sam interrupted.

“So it’s time for pack up” Neil said as he got up and pulled Sam along with him out of Arjun’s cabin.

Radhika finished the presentation. She had made two of them. But mailed only of it to Neil, Piyali and Arjun. She didn’t mail the one she was going to be presenting. Neil convinced Niti somehow and texted Radhika who smiled in response.

The day of the presentation. Niti came along with Neil and Sam with a dull face. Arjun knew why. He too was not in the mood.t Radhika walked in happily. Everyone else entered and sat down. People from LIC too had come.

Radhika took stand and went on with the presentation.

“Good morning all. If you all allow me, I’d like to start” she smiled.

When she got an approval “so here it is” she smiled as she opened it and the ppt displayed on the screen.

Arjun and Niti gasped. The picture was a shadow of three people standing holding hands like they had a great bond. It was her, Komal and Arjun. It was clicked by Nitin. Niti balled her fists as she sat erect and Arjun sighed as he closed his eyes and sagged down. She shouldn’t have done it. It was going to be a tough ride for both of them. And it was Komal’s birthday. One reason why Arjun didn’t want Niti in front of him and present for the presentation.

Radhika went on with it and both of them moved restlessly in their chairs which was noticed by both Piyali and Neil. It didn’t take time for everyone to notice it was on Komal. All were impressed. But it was an upsetting one too.

Niti kept watching on how she was presenting and she was breathing hard. Memories haunting her. The three of them by the lake and Nitin would click pictures of them as he was passionate about photography and would hate getting clicked. Beautiful pictures that proved how strong their bond was and it was unbreakable. But now it was all past. Past never leaves your back. It chases you everywhere. Even if you hide in the darkest place found on earth. Sam smiled as she remembered how Radhika had done the same to unite her and Piyali. Good that the pics she had used were the ones they had their backs to the camera and shadows. Niti looked at Radhika who was presenting happily. She didn’t want to embarrass her by stopping it midway. Niti gulped down a glass of water in a jiffy. Niti couldn’t take it anymore.

That picture. Which Komal loved so much.

Each of their hands on each other and Nitin’s was there too.

Niti got up “STOP IT RIGHT THERE!! Stop it right there Radhika!” she screamed.

“This is not going to work here. I know what you’re trying to do. Destroy this presentation. I’m not going to let you use this” she hissed and walked out if the room in tears.

“You shouldn’t have done it Radhika” Arjun shook his head as he walked out.

“Radhika finish it. Don’t stop” Neil coaxed as he smiled.

“Jo dard todta hai wahi dard jodta hai” Radhika smiled.
(The pain that breaks you will be the same pain that will heal you.)

“So, go on and get back to the people who have made your life colourful and clear your differences. Pull yourselves up to help your friends with the upcoming scheme “We Is I” she smiled.

“We’ll let you know by evening” a man said as he walked out.

Niti was on the terrace looking up the sky. She was just staring up. Her tears dried up. Arjun came behind and let out a deep breath as he walked to her.

“Niti it’s her birthday today” he spoke softly as he stood a good distance away from her.

“She loved celebrating her birthday” she whispered as she turned around.

“She wanted us to be together as friends. Chutki and kadoos” he chuckled “no matter what. We can fulfill this for her on her birthday” he smiled.

“You think I will do it?” she hissed.

“Niti I know I couldn’t save her. I neglected her. I’m still guilty of it. Niti please” he pleaded.

“It’s not easy to be angry on you too. Though you’re at fault and not at the same time, you have your own priorities” she sighed.

“We friends now?” he asked.

“Three conditions” she smiled.

“Huh?” he looked confused.

“You’ll know. I’ll let you know the first condition when we reach. Second condition is.. you need to cook me the cheese pasta you used to cook for us. Third one is… “ she smiled.

“Is?” he looked at her with fear.

“A big hug you dumb bhai” she laughed.

“Dumb?” he glare with fake anger.

“That you are. I need to ask Radhika di to know. She too will agree” she chuckled.

“She was take my side” he snapped.

“That we’ll see” she poked her tongue out.

He pulled her in a hug “condition satisfied” he chuckled.

“Second one?” she asked.

“Come home” he smiled.

Ok. Now time to satisfy the first condition” she smiled as se pulled him with her.

“I’ll do it today” she smiled to herself as she walked down with him.


Chapter 54- Niti makes Neil identify his best friend.

