Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 5- Finding Nandini-Part 1)


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Her phone beeped again after ten minutes. It was Karthik’s message. She ran out of the campus and got into his car.

She asked “bhai what happened? Why you so tensed?!”

He said “Radhu be honest. Don’t hide anything. Is there anything going on between you and Arjun?”

Radhika looked at him in shock.

She thought “why he is asking this now?”

She said “I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”

He said “stop it Radhu!! Don’t lie. You still don’t know how to lie. That’s your biggest drawback. Now tell me what is.”

Radhika said “what bhai?”

He asked “what’s the problem between you and Arjun?”

She asked “why you asking now?”

He said “that’s not the answer. I’m asking because I saw him sitting alone in the park. Crying.”

She gasped. She asked “what? Crying?! Which park bhai?”

He said “the park which is nearby. Tell me now Radhu.”

She said “bhai, we fought last week. And didn’t talk to each other after that.”

He asked “what was the fight about?”

She said “he’s upset that I’m talking you more. And paying less attention on him. I didn’t ask him to come. It was his choice.”

Karthik laughed out and said “Radhu he’s jealous. Does he think that I like you?”

She said “bhai. It’s not funny.”

He said “I didn’t say it’s funny. But yeah it is. You both are like kids. So much love.”

She said “bhai, I wanna see him. Now.”

He asked “you sure?”

She nodded and said “only a glimpse.”

He then asked “does he know I’m Ankush’s friend?”

She said “no.”

He hit his forehead hard. He was annoyed. She was screwing up her life.

He asked “Radhu what’s running in your head? Why you making things complicated?”

She said “bhai I want him to stay away till I find di. If he comes close, I’ll lose confidence. And most of all, I love him.”

He said “I donno what it is. Come now and tell him everything. I’m sure he’ll support you.”

She said “no bhai. He won’t he’s angry on her. It’s all because of me.”

Karthik couldn’t understand anything now. What was it. He had to know it. Police mind.

He then said “tell me what happened. Everything. Right from scratch.”

Radhika told him everything. Karthik kept listening. Very deeply.

He then said “hmmmm. I never Arjun would do such a thing. And Nandini. Mastermind.”

She said “bhai she does deserve a chance. I saw her repent for her mistake.”

He said “hmmmm. But Radhu, there’s nothing for which you need to blame yourself. You did what was right.”

She said “because of me, they’re not together.”

He said “fine. Now stop. We’ll find her.”

They then drove off. Karthik stopped by the park. Radhika saw Arjun still seated on the park bench. He then got up wiping his tears and left. Radhika felt bad. She too cried.

She said “bhai let’s go to the orphanage. We’ll try again.”

He said “ok” and drove off.

They reached after half an hour. The place was beautiful. With kids playing all around. It was a sight worth seeing. Laughter all around. Everywhere. They went in and saw an old woman at the reception desk.

The woman looked up and smiled at them.
She said “good morning. Are you the couple who called last week regarding adoption?”

Both of them said no in unison.

Radhika asked “bhai have we come to the wrong place? You said you came, then how doesn’t she recognise you?”

He said “there was a different woman when I came here.”

She said “Ma’am we’re looking for Nandini. Nandini Pandey.”

The woman asked “why?”

She said “she’s my sister in law.”

The woman said “but she said she has no family.”

Radhika said “Ma’am there’s no time for that. Please tell me where she is.”

She said “she’s changed her location. She works here no more. But, visits now and then.”

Radhika asked “can you tell me where she is now? Please.”

She said “no. It would be better if you leave. Right now.”

Radhika said “please ma’am.”

Karthik said “it’s k. Let’s leave. We’ll find her.”

As they left, the woman immediately called up someone.
She said “she came here. But, don’t worry I didn’t say anything.”

The person on the other end said “good.” And cut the call.

OK, it was Nandini.

She then thought “why is Radhika here. I knew this would happen. How did she find out? It must be Rana. God, can’t he just keep quiet?”

Radhika asked “what to do bhai?”

He said “phone number.”

“What?!” Radhika exclaimed.

He said “we can trace her number. I’ve already told my men to do it.”

He then got a call.

Karthik asked “what?! How can this happen?! OK fine thanks.”

Radhika saw his tensed face. She didn’t know what it was. Whether it was office or this one.

She asked “what is it bhai? Why so tensed?”

He said “they couldn’t trace her. Her last location was the orphanage. A week back. They said she was in Chicago.”

Radhika exclaimed “Chicago!! Why there?”

He said “no clue. We can do only one thing. Pressurize the orphanage people. Or wait till she comes back. We need to keep a close watch on her house and the orphanage.”

