Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 51- Mala’s decision and a lot more confusions get cleared)

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Niti was at a warehouse. She looked at it and her eyes welled up. She punched the steering wheel and the sound of continuous loud honking could be heard. She banged her head to it crying out loud. It was the second time she was rejecting him. He loved her so much and she went on throwing him to the cold floor. And walked over him. She loved him too, but no… she wasn’t going to say it. She was not the one for him.


Not at all.

He deserved the best and had to go for it. He had to let go of her. Was the best for him. It was going to be hard, but he’ll have to do it. Throw her out of his heart and lead a happy life.

Little did she know it was never going to happen.

He loved her with all his life and he was not that stupid dumb nut to let go of her so easily.

Just because she rejected him?!

Not once, but twice.

She had walked into his life uninvited. She had committed a great mistake of opening his heart wide out open to her which he had locked up. He hated women. Now she had to pay. Pay for the mistake she had done. For that he had to keep her for himself.

Niti never knew the real Ankush Mishra. The one who was well versed in law. He was no less. Anything he claimed his was his. A warm fun loving person who hated women was now a love stricken puppy. Niti was stuck for good. She was going to run into his arms one or the other day. She had only known one side of his. The fun side. The gentle and easily exploitive side.

Every coin has two sides.

So does a man.

The warehouse was an old hideout of Aarav and Rakesh. As kids they (Arjun, Neil and Niti) would be brought down every weekend to play. The house had a lot rooms and each room had its own secret concealed behind it. But the kids knew it all. Niti was a kid at that time, so couldn’t remember much. But once she was of age and had returned to India three and a half years ago, the first thing she did was to find the warehouse. It had a lot of memories. She’d always come here to release her stress and tension and confusion. She felt as if Aarav and Rakesh watched over her and gave her solutions to all her problems. She walked in and sat on a stool and closed her eyes. All she could remember was words. Those words that made her sweat hard. Tears rolled down as she remembered it.

“Niti you need to do this for you. Yourself. Your family. You cannot back out Niti. Please don’t. Think once” said the pleading and requesting voice.

“No!! I’m not going for it” was her stern reply to it.

She cried hard remembering the conversation.

Did it have to happen now?

To her?

She knew she was being selfish. But it’s basic human tendency. You turn to be selfish. She came up with a decision. She was not going to let anyone know. Nothing will be known to anyone. She was not going to hurt anyone with this. This one was one of the major reasons that made her stop herself from going to Ankush. She wiped her tears as she got up and looked around the house once before walking out.

“Sorry dad. Sorry uncle” she sniffled and walked out.

She got in her car and looked at the file on the passenger seat next to her and cried clutching it to her chest. She drove back to pack her stuff as she had to return to the Malhotras. She entered and saw a broken Ankush sitting on the sofa with Mala and Riddhima by his side. Dada ji had slept. Karthik sat on the opposite with Anitha by his side. Ankush looked up at Niti who looked like a zombie. Her eyes swollen. Might be the alcohol. He got up and before he could walk to her, she walked away from him and locked her room. She sagged down and sighed. She took out he phone from her pocket and saw 75 missed calls.

What the hell?!

55 from Neil and the rest from Ankush. She sighed at the impossible nature of her brother and her man.

Well not anymore.

He was not going to be hers.


Niti packed her things and pulled her luggage out. She saw Neil who was busy with his mobile sitting on the couch with his left leg over his right.

“Bhai” she called out.

He looked up at her diverting his gaze from his mobile and met her hurt eyes. He went to her and pulled her in a tight embrace. His sister was coming back home after fifteen long years. He put an arm around her shoulder and smiled down at her. She gave him a weak smile.

“I’ve decided something” Mala announced.

“What is it maa?” Riddhima asked.

Neil and Nithika along with Anitha and Karthik looked clueless. Ankush kept staring at his mother. She was impossible at times. Dada ji too woke up and came out of his room. Ahana jumped to Niti’s arms and she took her in without wasting a second. Neil ruffled her hair.

“Mami wheve (where) is bad man?” she asked as she caught tiny fistfuls of Niti’s hair.

That word. “Mami”. Hurt a lot. She was never going to be her mami. She looked at him and her eyes caught his painful ones. Ankush looked at her and her eyes were filled with pain. Guilt. Tears on the verge of falling out. He averted his gaze and that hurt her more. Niti composed herself and looked at Ahana with a smile.

