Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 45- Ankush and Karthik’s night out, confusion)


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Ankush and Karthik walked out and sat in the car all disappointed. Karthik wasn’t moved so much. He gripped the steering wheel tight, turning his palms white and cold. What made her take Saral’s side? That was the only question that ran over his head.

She?! And loving a person like him?!

No way!!

Ankush was not in the state to think of anything. He could literally feel his heart ripping into a million pieces. He could feel immense pain deep down his heart. He clutched his chest tight to hold himself together. It hurt like hell. Karthik turned around and saw the miserable state Ankush was in. It hurt him more. His best friend, who was the strongest, both physically and mentally was tearing up. He loved Niti so much.

Now he doubted himself if he loved Niti. If he didn’t, was it infatuation? Was it just an attraction? If he didn’t love her, from where did he get the courage to propose her? Was he such an idiot that he couldn’t differentiate between love and attraction? Or was he so strong that he could accept her rejection? With all these thoughts running in mind, he looked at Ankush’s unbearable form.

The only reason- SARAL!!

It hurt him more. He took Ankush’s hand in his and squeezed it gently. Ankush turned to him and gave him a sad smile with glassy eyes. He was happy that at least his friend didn’t let go of him. Was there for him. Especially now. Karthik knew that Ankush wasn’t in the state to go to Bird Song. He decided to talk to Neil later. They drove off as the engine roared to life.

Ankush turned on the fm. The songs that played killed his mood more.

(The famous chan se jo tute)

Dil jude bina hi tut gaye..

Hat mile bina hi chut gaye

Ki likhe me lekh kismat ne….

(Jessie thank you for reminding me to use this)

Ankush scowled and changed the station.

(New one.. bol do na zara)

Bol do na zara

Dil mein Jo hai chupa

Mein Kisi se kahoonga nahi….

“Dafuq” Ankush screamed as he gripped his hair.

He went on changing.…

(Idina Menzel’s let it go)

Let it go.. let it go

Can’t hold it back anymore

Let it go.. let it go

Turn away and slam the door

Here I stand.. and here I’ll stay

Let the storm rage on

The cold never bothered me anyway.

Again to the frowning and scowling and changing stations.

(Enrique Iglesias’s heart attack)

You hit me like a heart attack

When you finally left me girl

I thought I’d never want you back

But I don’t wanna live in a world without you.

(Wow…. perfect timing.… it had to be such songs playing)

Ankush frowned loud as he pressed the power button of the music player and turned it off. Complete silence. He was panting heavily. Looking around with wide eyes they one could say that his eyes would fall off the sockets any minute. He cracked his knuckles, that made Karthik jump his seat as he drove. He had to calm Ankush as soon as possible. He was going out of hand. Karthik stopped the car as he spotted something. Ankush jerked as the brakes were applied suddenly. He looked at Karthik who was grinning wide from ear to ear like a mad cap.

“What?” asked Ankush who was annoyed with his behavior. He thought that Niti’s rejection had made him lose his head. His senses.

“Look there” Karthik grinned as he gestured to look straight in front of him.

Ankush saw a high class pub. His eyes widened. He saw Karthik smiling. Oh God!! Now he was sure that Karthik had lost his sanity.

“Are you crazy?” Ankush gasped “you don’t drink” he snapped.

“Yes. I’m crazy. For you” he smiled.

“Are you alright? Have you hit your head somewhere?” Ankush looked confused.

Crazy for him? What did that mean? His eyes widened at the fact. He looked at Karthik blinking. Karthik understood what he was thinking and laughed out loud. He was happy that he was succeeding in pulling him out if his sorrow. He didn’t want him to break and go sober.

“Lol. Chill. I’m not going to do any of the sort that you’re thinking. Just a drink” he laughed.

Ankush was so embarrassed. What had he thought of his best friend? Was he like an open book that he could read him?

“A drink?” Ankush smirked.

“Oh. You want more? We can have. I’m in” he grinned showing his 32s.

“Are you sure you can handle yourself?” asked Ankush.

“Let me see if you can handle yourself” he smiled.

“I can. We’ll see who gives up” Ankush challenged.

“Challenge huh? Accepted” Karthik replied.

