Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 50- Saral’s gone for good)

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It was Saturday. The party day!! Niti was too tensed. She had to announce that she was going to tie the knot with Saral. Karthik was going to be there and she had no idea of the wa going to be controlling himself. Neil had been giving her a cold shoulder. She let it be as it was for the best. Sam had dropped a number of texts pleading and begging her to stop her wedding with Saral. Arjun had given her a winning smirk every time they met or crossed each other. Ankush had turned to be a typical devdas. His fear of losing her. His stubble had grown a bit too much. It hurt her to see him like that. His face has lost its shine. His always smiling face was now a gloomy one. It looked like there had been a big turn over for him. Radhika would just look at her and walk away. Nandini was the only one who smiled at her and spoke. Niti sighed at the happenings in her life.

The thought of Niti marrying Saral had made Ankush nuts. Though they had enough proofs to nail Saral, he was still worried.

What if she wants to marry him even after that?

No no!!

No way!!


Even if she refused to marry Saral, she didn’t love him. So there was no reason to happy. He wanted to move on, but could not. He couldn’t even think of it. It was something impossible. Ankush sat down holding his head in his room.

“Everything will be fine soon” came a soothing voice and a he felt a hand on his head caressing his hair.

Ankush opened his eyes to see Nandini standing in front of him.

“I hope so” he sighed.

“Now get ready” she patted his cheek as turned around to leave.

“Does she love me di?” he asked with a voice filled with hope.

“Let’s hope for the best” she replied and left.

“Please give me a chance Niti. Please” he whispered and then got up to get ready.

Ankush shaved, got ready in his casuals and let his hair be messy. Radhika was happy to see her brother clean shaven. Radhika was in the free flowing one piece Arjun had gifted to her. Arjun always in his casuals. Nandini was ready as s*xy as she could to see how Saral gets nailed. She wanted to see his fear struck face.

Arjun got a call.

“Yes aunty” he greeted.

“Arjun I want gudiya out of this mess. Like really bad. ASAP” Prerna clipped.

“Aunty we have enough to keep him in prison for life. Don’t worry. She clearly hates him” he replied.

“Arjun please. I want my baby back. Saral needs to out of her life” she pleaded.

“You’ll get her back aunty. I promise” he whispered.

“See you at the party” she said as she hung up on the phone.

“Who was it?” Radhika asked.

“Prerna aunty” he replied.

“What happened?” she asked.

“She wants Saral out for good” he sighed.

“That’s going to happen for sure” she smiled.

“I just hope Saral comes. I need to see his face when all of that is happening. Hope he doesn’t ditch” he sighed.

“He will come. If not to trouble us, to at least to shower his fake love on Niti he will. So, don’t worry Arjun” she smiles as she looped her arms around his neck.

“Are you having any second thoughts wifey?” he asked as he pulled her closer and traced his finger from her cheek down her chin to neck and kept going down.

“Stop” she pushed his hand “now how about a head spinning breathless kiss?” she smiled and fluttered her eyes innocently.

“Your wish is my command” he smiled and pulled her in for the kiss she asked.

“Make sure not to give me a love bite. Save that for later” she smiled patting his head that was buried in her necks crook and his lips planting kisses.

“Naughty little wife of mine” he pecked her lip.

“That I am. And by the way, I’m not little” she pouted.

“But to me you’ll be my wife. My little wife. My baby” he cupped her cheek still holding her to him.

“Baby? Arjun this is too much” she huffed.

“Ok now. I’ll see how you save that neck of yours tonight. A celebration” he winked as he pecked her forehead and pulled away.

Radhika pulled him back and kissed him hard.

“I’ll be waiting for that my dear husband” she winked as she looked deep into his eyes.

She laughed when he stood rooted. Numb to his spot. She pecked his lip to get him out of his trance. She then pulled him out along with her.

Neil was getting ready and was lost in his own thoughts. Sam came and pulled him in a tight embrace.

“We’ll bring her back tonight” she whispered.

“I want Saral out of her life for good” he whispered looking into her eyes.

“We will. Now let’s move” she smiled.

“Mom’s ready?” he asked.

“Yup” she replied.

“You’re not wearing heels are you?” he looked down her feet.

“No silly, I’m not. Why would I be looking this short in front of you?” she chuckled.

“Good” he smiled and pecked her forehead.

“By the way you have hidden all her heels Neil. So dare you to ask a question about it to my daughter” Prerna scowled.

“Yes mom. Thanks” Sam pouted.

“She’s pregnant and it’s not good to wear high heels” he pouted.

“Ok enough. Shall we leave? It’s getting late” Sam said and they all walked out and left for the party.