Niti pulled Arjun out of the building and pulled him to his car.

“Home now. I need the pasta” she pouted.

“You are eating a lot. Neil was right. Don’t worry I’ll cook for you” he chuckled.

“I hate you. And my brother of course” she crossed her arms.

“Awwww. You so cute” he chuckled.

“Enough. Pasta” she snapped.

“Ok. Mehra Mansion here we come” he smiled as the engine roared to life and they drove.

Nandini was surprised to see Niti home all smiling. She soon realised it when Arjun too came behind all smiling. Carefree.


That presentation. She remembered how she had helped Radhika in getting the pictures from his old chest. It was only she who knew of where he had kept all his memories far hidden from him. His present and future. But time had come to pull them out and make it happy instead of guilt, hurting and haunting ones.

“Hello di! I hope your foot’s alright now” Niti smiled.

“Hey! It’s ok now” she smiled.

“Can you please ask your brother to make pasta as I’m starving. Didn’t have breakfast too” Niti sighed as he rubbed her belly.

“Give me twenty minutes chutki” Arjun screamed from the kitchen.

“Twenty?! I can order pizza by that time” she pouted.

“Wait. It’s been a long time since he’s entered the kitchen” Nandini said.

“I was just making fun. I’m not leaving without the pasta” she winked.

“I need chicken in it bhai. And a lot of spices and seasonings” she said out loud.

“I know how you like it. You just have to wait” he replied.

Arjun laughed to himself at her demands. She was back. Like a kid how she was eight years ago. He went on cooking and finished up with extra white sauce as she loved it. Not to forget seasonings. Arjun came out of the kitchen as promised after twenty minutes. He smiled as he placed the bowl in front of her.

“Omg!! This is amazing!!” she spoke with her mouth full as she went on eating.

“Eat slow. Pasta’s not going to run” Nandini smiled.

“This pasta is mine. All mine. Get me of it that you’ve cooked” she ordered.

“Did you just order me?” he cocked up an eyebrow.

“I think I did. No one refuses Nithika” she replied.

“Woman you’ll grow fat” he scowled.

“I don’t care. I eat for my stomach. So, you mean if I grow fat I’ll be ugly and no one will look at me and I can’t marry?” she cocked up an eyebrow.

“I didn’t mean that” he stuttered.

“What did you mean then?” she asked all calm.

“You’re young. Why to spoil your appearance now? You can grow fat after having kids too” he explained.

“So, you mean you wouldn’t have married Radhika if she was fat?” she asked.

“No!! I love her. That’s why I married her” he replied.

“Oh. So, there’ll be someone for me too” she said.

“It’s only Ankush for you” he snapped.

“He’s getting engaged. And I have no feelings for him. So, please” she sighed.

Lying. One of the worst thing she could do. She closed her eyes and balled her fists.

“Stop lying” he snapped.

“It’s ok Niti. We can stop it now too. Just say it once” Nandini coaxed.

“There is nothing” she snapped as she went back to eating.

Arjun and Nandini sighed. Not a good sign. They knew there was something. Ever since the engagement news she had only closed herself up. She finished the pasta and smiled wide.

“The pasta was too good. You need to cook often” Niti smiled.

“I will” Arjun smiled.

“Now we need to get back to office” she gasped as she looked at her phone.

“Yes we need to. Come on” he smiled as he walked out.

“Bye di” she smiled as she was walked out.

“Bye” Nandini waved as she smiled and rested her head on the recliner.

“Where are Arjun and Niti?” Radhika paced in her cabin.

“Give them some time” Sam said.

“It’s been an hour Sam” Neil pouted.

“What if it’s an hour?” Niti hopped in as she hugged Radhika.

“Huh?” Radhika asked all confused.

“I had fun. Thanks to you. Sorry I was rude. That presentation helped” she smiled.

“So you guys are back to normal?” Sam asked.

“Yes” Niti smiled.

Arjun barged in and pulled Radhika for a kiss. He had his fingers gripped tight under her hair and Radhika who was too shocked to respond gave in. Niti closed her eyes. Was too much. She was standing in between Neil and Sam. She looked up to see Neil staring at Sam with love.

Oh dear. Not another.

Niti just knelt down and sat to the floor not being bone between her brother and sister in law. She then looked up to see Sam and Neil share a passionate kiss. She crawled out of the cabin and heaved a sigh of relief. She got up to look at Ankush.

Bad timing.