They got down and went in. Loud music boomed. Ankush cringed to the uncontrollable decibel. Karthik stared to grove to the beats. The girls on the dance floor made space for him. Karthik threw his blazer and set the floor on fire with Jennifer Lopez’s On The Floor. Ankush watched his friend dance to his life all smiling and carefree. Karthik pulled him in and both of the two friends were making the people in the pub go crazy with their moves. Karthik moved to the side and Ankush continued dancing to his life. The song changed to Rihanna’s Don’t Stop The Music. Karthik smiled as Ankush was out of her rejection. Well, for now. For a while. Karthik pulled Ankush for a mug of beer. Ankush and Karthik had countless number of mugs of beers, but still none of the two were ready to give up. But at a point, the tow of them nodded their heads in a negative together. So, it was a tie. Karthik dropped Ankush home late at night after some boys night out together. Radhika saw Ankush staggering and was shocked to see him drunk. She let him be. She called up Karthik, but he didn’t pick up. Something fishy.

“Ankush bhai is drunk” sighed Radhika.

“Nothing wrong in drinking” Arjun shrugged his shoulders.

“But. He doesn’t” Radhika said.

“It’s k Radhika. Let him have some time for himself” Arjun smiled as he pecked her forehead and lied down.

Radhika sighed as she too lied down and placed her head on his chest, looping her arms around him.

Neil who was trying Niti’s number was so annoyed that she wasn’t picking up. He looked at Sam who was busy staring at him.

“What? Why are you staring at me like that? Im no alien” he pouted.

“I just can’t believe that you’re going to be a dad. But you yourself are a kid” she smiled.

“Right. What are you then?” he smiled as he pulled her closer.

“Baby” she replied in the blink of an eye.

“That you are” he smiled.

“Why are you tensed?” she asked.

“Niti isn’t picking up my calls” he sighed.

“She would have slept” Sam smiled as she ruffled his hair.

“Maybe” he smiled and pulled hwr to bed.

Niti was in her balcony with her phone in her hand. She had been ignoring it. He’d obviously find out from either her silence or her one word answers. She felt bad for what had happened in the evening. She still couldn’t forget how Ankush’s face fell and he had to control himself do much to out a normal face and walk away.

Saral the duffer!!

She sighed as she buried her face in her palms and rubbed it continuously and went on the think of what to do next. She had to tell everyone of getting betrothed to Saral. It was going to be bad, but she had to do it.

“Saral” she whispered as she balled her fists.

The next day was a bad start for Ankush. Hangover. Heavy head. Radhika came in with an aspirin and lemonade and left. He got ready and left along with Arjun and Radhika. He bumped into Niti as he entered. Niti smiled a little and walked away. Ankush sighed as he watched her walk away. Why was it so hard? Why did she have to choose Saral? Why him? Why not him? Or why not Karthik? He was a good guy too.

“Guys we need to split up in 5. The teams remember? Now starts the fun” Arjun smiled as he announced.

The ten selected candidates entered. Sathya, who entered ran to Niti and pulled her into a tight hug. She blushed hard as she saw Arjun. Arjun felt too awkward. But he knew that she’d get the hang of it.

“Ka. Avangluku kalyanam ayiduchu” whispered Niti.
(Ka. He is married.)

“Kalyanam aana avangala sight adikakudadu engayavudu eludiruka?” Sathya whispered back.
(Where has it been said that you can’t admire married men?)

“Akka!!” gasped Niti.

“Chill kanna. Inga vela paka vandruken. Sight adika illa. Aana romba handsome aah irukaru avaru” smiled Sathya and fake cried at the last part.
(Chill kanna. I’ve come here to work. Not look around. But he is too handsome.)

“Oh God!!” Niti rolled her eyes.

“Now stop your khus khus and listen” spoke Neil.

“Done. Now talk” snapped Niti.

“Hey guys!! You can choose you’re mentors or we will pick you” Radhika said.

Two girls picked Radhika. The eight others blinked. One guy picked Niti. The others feared Sam. Sam smiled and two guys picked Sam. One girl picked Neil and another girl picked Arjun. There were three more left. Sathya and two more girls.

“I’d like Sathya to come and work with me” said Neil.

“No. She’s working with me” snapped Arjun.

“Are you both kids?” frowned Niti.