Niti got ready in a black palazzo and a black and white checked long kurti. Paired it up with matching accessories. Riddhima was ready in a light peach overflowing anarkali that had low embroidery. Mala was in a simple green sari and Dada ji was as usual stunning in his simple cotton kurta pajama. Baby Ahana threw tantrums of not wanting to get ready.

Niti came to her “pataka is a good girl right?” she cooed.

She nodded in agreement. Niti picked Ahana in her arms and walked to the wardrobe. Riddhima smiled as she watched her daughter and Niti. Ahana hated anyone lifting her. But it was totally the opposite with Ankush. It was him who can life her. Now it was the same with Niti. She loved to stay in her arms. She wished Niti to be family. As Ankush’s wife. He loved her a lot.

Niti remembered having designed a dress as a gift for Ahana’s birthday. She hers had designed it. She ransacked her wardrobe and finally heaved a sigh of relief when she found a pink and white sari gown and showed it to Ahana who in turn clapped and planted sloppy kisses over her face. Niti let out a laugh and got her changed in a jiffy. Niti put on a white headband that had a pink rose and a few bangles that made her look like a princess. She gave Ahana a Royal look and after she was done, she picked her up and Ahana saw her reflection in the mirror. Ahana gasped as she cupped her mouth with her tiny hands as she saw her reflection.

“You look beautiful my doll” she cooed as she pecked her nose.

“Ana butiful” Ahana repeated.

“It’s beautiful” she smiled.

“Butiful” Ahana clapped.

Niti sighed as she was not going to listen. But it was funny.


“I hope none of the men lay their eyes on her. I don’t know how many are going to dance to her tunes tonight” Ankush blew a breath.

“Is this the way you comment on your neice?” she scowled as she gave Ahana to him and cleaned up the mess.

“She is beautiful” he chuckled.

“That she is” Niti replied as she kept putting things back.

“What are you doing here? I was anyway going to bring them with me” she said.

“Couldn’t be without seeing you” he replied without thinking.

“What?!” her head snapped at him.

“No. It’s been long since I’ve seen pataka, so came here” he said.

“Thank you for making her look so pretty” he smiled.

Niti turned around and looked at him. He was incredibly handsome in his casuals. And his dark hair.


Was more than enough to make her want him for herself. She quickly composed herself before he could catch her red handed, checking him out. Ankush smiled at her change.

“Your welcome. She’s a darling. Anything for her. Now stop casting an evil eye on her” Niti smiled as went to him and pulled Ahana’s nose slightly and took out a ₹500 note and spun it around Ankush and Ahana.

“Why me?” he asked.

“Both mamu and bhanji look incredibly good. So, it was important” she shrugged her shoulders.

As she was about to leave, Ankush caught hold of her wrist and pulled her to him. His hand that was on her waist slowly traveled up and caught the nape of her neck. He could feel her long silky smooth hair all the way up. He cupped her cheek and planted a deep long kiss filled with love on her forehead. Niti let out a deep breath as she closed her eyes living the moment. Feeling his lips on her skin. His breath fanning her face. His cologne. Riddhima smiled when she saw the sight. Looked like a perfect little family with Ahana in his arms. She smiled at how her daughter made them look complete. She wished that it could happen for real.

“You look beautiful” he whispered with his lips still on her forehead.

“Ankush” she whispered.

“I love you. So very much” he whispered as he looked deep into her grey eyes.

Before she could reply, Ahana squealed which made Ankush pull back. They looked each other and Niti walked out to give the money note to the beggar on the other street. Ankush walked out of Niti’s room sighing with Ahana in his arms. They all reached the resort that hosted the party. Niti waited for Saral. Ankush stood a few feet away watching over her. Saral arrived in a total black suit. Niti scowled. Everything was black. Just like him.


“Hey babydoll” he grinned as he approached her and pulled her to him by gripping her waist tight.

“Get your hands off. Save your drama for inside” she snapped as she pushed him away.

Ankush wanted to rip his hands off his body for touching her inappropriately. His eyes too for eyeing her with lust. She was his delicate princess. His jaw hardened and fists balled.

“Ok. Let’s go in” Saral smirked as he held Niti tight by her waist and led her in.

The party was on full swing. Niti herself had no idea of why the party was organised. Bird Song was throwing a lot of parties. She entered with Saral and saw her mother and smiled. But was disappointed when Prerna turned her face away. Prerna closed her eyes and sighed. It was a show, but it was too hard. Sam and Neil had to put on a show to give a cold shoulder. They knew the sole purpose. Arjun and Radhika were watching Saral eye other women in the party with Niti by his side. It disgusted them. The other women gave him disgusted looks and walked away. Saral had other plans in mind. He smirked as he saw Niti. He had planned to kill her tonight. Karthik arrived with Anitha and his team. It took Karthik a lot of effort to get Anitha out with him. His aunt happily agreed to take her with him. Saral saw him and his jaw hardened. His fingers bit into Niti’s skin through the fabric and she winced. Everyone saw that and wanted to kill him for it.