She said “I don’t understand anything bhai. Do something.”

Meanwhile, at office Arjun couldn’t concentrate. He was thinking of Radhika.

One of the staff came by and said “ Mr Mehra, boss wants you in his cabin now.”

He said “OK” and went.

He went inside the cabin. He was shocked to see who it was. It was Nitin. Nitin Sharma, his friend from college. They were very good friends. But, Arjun stopped talking to him, kinda stayed away after Komal’s incident. He was alone after that.

Both the friends had tears in their eyes. They were so happy. They hugged each other.

Nitin said “so this is the Arjun Mehra paa was talking about. It’s so good to see you again.”

Arjun said “yeah. Same here.”

Nitin asked “so you work with Piyali Aunty? You’re a partner in Bird Song? Man you’re so lucky.”

Arjun asked “how do you know Piyali?”

He said “Aunty and paa used to work together in the same ad firm before starting their own firms. Then you must be knowing Sam and Neil too.”

Arjun said “yeah I do. They’re married too.”

Nitin said “I knew this would happen. Sam and Neil were too close.”

Arjun and Nitin laughed out loud. He then asked his PA to get masala tea for both of them. He was so happy to see him happy. This was the first time after Komal’s incident he was laughing.

Arjun asked “you still remember?” Looking at the tea.

Nitin said “how can I forget? It’s your favorite. No ours. It’s so nice to see you this happy. After all that, you’ve moved on. I’m so glad.”

Arjun sat still. Unmoved. The whole incident just ran through his eyes. That horrific incident. He shivered thinking about it. He was sweating. He cried too. The shooting and the voice “why didn’t you save her? Why didn’t you?”

He started crying. He thought of all their moments. Their happy days in London. It didn’t last for long.

Nitin’s voice brought out of his thoughts.

He said “yaar Arjun sorry. I didn’t mean to remind you all that. Sorry dude.”

He said “no no. It’s k. It’s an incident that I can never forget. Which will always stay with me. And I’m so happy that I was able to meet uncle.”

Nitin said “yeah paa. He told me about you and I told him to hire you because of your name. I had hope that it would be you. And it is. I’m so happy. I’m so glad that I can work with you.”

Arjun said “same here.”

They both had tea and discussed about the upcoming project. Both of them were masterminds. They were an unbeatable pair. They were the best in college and even now.

Nitin said “and yeah, paa said there was a girl with you. Who is she?”

Arjun said “my wife. Radhika.”

Nitin was happy. He exclaimed “omg! You got married!! And I’m still bachelor. Shit dude, I couldn’t meet her. But yes, next time will. For sure.”

Arjun laughed and said “yeah sure. It’s been so long since we’ve talked like this.”

Nitin said “yeah. Very long. Eight years.”

Arjun then got up and left to finish his work. He went home early. Radhika too came early. She came in and saw him lying on the sofa in the hall.

She said “why not lie down in the bedroom.”

He saw her and got up.

He asked “came so soon.”

She said “yeah. First day. Nothing much to do.”

He said “fine.”

She wondered “why didn’t he ask me about my day? Is he still angry?”

Just then Arjun’s phone started ringing. It bought her out of her thoughts. He picked it up and went out.

Arjun said “yeah Nitin. Tell.”

Nitin on the other side said “there’s an important meeting tomorrow. Come early.”

Arjun said “OK” and cut the phone.

He went in and saw Radhika lost in some thoughts. She was thinking too deeply. He just let her be and walked off.

The next morning Arjun left early. So, it was Karthik who had to come pick her up.

Radhika asked “bhai where are we going today?”

He said “no clue Radhu.”

She said “you’ll have a lot of work. Why waste time for me?”

He said “no Radhu, it’s not time waste. I’m doing my work along with this also. Don’t worry.”

Just then Karthik’s phone rang. It was Riddhima. Karthik got scared.

Radhika laughed and asked “bhai why you scared of di?”

He said “she asked me to keep giving updates about you. And I didn’t. You know di na, that’s why.”

Radhika laughed and said “tell her I’m fine. Nothing can happen till Arjun’s with me.”

He then picked up the call and spoke to Riddhima. Radhika kept laughing all the while.

At the office, both Nitin and Arjun presented their ideas in the meeting. The authorities loved it.

Nitin’s dad came to Arjun and said “congrats beta. Thank you so much for helping Nitin. Thank you so much for coming back. My son has never been this happy. All these years he kept trying to find you. And finally, the day’s come. Thank you so much beta.”

He said “uncle there’s no need of thanks. It’s my duty to help Nitin. And from now on I promise that I’ll never go away again.”

Nitin’s dad smiled and left. Arjun kept thinking about Radhika. He only wondered what was going on in her head. He had to do something.

