Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 5- Finding Nandini-Part 2)

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Nitin came by to Arjun and hugged him tight. Arjun had never seen Nitin this happy. Though he used to be this fun loving guy, he was sad at times. He missed his family while he was in college. He was happy to see him happy. Very happy.??

Arjun asked “you in love or what? So happy!!”

Nitin said “it’s you.”

Arjun gave him a “what are you talking about?” Look.

He asked “me?”

Nitin said “you’re back. And we can relieve our college days. The ones we missed. I know you’ve changed. But, still.”

Arjun asked “so what do you want me to do?”

Nitin said “let’s walk the lane. Remember? We used to walk when we were out of ideas and even when we were happy.”

Arjun said “how can I forget that? The best part of life. And walk the lane? Now?! What about work?”

Nitin said “stop being a workaholic. I hated you from college only for this. Get out of it dude!! At least for now. And please, don’t say no. We may not get another day like this. Please Arjun. “

Arjun said “ok.”

Nitin was so happy. They walked out of office and walked down the lane. The both of them were smiling thinking of the time they shared with each other.

Nitin asked “so you moved here huh?”

Arjun said “came for Radhika’s higher studies.”

Nitin asked “so, the name’s Radhika? I’d love to meet her.”

Arjun said “sure. You will soon.”

They walked for an hour. Just then Arjun’s phone rang. It was Radhika.

He picked the call and said “yeah Radhika.”

She asked “had lunch? It’s 1:00.”

He said “not yet.”

She asked “what are you doing? Go have food first. I swear I’m gonna kill you for skipping meals. You didn’t have breakfast also.”

Nitin who heard Radhika screaming started laughing. He couldn’t control it. But he made sure she couldn’t hear. Arjun looked him, asking him to keep quiet with a finger on his lips.

Arjun said “stop shouting Radhika. I know what to do and when.”

Nitin was shocked to see this nature if Arjun. He was never rude to women. He was always calm.

Radhika said “I’m only saying for your betterment. Your health. Arjun please, I know you’re angry. But please, don’t spoil your health.”

He asked “why do you care? *sigh*, okay fine, I’ll go eat.”

She said “love you. And go eat right away.”

He said “OK. Love you too. And did you eat?”

She said “I am.”

He said “ok. Take care” and cut the call.

Nitin asked “you didn’t have breakfast?”

Arjun said “wasn’t hungry.”

Nitin said “you’re coming and eating now. Else I’ll complain to Radhika.”

Arjun asked “whose side are you on?”

He said “Radhika’s.”

Arjun said “fine. Let’s go eat.”

Theywent to a restaurant nearby and had lunch. They then walked back to office. Both he and Nitin worked on the next upcoming task regarding the project. Nitin’s dad gave them another project. It was double work now.

Days passed on. Nothing progressed. Nothing between Arjun and Radhika. Nothing about Nandini.

(Where is this female hiding?!??)

Karthik and Radhika went to the neighborhood everyday and enquired about Nandini. And even the orphanage. None of them opened their mouth.

A month passed. It was getting tougher day by day. Radhika’s fear increased day by day. She got her nightmares again. This worried Arjun a lot. She had to find Nandini too.

One morning Radhika screamed. Arjun came running to the bathroom. He was very frightened. She saw her scar in the mirror. She was crying profusely. Arjun looked her. He went to her and gave a hug. She too hugged him back. When he was about to draw away, she stopped him.

She said “please Arjun. Don’t leave me. Don’t go away. Say with me for today. Don’t go to office” hugging him even more tight.

He said “but Radhika, you have class.”

She said “I’m not going.”

He said “but Radhika.”

She said “no Arjun. I’m not going, so are you. Please stay. Please” and cried out making his shirt wet.

He said “OK. Now stop crying. Please. And do t look at the scar. Well think of something.”

She asked “what can we do to this scar? Nothing. Nothing can be done. This will follow me forever. It’ll never let go of me.”

He said “there’s a solution.”

She broke the hug and asked “solution? What?”

He said “surgery. We can get the scar removed.”

She said “no need. It’ll take a lot of money. Just let it be. I’m fine.”

He said “no Radhika. You’re not fine. You’re going worse day by day. We’re going to doctor and fixing your appointment. And money, I have. Don’t worry.”

She said “but…”

He cut in and said “no its and buts. We going, that’s all.”

She said “ok.”

He called up Nitin and told that be wouldn’t be able to come to office. Nitin asked him to stay with Radhika and take are of her.

They went to the surgeon and talked of the wound. The surgeon told it was not a problem and can be removed right away.

Arjun asked “how long will it take?”

The surgeon said “three hours. One night observation. Then she can be discharged.”

Both Arjun and Radhika were happy. Radhika gave a big thankful smile to Arjun. Arjun smiled back at her.

Arjun asked “it won’t hurt right? I mean not too much.”

The surgeon chucked an said “no Mr Mehra it won’t. I’m sure Mrs Mehra won’t feel a thing. So shall we make a move? Mr Mehra you go finish the formalities while we get the requirements for the surgery ready.”