“We.. no I want an experienced person” Neil crossed his arms to his chest.

“They all are experienced” snapped Niti.

“But she’s the only one who has more experience” he replied.

“So, it’s like the time span you’ve spent. Not the work?” shrugged Niti.

“It all counts Niti” Arjun replied.

“I’m not talking” Niti threw her arms in the air.

“Sathya ka, who do you pick? Me? Neil? Or Arjun?” asked Niti.

Before Sathya could reply, a girl picked Neil, filling his team. Niti smiled. Now it was only her and Arjun. She knew Sathya would pick Arjun as she had a huge crush on him. Niti had no worries. Whosoever she picked, she’d be in Bird Song. No difference. Sathya kept looking at Niti and Arjun. Niti smiled at her placing her hand on her chest indicating her to go with her choice and not to stress. It looked like “The Voice”. The contestant had to pick coaches. Sathya was so confused. One side, was her friend-little sister and on the other her dream crush.

“I pick” she paused.

“It’s k ka. Anyone” coaxed Niti.

“I’d go with Arjun sir” Sathya smiled and Arjun too smiled.

Niti knew what her decision would be and smiled. The other girl who was left joined Niti.

“First thing. Call me Arjun. No sir” he smiled.

“Ok Arjun” Sathya smiled.

“Good” Arjun smiled as he patted her cheek and left.

Now all the teams filled. They were assigned works and were dispersed.

Just then Gauri entered Bird Song and pulled Niti with her. Nuti who was shocked just kept staring at her. Gauri looked so frustrated.

“Gauri. Oye.. oye Gauri. What happened? What brings you here? Why are you so angry? Look at me. Just look at me” Niti tried to pacify here.

Gauri gave her a piece of covered thick paper. Looked more like a card. She opened it and gasped. It was her engagement invitation. And with the dumbest person you can think of. But a shrewd businessman. Chandra Prakash. But the name was familiar. She couldn’t recollect, but was sure it was familiar.

“What is this? Are you crazy?! What did Supriya say?” she shook her up.

“I’m getting engaged Tika. Supriya is angry. I have to. For my parents” she sighed.

“Are you stupid? Have you lost it? You love Neil and haven’t forgotten him since the time you’ve told him. Your school love” Niti screamed.

“I don’t know where he is. In what way can I tell my parents I have not been able to forget him” she sighed.

“Did you love him? Because you were too young at that time” Niti cocked up an eyebrow.

“I was in seventh grade, but I was sure of my feelings” she replied.

“Okay” Niti sighed.

Just then Neil passed by and Gauri kept staring at him. Niti who was talking stopped as she saw Gauri not paying attention. She saw her staring at her brother. It was then reality struck her.

It was her brother!!

All these years, she was talking about her brother. The Neil. Why didn’t she realise it before? So, was she the Gauri who was her classmate in Sunshine school.

“You’re the Gauri from Sunshine school? B section? The girl with long hair?” she gasped.

“How do you know?” it was Gauri’s turn to gasp.

“I’m Neil’s sister. And I’m the Nithika who was your classmate. The one with bouf cut” she answered.

“Niti” Gauri smiled.

“Yes me” she smiled.

Neil was with Sam and Gauri glared at them. She had a crush on him since school days. Since sixth grade. When she was in seventh she decided to go and tell him. He was in twelth at that time. But, he told she was too young when she asked him. Neil turned around and saw Gauri staring at him and Niti along with her. Neil was shocked to see her. He recognized her in a glance. She looked not much different from the school girl image she had.

Neil came to her and pulled her along with him. Niti just stared at them walking away. He looked angry.

Oh God!!

“What are you doing here?” Neil asked.

“I came to invite my friend to my engagement” she replied.

“Engagement?” he asked.

“Yes” she clipped.

“You’re young” he frowned.

“I don’t care. I’m getting engaged. Not you” she rolled her eyes.

“I’m married” he chuckled.

“You loved Sam since school days didn’t you?” she asked.

“I think I did. But realized recently” he smiled.

“Can we be friends forgetting everything?” he asked.

She just looked at him. Maybe Niti was right. It was just a crush.

“Ok” she smiled.

“So we’re officially friends?” he asked as he held his hand out for a shake hand.