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Up next : Part 2 of chapter 5

Credit to: Shree

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    1. Aye Manhaaaaa…. OK I’ll try not to make Arjun upset… Use rulaungi nai

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    Come lets go to experience some thing very interesting

    when karthik get to know about all this

    he said radhu that today he is getting promotion by the seriors and he is throwing a party and he want arjun also to join this with her.

    he tell rads to not tell arjun about our relationship , coz he said I handle everything trust on ur bhai

    By saying rads going to house and tell arjun to came to this party

    arjun denies to came to this party as he want to spend time with rads but rads by ignoring and smiling said we need to go or else karthik felt bad by saying this arjun felt more bad as his wife thinking about how karthik feels but not how his husband how his arjun feels.

    and they entering the party and there karthik came to both the couple and hugged rads and said thanks for coming and then he shake hand with arjun arjun give him a mock smile and goes to other side.

    rads feel bad and said I do all what u say now u need to tell him . I can’t see him like this.

    and karthik says just be patient you are going very much pativrata bhartiya naari

    and then karthik goes in the centre and said I am very much happy today I get promoted and it is all because of my dearest Radhika and I want to thank you for came again in my life

    and he smiles arjun by hearing all this he is going to left the venue and going to go suddenly then karthik came to arjun and stop him and said this is not fair my friend today is my special day and you are going , are’t you happy in my success , I am not going to make u go . He offer him a drink and give him a drink and said enjoy id dude you have ur luckiest wife with you whatelse u need U are so lucky to have her.

    and arjun hold his glass tighter and grinned his teeth by hearing those good words but by his mouth.

    and then suddenly karthik goes on the floor in the centre and the song beginsssssssssssssssssssssss

    and some arabic belly dancers passed by karthik one by one and the music beginssss…………………

    and he start singing by watching rads with his pleasant eyes in front of arjun…………and play…………..

    Dil le dooba dooba mujhko arabic aankhon mein
    Aaj loota loota mujhko farebi baaton ne (x2)

    by saying this he goes in the centre stage and start dancing fully with the belly dancers ..

    Khamkha saa seene mein
    Pyaar ke mahine mein
    Ek hi ishaare pe dil cheez tujhe dedi

    and he
    Dedi dedi de cheez ye dedi
    Dedi dedi dil cheez tujhe dedi
    Dedi haan dedi de cheez ye dedi
    Dedi, dedi dil cheez tujhe dedi

    Mashallah tarif-e-mash’allah
    Badi kambakht hai tu
    Habibi mast hai tu

    Wallah wallah adaayein wallah wallah
    Badi hi sakht hai tu
    Habibi mast hai tu

    Baar baar jo dekha do dafaa naa socha
    Ek hi ishaare pe dil cheez tujhe de di

    Dedi dedi de cheez ye dedi
    Dedi dedi dil cheez tujhe dedi
    Dedi haan dedi de cheez ye dedi
    Dedi dedi dil cheez tujhe dedi

    Zarra zarra kahe ye zarra zarra
    Teri gustakh aankhen
    Kare bebaak baatein

    Parda parda hata le parda parda
    Husan ke chand dekhe
    Kayi armaan leke
    Rubaru jo tu aayi
    Dhadkan na sambhal payi
    Ek hi ishaare pe
    Dil cheez tujhe de di

    Dedi dedi de cheez ye dedi
    Dedi dedi dil cheez tujhe dedi
    Dedi haan dedi de cheez ye dedi
    Dedi dedi dil cheez tujhe dedi

    and after watching all this arjun is going from there suddenly then karthik says

    I want to congratulate my sister radhika and his husband Arjun mehra for their newly wedding and

    this performance is for both of u welcome to dubai . Ladies and gentleman please congratulate this pair with all your blessings

    and by saying all this he came near by arjun

    arjun is shocked by hearing all this and he saw radhika face and she said its true arjun bhai tell me not to tell this to u. by saying this she punch karthik

    and karthik came and said sorry arjun but when I heard all this I coouldn’t stop myself. how can u think I love her yes I love her but different love because she is my sister.

    and arjun hugged karthik and the scene ends

    love u all deareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

    just could n’t get stopped my steps love u all.

    this song make u remeber the flavour of dubai in arabic style a little

    love u all my loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.
    dil cheez tujhe de di

    1. Superb nishu.just sweet like u …take care…keep smiling….

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    1. Omg!!!! Niiisshhhuuuuu!! What are you made of ?! You’re amazing!! Marvelous!! Fantabulous!! Everything in the world !!

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      Finally saari galat fehmi door ho gaye .. So happy!!

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