Arjun and Radhika got up. The surgeon instructed his assistant. And she took Radhika along with her, while Arjun went to the reception to finish the formalities.

The surgery took place. Radhika was shifted to the ward. Arjun took good care of her.

Radhika said “Arjun comb my hair.”

He asked “what?”

She said “what you heard.”

He got up and combed her long hair. Radhika smiled silently. She wasn’t gonna let him sit simply.

After a while, she said “I’m hungry.”

He asked “what do you want?”

Radhika was about to tell, just then the nurse came in with the food tray. The doctor too came and checked her.

He said “next two weeks you need to come for regular check up. Then you’ll free from this scar.”

Radhika asked “how long will it take?”

The doctor said “a week and a half. Take care” and left.

Arjun fed Radhika. She ate quick. She fed Arjun too.

She the said “get me that magazine.”

He said “woman, can’t you just shut up. Now rest. Just close your eyes.”

She said “no I can’t. My eyes are wide open. They won’t close so easily.”

He said silently “such a nut head.”

She said “I heard that.”

He said “good.”

Just then Radhika’s phone rang. It was Karthik’s call. Arjun gave her phone with an angry face.

Radhika said “hmm.. Tell.”

He said “she came back Radhu.”

Radhika was so happy.

She asked “really? Where is she?”

He said “at home. She’s not coming out. We’ll meet her soon.”

She said “I’m so happy.”

He asked “where are you?”

She said “hospital.”

He asked “what happened?”

She said “nothing to worry about. I’ll tell later.”

He said “OK. Take care” and hung up the phone.

Arjun asked “who is the ‘she’?”

Radhika said “that lost friend of Karthik. Remember? He told us. She.”

Arjun said “OK.”

The night seemed to be a quick one. Radhika was discharged in the morning. She didn’t go to class. Arjun would coom food and go to office. Two weeks passed on. Karthik used to came home and meet her.

As they came out of college, Radhika asked “bhai, met di?”

He said “no. She didn’t even come out. Maybe she found out.”

She said “OK.”

They went to her house. They rang the doorbell. Noone opened. They were shocked. She left again.

Radhika asked “what is this bhai?”

He said “I donno Radhu. Relax, well find her.”

Radhika pulled the back of her hair. She was so disappointed. She started crying.

She said “I was this close. How could this happen?”

He said in a pacifying voice “well find her Radhu. Don’t worry.”

Radhika said “I have to bhai. I have to.”

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Up next :Chapter-6

Spoiler: Encounter with Nandini. Ardhika fight.

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  1. Plzzzz ni fights i dont want my love birds noooiii

    1. Hayathi !! Chill da … It’s all fair in love and war…

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    Nitin workaholic , u should hav seen him in BS, he totally forgot work. only glaring n threatening people around him. lol. But kya kare ham usi arjun ko bahut pasand karte hai.
    Now why the hell is nandini not coming out yaar? so many mysteries.
    I’m enjoying this chap for the fullest. Everything was nice n superb. Radz asking arjun to hav lunch n nitin laughing n telling arjun he will complaint to radz. superb superb superb.
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    1. Manhaaaaa!! Eeeeeeeeeee… Lol .. So true.. I have him a break.. He didn’t cry ??

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    1. Rg !! This fight is very much required…. Chill .. That will make everything alright… Thank you so much for reading…

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  4. good one dear……………

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      1. And in this cover pic monica looks very beautiful and in that episode her ghagra choli her hairstyle and that earings she looked down to earth yaar

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    1. Aasthaaaa!! How are you?! I’m fine here.. Nandini ke baare mein.. You’ll find out … Fight is important… Yes I’ll surely update soon …

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    1. Liya …did you read the last update? It was clear there… It’s k I’ll talk again..

      Nitin n Arjun were best friends since college.. Thete was a distance which formed between them which made them not talk to each other…

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    1. Sammy!! Thank you so much for liking it!! Yes Radhika was naughty today… I’m sorry about that… Will post soon …

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  11. Awesome, marvellous episode shree, it’s fun to see ardhika moments, their little fights, care for each other, phone convo was hilarious, nitin had good laugh, Arjun always annoyed by rads talks, the consoling part was very emotional and scar surgery will give some peace to our love birds…arjun is very caring..where is nandu hiding…precap is Good n bad nandu will be found but ardhika fight…keep it up buddyyy…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

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    1. Lol priya.. You did miss a lot .. Scar is not on face.. It’s on shoulder… Read chapter 3, you’ll understand…??

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  16. hey shree dear how r u dear, sorry for being a late here dear, but need time to read full your story because i loved ur drafting and ur aradhika so much so want to take each and every taste so get time to read it and came here now. very much lovely dear I love the convo of nitin and arjun soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute rads is shouting on arjun eat the food or not its very much interesting I loved your rads and arjun so realistic and so cute their fights their talk are so clear and luved each and every part and loved nitin also dear yes I relate with this character even a very interesting character if u can do something more interesting with him then I would loved to read or else I loved ardhika always ur dubai wale aradhika loved u shree thanks for making my day dear

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