“Yes” she smiled as she took his hand for a shake hand.

“Bye. I gotta go” she smiled as she turned around to leave.

“Not inviting me for your engagement?” he asked.

“I’ve invited your sister. It’s equal to inviting the family. Please do come” she replied as she walked out.

Niti was still thinking about Chandra Prakash. It was so familiar. Why wasn’t it hitting her brain? Neil saw Niti all tensed and went to her. Before he could say anything, there was a loud noise from outside. The sound brought Niti out of her thoughts. The siblings left to see what it was.

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  1. S.v

    Ponney adhu enna endla oru shock ayyayoo andha saral mental asylum vantana ?? ardhika nesam niti ankush ellarum irukangaley enna nadakka pogudho. Didi get well soon u have my auditing books to vechu senchudalam for my di’s sickness. Di get well soon. take care di and ponney love u soo much take care love u so much

    1. Shree

      ponne!! haha adhe mental case dhaan… lol.. nee paapa..

      love you too.. take care

  2. Jessie

    shreee… saral and niti engagement!!! u brought Gauri and sathya.. That’s cute..
    and Arneil fighting for sathya.. sathyaa.. Arjun patted ur cheeks…inaiku toonga maatinga.. not to forget the dialogue.. where its said u cant admire a married shree
    hats off chellam.
    neil forwards friendship for Gauri..wah! i liked it.. hope something wrong with the groom
    Neil will help Gauri..

    Karthik and Ankhush.. ava enna ena thedi vanda anjala.. Ippadi engala sirika vachu emathalamnu ninaikatha.. update fast.. kill saral.
    lol.. ena gangster mathiri pesa vachutiye.. loved Gauri and sathya’s part a lot.. Super ma..TC and loads of love

    1. Shree

      ponee!! aama ponne!! hehehe.. the two of them.. i did that didnt i? tookam varavela.. kannam inno shaking.. anda line.. naana ezhudunen? yes naane dhaan.. lol… neil n gauri friends… karthik n ankush.. lol… ava enna ena tedi vanda anjala.. lol.. i would have used it.. but ankush ku tamil teriyadu.. naa onnum ematala.. lol gangster.. ill kill him..

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      2. Shree

        sammy she keeps fainting n i need to be catching.. uff.. mera kya ho gaya? i forgot that.. will make them pull their ears soon.. lol

      3. Shree

        sathya ka ungla pudichi kayi valikidu.. control ji.. plz

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      akka!! keep smiling.. you look too pretty smiling.. lol how many times? laugh? yen? yeah u will chose him.. over your poor sister.. after all he is your dream crush.. so y not? cheek!! oh god!! how are they? i forgot to ask.. hehehe.. im happy that i could make u smile..

      hehe thank you so much!! lol the pub.. ik.. gauri di too hehe..

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  4. Brin

    Awesome episode, Sathya and Gauri are lucky girl to be in this ff, please don’t get Saral and Niti married, eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Shree

      thank you so much!! youll see

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    Shree dear …this was awesome. .karthik and ankush …i am so falling for them …lovely ….and gauri di and neil waooooo…..sathya akka ..must be singing on clouds now ???update next soon

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    but one thing i’m glad for. in original MMZ series there were no songs. their own background and title songs were enough for shredding lots of tears. I was just imagining. if at all these all sad, super situational songs would have been played along with the scenes. then i don’t know what our situation would have been. ufff. so dreadful thing it would be.

    now a long playlist is posted here. Ankush lucky man. now you are shree’s next target. don’t know how you will save yourself from her and who is gonna help you. i really pity you. club, drinks, friends night out. and then morning aspirin and lemonade. what a combination.!!!! loved the whole update. come soon. take care. keep smiling and stay healthy my dear.

    1. Shree

      lol.. no death glares? im so happy!! haha fann lol.. jabra fan.. yes two in one.. she keeps fainting n we keep holding.. uff..

      thank you so much!! lol.. their music was enough.. i second that.. haha i should have been the writer.. 24/7 crying.. lol.. joking.. im no good compared to u n the others.. loonnngg playlist.. ankush.. hahahahaha.. my target.. yesss… if hes lucky hell be happy soon.. else no.. haha hangover..

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