“You traitor” he hissed.

“What?” she hissed as she tried hard to get off his grip.

“Ladies and gentlemen. We welcome you all to this auspicious party. This party is being held for two reasons. One: someone’s going to be exited from our lives for good. Two: two people walking golden hearts will stepping into the next phase of life” Arjun smiled as he took the stage with the announcement, with Radhika by his side.

Saral smirked. He being called a golden heart. He was carried away. He had fallen deep into their trap. He let go of Niti and walked away to take a table. But stopped when he heard voices. Niti too looked shocked at the video. Saral at Bird Song insulting Radhika and about to slap her and stopping him. Her eyes had tears as eyed Saral who looked equally shocked. Radhika who eyed Saral with hatred. People whispered at the video being played. The next one was her argument with Saral. She gasped at it.

Who gave it to them?

Who captured it?

She feared for Sam and her baby. She had to stop it. She was about to move to stop, but a hand caught her holding her to her spot. It was Ankush. He rubbed her back up and down assuring her her safety. She sagged down against his chest. Saral who saw Niti and Ankush together fumed. He waited for things to get over. He was going to blow her head right away. He checked for his gun at the behind which his blazer covered. The series of videos went on playing. His call to Brijesh stating that he was going to kill her and then the video at the hospital. Niti was shocked. He wanted to kill her after marrying her and wipe out the Mishras, Malhotras and Mehras.

Double cross.

Sam was shocked. No wonder Niti was so worried. She staring at her tummy continuously. She wanted her and her baby safe. Sam almost collapsed at the confession where Saral wanted to kill her child. Neil caught her and made her sit offering her some water. Prerna wanted to kill him then and there.

How dare he?

Wanted to kill her daughter and grandchild. She stormed forward, but stopped herself. She wanted things to get over. So that she can lash him for everything altogether. As the lights turned on, Karthik came forward.

“I have something to show too” he showed the CD cover in his hand.

He went and played the CD. It was the video that showed Saral pushing the girl off the roof. Niti was shocked. Such a beast he was. She was going to marry him to save her family. She should have shot him right there. The day he came to her. She shouldn’t have bent to his will. He tried to escape. Killing Niti was not possible now.


It was.

He threaded to her and pulled her out of Ankush’s arms and pointed the gun at her temple. Karthik and Ankush along with Arjun and Neil came running to stop him.

“Stop there. Else I’ll blow her head right here” he hissed as he pushed the trigger down her temple making her wince in pain.

Niti acted swift. She twisted his arm and turned around and held him in her captivity. She knocked his head with her elbow and he kneeled. He acted to almost pass out, then pushed Niti hard to the floor and ran for his life. Revenge can be taken later too. He jumped out of the window and ran. But couldn’t run far. Vaibhav stood in front of him with his gun pointing to him with a smirk. By then, the whole team had surrounded him. There was no escape for him now. Karthik came to him with a victorious smirk and stood in front of him.

“Stop Karthik” came a voice.

They moved away and saw Niti with Ahana in her arms. Riddhima behind Niti. Niti took the gun from Karthik’s gun holder and pointed it at him. Vaibhav held him by his hair and kicked his knees hard that made him kneel. Saral eyed Niti with a lustful gaze and Karthik slapped him hard.

He had no remorse.

No guilt.


Niti thrusted the gun in Ahana’s tiny hands and pointed the gun at him.

“Bad man” Ahana spat at him.

“Yes bad man. It’s because of him your Papa is not here. He sent him to God” Niti hissed as she saw Saral with hatred.

“Papa” Ahana sobbed.

“No, you’re a good girl. Strong girl. Strong girls don’t cry” Niti cooed in her ears.

Niti held Ahana’s hands tight and aimed straight at Saral’s forehead. Saral saw two pairs of eyes. They were in the dark. But he knew who it was. They had smiles plastered on their faces as they passed by. His eyes showed fear. Fear of death. Once she was ready, she slipped Ahana’s finger and pulled the trigger. The bullet straight shot at his forehead. He looked at them with a smirk as he winced in unbearable pain. Ahana was scared but had herself completely composed. If it was any other kid in her place, she would have cried to the loud firing noise. Niti gave Ahana to Riddhima and Riddhima smiled watching the culprit behind her family’s death die in front of her eyes. But what hurt her the most was that the person was her brother in law. Niti aimed her gun at a lifeless Saral. But Vaibhav held him by his head tight in his place kneeled.