“He’s gone. He will never come back. Gone to the rakshas world” Niti replied imitating rakshas showing her nails and Ahana squealed.

“Bye bye bad man” she waved and jumped in Niti’s arms.

“Yes bye bye to him” Neil chuckled as he pulled Ahana’s nose.

“Bad man” Ahana snapped as she pushed Neil’s hand away.

“What did I do now?” Neil pouted.

“She hates people touching her nose Neil” Ankush chuckled.

“Oh, I’m sorry princess” Neil caught his ears.

Ahana squealed and leaped to Neil. And he twirled her up in the air. The little angel squealed and pulled his cheeks and planted sloppy kisses over his face. Riddhima took Ahana and Neil wiped his face laughing.

“What is it Mala?” Dada ji asked.

“I’ve found a perfect choice for Ankush” she clipped.

“What?!” Ankush and Niti blurted out at the same time.

“Yes” she clipped.

“Who?” asked Dada ji.

Mala pointed to Anitha who was standing next to Karthik. All of them were shocked. A tear rolled down Niti’s eye. Karthik’s grip tightened around Anitha’s waist pulling her more closer. Anitha looked at Ankush who was equally shocked. She shook her head with her head low.

“What made you take this decision maa?” Riddhima snapped.

“I know what’s best for my son” she snapped back.

“But he loves Nithika” Dada ji said in a calm voice. He was raging inside for the stupidity his daughter in was doing.

“What’s the use? She rejected him in front of every single person. You want him to hold on to her even she has pushed him down hard? What’s the use Papa ji? My son is not a person to break and bend to a useless woman’s will” she snapped.

“Enough aunty” Neil screamed.

“I’m not saying anything because you’re elder. But that doesn’t mean you can say anything against my gudiya” he snapped as he pulled his sister to him.

“Bhai” she whispered as her voice shook.

“Aunty I’m sorry for embarrassing you and your family. Especially your son. But I can’t love him just because he confessed in front of all. I too have my feelings” Niti said with her head low. She couldn’t meet anyone’s eyes now.

“I’m sorry Ankush” she whispered as he met his eyes for hardly a second.

“I’ll marry him” Anitha’s voice came out.

Karthik gave her a wide eyed “what the hell?” expression.

“I need to talk to her” Ankush said.

“Sure” Anitha said and she walked out of Karthik’s arms and went with Ankush to a room.

Karthik just in the couch with a thud. He say catching his head. What had he done? He let her slip away. He realised that he loved her only after she said that she was ready to marry his best friend.

The hell!!

He loved her all along. All these years and thought he loved Niti. He remembered the day she had asked him if he loved anyone and he had replied with a maybe. She left after that day. It was all because of him.

Jerk him!!

She left because of him.

She had loved him too.

Well maybe.

He wanted her for himself. But she had decided to marry Ankush.

“Are you serious you want to marry me?” Ankush asked as he bolted the door.

“Yes” she sighed.

“What made you think that I too will agree to marry you?” he snapped.

“Two broken souls can be friends and can spend a life together” she was whispered trying to hold her tears.

“You love someone?” he asked.

“Karthik” she whispered as her tears poured out.

“What?!” he held her by shoulders.

“He hates the word love. He will never love me. I don’t want to lose my friendship with him with my confession” she sighed.

“I’m sorry. Ok I’ll marry you. But I can never love you. And I’m really sorry for that” he said honestly

“I know. We’re sailing on the same boat” she said.

“Ok let’s go tell our decision to everyone” he let out a breath.

“Ok” she said.

Everyone outside were impatient. Mala prayed that Ankush should agree and Dada ji sat there helpless. Karthik has his fingers crossed. He didn’t want Ankush to agree. The two of them came out and Karthik looked up at them. Ankush eyed Niti with hatred.

“I’m ready to marry her” Ankush sighed.

Karthik looked at Anitha with his jaw open wide. Niti smiled. She was happy that he had decided to move on. She walked out with Neil behind with her luggage in his hand.

“I will make you mine Nithika Malhotra” Ankush said to himself.

“I hope you realise now” Anitha shook her head as she looked at Karthik who has his face buried in his palms.

Niti was controlling her tears as much as she could throughout the ride. Neil kept looking at her and kept observing her. She was quiet all along. They reached home and Niti just walked into her room. Prerna and Sam let her be. She needed sleep. She had a lot of vodka too. Niti woke up in the morning with her phone buzzing. She looked at the caller. It was Ankush.