She smiled at him. He just stared at her. She smirked as an idea struck her. She walked close to him and stood so close. Ankush closed his eyes as he couldn’t take her closeness. She pecked his cheek and walked away. Ankush held his cheek as he watched her walk away.

(Now I think he will not wash his cheek for eternity.. aaagh)

Niti hopped into her cabin all happy. But was unhappy that she had pecked a man who was going to be engaged to some other woman. She had to get Arjun and Neil together. Enough of it. She smiled as she walked out of her cabin again. She saw Sam and Radhika walking out of the cabin all blushing. She smirked as she walked to them.

“Blood red, swollen juicy lips” she chuckled.

“Niti” Sam snapped.

“Yes. That’s me” she smiled wide.

“Ok now I need to go to the washroom and see if my husband gave me a hickey” Radhika said all annoyed.

“It’s called love bite” Niti said casually.

“Let me see” Niti said as she checked her her neck. She smirked.

“Omg!! You’ve got five hickeys di!! It won’t go for days. Wear turtle necks” Niti laughed as she walked to Arjun’s cabin.

“Omg!!” she heard Radhika scream and turned around to see her running into the washroom with Sam walking behind.

Niti walked into the cabin and saw Arjun and Neil laughing on something God knows. She too sat along with them and started laughing though she didn’t know what it was for. Arjun and Neil stopped laughing seeing her laugh. Niti saw both of them from the corner of her eye and stopped laughing wiping her tears.

“What?” she asked.

“What?” Neil asked back.

“Nothing” she shrugged.

“Why did you laugh?” Arjun asked.

“You guys laughed, so I did” she replied.

“Not funny” Neil gave a bored look.

“Like I said it was” she too gave a bored look.

“Now it’ll be. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe. Hohohohohohohohohohohohohohoho” she sighed.

“Great” Neil sighed.

“What did you do to her Arjun?” Neil screamed.

“Maybe the pasta” Arjun smiled.

“Lolz. You people never change. Just like the way you both were. When you were kids” she smiled.

“The way we were?” Neil asked.

“Ummm.. lalalalalalala” Niti sang.

“Niti that wasn’t necessary” Arjun sighed.

“Niti..” Neil dragged.

“Ok. So Here we go. Do you remember the name of your lost best friend Neil?” she asked.

“It was Arjun” he replied.

“Arjun who?” she asked.

“I don’t know. It was just Arjun” he replied.

“Idiot can’t you realise? He’s right in front of you” she scolded in her mind.

“Can’t you remember a thing Neil?” Arjun asked.

“No. Nothing” he replied.

“What?!” she blurted out.

“Okay. I’m not in it” Arjun sighed.

“Damn you. He’s right in front of you and you’re saying nothing. Idiotic psychotic nut case” she scolded.

“What?” he gasped.

He then remembered how he could never go against Arjun though he didn’t like his motives. He remembered how he had told that he could never hate him. Childhood memories flashed. He, Arjun and Niti together. Everything.

“Yes. Him” she snapped as she facepalmed herself.

“Omg!! Is that you Arjun? Are you the Arjun who’d go behind mom for extra jamoons and burfis?” he asked.

“Yes. Me” Arjun smiled.

“Now don’t remind me of jamoons. I want some” Arjun pouted.

“You’ll get it” Neil smiled.

“Now time to satisfy my first condition” Niti smiled.

“The first condition? Ok tell” Arjun pouted.

“Go hug and come back to old ways” she smiled.

“No need to say” Neil grinned.

Before he could finish Arjun had pulled him into a big tight hug. Niti pouted. She was always forgotten. Even when she was a kid.

Neil pulled Niti in and pecked her forehead. The three shared a big hug.

“Thank you” Neil whispered as he pulled her cheek.

Radhika and Sam fit themselves in. Radhika pulled Niti’s ears as they all pulled away.

“What di? Naah bhabi. Let go ya” Niti flinched.

“You said I have hickeys. There are zero” Radhika said.

“Can’t I have fun with you?” she pouted.

“Ok ok” Radhika smiled.

“Now treat me. Both of you kanjooses” she pouted.

“We will. We’ll go right now” Arjun smiled.

“Great let’s get going” she jumped.

“Yes let’s go. It’s time to leave anyways” Sam smiled.

Ok done.. hehehe.. finally… I did it… ok now please do let me know.. Tata babaye.. love you all.. tc.. keep smiling.. bear hugs to all of you ??

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