“This is one for disrespecting women” she shot at his chest.

“This for spoiling a little baby’s childhood. A fatherless life. A woman to lead a life without her husband” she shot at his chest again.

“This one for wiping out your family without mercy” she shot at his chest again.

“This one for trying to kill my nephew or niece” she shot at his neck.

“This one for double crossing me. Nithika Rajput Malhotra” she hissed as she pulled the trigger again.

By then everyone had arrived. They saw how Niti was pulling the trigger like a maniac. They were happy to Saral no more. The biggest villain of all their lives was wiped out. Niti was in the police force too, so nothing would happen to her. Even if she wasn’t, Karthik would cover things up.

Niti pulled the trigger again and again, but no bullets fired. She scowled when no bullets fired. Karthik pulled Niti in his embrace. A friendly embrace.

“Shh Niti. Enough. He’s no more. Stop” he cooed and patted her head.

Niti shivered in Karthik’s arms. She dropped the gun and the cops covered the blo*dy area with yellow tapes stopping people from trespassing. Saral’s body was taken away. Niti pulled away from Karthik and walked back into the resort. But none failed to notice a pair of eyes that had witnessed everything. Eyes that swore revenge.

Well not for now.

Niti came in and gulped down a bottle of palm length vodka in a go. Her throat burned. He licked a pinch of salt and went back to chugging down another bottle. Salt again. All looked at her in shock. Prerna saw her consume alcohol and sighed. She was a modern mom, but couldn’t stand certain things. Niti was about to go for her third bottle, Ankush stopped her.

“Give it to me Ankush. This instant” Niti snapped at him and tried to take the bottle.

“No Niti. That’s enough” he spoke a low calm voice.

“Ok if you’re not giving I don’t care. There are many more bottles” she shrugged her shoulders casually and went to pick up another from the counter.

Ankush threw the bottle in his hand and pulled her away. He pushed all the glass bottles filled with variety of drinks to the hard floor. They crashed down but didn’t hurt any of the two. The bartender looked shocked.

“I’ll pay for it. ALL” Arjun clipped at the manager.

“I hate you. I hate you Ankush Mishra. From the bottom of my heart” she screamed.

“Just for stopping you from drinking?” he smiled at her.

“Yes” she snapped.

“You’re such a lighthead” she chuckled as he pulled her to him.

“I’m not” she snapped.

“Ok then. Walk along the line. That black border there, along the marble floor” Ankush smirked at her.

“Deal” she pulled away.

Everyone though she will not be able to make it. They smiled at her confidence. Ankush shook his head at her impossible nature. But she proved them wrong. She walked straight. And walked back straight without any deviation. Ankush’s jaw dropped.

“Now?” she crossed her arms to her chest.

“Well. Pretty decent” he gulped down.

“Now my bottle” she commanded in her royal tone.

“Sorry ma’am. We’re out of vodka” the manager stammered.

“Aarrrrgggghhhhh” Niti clenched her fists.

“Niti look at me. Look into my eyes” Ankush shook her up and cupped her face in his hands.

Niti like a good girl looked into his eyes and fluttered her lashes. He kept brushing his finger in her cheek and kept looking at her.

“I love you. Give me one chance to my prove myself. Prove myself that I’m right for you. Please” he kissed her forehead and held her to him.

“But I don’t love you” she snapped as she pushed him away and walked out of the hall.

She got in her car and drove off. The others in the hall stood shocked. Ankush stood rooted his spot. Arjun sighed. Karthik pitied the state of his best friend. Anitha looked around. She knew the pain. When someone you love doesn’t love you back. Riddhima sighed and looked at Ahana who was sleeping peacefully in her arms. Radhika went to Ankush, but before she could, his legs collapsed and he crashed to the floor as pain struck him hard at his chest. Neil, Sam and Prerna felt sorry for him. Mala who had had enough decided something. Dada ji looked on. As he always said, time. Time was the best thing to heal things. Maybe Niti needed some time.

“I love you too Ankush. But I’m not the right one for you. You’re a very good person and deserve the best” Niti cried as her car screeched to a halt.

Done done done.. tantanatan… your wait is over.. Saral’s gone for good… hope you all liked it.. I’ll go now.. down with food poisoning… bye bye… love you all loads.. tc… keep smiling.. bear hugs to all of you ??

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    1. Shree

      Hehehe.. thank you so much my doll!! Ik I said that I’ll stop but I didn’t.. hehehe I love Ahana.. Niti I don’t know.. it’d just going in a flow..

      Love you too ??

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    1. Shree

      Thank you so much di!! I’ll do that soon..
      Love you too di ??

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