“What do you want early in the morning?” she scowled in a sleepy tone.

“Good morning to you. Seems like you’ve got a hangover” he mocked.

“No hangover. What makes you call me early in the morning?” she snapped.

“Come home” he clipped.

“Why?” she asked.

“Come” he clipped and hung up on the phone.

How dare!

He hung up on her!! On her!


Like you want.

She got ready and came out. Neil and Sam were waiting for her. They had breakfast and drove off to the house where Mala stayed. Arjun and Radhika too were there. Anitha and Karthik were there too. Just as they arrived Akash too came and ran into Niti.

“Neetz” he cooed.

“Hello. What brings you here?” she smiled.

“Just wanted to visit’ hs smiled.

“Hey Neil!” he smiled.

“Now tell me Ankush. Why did you ask us to come here?” Sam asked.

“We actually have fixed the engagement date. Wanted to share it with you all” Mala smiled.

“Ankush’s getting married. Wow” Akash smiled.

“Nice” Niti smiled.

“So when’s it?” Sam asked.

“Two weeks later” Riddhima replied.

Akash’s phone buzzed and he sighed getting up.

“Sorry. Gotta go. Duty calls” he said.

“Bye” Sam said.

Akash walked out in a hurry and failed to notice Manha who walked opposite to him. He stopped and found something familiar and turned around, but found no one. He shook his head at his imagination and walked away.

It was not an imagination.

Manha came in and found Niti in a corner. She patted her shoulder and Niti looked up and hugged her tight.

“Did you have to come now? Couldn’t you come two minutes earlier?” she scowled.

“Is this the way you greet your friend?” Manha scowled back.

“Ok. Hi” she said sarcastically.

“Why did you say two minutes earlier?” Manha asked.

“Just like that. You would have met someone” she grinned.

“Right” Manha rolled her eyes.

“Ok I need some water” Manha said and went into the kitchen.

Akash came in and Niti stared at what was happening.

These two!!

Ever since college!!

Always a miss.

Niti scowled. Akash picked his phone and left. She facepalmed herself. Damn. She saw her best friend coming out and balled her fists.

“Why did you come out now? Could have stayed in there” she threw her hands up in the air.

“Woman do you have a hangover?” Manha snapped.

“I’m fine” she snapped.

“How’s Bonnie?” she asked.

“Better” Manha replied.

“I need to tell you something Manha” she sighed.

“Go on” Manha smiled.

“I love Ankush” she sighed.

“So what’s the problem? He doesn’t love you?” Manha asked.

“He does. The problem is with me” she replied.

“What?” Manha asked.

“I rejected him” he whispered as her eyes welled up.

“Are you mad? Why? Stupid, idiot. You know you love him, then why?” Manha asked.

“I love him, but not the right one for him. He deserves the best. He’s getting married. Engagement is two weeks later” she cried.

“Why?! Why why why?! Tell me. At least me. You know we hold no secrets between us” Manha cupped her face.

Niti whispered something in Manha’s ears and her eyes widened and were with tears. She hugged her tight and rubbed her back.

“Does anyone know?” Manha asked.

“No” she nodded her head.

“Why?” Manha screamed.

“Please. Let this be between us” she pleaded.

“Ok” Manha sighed.

Just then they heard Ahana crying. Niti ran in. Ahana was trying to push Anitha away. Niti pulled Ahana in her arms.

“Mami” Ahana sobbed.

Niti stiffened. She looked at Manha who shook her head. Then to Ankush who sighed and Anitha who just kept looking on. Niti pulled away from Ahana and cupped her face.

“I’m not Mami. She’s Mami” she said as she pointed to Anitha.

“No” Ahana said as she hugged Niti again.

“You’re good girl right?” Niti cupped her face.

Ahana nodded her head like a girl.

“I’m not Mami. She is. Please listen to me” she pleaded.

“No!!” Ahana stomped her foot.

“Ahana please” she pleaded.

Ahana was shocked. This was the first time Niti called her by name. She pulled away from her arms with tears. Niti couldn’t stand it. She came forward to pick her up, but she ran. Ahana ran to Anitha. Anitha picked her up and cuddled her. Niti walked out Manha behind her.

“So where now?” Manha asked as they sat in Manha’s car.

“To Gauri’s” she replied and the engine roared to life.

Done.. hope you all liked it… please do let me know.. bye.. love you all loads.. tc.. keep smiling.. bear hugs to all of you ??

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